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What I'm thinking about the Dolphins coach search

Some thoughts on the Dolphins and their search for a coach:

1. They failed to land Jeff Fisher, the top candidate they wanted, and that is now two times that owner Stephen Ross identifies a coach he truly wants and fails to land him.

2. When I texted with a couple of Dolphins sources Friday afternoon after the Fisher news came out, their tone was of legitimate loss. There was a tone of disappointment, even anger in their words. Then I spoke with Ross and he stressed he's not disappointed. He spoke of finding a coach that 'hopefully will be in the hall of fame." So did the Dolphins pivot from their true feelings to spin mode? Of, course they did! They were disappointed, folks. No doubt about it. This failure to land Fisher is as much a loss as either game played again the Patriots during the season. It was a defeat.

3. Speaking of the message and the ability to communicate, I am seriously wondering the Dolphins' ability to do that even in the most intimate and what should be the most transparent venue -- within their walls, behind closed doors, during their sealed interviews. Ross told me in no uncertain terms that when Fisher came for his visit, he explained to the coach that Miami's philosophy is to have the head coach and the general manager work in a collaborative effort. Ross said the coach and GM must have a "partnership" and Fisher and he "had conversations that set forth the parameters of how the organization would be run and Jeff understood those and had no problem with it." But one very highly placed source close to Fisher called this morning and insists Fisher never agreed to anything like that, never indicated he was comfortable with that setup, and "the ultimate proof I'm telling the truth is [Fisher] will be the Rams coach and not the Dolphins."

So was Ross speaking a language Fisher didn't understand or vice versa? Did these folks spend hours together interviewing and when it was all done, they still didn't get what the other wanted or expected?

4. I think these next two paragraphs from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch speak poorly of the Dolphins:

"According to sources familiar with the negotiations, Fisher actually informed Rams owner Stan Kroenke sometime Thursday that he wanted to be the next head coach of the Rams.

"Because the contract hadn't been finalized, the Rams kept things quiet and even planned to continue their interview process. But Miami owner Stephen Ross kept pushing and pushing to land Fisher. Growing impatient, the Dolphins informed the Fisher camp they needed an answer Friday or they were going to move on in their search."

I cannot account for the paragraphs factually although the writer, Jim Thomas, is well-respected in journalism circles and has a reputation as a no-nonsense, solid reporter. So if true, I'm left shaking my head that the Dolphins would not be cool enough to play out the process. It seems dumb to pressure a candidate they're trying to land, and look nervous compared to the cool approach by the Rams. The Rams! The Dolphins made the Rams look laid-back, cool and under control! The Rams!

That doesn't speak well of the Miami approach, especially considering they could have continued on with their interviews with no problems anyway. Makes Miami look dumb.

5. Ross told me the process between Miami and Fisher was "sincere." He volunteered it. I'm glad he's comfortable. But I personally -- nothing to do with the Dolphins or what they're saying -- cannot get past the idea Fisher used Miami a bit. I have no proof of it. But it the possibility lingers for me. 

6. So what now? Ross told me interviews will continue but that coaches they are eyeing are in the playoffs today. Obviously, that includes coaches on the staffs of the 49ers, Packers, Saints, Giants, Patriots, Broncos, Ravens, and Texans. I would hope Denver offensive coordinator Mike McCoy, New Orleans defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, Baltimore defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano, Saints OL/running game coach Aaron Kromer, Green Bay assistant head coach Winston Moss, and Giants defensive coordintor Perry Fewell all deserve a look.

7. I understood that neither Todd Bowles nor Mike Nolan had much of a chance to be the Dolphins head coach while Jeff Fisher was out there. But he's not out there anymore. The Dolphins should re-think the idea of Bowles, who went 2-1 against three division foes at the end of the season. The Dolphins should consider interviewing Nolan, whose defense recovered from a terrible season-opener against New England to post decent numbers, for the head job. Nolan was head coach in San Francisco and it didn't work out. But to not even get an interview? Really?

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I get that Ross wants a young, ambitious, and hungry coach. Who doesn't? And I think that's a rather naive set of criteria. Young, ambitious and hungry don't equate to winning. Perfect example is TB. They went young with their coaching staff and look what happened. It's reported now that they are shifting towards experienced leadership.

