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Report says Kelly on Dolphins radar -- but no!

Let's begin this morning by crushing an erroneous report:

KEZI-TV in Eugene Oregon is reporting this morning the Dolphins have "contacted Chip Kelly's agent regarding the team's head coaching position."

Kelly is the very successful and much heralded head coach of the Oregon Ducks, which makes this sound plausible. Problem is it's not true.

A high-ranking Dolphins source tells me the idea the Dolphins have contacted Kelly in any way is "not true at all."

So that's that.

I will say, Kelly has an interesting take on playing offense. The Ducks run a play every 13 seconds and do it out of a spread formation with a twist. The twist is the Ducks are ultimately trying to get to down-hill running mode.

I will also say, Kelly has zero NFL head coach experience. Kelly's offense may not necessarily translate to the NFL.


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People who just look at fishers record and style of offense and then say he's a Sparano duplicate are way off base, he may never win a super bowl for all we know but he's ten times the coach Sparano is, he won't squander timeouts he knows how to manage the clock he's able to make adjustments at halftime, and I'm pretty sure ive never seen him jump out of the stadium over a meaningless first quarter field goal. He acts like an actual coach not a 5 year old on Christmas morning like Sparano

They will keep Bowles and then hold a media event to annouce it and Ireland will say, "We decided Todd is the best candidate for the job because we wanted to build on the success the team had towards the end of the season."

Phillips IS moe,larry and curly!lol

We're not interviewing Wade Phillips because some Coaches are better suited as coordinators (Cam Cameron, Dom Capers, etc.).

There's plenty of new fresh talent to explore than hire some retread with a horrible HC history. And before anyone says Belichick, let me say he coached a horrible team, unlike Phillips, and that's the difference.

DC Dolfan - I'm with you in most regards....however, I can remember the McNair days with Fisher....they didn't really have problems putting up points. Didn't exactly have problems offensively the last couple years either (actually had more defensive issues).

That aside, I think some of this high flying circus football we're seeing this season is going to simmer down. I think a lot of it was due to the lockout.

No, a great defense in and of itself isn't going to beat the Pats....but I think Denver is a bad example here. I wish we could see 49ers and Pats.....that's a great D with an effective and efficient O....which happens to be ground and pound and let the QB manage the game. Interesting that Phins fans hate that notion....but drool all over Harbaugh.

And we're not interviewing Shotty because he's like.....70+. Not exactly the long term solution we need at HC.

This Kelly guy sounds very interesting. I like a fast offense. It makes the game very exciting to watch. Why is the Phins can't come up with that?
Last year we actually had to almost call a timeout to get the Wildcat formation on the field. And that is dumb. What would have happened if Henne had of faked setting the huddle and sprinted off the field?
Why the Pats win is because the d never knows what they are going to do.

Hank goldberg was just on 640 and he told troy that fisher is now leaning towards miami.no joke.

Why does ireland still have a job?

Wolfman Great post....and I enjoy your stuff as well....you bring a balance persepctive to this blog...much like you just did with your post @ 10:13.....

But I think you confuse your life as a private citazen.....albiet a succseful one...with that of a public personality...a HC for the national football league....

Fisher has worked this media frenzy into something he...IMO...is un-worthy of....and in the end the weight of all this stalling and pandering will be too much pressure for any organization to bare.....

Without immediate success (playoffs in 2 years....playoff wins in 3 years...and SBs in 4/5 years)...Fisher will QUICKLY become a washed up has been...and another failed coach who coudn't live up to past performances...and media expectations....

That equals a coach who hangs it up after a couple of mediocre years....Check that....that equals a VERY RICH COACH..blah, blah, blah...

We have seen this story before...and it doesn't end well....

Lets get a guy who wants to be here....and doesn't need the world to tell hin how much they LOVE him...

YEAH! This Thinking outside the box deal, just don't work for the Phins the Franchise cannot take that risk (Saban)

gotta run....we can pick this up later...

How is fisher a copy of sparano? If sparano had a .540 lifetime win percentage, he'd still be coach.

I still say Butch Davis should be looked at, the guy coach at the college and pro level.

I will also say that this article is very poorly written.....

I wish there was more going on today. Home sick as a dog with nothing but the internet and a bunch of movies I've seen a hundred times to keep me company.

SEPTUM - I wouldn't exactly say that Saban was "outside the box". He was the consensus HC coming out of college. He was what Harbaugh was last year. He simply wussed out when he realized that he was no longer coaching little boys that looked at him like a god, but rather grown men....with big egos....and lots of $$$$

SEPTUM - a better "outside the box" analogy would be Cam. Hot young coordinator, but the hire surprised many in Dolphin land and elsewhere. That hire was a real swing for the fences.....go for broke move that obviously ended very, very badly.

wolfman13 go to an adult website or order a movie and get an old jacking off session on.


