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Report says Kelly on Dolphins radar -- but no!

Let's begin this morning by crushing an erroneous report:

KEZI-TV in Eugene Oregon is reporting this morning the Dolphins have "contacted Chip Kelly's agent regarding the team's head coaching position."

Kelly is the very successful and much heralded head coach of the Oregon Ducks, which makes this sound plausible. Problem is it's not true.

A high-ranking Dolphins source tells me the idea the Dolphins have contacted Kelly in any way is "not true at all."

So that's that.

I will say, Kelly has an interesting take on playing offense. The Ducks run a play every 13 seconds and do it out of a spread formation with a twist. The twist is the Ducks are ultimately trying to get to down-hill running mode.

I will also say, Kelly has zero NFL head coach experience. Kelly's offense may not necessarily translate to the NFL.


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I'm with JS on this one, at 8 or 9, anything but a right tackle - what an premium price for that position. The only way it is justifiable is if the franchise believes jake Long is breaking down and they need to shift him over to right tackle in a year or so.

Wrong Craig, my hate for Ireland is because the team has regressed every year since he's been here.

It's because there is no solution in sight to the most important position in the sport.

It's because this regime has drafted one pro bowler in the whole time they've been here and he might be breaking down and I contest was still the wrong pick.

It's because for the first time in my life, I don't care if I watch a Miami Dolphins game or not.

Sure he's better than Spielman, but I think a one eyed hooker with syphillis is a better gm than Spielman.

Mark in Toronto,

LOL....you led me right into what I wanted to ask you. Would Weedon be first round pick if he wasn't 28? I think he would.....bottom of the first round. So if he's still there early second, I wuld take him. Why not? We've seen all the failed second round picks, what's the problem taking a QB there. SO he plays for 5-7 years. Who cares! We weren't going to get that much out of Manning anyway and you were prepared to give up a first for Manning. (Before you roast me, I'm not saying Weddon is the next Manning). But why not? After Luck, Weddon may be the most ready NFL QB. Bring him and have him challenge Moore. He could be good for us for the next 5-7 years. Beats this idea of drafting a first round QB every year until we get it right. If he doesn't pan out, what's another 2nd round pick?

I'd agree with you on the QB thing if we reach for Weeden (or if mircales happen and Griffin falls). But Tannehill really is a multi-year project away from serious NFL starter. He was a turnover machine at TAM because he simply doesn't know enough about the position. LOOOOONG way to go, but he may someday catch up. But that's another 5 year stretch of sub=par Fins seasons in waiting. So unless you draft Weeden, and train Tannehill to follow, I'd disagree with that pick.

jl = bad knee, bad back, bad shoulder and torn bicept.? ?

Here's some dudes to research for our #8 pick if we don't reach for a 2nd round talent QB:

Blackmon, Floyd, Jeffery

Barron, Kirkpatrick (convert)

Ingram, Upshaw, Perry (*DE), Montgomery (*DE)

Food for thought.

Craig, personally I'd rather mortgage the farm for Griffin. I think it's the best option.

Besides that unlikely outcome, I would probably roll the dice with Weedon, but I wouldn't expect much. After all, he's 28. Isn't Aaron Rodgers 29 or 30? That should give you an idea of how far along this guy is supposed to be by now.

Worth a shot I guess and to be honest, after Griffin, it's the only guy I hold out any hope for.

Still would rather go 2 or 3 years with Manning but I don't see how he would choose us over San Francisco.


I understand Miami took an o-linemen last year and taking another one for a team that lacks start power is far from ideal but why reach for another position when a position of need gets filled with the Best Player Available. I for one am always in favor of choosing BPA unless that position is QB where QB has a first round grade and you need a QB.

If a guy like Riley Reiff and Jonathan Martin are considered top 10 talents and you pick in the top 10 why would you reach outside the top 10 for another position of need?

Mark in Toronto,

Why reach for a QB that may or may not pan out, when you can get someone at that spot that could help your team right away? Outside of the top two Qb's, I am not sure where the others fit as far as value in the 1st round. I could see trading down to still take a worthwhile QB later in the first round to get extra picks.

Kris, I don't see where Fischer or his representatives have been building ANY hype in the media. I've seen no statements from him or his agent whatsoever. The media may be hyping it, but I don't see him doing that. He interviewed with two franchsies and is now quietly contemplating which move will be best for him, his career, and his family. I think you are letting your emotions overcome your reasoning here. I had been certain that he was going to the Rams, but the longer this takes, the better chance I think we have. We DO bring a lot to the table.
I agree with this statement. yes I wish I had an answer yesterday, as many fans do. But I do not think he is playing a game. He of course is not my first choice, but compared to the other candidates that have been interviewed I would rather have Fischer.

