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Fisher to interview and Dolphins better land him

Jeff Fisher will interview for the Dolphins head coaching job this week, a source familiar with the process told The Miami Herald.

Good. Finally, the Dolphins doing what makes most sense.

Sometimes the NFL turns something that is as fundamental as running faster or being stronger into exotic, scientific sounding postulates and theorems on locomotion. Um, it's about getting from point A to point B and the faster, stronger guy usually does it better than the guy with no God-given ability.

Simple football can be.

And I recall that truth to relate it to the Dolphins current search for a head coach. The Dolphins really, truly need a simple search for a head coach. They need to hire the most accomplished, most respected, most experienced, hungriest, most formidable coach who can most quickly put together a staff of superstars that 10 years from now will look like a who's who in the NFL head coaching ranks.

The Dolphins need to hire Fisher.

The Dolphins need to deliver Fisher.


Anything else is settling for the next-best option.

Fisher is the best available coach on the current market. And so it makes sense he is expected to be the first coach the Dolphins interview outside of Todd Bowles, who will fulfill the team's Rooney Rule requirement.

Fisher has taken a team to the Super Bowl. He was widely respected enough to be named co-chairman of the NFL's pretigious Competition Committee. He represents rock-solid ability in a market that offers little certainty.

And that's the reason his name is also atop the list of candidates in Tampa, Jacksonville, St. Louis, Indianapolis and possibly San Diego if that team changes coaches. The St. Louis Post Dispatch today reported Fisher will also interview with the Rams this week.

Fisher is the proverbial fish with gold coin in its mouth. He is the prized catch this offseason. He is it and everyone else is the afterthought. That's why the Dolphins have to land him.

So why are we talking about Chicago special teams coordinator Dave Toub, who is reportedly already been given permission to interview with the Dolphins? Or Jets defensive coordinator Mike Pettine or Green Bay offensive coordinator Joe Philbin? No disrespect to any of these men. They are all talented in their own ways. But they are all fallback positions and everyone knows it.

That's the truth.

So why is Fisher superior?

Which of the candidates has stood in front of a team at halftime at the Super Bowl and coaxed a comeback out of that team? Which one of these men has stood in front of a team and commanded respect based on his word and reputation? Which one of these men has called up a set of potential assistants and convinced them to come with him because they're pretty certain they're going to succeed?

Fisher has.

In future, any and all of the lesser lights of potential Miami coaches may grow to become stars. But Fisher is a star right now.

And, frankly, he is the surest thing the Dolphins can hope for.

I know, I know, you are looking at Fisher's record and see plenty of 8-8 seasons. Guess what? That's better than looking at a coach's resume and seeing no evidence he can even reach 8-8. Faith is great. I am a man of faith.

But when it comes to coaching, I prefer to live by sight rather than faith. Show me a guy who has succeeded and is still hungry and still relatively young and still wanting to win the big prize and I'll show you a better candidate than a guy who is coming up and promising big things with zero assurance of success.

The Dolphins have gone the latter route the past two coaches -- with Cam Cameron and Tony Sparano. Neither had any experience as an NFL coach. It didn't work out.

And now the Dolphins are thinking of returning to that very thing that failed?

Nope, sorry. That's not a plan for success. That's a plan for repeating the previous plan that failed. The Dolphins must land Fisher. The pressure is on.

Already, owner Stephen Ross went on a coaching search and didn't snatch Jim Harbaugh. The owner cannot afford to go on another search and fail at landing the biggest prize available.

It won't be easy. The Dolphins cannot offer a franchise quarterback on the roster. San Diego might. Indianapolis might. The Dolphins cannot offer the highest draft pick. Again, Indianapolis and St. Louis can do that.

But the Dolphins offer the keys to what they believe is an elite franchise. They offer tons of money. They offer a team that is a couple of players short of playoff-caliber.

That better be good enough. Because anything short of getting Jeff Fisher is picking the next best option for Miami.


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I do NOT want Fisher at all. No proven record and most of all... We already fired a coach that wears sunglasses all the time, do we really want to be reminded of Sparano anymore...

