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Fisher to interview and Dolphins better land him

Jeff Fisher will interview for the Dolphins head coaching job this week, a source familiar with the process told The Miami Herald.

Good. Finally, the Dolphins doing what makes most sense.

Sometimes the NFL turns something that is as fundamental as running faster or being stronger into exotic, scientific sounding postulates and theorems on locomotion. Um, it's about getting from point A to point B and the faster, stronger guy usually does it better than the guy with no God-given ability.

Simple football can be.

And I recall that truth to relate it to the Dolphins current search for a head coach. The Dolphins really, truly need a simple search for a head coach. They need to hire the most accomplished, most respected, most experienced, hungriest, most formidable coach who can most quickly put together a staff of superstars that 10 years from now will look like a who's who in the NFL head coaching ranks.

The Dolphins need to hire Fisher.

The Dolphins need to deliver Fisher.


Anything else is settling for the next-best option.

Fisher is the best available coach on the current market. And so it makes sense he is expected to be the first coach the Dolphins interview outside of Todd Bowles, who will fulfill the team's Rooney Rule requirement.

Fisher has taken a team to the Super Bowl. He was widely respected enough to be named co-chairman of the NFL's pretigious Competition Committee. He represents rock-solid ability in a market that offers little certainty.

And that's the reason his name is also atop the list of candidates in Tampa, Jacksonville, St. Louis, Indianapolis and possibly San Diego if that team changes coaches. The St. Louis Post Dispatch today reported Fisher will also interview with the Rams this week.

Fisher is the proverbial fish with gold coin in its mouth. He is the prized catch this offseason. He is it and everyone else is the afterthought. That's why the Dolphins have to land him.

So why are we talking about Chicago special teams coordinator Dave Toub, who is reportedly already been given permission to interview with the Dolphins? Or Jets defensive coordinator Mike Pettine or Green Bay offensive coordinator Joe Philbin? No disrespect to any of these men. They are all talented in their own ways. But they are all fallback positions and everyone knows it.

That's the truth.

So why is Fisher superior?

Which of the candidates has stood in front of a team at halftime at the Super Bowl and coaxed a comeback out of that team? Which one of these men has stood in front of a team and commanded respect based on his word and reputation? Which one of these men has called up a set of potential assistants and convinced them to come with him because they're pretty certain they're going to succeed?

Fisher has.

In future, any and all of the lesser lights of potential Miami coaches may grow to become stars. But Fisher is a star right now.

And, frankly, he is the surest thing the Dolphins can hope for.

I know, I know, you are looking at Fisher's record and see plenty of 8-8 seasons. Guess what? That's better than looking at a coach's resume and seeing no evidence he can even reach 8-8. Faith is great. I am a man of faith.

But when it comes to coaching, I prefer to live by sight rather than faith. Show me a guy who has succeeded and is still hungry and still relatively young and still wanting to win the big prize and I'll show you a better candidate than a guy who is coming up and promising big things with zero assurance of success.

The Dolphins have gone the latter route the past two coaches -- with Cam Cameron and Tony Sparano. Neither had any experience as an NFL coach. It didn't work out.

And now the Dolphins are thinking of returning to that very thing that failed?

Nope, sorry. That's not a plan for success. That's a plan for repeating the previous plan that failed. The Dolphins must land Fisher. The pressure is on.

Already, owner Stephen Ross went on a coaching search and didn't snatch Jim Harbaugh. The owner cannot afford to go on another search and fail at landing the biggest prize available.

It won't be easy. The Dolphins cannot offer a franchise quarterback on the roster. San Diego might. Indianapolis might. The Dolphins cannot offer the highest draft pick. Again, Indianapolis and St. Louis can do that.

But the Dolphins offer the keys to what they believe is an elite franchise. They offer tons of money. They offer a team that is a couple of players short of playoff-caliber.

That better be good enough. Because anything short of getting Jeff Fisher is picking the next best option for Miami.


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Oh God,

I hope we get him!!

Armando, McCarthy was an assistant coach. So was Tomlin. So was John Harbaugh. Gary Kubiak. The list goes on and on. They "need" to hire Fisher. Why? The Dolphins ALWAYS hire the big names. Jimmy Johnson. Nick Saban. Bill Parcells as President. Those big names gave us 2 playoff games in 10 years. Both of them we got our butts kicked. Maybe it's time to change our way of thinking. Just sayin'...