Secondly, Marv Levy and Tom Coughlin are no spring chicken. But are they ambitious and hungry? You better believe it. In fact, if you don't have those qualities by default, you won't last in the NFL.

Ross, Mike Dee and Ireland are still green in their jobs. And what happened in TB is a cautionary tale that going young guarantees nothing. I believe Parcells tried to balance youth with experience by hiring Ireland (and having him mentor the ball boy) and Sparano (with Pasqualani and Henning to backup). That's not a bad model - it's just that he picked the wrong guys. Tomlin and LeBeau are better examples.

I'm very interested in Chud and Moss, but my point is that age should not be a factor. And I hope that's not the reason Billick and Schotty haven't received a call yet.

First off, I agree with the views of hiring within, either Bowles or Nolan would be good. Nolan built the 49er's, but couldn't keep an offensive coordinator there long enough for Smith to develope. We have a good nucleus of players and our team was 6-3 after their dreadful start. Thank goodness we did not draft that stiff Mallet last year, but we do need an improvement in Qb play. Not sure where it's going to come from, but do not over pay for Flynn as one game does not make a franchise QB. RG3 would be nice, but he has a huge learning curve of the pro's. Armando, keep up the good job of calling a spade a spade and don't sugar coat any coverage. I see Ross almost being as bad as Snyder or Jerry...I did say almost.

If Dolphin Upper Management continues in the fashion they have since Ross bought the team I'm afraid we will continue to see more of the same. If you keep doing what you are doing you will keep getting what you are getting! The Head Coach NOT the GM needs to have final say on all support staff and player hires PERIOD! NO wonder Fisher didn't want the job!! If the head coach is being held responseable for the success or failure of the team DON'T handcuff him. LET HIM LEAD!!!
Billick has a better track record than Fisher. I guess he won't be hired because of his loss to the Dolphins right before the Ross purchase.

If that is true Mr Ross, get over it! Personal is personal & Business is Business!! Billick may be a good Dolphins option right Now!! Nolan could be another one to seriously consider!!

Zimmer would be awesome, so EAD if you dont like him because he use to be with Dallas. The man is quality

This franchise is completely rudderless! I cannot believe what I am seeing from a supposed professional organization. They are now the Patriots for the 70's and early 80's a complete laughing stock! Ross is a stooge and he keeps Ireland abound so he's not the dumbest guy in the room.

Shouldn't we be discussing this in a quiet room somewhere? Miami doesn't like to talk openly about their business.

This is horrible. Ross is trying to kill this proud organization. I wonder if Ross works for Kraft.

Good for Ross for calling that fools bluff. He wasn't coming here and I'm glad. Ok deffense, Eddie George 50 times a game up the middle. Mc Nair 20 passes completing half because of the system etc. No thank you! He never won Sh*t.

The truth is, good for Mr. Magoo Ross. Too many times hiring these fricken control freaks dating back to JJ. Rock stars with some grandiose resume and a half ass work ethic. Hell JJ's ego was so big he insisted on naming his replacement. Another loser with a mustache.

Sparano should have been retained for some continuity. I am of the belief that while Parcells was here he was basically a puppet. I think when he knew his job was in jeopardy the second half of the season we saw the players react and play tough. I'm pretty sure he wasn't the one picking Henning as the OC for those years (another fricken ego).

This team isn't that far off and the draft can plug some holes as will free agency. Bring in a Top Notch QB through the draft and go with Moore next season. Look at Gannon and Hostetler, guys that were backups and resurrected their careers. To me running after the QB from GB could be another Kolb?

I like Nolan with a chip on his shoulder? Bowles I can't make a call on but is young and hungry. Seems to have an even keel demeanor. Sure wouldn't mind Zach and Pennington somewhere in this organization coaching on some level.

Go Phins!

8. Your a gimp

IF they were laid back like you said they should be Armando and still lost him you would've said they didn't show initiative. Ross and the Fins can't win for losing in that situation. As far as the noise from both camps? Well that is jut a he said he said deal. Fisher had experience, but his record speaks for itself. The only thing that is puzzling is this billionaire, Ross, didn't do what he does in his regular business and go with the young, hungry candidate.

Perry Fewell? Seriously?

