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Rizzi's case for special teams job

Like most assistant coaches on NFL staffs undergoing change, Dolphins special teams coach Darren Rizzi is trying to stay employed. Unlike many of his counterparts, he can present a solid, tangible case for keeping his job based on his unit's 2011 performance.

According to the annual study of the NFL's 32 special teams, done by Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News, the Dolphins staged the biggest one-season improvement on special teams from 2010 to 2011, vaulting from 24 a year ago all the way to second under Rizzi.

The Dolphins finished just behind the San Francisco 49'ers in the study that judges 22 elements of the kicking game -- with each element receiving votes from 1 to 32, with the lowest scoring unit accounting for the best score.

The Dolphins finished in the Top 10 in 14 categories and, like the 49ers, their kickers were a strength. Dan Carpenter was 13-of-16 in field goals from 40 yards and beyond and punter Brandon Fields had a net punting average of 41.1 yards.

Four division champions finished in the top 10 in special teams and one of them is headed for the Super Bowl. The AFC champion New England Patriots finished fifth this season in special teams, the New Orleans Saints eighth and the Denver Broncos 10. The NFC champion New York Giants finished 22nd in the kicking game.

Congratulations to Rizzi, Carpenter, Fields and the rest of the Miami special teams unit.


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Can't argue with you there FP4FGs,

And Hartline and Bess are both better receivers in my opinion, but Ginn has proven to be a threat in the return game at SF

Ohio, I live in the Bay area, Ted Ginn is the only returner who could return 2 KO for a td and stll be ranked in return AVG at # 8 in the NFC.He loves those sidelines I'll tell ya.

ha! That is pretty funny

I'm more interested in offense than the return game anyway.......as long as our returner is fumbling

*isn't fumbling

Fpf, that is an example of the attitude that was so wrong. Why not concentrate on the things he was exceptional at? If he could've been carried as the 4th wr, what would those negatives have mattered?

While everybody in the Bay area wants to kill Kyle Williams with good reason. I saw a young player with upside and speed to burn, call me crazy but I think Harbaugh lets Ginn walk and gives the kid a 2nd chance before anything else. The 1st fumble was one he should have chased down because he knows it touched him and was all on him but the 2nd was something that could have happened to anybody, he in all likelihood should have probably gone to the ground on 1st contact like the Giant returners were doing but was trying to make a play and those two fumbles aside he had the 49ers starting at around the 30 for field position and I for one wouldn't mind seeing a Fins return man with speed who is fearless coming up field. Like Mark mentioned to Spidey if you believe S.T.'s an after thought then go talk to the 2010 Chargers who started 0-3 because of blown play out of their S.T.'s units.

Mark, He Sucks.

I forgot how great and strange this post can be...

Kris, you nailed it brother. after i nailed it!

HAVE SOME CONVICTION, evaluate the best talent, potential to be an All Pro, Superbowl leading QB, someone that can put the team on his shoulders when needed, and do whatever you can to GO GET HIM!

If that is Flynn, then great do what you need to do to get him. BIG $. I personally, wouldn't do that because, potentially, he will not be as good as RG3.

If that is RG3, hellz yes, give up the draft pics and go get him. I would much rather take a chance on a potential top 5 QB then continue filling holes at DE, OL, DT, etc, etc. We have been filling holes for a decade and haven't seen the playoffs.

Not hating on Flynn, my $ is on RG3 being the better QB into the future. maybe I am wrong, but have some conviction and go get who is best.

Yes, Dems and Repubs are two sides of the same coin. They are dividing and conquering us. so stop fighting each other and unite against the evils powers that control us and kill indiscriminately.

Sherman and Coyle have agreed to their contracts. This according to La Confora from NFL network.

So now we have the inside track to Flynn and Tannehill and could go either direction.

Texas, wish we had the inside track on griffin. Could be wrong but I think he will be better than Flynn, tannehill, or Manning in the long term. But its just a hunch, so of course I can easily be wrong. Hope we just get the right Guy.

Fpf, I take ginn on my team anyday as a primary return guy and 4th wr just to run fly patterns.


Me too, the "right guy" is it. I feel like we'll know more about that pretty quick into free agency. Well we'll know whether it is Flynn or not.



We all know we need a long term answer at QB and with that being said for the system being installed by Philbin and potentially Sherman is going to be some variation of the West Coast offense.

Not every QB is made for every system. RG3 may or may not be a fit in a WC system. Manning is 36 and has never ran a WC system. Flynn on the other hand is familiar with all the intricacies of the WC offense and particularly familiar with Philbin and vice versa. It makes the most logical sense to get Flynn.

If Miami were to pass on Flynn and Manning retires are you guys willing to wait and see what 2nd tier QB they try and develop while Matt Moore who again may or may not be a fit in a WC offense and odds are he is not because his accuracy stinks. Flynn on the other hand has 2 career starts and in those starts in this same EXACT system he has thrown for 9 TDs and 2 ints and completed 67.9% of his passes.