Fisher has worked this media frenzy into something he...IMO...is un-worthy of....and in the end the weight of all this stalling and pandering will be too much pressure for any organization to bare.....


Kris, I don't see where Fischer or his representatives have been building ANY hype in the media. I've seen no statements from him or his agent whatsoever. The media may be hyping it, but I don't see him doing that. He interviewed with two franchsies and is now quietly contemplating which move will be best for him, his career, and his family. I think you are letting your emotions overcome your reasoning here. I had been certain that he was going to the Rams, but the longer this takes, the better chance I think we have. We DO bring a lot to the table.

1) Probably more money.
2) I believe no state income tax in Florida. So again, more money.
3) What would pobably be considered, depending on personality, a superior living environment. He's from SoCal, so I'm guessing he likes the ocean breeze.
4) A young QB, that in my opinion, has shown significant potential.
5) Overall, a better group of players on the roster right now to build with. Reggie Bush is younger than Stephen Jackson and we have a solid young bruisng back in Thomas. When I look at what we need personnel wise, outside of competition at QB and overall depth, I see the need for a safety, right tackle, perhaps a right guard, a speed demon WR that can break into the line-up, and improvement at the tight end position. Our linebackers started playing up to their potential and I think if Vontae can stay off the booze, he'll be a star.

I like Matt Moore he throws the ball far with his eyes closed I saw his picture

TheOtherRick - I agree. Personally, I think the draw to St. Louis for Fisher has a lot to do with where he's comfortable geographically. He spent a whole lot of time living in Tenn....which is much more akin to St. Louis in regards to culture...speed of life, etc. Miami is a whole other world in comparison. Somehow though.....I could see him fitting in somewhere in some nice little neighborhood and enjoying himself quite thoroughly in Miami.

Jeff Ireland is the best thing going for the Dolphins franchise! He had a solid draft in 2011 and will turn the Dolphins into champions in no time! He is also a very handsome man.

Wolfman, I was going to suggest "ordering in" but Clue jumped the gun with the bargain basement version.

3 draft picks for a backup RB was ABSURD!!

It's actually COMICAL that guys are balking at Fisher because he has a .540 winning percentage. REALLY? That's your argument? When was the LAST time we HAD a .540 win percentage? We wouldn't be looking for a new Head Coach if Sparano had a .540 win percentage over the last 4 years. However, if you dig further you will see reasons for his .540 win percentage. Most of you guys want to ignore that....WHY? Because it would sway your opinion, that's why.

Lastly, as some of you have indicated it's 'all about the players anyway'. So why the Hell are you condemning a guy for a .540 win percentage, if 'it's all about the players'? Your argument is weak and holds no water. .540 and a Super Bowl is FAR better than anything we've seen in Miami in decades. If this is the worst case scenario, then please sign me up or this.


Tell me what Fisher has done to work this into a media frenzy?

I don't see it. I see the media in a frenzy, thats what they do at every opportunity. Fisher has said very little, has quietly gone about his way to interview for two different jobs, and is evaluating them. Considering the importance of his decision, relocation, and the amount of effort he will put into his job, taking a week to interview and decide seems perfectly reasonable to me.

I really don't see what Fisher has done that irks you.

Last point....this is not your Daddy's Dolphins any more. We are NOT one of the elite franchises any more. This is NOT the chosen team to be a part of any longer. Go ahead and pick your co-ordinator and hope you get the next Tomlin or McCarthy. But it's a 'needle in a haystack'. The list of FAILED co-ordinators is FAR longer. Ignore the facts again but this is the TRUTH. We'll be right back her in another 2-3 years looking for out coach and you can make the same arguments ALL OVER AGAIN. Me? I'll go with the KNOWN commodity that at least comes me some idea of what I'm getting. You? You have NO CLUE what you're getting, which is EXACTLY what we got with Cameron. But you know better....we'll have this same talk in 3 years.

I'd much rather see the Dolphins playing for Chip Kelly than against him. New England runs a pro version of the hurry-up and the Dolphins were spent and that was in Week 1!

Kris, with all due respect wtf are you talking about? You honestly believe that Jeff Fisher is making the two teams wait because he wants attention? My God are you serious? If that were true he would have taken the other two interviews in Jacksonville and Tampa Bay as well.