Anyone ever think that maybe after the interview with Fisher they decided he WAS NOT the man for the job. We all can sit around and have our opinions but how many of you have even talked to or laid eyes on Fisher before. His resume is not overly impressive. Perhaps, Ross, Ireland (and Peterson) ame to the conclusion that he wasn't the tikect (especially for 7 mil a year) and I personally see nothing at all wrong with that. I try not to pretend I know more about what is good for Miami than the people who are actually in the mix on a daily basis. But for some reason all your Rtard do...including Armando. The man with the most sources to break a story 30 minutes AFTER everyone else. shheshh

Breaking News!

The Miami Dolphins will hire a coach that could be young or old, lots of or little HC experience, could be today, could be tomorrow?

Where's my press pass, deadline and check?

Go Phins!!!

I'm still glad we didn't get fisher. I think we will end up in a better position, if we continue to follow the course Ireland has laid out.

I think any fretting over the Fisher loss is much ado about nothing. The Dolphins tried to land him but did not. End of story. Move On. I agree with the last bullet on "why not Bowles". The fact he has drawn interest elsewhere shows he is well-respected. I wouldn't mind seeing if he was the "next Don Shula". Nolan is good where he is....Defensive Co-ordinator. He was a failure as as coach....much of it his own doing..


Miami Fans are slow if they don't see Ross is lying about what happened behind close doors.

Obviously, they wanted stick their guns and have a GM with a final say on personnel... His description of a "partnership" is political verbal ambiguity at it's finest.

He thinks money gets people to give in on their other convictions... Probably worked in real estate for him.
Lying, spinning, same difference... Don't be dopes.

I must commend Mr Ross for the handling of the Fisher situation. If the article facts are correct and Mr Ross gave the Fisher camp a deadline. He is smarter than i thought. As for Fisher, i am so glad we dodged that bullet. What really has he done....

I really don't understand the lack of support for an organization that is doing everything they possible to put a good product on the field.

A lot of the comments i read here are negagive and seem inappropriate for a supporting fan base. Not to mention the articles that the paper writes.

Everyone mentions the bad things Mr Ireland does, but no one gives him any credit for all the good moves he's made.

Finally, why is it that so many of you believe every article written about the dolphins.....You act as though you can't see the forest for the trees Why wouldn't the Rams paint a poor picture of the Dolphins....They just gave full control to a guy that record wise, wasn't even the best on the market.... they just full control to a run oriented coach...

And what was this crap about the Rams having a better team outlook/potential due to the fact they have a franchise QB....all this to go after a coach that believes in ground and pound.

Remember, you have stand for something, or you'll fall for anything


Boycott Ireland!!

I would love Marty myself

Make Nolen the HC that way we keep mostly in tact especialy the D most of the 49ers are due to Nolens picks If we get a new coach who says he wont blow everything up all over again. I think we are close and should have kept Sparono

The problem with Ross is who he hangs out with, I'm talking about Bill Koch, and pink slip Romney, I can't blame any coach who would not want to work for Ross, he could do to you what he did to Tony, perhaps Fisher had that in the back of his mind. Bill


With all due respect, there's nothing wrong with questioning your team when they make bad decisions. This was a terrible decision. Ross essentially chose a former college kicker (Ireland) over a proven super bowl coach. It's stupid by ANY definition. Moreover, your reference to "all the good" Ireland has done left me searching. For starters, he still hasn't found a QB. I could run down all the other poor choices but it would fill up the blog. Blindly accepting everything these idiots do is a sure fire recipe for being a doormat for the next decade or until he finally sells the team. I know I won't go to another game until one of the three stooges is gone.

It's hard to believe that someone who has been so successful in business appears to be such an idiot as the owner of an NFL franchise...

Marty Schottenheimer please.

I agree on the Bowles re-hiring and the "why didn't Nolan get interviewed" question. Now, before any any of you hair-trigger bloggers try to interpret what I am advocating, read on a post I did on SS yesterday:

