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Report says Kelly on Dolphins radar -- but no!

Let's begin this morning by crushing an erroneous report:

KEZI-TV in Eugene Oregon is reporting this morning the Dolphins have "contacted Chip Kelly's agent regarding the team's head coaching position."

Kelly is the very successful and much heralded head coach of the Oregon Ducks, which makes this sound plausible. Problem is it's not true.

A high-ranking Dolphins source tells me the idea the Dolphins have contacted Kelly in any way is "not true at all."

So that's that.

I will say, Kelly has an interesting take on playing offense. The Ducks run a play every 13 seconds and do it out of a spread formation with a twist. The twist is the Ducks are ultimately trying to get to down-hill running mode.

I will also say, Kelly has zero NFL head coach experience. Kelly's offense may not necessarily translate to the NFL.


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Here's a head coaching candidate that nobody is talking about. He is offensive-minded and strong in quarterback development. He also has coaching lineage and has been on multiple super bowl winning staffs.

Kyle Shannahan

And Jerry was a tackle at old miss. Maybe he's just a better tackle right now until he develops more strength later in his career.

Hue Jackson has been fired by the Raiders.

JS in LA,

I feel your pain lol. Miami has no dynamic players on either side of the ball. Some very good to good players in Long, Wake, Marshall and Dansby but no one who can take over a game on either side of the ball. Miami has no face of the franchise type of player either.

The best bet is to just keep building when you can't get a sure difference maker. And in the draft outside of guys that come along once every few years it's always a crap shoot! I would love to GO ALL IN on RG3 but as much as Miami may want to the Browns hold 2 first round picks this year and if not the Browns then foolish Washington will set the bidding war at it's highest point. Miami might be willing to trade this years 1, 2 and 4 and next years 1 and 3 and with Washington sitting at 5 might still not be good enough because they would take it to another level IMO

DC, I'm with you. The last thing I want to see is a right tackle picked in round one. A Fukkin right tackle!! Top ten no less. I could care less if he's the best player on the board or not.

John Jerry, a THIRD-ROUNDER who couldn't get in the lineman, did better than a decent job filling in for Long. I believe Bush had 100yd games each time he was in, right? I don't remember a bunch of sacks from that side. Just goes to show you how much drop-off there is from a 1st-rd lineman to a 3rd (minimal).

Now go research the drop-off from a 1st-rd QB to a 3rd (it's like the Atlantic shelf).

Breaking out of mediocrity is going to mean changing the way you Draft. Some of you need to try and grasp that understanding. The Pats can take a Nate Solder because they already have a Brady, a Welker, a Gronkowski, a Hernandez. When we have that talent I'll say take a lineman every round. Until then, I say get PLAYMAKERS!

I know dude. I said it prob wouldn't work.
We'd have to toss in some valuables as well (player/s, prostitutes, etc)
But try that, plan 1.
Then look at BPA, non -OL
then consider trade down.

ANYTHING but OL. We have enough. Train them. Draft (or sell-the-draft) for playmakers.
Anyway, because it makes the most sense, and it's what good teams do, we won't do it. You're right.

Dear Craig,
I have decided that you are my favorite Dolphin fan on this board. I want to thank you for all of your support. You know that I am the best GM in the NFL and I appreciate you telling all of these "so-called" Dolphin fans the truth! I wish we had more fans like you. For winning the contest, I would like to see if you would like to have a date. I could bake you some fresh chocolaty* chip cookies and we could play patty-cake and hop-scotch? How about it?



(*Chocolaty chip cookies don't have enough chocolate in them to be considered chocolate chip cookies but I promise you they are delicious and nutricious! Very important for developing strong bones and muscles like me!)

Hue Jackson fired? Guess Mandos prediction of Winston moss is happening. Nice one mando

Mark, could turn me into a Jets fan.

Craig M, LAST TIME. I joined the blog after the season. LUCKY FOR YOU, I'll leave when the coach is announced. I'm not here to prove I'm smarter than you. I think I've done that anyway w/out trying.

You continue to throw accusations. You do it to others. Tells me all about your likability. When you told me you traced my name format & others, I knew you had issues.