"The Dolphins have gone the latter route the past two coaches -- with Cam Cameron and Tony Sparano. Neither had any experience as an NFL coach. It didn't work out.

And now the Dolphins are thinking of returning to that very thing that failed? Nope, sorry. That's not a plan for success. That's a plan for repeating the previous plan that failed."


That previous plan that you say failed describes the same plan used for the following coaches:

Mike McCarthy, Mike Tomlin, John Harbaugh, Mike Smith, and Sean Payton.


Yes, likewise, we hired 3 of the biggest fish during the last decade and each one failed worse than the previous.

Fisher would be a good hire but, I would say he is so far ahead that all the others are settling.

Brian Billick has been a SB winning coach and had a better win/loss record.

I can't see Fisher being head and shoulders ahead of him in a coaching race.

Because there is no specific "Whale to bag" for me...either would seem to offer a great chance to better the Fins.


Correction in first sentence "wouldn't say".


I understand why Ross wants Fisher. He wants the big name. He wants to sell tickets. It's a business. Maybe it's time for H.Wayne to give Ross a call and give him some friendly advice about spending $$ on big name coaches...

My prediction for tonight is:

In his Bowl game, QB Andrew Luck looks more human and less like the Superman he has been made out to be by most everyone.

Not hating as I think he will be ok at QB...just don't think he is going to be the next Manning/Marino.


Not Fisher!!!

I think Billick is the man. An O guy, good relationship with Nolan.

Don't need another Sporano...

If Fisher's truly interested in becoming fins newest hc, the ink of his signature will be dry by Friday.

Personnel evaluations and draft preparations need to begin by Monday. The sooner a hc gets started, the more thorough and precise his new tenure will be.

If Fisher hasnt been signed by Friday, imo, is highly unlikekly he becomes the newset fin hc.

Having said that, I have to say I wanted Cowher and of course he wouldn't of come cheap. Matter of opinion. I believe Cowher is a better coach. But that's what it is, just an opinion.


VERY well said. One of your best blog posts in very long time. Totally agre with everything you said, you just said it much more eloquently than I did.

It's Jeff Fisher and EVERYBODY else. It's us and ST. Louis for Jeff Fisher, with San Diego a possibility if Turner gets fired. Fingers and legs crossed on this one. Hope Ross is able to get his guy.

Irsay is a shrewd businessman. At the first crack in the armor, he makes a change. He saw how exposed the team was without Manning and with no hesitation moved on. No reason to give more time to a GM who already had 14 years. That is decisive leadership.

McCarthy inherited Rodgers, Tomlin inherited Rothlisberger, Mike Smith had Matt Ryan drafted his first year, Harbaugh inherited a hall of fame defense and drafted flacco his first year, Kubiak inherited Schaub. Anyone see a theme. Lets not pretend these guys are vince lombardi. If the dolphins trade up for Luck, they could bring in Cam Cameron as a coach and he would look like a genius

All that matters is the Qb and a good personnel department, a coach is 3rd on the list. If we can get a elite QB, everything else will fall into place.


Ross will give him the hardest sell possible. If Fisher leaves Miami without a signature its over.

In lieu of our present qb situation, frankly I doubt Fisher wants to lead the list of big name hc's fired by the end of the 2014 season.

Rob in OC,

You're right, Billick would be a good hire too. I should have said there's Fisher and there's Billick and then there's everybody else. I think Billick would be a good conslation prize.

I'll make a friendly wager with you on Luck tonight....I think he'll shine. Not saying he's going to be the next Manning either but I think he's look awfully good in aqua and orange.

Billick took a team to a Super Bowl...only his halftime speech WORKED.

Just want to win....Been a LONG Time since 1974......


Absolutely! The coaching dominoes dont began to fall until Fisher signs. Im pretty sure he already knows where he wants to land.

I REALLY don't believe Ross will land Fisher....I believe he is a lock for St. Louis....this interview JUST a formality for Fisher to maintain his credible reputation and for Ross to try to appease his insatiable fan base....