stillhardcoredolphinsfan says:
January 13, 2012 at 4:59 pm

"I didn’t like the Fisher move at ALL. I have NEVER been impressed with his body of work as a coach. I hope Ross wakes up and sees the best candidate FOR THE TEAM that’s still out there: Todd Bowles. With him we get CONTINUITY! Remember, we went 6-3 to end the season. The defense stepped up and the secondary improved vastly when we went to more man-coverage. This was a good job by both Bowles and Nolan. Our team will be better next year WITH CONTINUITY. If we blow it up, just so we can bring in another name, it’ will be Ross’ WORST MOVE as an owner. The only think I am trying to figure out is not interviewing Nolan. Either Nolan told Ross “I don’t want it because I already make Head Coach money”, or Ross gave him more $ to keep him in the DC position because it’s strong and Ross did not want that blown up. Would like to hear from someone in the know why Nolan has not interviewed. Please, don’t anyone out there tell me it’s because of his losing record with the 49′ers. We interviewed Mularkey (which was total malarky) who had a losing record as the Bills HC. Parcells and Ireland didn’t think Mularkey was even Tight-ends coach material in ‘08 because thet let him go. Ross, if you’re reading this, Fricking call Bowles right away and then instruct Ireland to call Chad Pennington and offer him the QB’s coach position. DO IT!!!


I think Miami needs "Marty" ball. He'd be able to stabalize and return the Dolphins to respectability....something that hasn't existed there since Don Shula was unceremoniously dumped.


Stillhardcore, interesting post except that it wouldn't have been his worst move ever. There's a lot to think about in that department. And to be frank, you're just wrong. Bowles looked great coaching an eliminated team in games that don't count. There's a reason he's interim. Like it or not, losing fisher was a major black eye for this organization and the morons running it.

For all you schotteheimer freaks, go watch a video of the 85 dolphins/browns playoff game. That will tell you all you need to know about why we don't need that loser

@amsmith965......This franchise needs to be brought back to the basics, and Marty can do that. I know his playoff record, and I like his a lot more than this franchise playoff record for the past decade. He won't get a us a Super Bowl, but he'll build a strong team, and by the time he's ready to retire, there will be a respectable franchise that can go get the big name coach it wants. This franchise doesn't have that kind of cred with that idiot Ross in ownership. I wish we could replace owners.

Wow, this love affair poeple have with Jeff Fisher as being one of the best in the game need their meds addressed....


Fisher is and always will be overrated as a head coach....one lousy SB appearence which resulted in a loss gives this guy star power???, I guess that would make billick a god in miami since he actually WON his only SB appearence.........

Lance, that may be the most reasonable post I've seen. I could go with that. And you're 100% correct. Until our rep improves, no kne worth anything is coming here. You CAN replace owners though. Just don't buy tickets. This dumbass will leave eventually.

we need to move up in the draft and get rg3 or tim tebow in a trade that will gets the seats filled in miami for sure coach wise marty billick mike mccoy chip kelly or les miles get it done ross you are a failure two years straight now you better make up to dolphin fans everywhere and this is a start.

Yes super, it would. At least relative to the losers we've got to chose from now

We need to give whatever we have to in order to get RG3. We're gonna suck nect year anyway. Bite the bullet and do what you have to to get a QB Ross you moron.

I hate Ireland and ross as much as most fans do, but this fisher situation going to the rams is just way overblown and in no way hurts miami any more than when we started out before the season with sparano....

you media guys are all full of poop with your so called sources! Please you really dont know what happened and leave it that and move on! Fisher is a little above average coach who does not deserve personnel say! Ross played this fine as far as I am concerned.


You now, I'm really sick and tired of all the hate directed toward Stephen Ross.

Stop it already.

The guy is an awesome owner. He sincerely and passionately wants the team to win and is willing to spend megabucks, if necessary, to do it.

He recognizes the importance of a dynasty coach and a franchise quarterback, which is what we've been dying for since they ran Shula out of town.

I want a dynasty, not a flash-in-the-pan championship season.

Then you have these joker writers like Armando Salguero who need something to write about -- although they have no real concept of what they're writing about -- so they stir the pot and make something out of nothing. So Ross tried to land Fisher and couldn't because Miami doesn't have a franchise QB.

It's not Ross' fault Miami doesn't have a franchise QB. Blame that on the fact that they always draft in the middle of the pack and by then, all the big name QBs are gone.

And enough already about the Harbaugh interview. So Ross had what he believed was an OK coach in Sparano. He saw an opportunity to sign an excellent coach in Harbaugh. He interviewed Harbaugh, but Harbaugh went to SF. So what? That's called lighting a fire under the butt of the OK coach to get his act together.

So what?!?

Stop it already with Ross. Miami fans don't know how good they've got it. It could be worse. We could have an owner with a desire to move the team to LA.