I think Ireland sucks, deal with it. You're an Ireland fan, I get it. Try to have tolerance of other viewpoints though. Don't play the "he's somebody else" game. Kids stuff.

Im here to specualte on the HC opening & bash the GM. Not to deal with pompus, self absorbed know it alls like you.

You tried to call me out on the Mularky blog yesterday for what I didn't say. When I challenged you, you disappeared. Who's the coward? Today you come back huffin & puffin hopin people forgot?

Move along kid, I just wasted my last keystrokes on you.


Holy smokes...I was checking out the wiki page for Hue Jackson and it already says he's the FORMER head coach of the Oakland Raiders...it's like a 4G commercial.

Anyway, it says he was the OC for Petrino at Atlanta, didn't know that...that would be the same time that Zimmer was DC at Atlanta (he hate him some Petrino).

So, there you go. Zimmer's your new head coach and Hue Jackson is your new OC.

Hey, I can make stuff up too...

Heck, we couldnt trade the WHOLE TEAM for Andrew Luck. We suck!

Rams asking to talk to Jay Gruden. Interesting!

Are they getting impatient? Or trying to pressure Fisher into making up his mind?

SEARCH THIS!!! you get it.

Craig M doesn't.

He probably thinks we are the same person.



No f*cking idea what you're talking about as far as Mularkey is concerned from yesterday. I know it will be a foreign concept to you but some of us do have jobs and responsibilities. One thing I can tell you, I woould never hide from a lowlife like you, not even in person. You obviously know nothing about me.

Now you can back to bashing the GM...enjoy!

With all due respect, a vast majority of teams that are better than us (quite a lot) haven't drafted sure thing stars. The whole draft is a crap shoot. Take your best shot on a potential star, and own it.
If we're waiting for a safe pick star, we'll be sitting around for a very long time. Or we'd be Indy this year ;)
Either way, i'd rather Ireland blow his wad on a maybe star, than a sure-bet lineman. Most teams actually do do this. Ireland is afraid to stick his neck out, and that's exactly what oru record says.
Ok, I'm done whining. No amount of JS whining with change Mr. irelands mind, so I'll keep my Broncos jersey in my Amazon cart, and if we pick a playmaker, I'll delete it.
If we draft OL du jour, then - Go Broncos!

go check the thread, clown. it's blatantly obvious to anyone with 1/9 of a brain & 1 working eye.

Jeff Fisher has been hired to be the new coach of the Oakland Raiders!

Just kidding... But makes you wonder. Interesting how Jeff Fisher is taking so long. Makes you wonder why...

Anyone else not understanding how all these other HC's can be fired, but Indy still hasn't fired Jim Caldwell? What exactly did he do to help his team overcome the Manning injury? I was happy to see Sparano go, but he did MUCH more after we were 0-7 than Caldwell. This guy shouldn't be a ball boy in the NFL, let alone Andrew Luck's HC.

Irelandsucks, haha.

For the record, I am not IrelandSucks!

Anyone else not understanding how all these other HC's can be fired, but Indy still hasn't fired Jim Caldwell? What exactly did he do to help his team overcome the Manning injury? I was happy to see Sparano go, but he did MUCH more after we were 0-7 than Caldwell. This guy shouldn't be a ball boy in the NFL, let alone Andrew Luck's HC.

Posted by: DC Dolfan


Jim Caldwell secured the #1 pick in the draft. Indy didn't try winning a game until they had the #1 pick pretty much locked in. You can thank the head coach for that. Indy's season was a complete sham.

Ireland sucks... Your a useless waste of time. Get off this blog.

Pastor I would love to stop by after work for some Tea and a showing....

Cute guys....now we've got someone trying to impersonate me. Forget there were children on here.

Can you help get some of the clowns off of here Armando? The posts at 2:45 and 2:46 weren't me. One less clown on here would make life better for all involved. Thanks.


Jay Gruden or Brian Billick only because Philbin should stay with the Packers after such a tragedy. No more Ireland re-treads. Lots of coaches in Green Bay and New England to interview. Come on Fins!!

We should look at Matt Flynn to come with a coaching choice from Green Bay even if it isn't Philban.

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