BOYCOTT IS ON, that line is getting pretty lame...Come up with something more creative please...

Official fellas,

Mike Sherman hired as Dolphins OC!

NFL Network reporting it official that Payton Manning will be released. Owner Jim Irsay quoted as saying "no one player is bigger than the horse shoe"

Just got the ESPN update on my phone,

Dolphins hire former Packers, Texas A&M coach Mike Sherman as their offensive coordinator

Jim Irsay is such a dik...No way he would of won a SB without Peyton...Easy now to say things like that when you know chances are Peyton won't be able to play again EVER AND you hold the #1 pick, which in other words means Andrew Luck. What a prik...


You beat me to it lol. I didn't see your post


Yeah Irsay looks like a creep! It's all fun and games and then to treat Peyton like that. Wow.

Andrew Luck should pull an Eli on Irsay...

Andy -- I watch a lot of those news guys twitter accounts. They seem to post there before anywhere else. And Schefter tends to know things before they actually happen. Kind of NFL clairvoyant.

Yeah, Irsay is a dikk but he did pay Peyton $26M last year to do rehab. Wish someone would do that to me.

Texas, are they saying just Sherman confirmed or Sherman and Coyle?

Mark in T.O., LOL!!!

Both Sherman and Coyle is what I've been seeing

Sherman may not be a great head coach but the man knows offense. Then again, I didn't mind the job Daboll did either. Just a matter of the head coach having his guy.

Hope Daboll lands on his feet though. He deserves a chance to run an offense for afew years and some decnt talent.

Andy-- If they go after Flynn then I will support that 110%. As we all know Philbin will know if he's the "right guy". If we get Flynn it will be a bonus because he'll be very familiar with Philbin and vice versa.

And if that happens then we can get some support players in the draft. I really like Upshaw. I know you're a Floyd guy and I feel we need more firepower there but I think pass rush might be a bigger need and Upshaw would be a little less reach.

If Flynn got signed my top 2 picks would be Upshaw and then Fleener in the 2nd.

Montreal, my point is yeah, Irsay is a dikk. All billionaires are dikks except for Mark Cuban. Actually hung out with this guy for a few hours in a downtown Toronto bar. He's an awesome dude.

But he was more than fair with Peyton. he didn't need to give Peyton that contract last year. He just misspoke. And he's not the only one. Fukkin Twitter and the instant responses are making a lot of people look bad. Removes the filter that sometimes people need.

Coyle has agreed to contract terms also.

I know some folks are not fond of the Palm Beach Post but Volin is putting it out there that Tom Rossley will be the QB coach. I don't know who that is. Anyone know anything about him?

Irsay is a dik but it makes perfect Football sense and I for one expected it. I ask you all if there was a greater TITAN than McNair, yet when push came to shove he was shown the door along with his 30 Mil a year guarantee. I contrary to popular belief think Manning will play again and take a team deep into the playoffs before he is done, please no Favre comparison either!!

Manning did it in 2010 with Jacob Tamme at T.E. and Collie and Blair at W.R.(practice squad players) winning his Div. and taking that team on his shoulders. He is head over heals the smartest Q.B. I've ever seen and that's from a Fin Fan who hated him when still Div. foe.

I think Luck will take time to develope but will be great in his own right and not the gamble of cutting McNair for VY, gamble which cost the Titans there H.C. but Luck will get his early lumps while Manning proves there is still gas in his tank.

Isn't that the guy from Charlie's Angels? No wait, that was tom Bossley. Never mind.


Ah ok. I like the Sherman hire. The familiarity with the 2. Both "WEST COAST OFFENSE" guys. Their on the same page which is important. I never understood what Daboll and Sparano were doing. Daboll was good at finding ways to use Bush as he was with Hillis in Cleveland yet Miami wasn't a committed running or passing team. They passed to run some weeks and run to pass other weeks. And Daboll did say he would do whatever worked but then in late game situations and lack of identity is IMO why they failed to generate first downs to close the game vs Browns, Broncos, Giants, Cowboys and Pats.

Not saying they would of won every game but they could of and should have won Broncos, Giants and Patriots

fin4life, agree with Manning. He had complete control when he played. It was like everyone else was in slow motion.

I just think it is really important to have the HC, OC and QB all on the same page and in the same mindset if you will. I think the perfect example of that is in New Orleans.


Yeah I'm a Floyd guy but if they switch to a 4-3 I might be more of a pass rush Quentin Coples guy even more. But from what I have read and a friend who works with the Eagles tells me Coples is turning everyones head so much that he might go top 5.