Norm, with respect, I just have to wonder which franchise you're following.
1. Ross has actually consistently underspent. Even sparano was frustrated by Ireland not supporting moves he wanted to make
2. He clearly is more focused on improving his social circle than the team. I mean come on, Fergie?
3. I don't care about the harbaugh interview at all but obviously he's doing something wrong when TWO good coaches turn him down. Which leads me to....
4. His obsession with Ireland who is nothing more than a college kicker from a small private school who has NO IDEA what he is doing.

Sorry dude, you're either really really optimistic or just don't see the fact that we are in bad bad triubke

Is Norm on drugs?
This owner is the worst in franchise history
The dolphin organization is the laughingstock of the NFL
The stadium will be empty next season

@Norm....I think his handling of the Harbaugh situation is going to be relevant to Miami for a long time. It's damaged Miami's reputation and credible football minds haven't wanted to work with Miami because of it.

I can't think of the reporter from ESPNradio, for the life of me, but he was commenting on how several names have been told to steer clear of the Dolphins because of the organizations structure. Of course, I have to admit, how much credibility can you give to an unnamed source.

I also know the one person that has shown interest that would be worthwhile, Billick (whose resume is similar to Gruden's if you look at it) isn't even on the radar because of 1 play from one game.

I know he's a rookie owner and needs time, but I'm just so sick and tired of lose and coming up short that he's my scapegoat right now. That's why I, and I'll be happy to say it again, think Miami needs to hire Marty Schottenheimer. He can bring the respectability and stability that Ross needs in his franchise.

Unfortunately Miami has a vocal idiot minority. NO knowledge of the game. No understanding of patience and the value of continuity in terms of the team. Always want to fire or cut if the results are not immediate. Hey fools that is not how it works most of the time. We will never have a good team again because of these fools. So sad for the rest of us.

Sadly there's another group of fools who just accept every decision the team makes mistakenly believing that's what "real fans" do.

Alright, out of all that Armando wrote, what did Fisher do to recriprocate all the love that Miami showed Him?

What did He do to WOW! Stephen Ross.

It seems to me like we were the interviewEES, and Fisher was the interviewER...sounds ass-backwards if were talking about a BILLIONAIRE here doesn't it?...DOESN'T IT?!

Miami has some of the most fair weather fans in the entire league. If the team wins a few games, the owner's a genius. If they lose a few games, the owner is the "worst in franchise history."

Oh, wait, there's only been three owners.

"I also know the one person that has shown interest that would be worthwhile, Billick (whose resume is similar to Gruden's if you look at it) isn't even on the radar because of 1 play from one game."

You really buy this hogwash?! It was entirely concocted by Armando Salguero. It's a completely bogus story invented by a sports writer desperately in need of something to blog about.

I don't doubt the "You cost me $40 million!" story. But are we really to believe that a smart, funny guy like Billick didn't get that Ross was pulling his leg?

And we really to believe that Ross was entirely soured by Billick because of that one game the Ravens lost to the Cam Cameron Dolphins?! Please. Everyone has bad games. Ross, like all other human beings, understands that.

"Even sparano was frustrated by Ireland not supporting moves he wanted to make..."

You mean that awesome Kyle Orton deal Sparano wanted? Thank goodness Ireland and Ross didn't fall for that boondoggle.

And so Ross invites Fergie and JLo to perform at the games? So what? For real? So the owner wants to give the fans more entertainment buck for their dollar...so what?!

I can see Miami fans now, carrying pitchforks and torches, wanting to burn Ross' house down. A reporter comes up and asks why they're mad and they say, "Because that idiot Ross brought Fergie in to sing the national anthem...and it cost us nothing at all...how dare he give us more entertainment for the price of admission! How dare he!"

Definitely not part of the "Norm" fan base.....more like the mediocrity edition of sucking!!!*lmao*

How happy are the patriots that they get a breather divisional opener against the enimic tebows.......This game wont be close at this rate.....

We need Schottenheimer , Mike Sherman or Mike Shula

Like Devils Ad I was never a 100% on Fisher. Good coach but not a coaching God. Let him go to where he wanted...in this case, the Rams. I don't want ANYONE on the team working mainly for just monetary reasons. That typically won't fetch a sellout mentality. I was REALLY NOT enamored with Brian Schottenheimer as his OC of choice. I saw him pile drive the Jets OFF into the ground...no thanks. I would take Daboll over him.