I don't.

I dont care much for jeff fisher, I believe the fin,s need to hire Joe Philbin as head coach cause he would also be able to pull flynn over as well,he is a free agent this year,that would solve both positions we need filled. QB and HC, Sounds like a great start to me.

142-120. 4 Division titles in 17 years. Average finish was 2.4 out of 4. This is really the savior to our franchise?

As I said.. What has Jeff Fisher ever accomplished???

I tell you what he accomplished.. He won ONLY 22 more games then he lost.

WOW, no wounder Armando is drooling all over him. I'm SURE Armando and his Amigos will be frothing from the mouth over JT and JF in the morning.

LOOK OUT Armando, JT is MUCH bigger and stronger then Fisher so no cheating on him.

Fisher record below.

Career record

142-120-0 (Regular season)
5-6 (Postseason)
147-126-0 (Overall)

Championships won
1999 AFC Championship

Great article Mando. Way to bring it for 2012. And you're right. Some coaches just have God given talent like Fisher does. Some coaches "juice" up with nonsense expecting to win games. I heard Tony was counting the amount of dumps each player had during the week.

I think Fisher can do something with this team.

Fisher's not it.

Good thoughts there Ray. I mentioned the very same thing in previous posts.

We can all figure out what Armando will argue for over the next several months.

The Dolphins must land Fisher.
The Dolphins must do whatever possible to get Luck or RG3.
Failing that, the Dolphins must hire Flynn no matter the cost.

The only person in the last two days who has made less sense than Armando is Craig M and anyone who says Matt Moore is a franchise QB... but it is close. I give the nod to Craig M. because he also believes Ireland has done a bang-up job.

Fisher is a slightly better version of Wanny.

pass on fisher.!!

Another fun stat...

Fisher had 6 winning seasons in his 17 year stint with the Oilers/Titans.


Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Jags will interview Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien. John Clayton of ESPN reports that Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy also will be interviewed.

That brings to seven the list of known candidates for the job: interim head coach Mel Tucker, Panthers offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski, Cowboys special-teams coordinator Joe DeCamillis, Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, O’Brien, and McCoy.


If your sources are all the known media outlets, then you are not really reporting, which suggests your on personal investigation, you are merely extrapolating (guessing) from what you've read, because nobody really knows what is in Ross's mind.

Still, the GM is higher than the HC, so your analogy of him not wanting to waste time firing Ireland the scout is not really logical. Ross is one huge powerful businessman trying to get the best coach possible. It just does not compute to me that he would leave someone detrimental to his search employed while he looks for someone else to fire him. He has already shown he has no problem firing anyone.

We will see how it plays out. I just find your reasoning hard to fathom. You can be sure I will be back to sing your praises if I am wrong.

How about just hire the best guy for the job after rounds of interviews, just like any other front office in any sport or business would do?

Not another media driven hunt for the Holy Grail.

Someone above posted Ireland and Fisher worked together some years ago in Chicago. Was Fisher a coach and Ireland a water boy?

..Whoever is hired here is going to meet some resistance by the fan base. At the outset, there will be a portion who believes the hire is the wrong one. There will be stats and facts to support those arguments, and much written about how Miami once again got it wrong. Truthfully, none of us can possibly know who the right guy is. Only time will tell. So like or hate the hire(whoever that may be) the only thing to do is wait and see. Whinning, or celebrating will be of small consequence. Also, until the quarterback situation is solidified. Will it really matter who the coach is. Great quarterback play elevates coaches to Elite status..Poor play gets them fired, and labeled as bums.

hey ross you better land fisher!

6 winning seasons in 17 years. That's a failure. He'll fit in perfectly.

Fisher will elevate Miami from below average to average. Awesome!!!

Rob in OC, Luck's game isn't until 8:30, that's an hour and a 1/2 from now, so he couldn't look as bad as you say.

