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Report says Kelly on Dolphins radar -- but no!

Let's begin this morning by crushing an erroneous report:

KEZI-TV in Eugene Oregon is reporting this morning the Dolphins have "contacted Chip Kelly's agent regarding the team's head coaching position."

Kelly is the very successful and much heralded head coach of the Oregon Ducks, which makes this sound plausible. Problem is it's not true.

A high-ranking Dolphins source tells me the idea the Dolphins have contacted Kelly in any way is "not true at all."

So that's that.

I will say, Kelly has an interesting take on playing offense. The Ducks run a play every 13 seconds and do it out of a spread formation with a twist. The twist is the Ducks are ultimately trying to get to down-hill running mode.

I will also say, Kelly has zero NFL head coach experience. Kelly's offense may not necessarily translate to the NFL.


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Philbin is out because too much family trauma.

It will be Manginininininini or Tood Bowel Movement.


ireland has to be removed so he doesnt veto the stronger candidates.

hey guys, the dallas cowboys just fired dave campo......u know what that means

I'm putting my money on Zimmer for one reason:

The Dallas Connection!!!

Ireland spent many years in Dallas with Zimmer under Parcels...which makes it very easy for Ireland to pick him.

....and we all know how Jeffy likes to keep it simple, because he is a simpleton!

A Dolphins source denied the report? Shocking! What is even more shocking is that Armandom believed them.

Hey guys, regardless if he was the Def coord in Dallas or not. He is no nonsense, a winner, commands respect, and players love him.

Sounds good to me!

Better yet, HUNGRY!!

Tod Bowles will get the job. Or Zimmer.
I'd prefer Bowles. But what happens to Nolan?
We have to keep him but if Bowles doesn't get it then he will be made a DC elsewhere so we have to make him HC or DC just to keep him which mean bye bye Nolan. We need to keep Nolan.

Good morning guys,

I know a couple of guys on here have mentioned Chip Kelly. I personally never saw how is style of offense (spread formation) or defense (3-3-5) could ever work. I'm sure he is a great mind and could tinker her system. The NFL is no place to experiment.

Chip Kelly does not make get excited when I hear his name as a possible HC candidate. I'm still holding hope for Jeff Fisher but the more this prolongs the less confident I am. We will learn shortly!

Did this high-ranking official also ask you to get the F off his lawn?

Did this high-ranking official also ask you to get the F off his lawn?

Posted by: dishpan | January 10, 2012 at 08:03 AM

I came on looking for Fisher news.

At least I had a good laugh-LOL!

Heard Shefter (sp?) say if Fisher is leaning, he's leaning Miami. Seems like he's looking for an excuse to take the Rams job, though. Is the Miami job that awful by comparison? All I know is the Rams have the unfortunate task of taking on the AFC East in 2012. Good luck Jeffy...

Armando, why hasn't Jay Gruden or Rob Chudzinski gotten an interview??? This coaching search of old has been coaches is a joke. Carmichael is another candidate but he can not be spoken to for a few weeks. But the other two can be interviewed today and still Ireland keeps interviewing these losers. Philbin had a shot but now his son died and what state of mind do you think he will be in for the next few months??

better chance of winning more games in the division the Rams are in than in the AFC east.

Well, If no Jeff Fisher I rather see Brian Billick or Mangini rather than another coordinator and Dolphins are not getting RG3 unless they trade 6 first rnd picks to Rams, and 8 for luck.

I have not been posting much, However from prior posts I have to ask. Why o so many people hate Fisher? Kris, I guess more from you since I know you have thought out posts. I am sure you posted it in a different blog entry.

Fisher made lemonade out of lemons with the titans many times. Makeing washed up Kerry Collins look like a star. He did not want to draft Vince Young from what I remembered and still won with him, which is a miracle in itself. His D's were very competitive.

I guess I am trying to find why, some people hate on him, or do not want him to be our coach.

sorry I missed your posts earlier, just wondering

my choice for head coach is mike nolan. he has kept his mouth shut and done his job well in a dysfunctional organization. todd bowles could be the DC if he is that highly thought of. in any event,we don't get our fins back until ireland is booted out.

I like the idea of hiring a college HC, at least in thoery. They have the experience of leading a team and coaching staff but the hunger associated with not having succeeded in the NFL (yet). They might also be better judges of draft prospects having worked with college players alot.

For the same reason I think hiring a co ordinator who has been over looked in the past is a good idea. co ordinators who are a bit older and who haven't been promoted simply because they were in the right place at the right time. They may feel like they have people they need to prove wrong.

In contrast Fisher is a safe candidate who will offer stability. Under Fisher the dolphins will win or lose based upon other factors since Fisher will do a good but un remarkable job. That doesn't really excite me.

Did Rams fulfill the Rooney rule yet?