He's not allowed to take TWO DAYS to make a decision that is going to effect his families life for possibly the next decade? A decision that will effect his children for the rest of their lives? He's not allowed to check into schools, entertainment, activities in each area? He's not allowed to talk to his family and ask them what they want and then weigh the pros and cons of an upheaval of his entire families life?

Come on man get real. That's just an ignorant statement. He finished his interview in St. Louis on Sunday, so far he has taken all of one day to make a decision. Lets not let our hate of someone cloud our ability to be rational, it happens far too often in this blog.


You're a moron,,,,,,,,,, .

wade phillups is an excellent coach whom they love in houston. he has full control of the defense. this was not the case in dallas where jerry jones meddled daily and made the job impossible for anyone. marty is not 70+; he is 68 yrs old. he is A+ and can coach! he was 14-2 in sdiego the season he was let go.

The other Rick don't forget this very important point. I believe this may have been what put doubt in Fishers mind about St. Louis.

The Rams are one of the teams that the league is interested in moving to LA. That would be in two years. Fisher is said to have talked to league officials about it on Saturday.

Fisher already went through a nightmare move from Houston to Tennessee and his career and his team suffered a setback because of it. I can't believe he would want to go through that again. If Fisher joins the Dolphins I believe this will have been the factor that tipped the scale.

Coaches don't want to come to Miami because the leprechaun Ireland ask them if by any chance their mothers were prostitutes !
As far as Ireland is still with the Dolphins this organizationh will be a mess.
1st rn pick: OT... And Ireland will rehire his partner Sparano .


if you are the fins coach,you wont be able to trust the GM. ireland was proven to be a sniper.

Phins78, that is a very valid point, and one that should have been in my checklist. As you point out, the uncertainty of that could sway things in our favor. I'm hoping. I think Fischer is a superior coach and we should count ourselves forunate if we can land him.

Joe Philbin and Matt Flynn

Childress comes across like a worm in my opinion.

Wolfman, it was a long time ago, so I'm not going to guarantee my memory, but while I remember McNair (as his name implied) air it out from time to time, I remember the Titans from then (and onwards) as being a conservative-run offense. Maybe that's Fisher, maybe that was the OC, maybe it was the times and the personnel (or maybe I've suppressed their explosion after watching the Green Bay's and Saints of late). Like I said, I'm not out-and-out against him being the HC, I just would like him to be open to take more chances (because I think that's the way to beat Belichick).

Otherwise, I wouldn't mind a SF-type team. Difference is, have we EVER had that great of a defense (post no-name defense)? Yeah, the Zach/JT days were pretty special, but were they 1 or 2 like SF is in pretty much every category? San Fran's d is amazing, and I'm not sure we'll be able to get there. Mostly because we don't have an FO that knows our identity. Therefore they waiver between offense and defense and tweak here and there but don't ever seem to finish anything.

I do hope Fisher takes the job. You would think Ross will lean on Fisher more than Ireland & will eventually part ways with the ball boy.

Someone above said Ireland had a good draft because all his draft picks played a big role. Really? On a 6-10 team huh? They played a big role in losing. Terrific!

They only played a big role because Miami's roster had so many holes that they had to play. The defense of Ireland gets more ridiculous by the hour.

I think everything Fischer has done, is the way it should be done, He showed respect by saying it was going to be the Rams or Phins, He has gone to his family to see how they feel. Economically Florida is going to be cheaper for him, but the dolphins have some big issues compared to the Rams replace and find better players, Whomever the coach of the dolphins are needs to fix the QB issue, and how to address that will be his legacy (Ala, Manning, Rg3 or luck) more upside and challenge in AFC which means more reward

Salvaje, is the QB position fix (which I agree needs to happen) more on the HC or the GM (who will decide whether to Draft, pick a FA, trade up, etc.)?

I'm thinking this lies squarely on the GM's plate. Yes, the HC will live/die by that decision, and will have a say in it, but ultimately it's our GMs who have failed us historically not giving their HC's the franchise QB they all needed to make the team successful.

3 draft picks for a backup RB was ABSURD!!



It was only two draft picks. We expect Thomas to be a pro-bowl player next year and he will also make the HOF and we will retire his number one day. He is going to be great!!

the rams r pretty f'd up themselves."not as bad as the phins", if they weren't, fisher would have been eating bbq already instead of waiting on stone crabs.lol

I am hoping Jeff Fisher doesn't take the job, but please don't tell Mr. Ross that.



mike tannenbaum, the GM of the jets, went on the mike francesa show in nyc and got absolutely roasted and toasted with all kinds of accusatory questions about all things jets. can you imagine ireland doing the same????? in n.y. you are held accountable by the media and fans!! there is no rabbit hole to hide in.