Right on the money. I've been saying some of these same exact things since week 8. Fisher is the guy for the job. I don't give a crap about 8-8 seasons. Plenty of hall of fame coaches started out mediocre and that was on stable teams. Fisher took over the head coaching job when the entire organization was fighting for it's survival in Houston. He was there when they moved to Tennessee and he also had a meddling idiot of an owner to deal with. Some of you (apparently smarter than a self made billionaire) call Ross an idiot, fine, but he does not meddle.

The way I look at it is Fisher has the experience like Mando said but he also got out the mediocre seasons, got em out of the way. He has a better understanding of what he needs to do to build a winning team. Fisher is a SUPERB motivator and chances are with a couple of smart decisions in the draft and/or free agency this team could be right back in the playoffs next year and for many years to come.

Or we could hire another assistant and hope for the best. (F**k that!)

No. Fisher was a player and then an assistant while Ireland was the ballboy.

Yeah. Thats all you need to know in order to conclude Fisher respects Ireland as a GM. (SARCASM)

Hey NYG so you're the Dolphins GM, which coach with a proven record are you going to hire? I'm interested in what your thought process is on this considering Fisher is the only coaching candidate that even has a record.

New Coach Wanted (or should I call you putz?),

I have been CLEAR to say that I don't believe Moore IS a franchise QB, however he'd done a good job and deserves to start next year. Let me guess....you're in the camp that believes Matt Flynn is the messiah, right? You'd probably never hard of him before yesterday though, right?

Too all the guys Joe Philbin from GB to be the HC, did you know that he doesn't even call the plays in GB. It's Mike McCarthy who does that. So tell me, what is it you know about Joe Philbin and why do you want him?


Thanks. Got a nice top eye round almost done in the oven and I have to get ready for the game so catch you later.

NY "G"

Wrong again Armando the Dolphins need an offensive minded coach. Which is why they went after Harbaugh. Fisher is way to conservative for the Miami Dolphins needs.

Dream scenario:

Eric Mangini - Head Coach
Josh McDaniels - Offensive Coordinator
Raheem Morris - Special Teams Coach
Tom Olivadotti - Defensive Coordinator

I guess I can give Fisher a pass since Young was forced on him by the owner.

Well unless Obrien is bringing the offensive line as well as Brady and Welker I don't see why he's a coaching candidate. That's not how I would fill my list.

Give me a guy with mediocre talent on offense who modeled his playbook to suit the players strengths, who got the most out of so so talent, helped get a team who was an afterthought into the playoffs. That's the guy I look for if I'm going after coordinators. Gary Stevens was nothing without Marino, the list is endless. You have Brady, Welker,Gronkowski, and Hernandez and Obriens getting the credit? Pffffft.

But I would love to swap our GMs!

DD good post at 6:59pm. Well said,

Phins78, excellent post and points about Fisher. Agreed.

Jeff has a career record of 1-1 versus Tony Sporano and is 0-1 versus Nick Saban.

Adam Schefter reported:

But Miami's opening isn't all that attractive to top candidates. The new coach has to work under general manager Jeff Ireland, who will call the shots in Miami.

(So much for the "everyone respects Ireland" nonsense.)

Ireland and former Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano had their issues, and Miami will have to convince Fisher that he can work with Ireland.

(Must convince Fisher he can "work with Ireland.")

In contrast, other teams may allow Fisher to bring in his own general manager that he's more familiar with.

(Dolphins lose another one, but in this case, it will be for the best. Once Fisher says "Jeff Ireland? Are you f*ing kidding me?", and passes on the job, the Dolphins will wait for Philbin or Carmichael.)

Ah yes. Armando the "expert" speaks again. Why bother with a GM or a scouting division at all? Armando is here to reveal who should be hired as coach & drafted. Boy, those idiots in Green Bay, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, & Detroit. They all hired those "afterthoughts" you so cavalierly dismiss. I guess you've told them what's what now. Heck, even Bob Kraft taking a stupid risk on a failed coach named Bill Belichick who couldn't get the job done in Cleveland. What a moron! Didn't he realize Belichick was a "fallback position" (as you call it)? I'll give you one thing though--if anyone would know about second-rate nobodies, it would be you. You & the rest of the "sports" "writers" there at the Herald are prime examples of "fallback positions" in hiring.