Luck/Griffin assumed gone, ..Besides Weeden being a toss up, there really won't be a run on QBs until round or 3. Cousins, Foles, Keenum, Wilson, k-Moore, Lindley are all 2-4th round assumptions. Tannehill is a project, and I'm guessing a team like that has an older solid vet and wants to train a guy for a few years would be interested in him. Fins need a guy to step in now, or within a year.

Hoenstly folks, but bet that Manning will ever play again. No one knows at all right now.

TheOtherRick - Tannehill is rated a mid round first pick by ESPN.

And I'd rather reach for a Qb (the only position I'd ever reach for) because it's the only position that matters. Every other position can be filled in somehow but these days your QB gets exposed everyday.

So if the Dolphins decided to trade back to take Tannehill and put him in the QB development cupboard for a year or two, I'd be fine with that.

By the way, heard Buddy Nix on the radio this morning and he pretty much laid it out that he's taking a pass rusher round 1. Was rather matter of fact about it actually.

weeden already beat up on.

Nobody is really blaming the Vikings for reaching for Christian Ponder right now ...

Andy, good point. Im still thinking the same way. Giving up a bunch of draft picks to move up does nothing but hurt the teams furture. We have been down that road before, and it was not pretty (of course its not a thing of beeauty now either). I can see moving up a spot, maybe stretching two but beyond that its not worth it. I would like to see Blackmon fall to 8 or 9, but thats just a dream.

Buffalo had an outside bet to take a QB, but good to know they don't plan to.
Realisitically, Indy, Clev, and Wash are our worst enemies on the QB front. Jags are a wild-card (I'd bet No, but who the heck am I)

JS in LA,

WR - The only WR worth taking is Blackmon in the top 10. It's a bad draft strategy to take a WR like Floyd or Jeffrey when they clearly won't even be the #1 WR on your team. Picking a # 2 WR in the top 10 just doesn't make any sense or have positional value.

DBs - Kirkpatrick is a nice player but his draft breakdown according to the draft gurus like Kiper and McShay says he is a better zone corner then man to man corner. Currently that does not fit Miami's D but even if it did would you want a CB who can't be a shut down man to man CB in the top 10? And Mark Barron is a good player but a safety in the top 10 better be more then just a run stuffing safety, don't you think?

OLBs - I like Courtney Upshaw a lot but he is only 6'1 270 and that doesn't fit what Ireland has been taught about the proto-type. As much as we all would like Miami to think outside the box, odds are they won't. Ingram same build. Nick Perry nice player but top 25 not top 10 IMO.

Get used to the idea of OT.


I wouldn't trade any future picks for any position other then QB. So if trading a future #1 and more for RG3 then I would do it. But I just don't see it happening. The Browns have 2 # 1 picks and Washington picks before us. I just don't see Miami finding a way to trade up so staying put and taking the best player available makes sense and it will be an OT.

Miami is more likely to trade back then up but I would rather have bookend stud Tackles then some middle first round "solid" prospect which Miami has too many of.

3 picks for D Thomas was ABSURD!!

2 picks for D Thomas.........why do so many people get that wrong

I am uncertain why there is so much concern and whining...? The 2011 season has not even ended yet and there are comments from people asking "where is our new QB?" and "Miami is the laughing stock and the whole world is laughing".... If they are laughing at anyone its fools making statements without having a clue like that.
Of the teams still involved in the post season, several of the coaching candidates are still involved with coaching there. Carmichael the Saints O-co is one, Philbin is still involved with a team, those are two off the top of my head.
We've a long way to travel in off season people... we still have to settle on a coach (I feel Philbin will still be the hire) we have combines where our new coaching staff can evaluate just what sort of people and just how good some of this hyped up talent is when placed under a microscope and asked to perform "just like on Sundays"... they are no longer considered "Kids playing for their school" they will be evaluated as "Potential professional Football players under scrutiny"... then we have the draft... THEN Free Agency and the beginning of QB Camps and OTA's.... You may just as well take a deep breath and relax... and to the idiots who are so narcissistic that they feel the whole world has nothing better to do then judge the performance of the Miami Dolphins coaching search...? please just swallow the blue pill and go away.