Chip Kelly would be a great hire for Miami. He is a strong confident leader and his players love playing for him. Not to mention he's all offense!! But yet, everybody wants to stay inside the box, look at old retreads and coordinators and hate on Ireland and Ross. Anybody they hire will have risks attached to them. A retread NFL head coach, coordinators or Chip Kelly, cmon guys...CHIP KELLY is the best direction for this team to go in. How bout thinking outside of the box for once!

fisher is coming here


I must say I will give you props if Fisher comes here officially. You've been calling that out since last week

please can someone enlighten me as to why Ireland is public enemey number 1?
He just had the best draft of all and everyone aprat from DT Franck Kerse played a big role. What other team can say that?

Yes the on-field performances were poor for the most part but is that Irelands fault? He's not the coach.
His job is to evaluate talent and we can all agree this team is better than when he found it.

.500 Fisher to will sign with the Rams, is the only statement I want to see.
"Competitive" ends up in second or third place, it doesnt get you to the SB and thats where we wanna go,,,right?
Coaches search headed by Larry, Curly, and Moe.

Look at who the Buc's have interviewed, Marty Schottenheimer, Brad Childress, Wade Phillps. And who has Ireland interviewed, Moe, Curly, Larry.

Is philbin out now or what?

Poizen, the reasons I personally dont want Fisher are, he is basically Sparano, he plays the same exact offense, very conservative, had the best players in the history of the Oilers/Titans and didn twin a Super Bowl, and has only six winning seasons with those players. But, that said, this organization has once again shown how incompetent and clueless they really are. Making their main target for a replacement the exact double of the guy they fired, interviewing guys that they allready fired, and not letting Bowles have a shot at it. We finally have an offense that is exciting and unpredictable, not afraid to stretch the field, and realizes there are more than just draw plays in the playbook and Ross and Ireland cant wait to demolish it.

0-7 start.6-10 finish. players.?.lol

What a pitiful franchise. The whole world is laughing at the Dolphins incompetence.

As bad as I hate to say it. I think Bowles is the best available for us. He knows this team and can build on what we have. I am opposed to another rebuild which is exactly what will happen with a Fisher type. Also I think fisher is out for the payday and will be unwilling to do what it takes to compete in this division. So him going to SLouis does not hurt my feelings because hes not the right man for the job. Will he sell tickets he11 yea but it will be more of the same crap weve seen for the last 12 yrs lets stay the course get a QB and and improve the secondary!!!

For the second time in his career, Dave Campo is being sent packing from Dallas.
Campo will not be retained as the Cowboys’ secondary coach, the Star-Telegram reports.

Quick Jeffey - jump on this Cowboys refuse!!

Ohio - Yes, the Rams have satisfied the Rooney rule. They interviewed Ray Horton, AZ Cardinals D-coordinator.

Who cares? Whereas our quarterback???

I will also say, Kelly has zero NFL head coach experience. Kelly's offense may not necessarily translate to the NFL.

Really? The New England Patriots at times are doing a version of the Oregon offense with their no huddle offense with spread formations.

Thanks Todd, for responding.

My question is really this... He did go to the superbowl with one of the teams you mentioned, and lost by 1 foot.

As far as best players in history... the oilers with Warren Moon were far greater and did not get that far.

I am not saying you are wrong here, just my thoughts on what you posted. I always looked at the teams he had and they were playoff contenders most years and made a SB, almost won it.

Anyway, thanks for your thoughts on him. I am looking for reason's not to like him as I am a fan of him coming here. so when he does not, I want to feel better about it. :)

Thanks Wolfmann........I figured but I wasn't sure

if ross doesn't fire opie then we really can't expect anything other than a dallas reject.

Can everyone please wake-up!! Jeff Ireland is not the Dolphins problem!

Trade your 1st rounder to the Pack and GET FLYNN !!

You guys stil holding out for the Drama Queen.....

Poizen - I'm not at all down on Fisher going to the Phins. I personally think it would be great. A lot of people simply look at win vs loss, and that's the extent of their analysis. They don't take into account a lot of the turmoil during his tenure with the Oilers/Titans.

A big part of that was the move from Houston to Tenn. which was really like 2 moves in that they moved to Memphis to play in temp digs (and multiple stadiums) and then finally on to Nashville. It's also worth noting that the owner is quite the mettler and had a nasty habit of sticking his nose where it didn't really belong. Many a good Titan team was dismantled by that owner because guys cost too much, etc. Then of course, you have the whole V Young debacle.

If you really look at the whole picture, most of Fisher's down seasons were early on (when he took over a woeful Oilers team getting ready to move.....then during rebuilding (during and subsequent to move) and then with V Young being the tool he is. When the organization was stable and he was allowed to just coach, things were fine.

If we want " OFFENSE " ! ! ! Why the HELL ! would we interview a defensive coordinator, everyone we've interviewed has been on the defense. I know it's alot easier to play defense you just have to blow things up, with offense you have to build. But @#$@#%^^&#, isn't there any offensive coaches in the NFL.

Fisher took a picture of the helicopter. If he were coming to Miami he wouldn't have needed to. Just kidding with that but hopefully this Fisher thing can be put to bed today.

Poizen - It also irks me when people say Fisher is a defensive minded/ground and pound guy. I have two things to say to that:

1.) So what. Look at what Harbaugh is doing in San Francisco. He's using that exact formula......one that Phins fans hate.....and he's winning, and ironically Phins fans drool all over him.