Below is my quick fresponse as I have to roll.


What has Jeff Fisher ever accomplished...

He won ONLY 21 more games then he lost.

Fisher record below.

Career record 142-120-0 (Regular season)
5-6 (Postseason) 147-126-0 (Overall) Championships won
1999 AFC Championship


BILL COWHER aka THE JAW record below:

Super Bowl XL victory (2005)

2 AFC Championship victories (1995, 2005)

AP NFL Coach of the Year (1992)

2× Sporting News NFL Coach of the Year (1992, 2004)

149–90–1 (regular season record)

12–9 (playoff record)

161–99–1 (overall record)

In Cowher’s 15 seasons, the Steelers captured eight division titles, earned ten postseason playoff berths, played in 21 playoff games, advanced to six AFC Championship games and made two Super Bowl appearances.

He is one of only six coaches in NFL history to claim at least seven division titles.

At the conclusion of the 2005 season, the Pittsburgh Steelers had the best record of any team in the National Football League since Cowher was hired as head coach.

Now for some resson there are some folks against Cowher. I say that for those that do not want him..that's fine BUT you can NOT argue that COWHER IS the best choice for the Dolphin's as he has a proven record and TODAY, Mike Tomlin reps from what COWHER built with the Rooney family backing him up. YES, Cowher LEFT the Steelers in THAT good of shape for Mike.

This is a no brainier.. COWHER IS the first choice. Give him the tools and guaranteed the Fins will be turned around as one of the best Teams in the NFL since Shula.

Fisher and Gruden or whoever else is out there that cant hold the apron strings for Cowher as there is just no comparison whatsoever..

The numbers don't lie.

Hope I answered your question. Got to go, my roast beef is done. lol

I don't get why guys are saying Fisher is a conservative coach. He's a defesive coach. He doesn't call the plays for the offence. What am I missing here?

Your coaches call the plays based on their personnel. Tennessee with never loaded with top end talent but they did have a good power back in Eddie George and McNair did a nice job and they had good soldiers like Frank Wychek and Derek Mason.

If Ross is going to pick a coach to sell seats he is going to overpay. You fill a stadium by winning. Pick a coach based on ability. While Fisher is all right he might cost too much for something that could outperform him. You have to ask yourself if he is burnt out. The last couple of years haven't been great Titans teams. He had a flaky qb for sure however he couldn't get through to him. What does that say?

promichael...Harbaugh is about as consevative as it gets. It is about your personel. Harbaugh is smart enough to understand he could not put Alex Smith in a position where he had to win games with his arm..Ala Chad Henne in this Dolphin offense. Harbaugh understood the best chance for his team to win was by running the ball, and playing defense. And only asking smith to make a few plays here and there. This is against conventional wisdom these days..And there are a lot of people that believe the Niners are a fradulant team because they do not inspire much awe, when it comes to fast break modern football. We will see if they can win with their style. I don't believe they can. We will see

Craig you keep spewing the line about the gb OC. Can you back that up?? Yesterday's game broadcast said differently. Oh well

Why should we listen to Armando when he writes for the herald and has a radio show with a less than 1% share of the audience. That should tell say it all.

I think the fact that he is going to interview here, and first for that matter, bodes well for the Dolphins. I don't know if that's just a practical matter since the Rams fired their coach after the season ended, whereas the Dolphins fired their coach several weeks ago. They definitely need to seal the deal.

I still like Billick as the top choice, but when I think of Fisher and against all the other options, he sure looks a lot better.

I'd be happy with either and dissatisfied with none. Especially if the Dolphins didn't even consider Billick the next best candidate.

Wannstedt had 3 division titles in his 12 years as a head coach. Let's HIRE HIM! It's about the same pace as Fishers 4 in 17 years.

My dream scenario for the Dolphins is to be about 8-8 every season with an offense that consistently ranks in the 20s!!!