I think the BCS is a joke.

I can't help but think there are at least 4 high powered offenses in the country that could have done some damage to Alabama's D.

What gripes me (and is the main reason I've lost interest in college football) is that we will never know.

I'm definitely in the college football playoff camp. I don't pretend to know what the format should be, but concensus 1 vs. 2 irritates me to no end.

Oh, and, BTW, if Fisher goes to the Rams, and Bowles is not retained, of the candidates interviewed, I hope they hire Zimmer. I'm anxious to see who else they bring in this week.

I wouldn't be drafting Kirkpatrick as a CB, and because he plays zone is the exact reason he'd fit as a safety. He's big enough, and played lights out last night.
Yeah, I know these players may be reaches at #8 (guessing before the combine), but a OL at #8 is surrendering- I don't see the playoff teams picking an O-lineman in the first round 3 times in 5 years. Once in a while, Yes.
If the talent really doesn't measure up, then I'd be on board with trading down for lower 1st, and 2 seconds. Then pick up Barron, Qb (Weeden, Cousins etc), and another BPA. Decent grab for 1-2 rounds.

..It looks like the debate rages on about drafting a first round quarterback. If I may, I would like to join the fray..

The evalauation process has not even started. So we don't really know which quarterbacks outside of the top 2 are "reaches" or "value". Second, if the Phins find in their own evaluations that a guy strikes our fancy they will take him. If the evaluations come up short. We can kick and scream all we want..The pick will be some other position of need.

Now obviously there are trade possibilities. But we cannot just go by the ratings of these players today. To many variables, and unkowns will come into play before draft day to say we have to stick with plan A.

Derek4Dolphins, if it makes you feel any better, I was asking where the QB was (on this board anyway) before the end of the 2010 season.

I'm through giving this franchise the benefit of any doubt regarding that position.


I heard that Buddy Nix interview. He also made it seem like they are contect to go WR later in the draft if necessary. But it was CLEAR they are looking at pass rush at 10. I'd jump in and grab one before they do because to me it's a need for us too.

Kelly would be a big risk, and a bold choice that could pay huge dividends and bring a wide-open offense to Miami that would entertain Fins fans.

Which means that Ross won't touch him.

My draft philosophy is simple this year. As many players as possible we can draft that other teams might have to game-plan for. People game plan for linebackers, pass rush, secondary pass coverage, receivers and QBs.
Rbs and O-line has one plan - load the box. No need to practice that.
But when you face Brady, or Brees? Pittsburgh/Giants/Ravens' pass rush? Thsoe things you have to invent new ways to beat.
THAT'S what I'm loking for.
O-lineman won't do that.

As I finished typing my "philosophy", and recognized the unfortunate truth - y'all are probably more right than me. The things I think the Fins should do, they RARELY ever do. So, if you guys think that means an O-linman in the first.
Yup, that would be a better bet.
Man, I should just not bother to get worked up.
I'll try to avoid bothering with a philosophy, and just see what these bozos do next.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports the Rams have requested permission to interview Bengals OC Jay Gruden for their head-coaching vacancy.

Just read this online.. Not sure if these means anything with the Fisher situation

..Derek. I have been echoing similar sentiments. We don't even know who our head coach is going to be..So trying to figure out what direction the Phins will go is nearly impossible. Sure we all have our wish list pf players we like in the draft. And for the most part give pretty good arguments as to why each would merit attention from our team. This is fun, and why we come here. The reality is just more pissing in the wind. I have said this enough that most of you are probably tired of it. Until we have a coach in place, and idea of the system. I will hold out any judgement on the direction of this team.

The HATE for Ireland is COMICAL!!
One thing I would GUARANTEE.....whoever is doing that job will be criticized by the fanbase. GUARANTEED! It's what some guys do.
DOesn't matter is it's Rick Spielman or Ron Wolf....NO ONE is exempt. And they will cry and moan about the guy until he's out of a job....and then the next guy will get it. SAD but true....objectivity is not a strong suit for some guys. For me, I believe it's jealousy! Jealousy that a guy can make a REALLY good living, watching football and making decisions and not have to come home every day sore and tired. Can the jealousy guys...it's petty!
Posted by: Craig M | January 10, 2012 at 12:31 PM

Speaking of crying & moaning! Good example of it right there.

To some, the DEFENSE of Ireland is COMICAL.

