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Rizzi's case for special teams job

Like most assistant coaches on NFL staffs undergoing change, Dolphins special teams coach Darren Rizzi is trying to stay employed. Unlike many of his counterparts, he can present a solid, tangible case for keeping his job based on his unit's 2011 performance.

According to the annual study of the NFL's 32 special teams, done by Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News, the Dolphins staged the biggest one-season improvement on special teams from 2010 to 2011, vaulting from 24 a year ago all the way to second under Rizzi.

The Dolphins finished just behind the San Francisco 49'ers in the study that judges 22 elements of the kicking game -- with each element receiving votes from 1 to 32, with the lowest scoring unit accounting for the best score.

The Dolphins finished in the Top 10 in 14 categories and, like the 49ers, their kickers were a strength. Dan Carpenter was 13-of-16 in field goals from 40 yards and beyond and punter Brandon Fields had a net punting average of 41.1 yards.

Four division champions finished in the top 10 in special teams and one of them is headed for the Super Bowl. The AFC champion New England Patriots finished fifth this season in special teams, the New Orleans Saints eighth and the Denver Broncos 10. The NFC champion New York Giants finished 22nd in the kicking game.

Congratulations to Rizzi, Carpenter, Fields and the rest of the Miami special teams unit.


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Of course, imagine, the secret weapons. Si?
Posted by: oscar canosa | January 26, 2012 at 08:03 PM

You talkin tah ME?


You threatening ME you MOOULI FVCK!


Diregard that last post. It wasn't meant for you.

You see. I'm Bi-Po-sting.

Yeah, inbetween posting here, I blog at GangsterWannabes.com.

Sorry for the mix up.

Bwhana he no home.

Isn't that special?

Yes, but it was Sparano who realized that John Bonamego had been, lessay, less than diligent in that area, and put Rizzi in charge of the ST.

Well, now just fire the whole bloody team!!! So we are looking at another 20 years of moaning and whining while we draft and sign thing one and thing two.
Lets see what happens but this is smelly.

WTH is going on here with all these Bi-Posting?

This is laughable. We are so desperate for positives we are bragging about our punter and kicker. I don't know about the rest if you but I'm going to start cheering for first downs!!

Listen, man, if you gonna put your as-(and many others) on the line, you god-amned better be sure you have the true info on your hands. you fu-ks. GN

I'm in Pittsburgh on business. It must be nice to be a steelers fan. They are complaining about not going further in the playoffs and know they will be favorites again next year. I'm curious, hypothetically, how long do you think it would take Ross and Ireland to turn them into a laughing stock? Also, would they blindly just accept it and watch it happen and continue to but tickets like we all do???


This is a very short one...

The subject is Patten Manning, the drunk Colts owner Irsay and Andrew Luck.

So what do all three have in common?

Well, Patten and Irsay clearly are growing further and further apart and to me.. almost to a point of irreparable BUT, I'll let the professionals psychoanalysts of the world work that out.

Irsay is calling Patten a Politician and Manning says the facility is clearly "not a good place for healing".

Now, I said this would be short so let me close by saying this...

With the potential divorce pending for Manning and Irsay... If the Colts draft Andrew Luck which they will... Do you believe that Luck will want to play for the Colts? Andrew Luck is watching this all develop and I'm SURE Andrew is not enjoying how Patten is being handled and perhaps he is wondering how HE is going to be handled.

Luck is NOT a clear guarantee to be wearing a Colt Jersey as he just may opt to want to play somewhere else.

Now wouldn't THAT make Irsay opt for another drink!

I get the feeling that (a) they would rebell and (2) they understand that being a true fan doesn't mean just accepting every stupid decision your team makes.

I don't know about the rest if you but I'm going to start cheering for first downs!!

Posted by: amsmith965 | January 26, 2012 at 08:55 PM

I'll cover for Tony!

I'm going to Fist Pump The Fvck out of me some Field Goals!

1st rd Luke Kuechly ILB/ Quinton Coples DE
2nd rd Coby Fleener TE/ Stephen Gilmore CB
3rd rd Vinny Curry DE/ Markelle Martin FS
4th rd Matt Reynolds OT/ A.J. Jenkins WR
5th rd Terrance Ganaway RB/ Chandler Harnish QB
6th rd Jordan White WR/ Adonis Thomas BB
7th rd Mitchell Schwartz OT/ Levy Adcock OT

For dinner, jack on the rocks with some one eyed snake!



Little "Smalls"?

Armando got on that asss didn't he?

For dinner, jack on the rocks with some one eyed snake!

Posted by: odinseye | January 26, 2012 at 09:21 PM

Oh, there you are. I thought Armando might have cut off the Meth Fund for a second there.

Viva Fidel-Ho-Toe!!!!

Oscar you in?

Fake odinseye,

Kind of FVCKS you up when I post at the same time as your trolling impersonating asss DON'T It?

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Who are these yellow cowards Philipe, Julio and Little Smalls?

I think they're hiding in another country-AGAIN!

Say Sumpin!


I wish you would!

Yeah, that's what I thought.............

Red head canceled tonight. Bummmer!! Well, old baldy next door will do in a Pinch!

Red head canceled tonight. Bummmer!! Well, old baldy next door will do in a Pinch!

Posted by: odinseye | January 26, 2012 at 09:54 PM

ROTFLMAO-That's all you got?