Dear Mr. Salguero

All the Phin fans that say Jeff Ireland sucks couldn't be more wrong.

I know a guy who offered Jeff Ireland good money to suck but he said no way it wasn't his thing.

Jeff said he was making good money giving it to the Phin fans in the rear...he said he fancies himself a pitcher not a catcher.

Its just what I heard...don't know if its true or not

Soiled :)

They're not Vince Lombardi but they're winning a lot more games than we are. And THAT'S ALL IT MATTERS. Winning. And Andrew Luck could be a bust. You never know. Tons of first round QBs have been busts over the years. Cam Cameron wouldn't win a Super Bowl with Joe Montana in his prime. Anyway, later guys. I'm out.

Most likely Fisher knows Ireland or has close ties to someone who does know him. Much may depend on how comfortable he feels with Ireland (a hard guy to feel comfortable with). With Moore and a #8 pick and some possible decent FA QB's coming available, the QB prospects may not be the biggest deterrent.

I give it 50/50. I still believe despite ALL, Miami is a better market that many fans realize.

Billick was an supposed offensive guru when he Randy Moss, Chris Carter, and Duante Culpeper in Minnesota.

He INHERITED a great defense in Baltimore and was a supposed offensive guru who could never buil an offense. Oline guru Tony Sparano did a better job of building a oline here than Billick did of building an offense in Baltimore.

Oh, but he such a great hc candidate. He was fired in Baltimore for not even being close to as advertised. "An Offensive Guru"!


What's your take on the move Irsay made today? He said several times 'it was time'. Is it more about Polian not having a good enough team without Manning or do you think Polian really wanted to move on without Manning and Irsay wouldn't have it or do you think it's about Polian being 70 years old and moving towards retirement? I've read that Chris Polian isn't well liked within the Colts organization and maybe Irsay saw this as an opportunity to get rid of both of them. Irsay's a smart business guy and you'd have to think he has a replacement for Polian already in mind (AJ Smith maybe?). He says he doesn't but I gotta think he has a move in mind if he's doing this.

Fisher is a good choice, but not a great choice. He's a plan B himself. Don't forget that the true football minds (Gruden and Cowher) have already rebuffed us.
Also, one SB appearance in 15 years doesn't scream "genius" to me.

Fisher + Sparano= same S*****, bring Billick look his record in W-L, and is a man with character who know how to deal with actual players.

Not really news but......

"The new coach has to work under general manager Jeff Ireland, who will call the shots in Miami. Ireland and former Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano had their issues, and Miami will have to convince Fisher that he can work with Ireland. In contrast, other teams may allow Fisher to bring in his own general manager that he's more familiar with."



See my post @ 5:49. As for the inner politics, likes and dislikes, I really can't know.

Miami has well known "red zone issus". So I guess the answer to that is go out and hire a false offensive messiah to make it heal.

Bill Billick? False offensive messiah? We have severe red zone issues people. Ask the any Ravens fan. Dolfans suggesting this are losing thier minds!

I am all in to sign Jeff Fisher, only one problem: He will demand power and his own GM...Is Mr. Ross willing to fired Jeff Ireland in order to hire Fisher? I don't think he will so with that said, Fisher will most likely turn down Miami's offer unless there is lots and lots of money on the table...If that will be the reason for Fisher to sign, then, I don't want him...I want a coach who legitimately wants to coach my Dolphins, one who is willing to go the extra mile, to be committed and wants to build an empire and win. Otherwise, go for the next best coach which in my opinion is Billick or Mangini...

Come on down Mr. Fisher.....

oscar was right. It doesn't matter who this team hires the fans will still complain. Ridiculous!

Jeff Fisher is a respected guy in this league and guys are saying he's 'the same as Sparano'. 15 years as a coach, one Super Bowl appearance, he's on EVERYONE's wishlist and the best guys can say is 'he's the same as Sparano'. Just amazing!!....

ROFLMAO at Armando frothing from the mouth when he writes >>

The Dolphins need to hire Fisher.

The Dolphins need to deliver Fisher.

Simple. Anything else is settling for the next-best option.

REALLY Armando? You are going to make JT jealous as he thought he was your one and only.