A league source tells ESPN 101 St. Louis' Tony Softli the Rams "won't be held hostage" waiting for Jeff Fisher to make a decision about where he'll coach in 2012.

The Rams are already being held hostage by Fisher, but may be trying to turn up the heat on the former Titans coach by scheduling an interview with Broncos DC Dennis Allen. Apparently struggling to decide between the Rams and Dolphins, Fisher is expected to reach a decision within the next 48 hours.

More info...

Js in LA,

Yea tough to swallow that Sparano had so many chances to develop O-linemen but could not. Shawn Murphy, Donald Thomas, John Jerry all draft picks and FA Smiley and Grove who played well but weren't able to stick due to injuries which they had prior to coming to Miami.

The biggest needs are obvious QB, OT, OLB, FS, WR, TE.

But out of the those positions WR and TE need an upgrade OT, OLB and FS need starters. I just see it making too much sense picking a OT in round 1 when they sorely have a glaring hole at the position.

Chudzinski?? Dolphins are not interested in this guy. I know no interviews with teams in the playoffs but hard to believe this guy doesn't even get a mention

Wrong Craig, my hate for Ireland is because the team has regressed every year since he's been here.
It's because there is no solution in sight to the most important position in the sport.
It's because this regime has drafted one pro bowler in the whole time they've been here and he might be breaking down and I contest was still the wrong pick.
It's because for the first time in my life, I don't care if I watch a Miami Dolphins game or not.
Sure he's better than Spielman, but I think a one eyed hooker with syphillis is a better gm than Spielman.
Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 10, 2012 at 12:36 PM

Shhhhhhh, theres too much common sense & logic in your post.

BTW, QB isn't just the most important position in football. It's the most important in professional sports! Good GM's don't wait until year 5 to acquire him.


Prob right. Makes my stomach turn, and makes us our usual irrelevant draft selves ... but better bet than my plan.
I'd have the Fins pulling a Ditka for Grffin or Luck. Won't happen, but that would be plan #1.
Plan #2 is get playmakers. Guys that actually show up on stat sheets, fantasy teams, highlights, and jersies.


Took me a little time to figure out who you are. I apologize to yg for accusations from last week but I do in fact know who you are now. Explains why we haven't seen this guy posting on here for a while.

But my question to you is why the name change? Is this your way of protesting the Dolphins? Have you ever ACTUALLY been a fan of this franchise or do you just keep ripping them, only a different name?

Fire Ireland and get rid of the Parcells stench.


I look forward to the day that you and others can rip into the new GM and coach. That's what you and others live for. It's what you did under your other name too. (Wondered why we hadn't seen you for a while. Did you get banned or is the name change your creativity at work)?

Anyways, go back to what you do best.....

I'm confident Jeff Ireland can find us another Pat White or Chad HennePuke! LOL

JS in LA,

Yeah I would love for Blackmon to slip but outside of a complete switch to a 4-3 and getting possibly Quentin Coples where else would Miami go with the 1st pick in the top 10?

QB - Luck and RG3 both gone. No other QB worth top half of 1st round. Some like Tannehill late 1st round but he is far from NFL ready IMO.

WR - Blackon most likely gone. Floyd will be asked did his mother make him get those DUI's. Jeffrey me and another poster on here pointed out he is fat for a WR. Google his picture he has a fat stomach which is trouble if you are a NFL WR (Mike Williams).

OLB - Ingram is a reach for a top 10 pick and Upshaw a dominant player as we saw last night if any of you watched but at 6'1 270 relies on power and that is tough to always project to the NFL.

OT - There are 2 top 10 worth guys in Riley Reiff and Jonathan Martin and 1 if not both could be available and soon to be gone around picks 8-12. Just makes sense to take one of them.

So from a positional stand point it fills a need and from a value stand point they don't have to reach for a player. Again, not the sexy pick but the right pick.


I didn't think Ponder was a reach. I had him penciled in for our pick until he got ganked.

Panthers in 1st Place

Heat in 1st Place

Dolphins in the Cellar

Would be nice if john Jerry convinced the team he could be their right tackle next year. Free that top pick up. And Craig, yes, picking an olb in round one is not the worst decision in my book. Any con millers out there.
and if anyone wants to see an example of a 3 4 defensive end that's worth a first pick, watch Jj watt this weekend from Houston.

Search this, can't argue there.

JJ Watt = Jared Odrick = A SCUB = Wasted first ound pick = Awful.