New Coach Wanted,

I must have missed it, is Adam Schefter involved in the negotiations with Fisher? He's obviously in the 'know' though, right? Have you ever heard of an 'editorial'? That's what Schefter is doing. He has no idea what Ross will do and say. Ireland has consulted with many in the business (including Mangini and Peterson)about Ireland and he's obviously been told that Ireland is competent. If Jeff Fisher was convinced he didn't want to work with Ireland then he wouldn't even take the interview.

So in all honesty neither you or Schefter have any clue what Ross or Fisher's intentions are, so try not to jump the gun on your conclusions.


Hey Craig M. (or should I call you parrot),

You say Moore should be a starter. You are wrong.

I don't believe Flynn is a messiah. I am in the camp that says anyone who claims anyone is a "sure thing" is a moron. I believe Flynn's body of work is more impressive as a prospect than Moore, as do other coaches and GM's around the league, and that dates back to last season. I can't help if you just learned his name.

Philbin doesn't call the plays nor does Carmichael in New Orleans. They both however work with the QB's, the assignments, and the game plans. Both are experienced and familiar with coaching each position in the offense. They both have impressive resumes. They have a long body of work - perhaps you should research them.

Craig I usually agree with you but this time I can't. I don't think any player should ever be told you played okay so you're going to start next year. I don't care who it is, I always want competition at every position. Otherwise what's pushing them, their desire? Can't count on that in this day and age with the bloated salaries, these guys are set for life most of the time.

My point is I like Moore, he did some good things, but his fourth quarters were abysmal. That's not a good sign. But hey, let him fight it out in camp. There are maybe 12 guys, MAYBE, that I would automatically give a starting position to next year on their respective teams, Matt Moore is not one of them.

No, don't anoint Matt Flynn. You sign him if you can and you also draft a QB project like Weeden or Landry, the only two who will possibly be available to us. And you let them all battle it out in camp. None of them have proven a thing.

Ireland always doubles down, I would be VERY surprised if that wasn't the plan for next season. Ross wants a franchise QB and the best way of making that a reality is the old Packers, Ron Wolf way. Draft or sign a QB every season. Someone young who has time to be groomed. If they work out for you great, If you have another QB that is better but the kid has talent, even better, you trade him for future picks. And the busts will come and go, but you're looking every year!

I'm really hoping Ireland is going to follow Ross' lead and make QB the priority on this team for years to come.

What came first: The chicken or the egg??
What came first: The head coach or the franchise quarterback?

Just hire the best candidate....if he's any good (see Harbaugh) he'll win no matter the hand he's dealt. The awesome QB, Super Bowl wins, etc..will follow....

New Coach Wanted,

If you knew anything about the situation you would know that Tom Clements is the QB coach in GB and is generally the guy who gets most of the praise for the QBs good play.

So what is it about Philbin that gets you all hot and heavy anyways?


No Way he comes here with Ireland as the GM

Regardless of who the Dolphins hire or do not hire...this is yet another postseason in which the Fins will....not even compete.

When was the last time the Dolphins PLAYED WELL in an AFC title game? 1985? I think they played the Bills in one in the 1990's and got blown out.

It's hard to be that bad that long when one is considered an elite team.



You misread my post. I wasn't saying hand Moore the job, I was simply saying he's earned the right to start. By all means sign a guy like Flynn, but why would he sign in Miami when there are better chances to start in places like Washington, Cleveland, Seattle and even Jacksonville. If it's about starting then he's more likely to sign with one of those teams.

I believe Flynn will end up signing for a contract along the lines of what Kolb signed with Arizona and if the opportunity isn't there he'll resign as a backup in GB, probably the greatest job in football.

Not a bad idea.
Bring in the GB guy and have him bring in Flynn to back up Matt Moore.