Thanks Kris, Hey DC how you been. My work for 2012 tripled so I am not on here as much as I would like LOL.

I personally think Fisher is a great coach, but the hype is annoying. Like I said he made playoff teams with average talent, and the teams he had drafted pretty well also. so those are kind of the things I think he brings to the table.

this team has a bunch of pre-madonna's on it and some hot heads. A guy with fisher's resume holds those guys accountable far better than a sporano type. Not saying that is the way it should be. Vince Young was and still is a mental mess, and whatever fisher and his crew did made him successful when he wasnt running away... lol

Anyway. I am far more in favor of getting him, My second choice at this point is Philben. Thank you for the other side of the coin Kris and others. I may not agree totally, but if we do not get him, I will fully buy into your reasons!!! :)

the league now seems to more favor a two back system. It is easier to get solid backs than it is to get QB's. Our draft position makes in unlikely we will be able to pick up a QB that isn't a reach in the 1st round without mortaging our whole draft to move up. I think that would be a mistake. If nothing else, Ireland has shown restraint in not over-reaching for a QB. Moore has potential, and could show even more growth in a full off-season program. Try to bring in a vet from the free agent market:

Drew "We let that one get away" Brees (he isn't going anywhere)
A. Smith

Outside of Brees who would steal the job along with your lunch money, those guys could challenge for the job.

Look to draft a QB after the first round.

greg, Ireland is hiding out in the bunker Parcells built for him & left Ross to dodge all the bullets.

The bleacher report has the Dolphins taking a right tackle at #8 or #9. Sigh.

Chip Kelly would be the worst HC move in a group of bad HC choices. Kelly is a great college coach, but EVERYTHING about his system and style is built for college. Unless he's stupid or desperate (and he's neither) he'll stick to college.
I'm inclined to agree with the radio pundits that a college coach without NFL experience would not do well in the NFL at all.
If true, then we try Philbin (assuming he can gather his life back together - my sympathies), and if that's a no go, then honestly Bowles isn't any worse or rsiky than somebody elses special teams coach prospect.

...basing my last comment on the assumption that Fisher is gone. He's stil my #1 choice.
Billick #2, but he seems to be persona non grata, ...so coin toss time.

Wolfman, your earlier post made perfect sense it was not you who were confused. It is the claim that Fisher has turned into a drama queen that is confused.


I love mock drafts. I even do one of my own every year just for fun. I agree though that in the end the best player available by the time Miami picks is going to be an OT which is also a position of need so it makes sense. Riley Reiff and Jonathan Martin. Get used to those 2 names leading up to the draft and get used to one of them after the draft

With ya.
I'm starting to understand that there's little chance we luck out, or trade up to a top QB pick, but still hoping we can find a better choice than another rookie lineman. Sign a decent FA O-lineman (doesn't have to be amazing, just better than Columbo), and go after a stud at another position. Look at what the young stud D linebackers, D-ends, receivers are doing for some of these playoff teams. Geez, Louise, #8 will get you one of those - so TAKE ONE!
Safety (2 excellent available), WR's ( a couple big beasts avail), OLB/DE's (2-3 monsters avail) -- just pick one!

I have repeatedly told you guys, "No New Stache," yet very few have correctly acknowledged my point. The Stache has not won a super bowl since Ditka's '85 Bears. The Stache rarely wins.

No New Stache!!!

If I hear one more person talking about taking a QB after a first round talent, I'm going to scream. I'd rather the Dolphins reached for Tannehill at 9 than pin their hopes on another non first round qb. QBs after the first round are projects at best. All of them! You can take a QB after the first round but don't expect anything from them for about 5 years. Even the almighty Tom brady, the fluke of all fluke late round pick QBS took years for him to become the masterful passer he is now. I know he won a Super Bowl in year one but check the stats, he had 85 yards passing in that game or so entering the late stages. Nowadays, that would never happen. He was very protected by the staff in his early years.

The one exception may be Weedon because he's bordering on entering social security.

The HATE for Ireland is COMICAL!!

One thing I would GUARANTEE.....whoever is doing that job will be criticized by the fanbase. GUARANTEED! It's what some guys do.

DOesn't matter is it's Rick Spielman or Ron Wolf....NO ONE is exempt. And they will cry and moan about the guy until he's out of a job....and then the next guy will get it. SAD but true....objectivity is not a strong suit for some guys. For me, I believe it's jealousy! Jealousy that a guy can make a REALLY good living, watching football and making decisions and not have to come home every day sore and tired. Can the jealousy guys...it's petty!

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