I like your idea on Jerry. He looked decent at LT, I'd like to see him tried at RT. Would be great to see OLB in one, and either Weedon or TE in the second.

Call Ireland and let's get this done...

yeah yeah, I know. The RIGHT pick.
Honestly though, can't a coach in the NFL somewhere come here and teach all our dozen drafted linemen how to be decent? Then maybe a couple of them would be good enough so we won't have to throw another chance down the drain to pick up some playmakers?
With you on Jeffery. Two slow big receivers isn't the best lineup. But we are in serious need of anyone else besides Marshall that another team has to game-plan for.
And though 6-1 isn't a prototype LB, there's quite a few that are stars that fit that mold.
Just want a guy who is driven and nasty to put on that uniform and make opposing teams say - "watch out for that guy".

Mark in Tor,

I was thinking and hoping the same thing. It was to me that John Jerry wasn't good enough to play Guard but was good enough to be the first guy moved to LT to fill in for Long and did a decent job for the most part. I think Tony Sparano was micro-managing his O-line and holding them accountable for everything technically but not just letting them play.

Not all his players can technicians of their position like Jake Long. Jerry would be interesting at RT. He is big enough he is about 6'5 320 I think and that is plenty big.

Remember guys and he could be gone by Miami's pick too but if Fisher (slim chance I think now) becomes Miami's Head Coach and the switch to a 4-3 happens Quentin Coples could be Miami's pick. Whether sticking with a 3-4 or switching to a 4-3 Miami still needs a pass rusher opposite Cam Wake.

JS in LA,

I hope Sparano's firing is addition by subtraction for the O-line. I think he micro-managed the position too much instead of just letting them play and be a cohesive unit.

Jeffrey I want no parts of him too big and slow and fat. And yes I agree Miami does need an upgrade across from Marshall but round 2 or 3 should be used to address that or FA not the 1st round where it would be a reach for anyone else besides Justin Blackmon.

I don't disagree that Upshaw could be a beast regardless of his build but I don't see Ireland going away from what Parcells thinking is that those rush OLBs should be tall and big.

Nfl.com is reporting the Rams are interviewing Titans VP of football operations, Lake Dawson, for their GM position...that's a pretty tight link to Fisher.

...I don't think for a second Griffen stays in school. His stock will never be higher. The only thing that happens is that much like Andrew Luck. People by nature will only find things to critique, and anything he does positivley will be chalked up to hype. No way he stays in school. We will find out today, or tommorow.

Blog Fodder,

Wow yeah I would say so!

Man, the more I see, read, and think, the more I want to trade the whole draft for either the top 2 QBs, or some good FAs from some other team. God we suck at drafting.
For any line position other than left tackle, top ten is too high for a o-lineman.
Yeah, maybe he's great. But he'll be protecting an average QB, with average receivers, and a slightly above average running back. Not seeing more wins.

I think because this team has historically lacked playmakers, fans have forgotten what a playmaker is.

Playmakers MAKE PLAYS! See Steven Jackson. WITHOUT PRO BOWL LINEMEN!!!

Guess what? If you have a playmaker of that ability, HE ALONE will make the lineman better.

It's crazy how you people want to draft ANOTHER FRIGGIN LINEMAN! Didn't work in '08, didn't work in '10, didn't work in '11. How many times does failure need to happen before some of you get it.

Linemen AREN'T the answer. Great, you'll have a team with the best linemen in the country, doing absolutely nothing, because they don't have skill position players to MAKE PLAYS.

Anyway, I don't need to try to change anyone's mind. The GM is paid by the Owner. The Owner said he wants an exciting product, including a franchise QB, and if the GM chose a lineman Rd. 1 he'd be fired before Rd. 2, so there's no chance in Hell that will happen.

You line-freaks should get used to it...Miami's drafting a QB, unless a Blackmon/Richardson are available (they won't be) or an OLB. Reach or no reach, move up or move back, that's practically guaranteed straight out the Owner's mouth, and I don't blame him for handcuffing his GM, regardless of what he does or doesn't know about football, because OBVIOUSLY the GM doesn't understand that linemen don't score TDs.

Coincidence? I think not...

OT Riley Reiff will be our selection unless I trade down. Just wanted to give all of you real fans a heads-up.

Thank you for all of the support. I especially enjoy the chocolaty chip cookies.



JS trading the whole draft wouldnt be enough to move in the top 2 spots.

Clue, Jj watt is a stat stuffer of a 34 lineman. He's all over the place. If only odrick was as good right now.

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