I know people will post that no S.B. Quarterback has ever won with another team, even though A.P. fumbled away Favre's chance twice!! I just get the feeling that "IF" Manning is healthy he will make it his mission to prove Irsay wrong and I wouldn't mind being the team with that P.Manning at Q.B.

f4l, i'm as big as anyone on getting Peyton to Miami. He's not Favre or Montana. Manning if physically well is still on top of his game and as good as anyone who ever played.

To me the only guy who trumps Manning is Griffin because of the long term benefits.

For me it is hard to get into the Manning talks because no one really knows what his status is. I am not sure Peyton even knows what his own status is.

I just think it is really important to have the HC, OC and QB all on the same page and in the same mindset if you will. I think the perfect example of that is in New Orleans.

Texas_Dolfan | January 27, 2012 at 12:49 PM


Manning and Philbin would get along like peas and carrots (Forrest Gump analogy) considering they have the same mind set.

Sherman did win 3 div titles with the Packers...

Tom Bossley...LOL!!


I like Manning too. He is my favorite QB ever outside of "13" of course. But he is 36 next year and may or may not be healthy enough to play. By all indications he won't know by the time Feb 27th rolls around either. You are willing to pass on potentially a very good player in Matt Flynn in FA let him go to say Cleveland which runs a WC system and is a fit and then wait on Manning's health?

Irsay would be seriously SCREWED if Luck would pull an Eli on him...

Andy, Flynn going to Cleveland would make me happier than a pig in you know what.

These backup turned starters, who was the last real star to be so? Some have more success than other but the top end seems to be Matt Hasselbeck or Matt Schaub. Good players and important players but whatever.

To me it's all about Peyton or RG3.

Andy, Quentin Coples, I agree!!! Not sure if he drops to our spot though...Just the thought of him and Wake playing together is pretty sweet...

Flynn was a 7th round pick, it cant get any worse than that. Name a 7th round QB starting besides Brady NOT SOLD!

Mark, Philbin knows more about Flynn than anyone else...If we don't go after him, that will tell me everything I need to know...

evaluate the best talent, potential to be an All Pro, Superbowl leading QB, someone that can put the team on his shoulders when needed

Posted by: 9/11 was an INSIDE JOB | January 27, 2012 at 11:26 AM

Do people not think this is what every single GM does when selecting a QB? Do people thing GM's go looking for an average QB?

i dont understand letting nolan walk and hiring a dbacks coach from cinncy. a big step back. cinncy secondary was bad.

I 2nd that motion Montreal.

greg z, the Bengals Defense were top 5 in takeawys


I think Flynn is that type of player in the Hasselbeck/Schaub production, especially since Flynn is staying with same exact coach and system and there is nothing worng at all with that. Houston is playing in the AFC championship with Schaub and who knows maybe the Super Bowl because Texans are far better on offense then Baltimore with Schaub. Hasselbeck went to the playoffs like 5 straight years including a Super Bowl!

Flynn is the most realistic option and with the Philbin connection Miami can't afford to pass him up. Manning isn't healthy and NO one knows if he ever will be. Miami also can't afford to pass on Flynn and hope they beat out all bidders to trade up to get RG3 either. If they do they will end up with Matt Moore as the QB in a West Coast system! Ouch! Moore isn't accurate he is a gamer/gun slinger type with limited overall ability. Yet with a good D and Moore having an occasional outburst Miami again misses out on a top pick the following year and a chance at Barkley or whoever.

I for one am not going into any season with hopes of losing so we can get a player who may or may not be a bust! I gave up on Miami at 0-7 just in time to see them turn it around and me left wondering how we can get a QB.

greg, not true. Check the stats. Coyle's secondary was tied for 5th for interceptions...They create a lot of turnovers, which is EXACTLY what Miami needs...

Montreal, Great minds think a lot!

One thought in RE to Ginn....we have to remember that not only was he drafted @ 9...he was also getting paid like a top 10 pick. That's a lot of scratch for return man.

By trading him, the Phins not only got the pick, but cleared up cap space. Sure, they could have tried to re-negotiate that contract (and who knows, maybe they did)....but if you were Ginn, would you take a paycut to stay with a team where the fans and franchise showed no love? Not me....I would have done exactly what Ginn did...take the trade, chance to start over with a new team. I assume the 9ers restructured his contract and he was more willing to do so somewhere else.


Yeah I didn't see a ton of UNC. Matter of fact I don't think I saw a game this year of them. But I see College GameDay and the hype he got and he had moments where you can see he could be a special player. However the constant attention and double teaming made for questionable games. But the stars shine usually in these bowl games and all indications are he is whipping guys.

A good friend of mine is a PR guy for the Eagles and he gets to go to all home and away games and also media days, draft coverage (never the war room lol) and this year out of his crew of 10 he got to go to the Senior Bowl. He said watching from the stands not only physically does Coples stand out but it seems like he is a man among boys out there.

We'll see if this translates come game time.

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