2.) IMO, Fisher is actually a very flexible guy when it comes to his offense. He had no problem with airing it out when he actually had a QB that could do it (Steve McNair). He also adjusted pretty well to the skill set of Chris Johnson (which may be ground....but certainly not pound). For what it's worth, he did all he could with that cry baby V Young as well. Personally, that's what I like to see in a HC....adaptability. Yeah....sometimes he was ground and pound....but his personnel fit that. Like I said, he had no problems airing it out when he had McNair under center.

Phin4life - you do realize that Bellicheck was a D coordinator right? He seems to do just fine with the Pats offense.

Jay - They don't have to trade anything to get Flynn. He's an unrestricted FA this year.

Why on earth would we trade our first round pick to the Packers for Flynn?

Flynn is a FREE agent, all we need to do is sign him.


When this whole Fisher thing staarted...I was 60/40 against him signing here....but i could have been swayed had he simply chosen the FINS..and got to work....

But thats not the case.....

I am now 90/10 agianst the hiring of Fisher....because he is doing exactly what I thought he was gonna do...

He is making this ABOUT HIM....and not about the TEAM....

Fisher can only bring so much to the table...lets be honest....its really ABOUT THE PLAYERS....but Fisher (with media help/hype) has MOPRPHED himself into some ALL KNOWING....ALL SEEING...ALL DOING....football god....and simply is a falsehood....

The hype that Fisher has embraced...and surrounded himself with GUARANTEES his failure IMO...

He HAS to win a SB in 3-5 years.....if he hasn't how can all of this HYPE be justified....

If he had picked a job...without all the FAN FARE..he most likely would have had a semi-quiet 5-7 years to build a winner....

No way he gets that kind of time now...

Phin4life - and not everyone interviewed has been "defense"....they interviewed Philbin (O coordinator); Bowles (Spc Teams); Toub (Spc Teams)

BREAKING NEWS!! The Dolphins have announced they’re bringing in Pee Wee Herman on Thursday to interview him for their vacant HC position.

Has Ireland been fired yet?

Hey Poizen, long time bud, glad you're still around from time to time.

I can tell you I'd be willing to give Fisher a chance (like I would have a choice in the matter), but the reason I'm lukewarm on him touches on the stuff Todd said.

Yes, I believe he is a good organizer, can put together a good staff, and always has a good defense.

We'll see this weekend if a GREAT defense can beat Brady. I'm not sold on that. I think you need a GREAT (not good) defense...+ put up points (usually takes 20-30+). And therein lies my fear of Fisher. Tennessee was not one of those high-scoring teams, or even produced an efficient offense. They sputtered (much like ours this year, even with Moore). Had spurts, but were dry at times too.

I don't think we can ever change the trajectory this team has been on until we get a high-powered, explosive offense. And that's not Fisher's forte (and would he make it his priority if he were to Coach here, don't think so).

I'm an SOB, but at least I'm a consistent SOB, I want offense (though Alabama looked pretty ferocious last night on defense).

Wolfman13- Belichick was run out of Cleveland, without Brady where would he be ?

Kris - No offense.....I like many of your posts and you're one of my favorites here....but to fault Fisher for taking multiple interviews is a bit odd.

For my first professional gig out of school, I interviewed with 10 accounting firms. I was pretty confident going in as to who I preferred to work for....they gave me an offer right there on the spot but I told them I needed to think on it and I had other pending interviews to wrap up. This wasn't an issue. I finished my remaining 3 interviews...went back and forth between 2 firms and ultimately picked the one I thought I was going to pick. I worked there for almost a decade and was one of their top performers.

I decided to make a change a couple years ago and started interviewing for CFO/controller jobs. In the course of doing so, I was offered the perfect job and one that I was sure I was going to take.....but you know what.....I finished out the task of interviewing with several other companies as well.....as it turns out, I was offered an even more perfect job and I took it. I'm the CFO here now and will probably be here for the next 25 years....I love it.

So when you do a job interview, it's not about you? I'm confused.

With all the football talent that comes from south Florida, wouldn't there be some who's dream job would be to coach the dolphins that would be a good candidate?

Winston Moss?

why are we not interviewing marty and brian schottenheimer,wade phillips,eric mangini and brad childress?? ireland's stranglehold on the franchise might lessen.

Phin4life - I'm sure without Brady he would be a good HC....just not a multiple Superbowl winning/dynasty HC. They barely missed a beat when Brady went down that year and Cassel took over.

I hate to say it because I hate him and I hate the Pats....but he is what he is....and that is a pretty damned good coach.

Many coaches get run from many places and/or have failures along the way. The great ones learn from those and become great. It is pretty rare to find a HC with a perfectly gleaming resume with zero failures.

Why would ANY team trade a first-round pick for an undrafted player who's a career backup?

Does that make any logical sense at all?

I understand some like FA QBs, and specifically Matt Flynn. But have some common sense in your fanaticism.

I'd like to go with a young coodinator.Someone that won't burn out as easy.Thinking jay gruden.

I would rather we hire Moe, Larry or Curly than Wade Phillips.

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