Just because a star like Bill Cowher isn't all over selling himself like Fisher and the rest, does NOT mean that he isn't available.

Here are the records.

Fisher Career record below.Exactly what has Fisher ever accomplished?

He won ONLY 22 more games then he lost.

142-120-0 (Regular season)
5-6 (Postseason)
147-126-0 (Overall)

BILL COWHER aka THE JAW record below:

Super Bowl XL victory (2005)
2 AFC Championship victories (1995, 2005)
AP NFL Coach of the Year (1992)
2× Sporting News NFL Coach of the Year (1992, 2004)

149–90–1 (regular season record)
12–9 (playoff record)
161–99–1 (overall record)

In Cowher’s 15 seasons, the Steelers captured eight division titles, earned ten postseason playoff berths, played in 21 playoff games, advanced to six AFC Championship games and made two Super Bowl appearances.

He is one of only six coaches in NFL history to claim at least seven division titles.
At the conclusion of the 2005 season, the Pittsburgh Steelers had the best record of any team in the National Football League since Cowher was hired as head coach.

PLEASSSSSEEE, There is NO comparison when we are talking about Fisher, Gruden VS Bill Cowher. NO comparison as the record speaks for it self.

The problem with Billik is that he is a true offensive genious, but only in his own mind.

Fisher go to the Rams, his agent is the father of Rams COO and Executive Vice President of Football Operations.


Have you started on your daily dose of Prozac? Please do until further notice.

Dont get confused, getting Billick to check Bellichik, doesnt mean we have the newest Billi-chek.

Here is a thought...IF Fisher signs with the Fins, then it would be reasonable to assume, since he has the pick of the litter, he sees this team in pretty good shape and not a complete rebuild.

what respectable coach would want to work with a "sniper" like ireland? ireland has character issues.

The Rams and Colts don't have GM'S right now either. And Ireland is not going to inspire confidence.


Happy New year. Things are going to get very interesting around South Fla and up in Indy. Very interesting on both the HC, GM and #1 pick.

Ireland will be whacked as i reported for months very, very soon.

I don't get the attraction of going to St. Louis. Did anyone watch them play this year? The lay down almost as often as the Colts. I mean they are WOEFUL!!!....

OK, so they have former number one pick Sam Bradford. But what does that mean? Good rookie season, LOUSY sophmore season. Not all his fault but he sure didn't show much. THAT's stability? 6 TDS and 6 INTs isn't going to get it done. Yes he was hurt and yes he doesn't have weapons and yes his line is awful.....and that's my point! They're a BRUTAL team!!

Steven Jackson is winding down, their line is a mess and their defence is questionable. Yes they have the second overall pick, but so what. Sorry, if it's me, I want to go to a team where the guys are going to put out a strong effort every week, where there are at least some building blocks in place. That's not St. Louis. Good luck if you end up going there, Jeff. Maybe we'll take a run at you again in three years when you're out of work again.

I agree that Fisher is probably the most accomplished Head Coach available at this point. By all means, go for it. But will Fisher update his offensive outlook for 2012 or will he try to go the Pittsburgh/Baltimore route (which still requires excellent QB play).

Also, why would Fisher pick Miami (outside of money, of which Fisher already has plenty)?

The Dolphins do not have a great roster of talent; that is why they are 7-9, 7-9, 6-10 for the past three years. Those that think this team is a player or two away from a Superbowl run are mistaken. The team is built for the 1990's, not the current NFL.

The OL is a nearly a total joke and the Dolphins have invested a LOT of money, high draft picks, and FA signings into this unit. Yet, they need a new RG and RT. Even LT might be a problem given all the injuries to Jake Long (another reason he should have been on IR after the awful start to the 2011 season).

They Dolphins have one very good WR and a decent but not great TE.

The defense can stop the run, but the good to elite teams can shred the Dolphins' pass defense at will. Smith is one of the worst CB's in the league.

Finally, the Dolphins do not have an elite quarterback. Matt Moore played quite well at times. Against stong teams, not so much -- see second half of New England game.

Tampa Bay has the NFL's youngest team and a super QB prospect in Freeman (regardless of this season's struggles). Indy has the first overall pick and Manning and/or Luck/Griffen. St. Louis also has a much better QB situation.