The Fins will do well to snag the most tenured offensive minded coach from the Saints or GB. At least those guys would know what the OFF should have in the way of schemes and players. They should as they have been around such good point scoring machines.

Ireland, yeah whatever. It's not that he is so bad (Hit on some missed on a bunch too) it's just that I believe he may be an "organization stopper" to borrow a Parcellism. He fails miserably in his communication dept both to potential draft picks (Dez), free agents (Clark) and to the media (Just watch his pressers). I also believe that if Miami didn't have to "clarify" power and control over personnel issues due to Ireland remaining then maybe Ross gets his man.


Glad no Fisher and glad no Greg Williams (just torched by Frisco) young assistant coach with some fire is what we need.

NY "G" ,
Your 6:44 PM post makes no sense? Total negativity. Is this how a businees succeeds? I an not at all happy with how Ross and Ireland are runnin ght coaching search, but your negative comments like:

1) "Bowles is exactly what Soprano WAS and still IS. Same O and Same D and SAME Asst with a title of Interim HC."

How are you qualified to read Todd Bowles future? Are you a psychic?

2) "Just like Jeff "THE SCOUT" who is occupying the GM's office. THE SCOUT Ireland is what he IS. NOT a GM,,NOT experienced enough to be a GM, Not smart enough to be a GM. He IS what he IS and Ross IS what he IS.
With THE SCOUT being allowed to remain, we ARE what we ARE and the Team SUCKS and will continue to SUCK."

I really dislike Ireland and think he is immature for the GM position. The Dez Bryant interview question supports that staement, but who knows if he improves? Apparently you, because this statement reeks of an all-knowing, seer of the future.

3) "The TEAM would have had the SAME results with or without Todd Bowles."

Ok, all seer of the future. Bowles went 2-1 in his 3 game interim stint, so that means a minimum of 10-6, 0r 11-5 season under Todd Bowles. Pretty good, so with your psychic ability proving it, Bowles will have a real good record next year. Based on your card -reading, why don't you advocate Bowles?

4) Lastly, walk, no, don't walk, run, run real fast down to Dolphin HeadQuarters in Davie and apply for the job of "All-knowing Seer of the Future and sometimes TarotCard reader". Trust me, with this skill you will make millions and take away all the uncertainty we Dolphin fans have about our team's future.

(PS) Your post before the final Dolphin-Jets game, which just proves how accurate you are with your predictions (Oh, didn't we beat the Jets that game?):

"Which brings me to the Jan 01, Jets vs Miami.

Snowbirds will be filling the seats as Ross will have to give the tickets away for free as we suck so much and it will sound like a Jet home game.

He also will bring out those bootleg Jet jerseys."

Posted by: NY "G" | December 07, 2011 at 07:43 PM

NYG, keep your day job! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

Look at all the talent Miami let slip out of its own back yard, they were playing tonight. TRADE MARSHALL AND WHOEVER TO GET RG3 AND DRAFT MILLER/STREETER/OJOMO. Or be mediocre forever.

Bowles did not impress me, poor clock management and too conservative. We have had enough of that!

Bowles did not impress me, poor clock management and too conservative. We have had enough of that!

Posted by: Dead Fish

Please elaborate on the clock management, Dead Fish...

Dear Mr.Ross, Your clearly a man with lots of money and little brains. At this point it doesn't really matter who the dolphins interview for head coach. It matters if the guy they hire is worth a crap and can turn the franchise around. A Mr.Ireland pull the plug and get RG3, no excuses.

I am glad Fisher is out - who wants a re-thread that in 17 seasons had only a few winning seasons and no long lasting dynasty - he made it to Superbowl by a freak play and not by overpowering his opponent - lets look for a coach Gem in the rough who will be a future hall of famer and not a discarded and "fired" re-thread for some reason

every story is about "sources" from this guy....very annoying!

Hire McCoy trade the farm for RG3. We already know what McCoy can duo with Tebow.

Heath Jones,
I;m sorry, but I disagree. Our offense's production was not our weak point the last half of the season. We went 6-3, pretty respectable recors, with 2 losses being defensive meltdowns (Dallas and Pats). I say Todd Bowles for the short-term. We need CONTINUITY, CONTINUITY, CONTINUITY. Give Bowles a year, If he produces more losses than wins, Ross can fire him. WE DO NOT NEED TO SETTLE for any coach and IMO, even Fisher was settling.

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