Cowher doesn't want to coach and I don't think he will again. Maybe fisher will get the job and smack jeff ireland around and tell him who to draft. Maybe we can trade up in the draft and get rg3 bc luck will b a colt and Peyton is on the way out with the polians getting canned today. Who knows hiring a head coach is a crap shoot at best and alot of things go into a team being successful and it starts at the top and that really depresses me bc Ross and ireland are idiots.


Just to follow up my last post, does it really make sense to be handing a guy like Flynn the kind of contract that Kolb got last year because that's really what it's likely to take. What message does that send to the team and to Moore? Also, if you're going to sign him to that kind contract aren't you really annointing him the starter before the season even starts anyways? You're not going to sign a guy to that kind of money and then put him on the bench.

NYG , here's the problem with your post and it started in the first sentence. "What has he proven".

He's proven he can get a team to the super bowl, a team that had an owner who was highly involved in player acquisitions yet didn't know anything about football. He got a team full of mediocre talent to the super bowl. Yeah they had an attacking defense but not much else. He squeezed that lump of coal into a diamond.

Now you answer my question. What have any of the coordinators on the list of candidates ever proven?

You want to go through who's proven what? What has Dungy proven, that he can win with a sure fire first ballot hall of famer? Hmmmmmmm we got any of those in our QB stable? How about Billick, what has he ever proven? How to take a team to the playoffs a couple of times in 15 years? He won in a day and age that defenses were allowed to play rough. Those days are gone, he wont be able to win today. He will more likely use the Parcells mode of run first and hope you can build a number 1 defense for years to come (eventhough free agency has ruined that.

What have any of the coordinators proven,,,,,,,ummmm wait I already know because they have never been head football coaches at the pro level.

You ask me what has Fisher accomplished or proved and I tell you more than any other coaching candidate on the list.

Fisher is the gold ring for Miami no two ways about it. But, I doubt that Fisher is gonna share personnel responsibilities with Ireland. Fisher and Ireland would be oil and water.

We CANNOT trade for Matt Flynn! He is not the answer. He is Fitzpatrick. Ugh, how horrible.

Find a way to lock Fisher into a contract. If Ross screws the pooch on this one Fisher is headed to KC.

Ross: Coach Fisher, meet Mr. Columbo, your fine RT.

Columbo: Nice to meet you coach. I'm Matt's official introduction assistant. Heh Heh. I've introduced him to more Defensive Ends than you can count!

Moore: Sticks out a tiny right hand. Howdy Coach!!

Fisher: (Uneasy look as his hand ENGULFS Moore's tiny hand) "Er, Hi."

Ross: Also, meet our highly respected GM, Jeff Ireland.

Ireland: Did your mother....

A punch is thrown and Fisher RUNS from the building and lays down twelve feet of rubber as speeds away from Dophin HQ.

Ireland: What did I say? What did I say?

Hey new coach wanted whats with the attacks on Craig? I have to say it just makes you look childish. No offense, just some friendly advice, take it or leave it. But when people are discussing or debating and one starts name calling it makes that person look very bad. It looks as if the person is incapable of holding a rationale adult discussion because they are so sensitive and self involved that they can't handle someone having a different opinion than their's.

I'm just saying man, there are better ways to get your point across to someone. And like I said take it or leave it. But if you take it I guarantee your life will be much easier and happier! :)

Craig M, just to point out you don't know anything, nor do you read well because I mentioned this previously:

Philbin was offensive line coach in 2006. His patchwork line (5 different starting lineups due to injury) only allowed 24 sacks and improved over the previous year.

Philbin was offensive coordinator in 2007. He help Favre increase his rating to 95+ - an increase of some 20 points over the prior two seasons and Favre's highest rating in a decade.

Since he took over as coordinator, the Packers have had some of the greatest offensive showings in club history and ranked in the top ten in yards and points scored every season.

Uh, those are the reasons I like him. He is an up and coming coach with fantastic results going back before 1999. He will be a head coach in the NFL and you will praise his name in a couple years.

Pretty simple. Tell you what. You state the moves the Dolphins should make. Lets get them in writing. Then, in two years, we can look back and point out how wrong you were and how you flip-flopped once again.

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