The Dolphins have not been an elite football team in many, many years. The list of decisions that slowly destroyed this team is simply amazing: from twice passing on many talented QB prospects to deciding that Columbo was a starting RT for the entire season.


Happy New Year to you...

Whenever you write the word 'reported' I replace it with 'guessed'.

Here is one of the many flaws in your thinking. Ross just fired Sparano. Why is it you believe Ross the senior billioniare needs someone else to fire the kid Ireland? If he didn't want him, he'd fire him himself and that would only open the doors wider to attract a coach. For whatever reason, the guy wants Ireland, at least for 2012.

Leave who we have. Put the ball in Ireland's court and see if he can pick the talent that we need. Fisher is not that great. Why go after other teams assistants. We have Bowles right here. The coaches we have can get the job done. Let's see if Ireland can land the talent.


Are you for real? Are you telling me that the Bucs roster is better than Miamis? Did you catch any of the game yesterday against the Falcons? How many games did we have like that this year?

Much better QB situation in St Louis? Yeah Ok. Is that because Bradford was the number one pick? I supposed you'll tell me their team is better too, right?

What we don't know is, which teams Fisher is playing to in order to up the stakes at the team he really wants? Only time will tell. Don't think he hasn't fully researched his options well in advance.


I agree. Some of it will be fact finding and some of it will be playing one team aganst another. Fisher is the prize and he can have his pick of the litter.


When are you going to do some real reporting?

Everyone else knew the Dolphins were scheduled to interview Fisher two days ago.

Everyone else also knows the Dolphins are interested in Philbin.

Everyone else also knows the statistics demonstrate your push for Fisher doesn't even begin to reflect the reality of choosing a retread over a "new" coach.

Everyone else knows that despite your objections to a first time HC - your mentions of Sparano and Cameron - 80% of teams go with one.

Didn't you praise the Nick Saban decision? Keeping Wannstedt? Hell man, in 2007, you said the Dolphins had a winner in Cam Cameron and shouldn't waste their time replacing him.

The last thing we should do is listen to you about who the Dolphins should hire as a coach.

IMO Billick or Fisher would be an excellent hire. Keep OC AND D-coordinator, and pay M Flyn WHATEVER HE WANTS. His a proven winter.

Could not disagree more with you on this. There are many good candidates out there.

Fisher would be a safe, albeit BORING, choice. Kinda like IHOP on eating-out night.

Billick would be a stretch. Listening to his commentating work during games, I wonder if he could relate to these youngsters nowadays.

Gotta go change my diaper now.

If I remember correctly didnt Fisher want full control of personel desicions? If I do remember correctly where does that leave Ireland or Fisher for that matter?

Craig M:

Happy New Year

Yes, I am well aware that Tampa Bay totally imploded this year. They are, however, a very young team. Freeman is still only 23. Also, ownership did not spend on FA's this year. Will they next year? Who knows. But the 'potential' in Tampa is, I believe, better than it is in Miami. I may be mistaken, but I do think with the right coach, a little more talent, and veteran leadership, then Tampa is the much better team going forward.

Of course, I felt the same way after Parcells first year here. Lol.

St. Louis, I believe, has a better QB situation since they have Bradford (who may or may not be a bust) plus the 2nd pick of the entire draft. I'm not saying St. Louis is a better team than Miami. But the potential to address the QB situation is there as is the potential to add more talent via trade through the draft.

Miami has Matt Moore, an offense short of talent at most positions, the 8th/9th pick of the draft, Jeff Ireland, and a suspect defense. Moore played well at times. But...we'll see.

Fisher is known as "Coach 500" in Tennessee, went to one Super Bowl and lost, and was known to be a conservative boring offensive mind. Just what we need.

Besides that Fisher will want full control on personel decisions, he is Defensive mind of 4-3
System and we have here a 3-4. Who is going to fix that? Ireland


I utilize the word "reported" as it is "I who is" reporting.

I am also happy to report that my so called "sources" and inside people are much more accurate then some blog subject line at the top of each page. hint, Armando anyone?

PS; Ross isn't going to waste his time whacking a SCOUT as his time is worth more then the effort.

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