Pssssssssssssft-You're out of your league punk!

You better just stick to hiding in South Florida!

Viva Fidel!!!!

I do know one thing I like, if we end up with Sherman, we have the inside scoop on Tannehil as well as Flynn. That is a good position to be in.

So this is what you've become?

Fat and Lazy?

Be-Tay Mi-Casa.

Sherman, 57, was the offensive coordinator for two NFL teams – 1999 in Seattle (9-7) and 2007 in...

Sherman is 57? He looks 75 in the photo.
If Philbin is 50 and Sherman was his english teacher then HTF is he 57?

If he coaches up our offense that's cool.

Not a bad list.
I'd offer the first pick to NE for Mallet personally.
If that failed I'd go RT first pick.
But that's a good list.

Bottoms Up!

And what up with Bowles?
He interviewed here, Oakland & Indy and came up zero?
That's not right yo.

Where are my hhomo bloggers tonight?

Bowles and Daboll will be selling Hondas next week

Wow....amazing..glad to have assisted....

Keeping the Provolone?


4-3 defense scenario Luke Kuechly could be had around 13 so a trade back could work there... He'd start MLB and Dansby and Burnett would move outside. Cam Wake goes back to RE and Starks and Odrick in the middle with Vinny Curry at LE. Maybe Misi or McDaniel depending on who shows up. That's also assuming Soliai and Langford aren't resigned...

him was happy i guess


predicting a crime scene soon....

Sherman is like 68, i think

It's going to be another prune juice offense. Ross will sell the team in 2015 and then we move on.

Pricemaster, your correct. not sure why I thought he was older.


I think it's because there's an article that says between the two they have 68 years of experience.

I thought the same. But, Sherman was born in 1954.

Peyton - Who knows? It is a heck of a serious injury though and why would he want to be here? We aren't close enough to being a SB caliber team for him.

RG3 - At least two future 1st round picks plus this year's. Not worth the cost and Junior doesn't make that trade.

Flynn - Philbin's system and he's used to it. Simple enough to do. If Philbin wants him, he'll get him. If he doesn't - well, we know he wasn't ever the guy.

Tannehill - I guess we'll see what Sherman thinks of him.

Frankly, Mallett was the best option of any of the above (save a healthy Manning - which is a doubtful proposition anyway) and we passed on him to take, um, Daniel Thomas and gave up an extra two players to get him. I mean he's an okay back but there were other, better backs taken later. Could've had Mallett for our third. I'd rather have had a different back and Mallett (although Thomas would probably have lasted anyway). But that isn't now. Let's just hope Jeffy doesn't remain the moron he's been.


Have you ever been in a job situation where EVERYONE that got there with you were gone?

If you have, you'll know, it's helps you tighten up your game.

Good or Bad, we're going to see Jeff Ireland at his finest!

The thought scares me, but it IS what it IS!

To much to give up for RG3? really?

How many crappy draft picks have we wasted on crappy players, especially 1st rnd, 2nd rnd and 3rd round picks (Odricks, Misis, Jerrys, Hennes, etc, etc)

Would you rather have;




Be careful, Mando and his gay blog hit trolls get REALLY mad when you repost old stuff onto new blogs.

Ain't that right "Smalls"..........I mean "Coalition"?

I posted on the other blog and it automatically showed up here.



Is anybody getting caught up in this every 3 year cycle of bringing in new coaches and new players? Or are most Dolfans in a wait and see mode? After 30+ years of diehard fandoom, I have lost hope, unless we get RG3...


To be HONEST, I got a Skull tattoo with a Viking Valknut on it's forehead today!

I'm too tanked for coherent thoughts.

I hope Philbin knows what he's doing and I hope he don't hire Dead Man Walking II.

That's all I got.

PS: Mando, clean this fcvking shyt up, I'm out!

You guys watch to many movies.
Sandusky is in PC(protective custody), with young gay inmates and others convicted of CSC(criminal sexual conduct)crimes.
While retribution does occur on these PODS, it's very rare because the only other place you can be housed is in Solitary Confinement(6 months on your first write up, 12 months thereafter). It's psychological torture, most prisoners will do ANYTHING too avoid it.
90% of the sex that takes place on the PC PODS is consenual.
Posted by: odinseye | January 25, 2012 at 01:34 AM

Still Waiting for Odin to explaine how he knows how they house the Pervs??

It's amazing how much insight you get of a Blog and its philosophy when its members think nobody is reading them. That's how I discovered that the posters at El Nuevo Herald that defend Fidel Castro are inmates in prisons(not sure if here or in Cuba) and writing either to get some privileges or to reduce their sentences, or both.

Wow, an actual rare good news from the Dolphins and not one single farg was given.

Philbin better keep Rizzi.

In any case, that's neither here nor there, and NY"G" really hit it there. Not sure what the beef is between Peyton and Irsay, but definitely we could benefit from it if Luck and his agent decide that Indy is not the place that fits their best interests.

We must be careful in our expectations. Just because of the presence of these Big Shot Coaches is NOT a guarantee of success next Season. Just an indicator. Millions of things could go wrong between now and then and derail our Season. Probably the Win/Loss column at the end of the 3rd week will say it best.



My cat is a homosexual but he is wonderful and I totally support his lifestyle choice.

There is a possibility Luck might not want to go to Indy, ALoco.

5AM, 5AM, rise and shine!


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