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Fisher to interview and Dolphins better land him

Jeff Fisher will interview for the Dolphins head coaching job this week, a source familiar with the process told The Miami Herald.

Good. Finally, the Dolphins doing what makes most sense.

Sometimes the NFL turns something that is as fundamental as running faster or being stronger into exotic, scientific sounding postulates and theorems on locomotion. Um, it's about getting from point A to point B and the faster, stronger guy usually does it better than the guy with no God-given ability.

Simple football can be.

And I recall that truth to relate it to the Dolphins current search for a head coach. The Dolphins really, truly need a simple search for a head coach. They need to hire the most accomplished, most respected, most experienced, hungriest, most formidable coach who can most quickly put together a staff of superstars that 10 years from now will look like a who's who in the NFL head coaching ranks.

The Dolphins need to hire Fisher.

The Dolphins need to deliver Fisher.


Anything else is settling for the next-best option.

Fisher is the best available coach on the current market. And so it makes sense he is expected to be the first coach the Dolphins interview outside of Todd Bowles, who will fulfill the team's Rooney Rule requirement.

Fisher has taken a team to the Super Bowl. He was widely respected enough to be named co-chairman of the NFL's pretigious Competition Committee. He represents rock-solid ability in a market that offers little certainty.

And that's the reason his name is also atop the list of candidates in Tampa, Jacksonville, St. Louis, Indianapolis and possibly San Diego if that team changes coaches. The St. Louis Post Dispatch today reported Fisher will also interview with the Rams this week.

Fisher is the proverbial fish with gold coin in its mouth. He is the prized catch this offseason. He is it and everyone else is the afterthought. That's why the Dolphins have to land him.

So why are we talking about Chicago special teams coordinator Dave Toub, who is reportedly already been given permission to interview with the Dolphins? Or Jets defensive coordinator Mike Pettine or Green Bay offensive coordinator Joe Philbin? No disrespect to any of these men. They are all talented in their own ways. But they are all fallback positions and everyone knows it.

That's the truth.

So why is Fisher superior?

Which of the candidates has stood in front of a team at halftime at the Super Bowl and coaxed a comeback out of that team? Which one of these men has stood in front of a team and commanded respect based on his word and reputation? Which one of these men has called up a set of potential assistants and convinced them to come with him because they're pretty certain they're going to succeed?

Fisher has.

In future, any and all of the lesser lights of potential Miami coaches may grow to become stars. But Fisher is a star right now.

And, frankly, he is the surest thing the Dolphins can hope for.

I know, I know, you are looking at Fisher's record and see plenty of 8-8 seasons. Guess what? That's better than looking at a coach's resume and seeing no evidence he can even reach 8-8. Faith is great. I am a man of faith.

But when it comes to coaching, I prefer to live by sight rather than faith. Show me a guy who has succeeded and is still hungry and still relatively young and still wanting to win the big prize and I'll show you a better candidate than a guy who is coming up and promising big things with zero assurance of success.

The Dolphins have gone the latter route the past two coaches -- with Cam Cameron and Tony Sparano. Neither had any experience as an NFL coach. It didn't work out.

And now the Dolphins are thinking of returning to that very thing that failed?

Nope, sorry. That's not a plan for success. That's a plan for repeating the previous plan that failed. The Dolphins must land Fisher. The pressure is on.

Already, owner Stephen Ross went on a coaching search and didn't snatch Jim Harbaugh. The owner cannot afford to go on another search and fail at landing the biggest prize available.

It won't be easy. The Dolphins cannot offer a franchise quarterback on the roster. San Diego might. Indianapolis might. The Dolphins cannot offer the highest draft pick. Again, Indianapolis and St. Louis can do that.

But the Dolphins offer the keys to what they believe is an elite franchise. They offer tons of money. They offer a team that is a couple of players short of playoff-caliber.

That better be good enough. Because anything short of getting Jeff Fisher is picking the next best option for Miami.