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Fisher to interview and Dolphins better land him

Jeff Fisher will interview for the Dolphins head coaching job this week, a source familiar with the process told The Miami Herald.

Good. Finally, the Dolphins doing what makes most sense.

Sometimes the NFL turns something that is as fundamental as running faster or being stronger into exotic, scientific sounding postulates and theorems on locomotion. Um, it's about getting from point A to point B and the faster, stronger guy usually does it better than the guy with no God-given ability.

Simple football can be.

And I recall that truth to relate it to the Dolphins current search for a head coach. The Dolphins really, truly need a simple search for a head coach. They need to hire the most accomplished, most respected, most experienced, hungriest, most formidable coach who can most quickly put together a staff of superstars that 10 years from now will look like a who's who in the NFL head coaching ranks.

The Dolphins need to hire Fisher.

The Dolphins need to deliver Fisher.


Anything else is settling for the next-best option.

Fisher is the best available coach on the current market. And so it makes sense he is expected to be the first coach the Dolphins interview outside of Todd Bowles, who will fulfill the team's Rooney Rule requirement.

Fisher has taken a team to the Super Bowl. He was widely respected enough to be named co-chairman of the NFL's pretigious Competition Committee. He represents rock-solid ability in a market that offers little certainty.

And that's the reason his name is also atop the list of candidates in Tampa, Jacksonville, St. Louis, Indianapolis and possibly San Diego if that team changes coaches. The St. Louis Post Dispatch today reported Fisher will also interview with the Rams this week.

Fisher is the proverbial fish with gold coin in its mouth. He is the prized catch this offseason. He is it and everyone else is the afterthought. That's why the Dolphins have to land him.

So why are we talking about Chicago special teams coordinator Dave Toub, who is reportedly already been given permission to interview with the Dolphins? Or Jets defensive coordinator Mike Pettine or Green Bay offensive coordinator Joe Philbin? No disrespect to any of these men. They are all talented in their own ways. But they are all fallback positions and everyone knows it.

That's the truth.

So why is Fisher superior?

Which of the candidates has stood in front of a team at halftime at the Super Bowl and coaxed a comeback out of that team? Which one of these men has stood in front of a team and commanded respect based on his word and reputation? Which one of these men has called up a set of potential assistants and convinced them to come with him because they're pretty certain they're going to succeed?

Fisher has.

In future, any and all of the lesser lights of potential Miami coaches may grow to become stars. But Fisher is a star right now.

And, frankly, he is the surest thing the Dolphins can hope for.

I know, I know, you are looking at Fisher's record and see plenty of 8-8 seasons. Guess what? That's better than looking at a coach's resume and seeing no evidence he can even reach 8-8. Faith is great. I am a man of faith.

But when it comes to coaching, I prefer to live by sight rather than faith. Show me a guy who has succeeded and is still hungry and still relatively young and still wanting to win the big prize and I'll show you a better candidate than a guy who is coming up and promising big things with zero assurance of success.

The Dolphins have gone the latter route the past two coaches -- with Cam Cameron and Tony Sparano. Neither had any experience as an NFL coach. It didn't work out.

And now the Dolphins are thinking of returning to that very thing that failed?

Nope, sorry. That's not a plan for success. That's a plan for repeating the previous plan that failed. The Dolphins must land Fisher. The pressure is on.

Already, owner Stephen Ross went on a coaching search and didn't snatch Jim Harbaugh. The owner cannot afford to go on another search and fail at landing the biggest prize available.

It won't be easy. The Dolphins cannot offer a franchise quarterback on the roster. San Diego might. Indianapolis might. The Dolphins cannot offer the highest draft pick. Again, Indianapolis and St. Louis can do that.

But the Dolphins offer the keys to what they believe is an elite franchise. They offer tons of money. They offer a team that is a couple of players short of playoff-caliber.

That better be good enough. Because anything short of getting Jeff Fisher is picking the next best option for Miami.


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Pete Carrol and Mike Shanahan have won championships and need QB's.
Flynn won the Nat'l c'ship at LSU, no?
Flynn has never been on a losing team.
There is no way that Matt Flynn's agent, nor his parents, allow him to sign here.
But it's fun to pretend.

And by the way Flynn was the reigning nat'l c'ship QB when he was drafted in the 7th round.

NYG you're not here, I know, hopefully enjoying some good roast beef. But maybe you will see later. Problem with Cowher is he's not coming back to coaching. His agent said it, he said it, hell even his dog barked something that sounded like "ruff, ruff, how many times do we have to tell these f***ing idiots you're not coming back,,ruff, ruff"!?

I would be fine with Cowher all though Fisher is my first choice. Still has the hunger for a ring, don't see it in the way Cowher carries himself. And the fact that he's not in play kind of kills that dream of yours. NEXT! :)

I'll tell you what, if Fisher is hired, you best believe that Russell Wilson will be on the roster, that kid is a BALLER! Even though He's being knocked for His height, the kid can make EVERY throw, and MORE importantly, He's smart as hell...

Hey Phins78,

I didn't call anyone a name first. I simply disagreed with his assessments. He started the name calling. Chastise the right guy.

New Coach Wanted,

Wasn't Tony Sparano a line coach at one point too? A pretty well regarded one from what I remember too.

Listen, I don't a lot about Philbin but what I don know is that they have one Hell of a team there with much more talent than what we have in Miami. So much so, that even with their team riddled with injuries they were still able to win a Super Bowl. They also have a great coaching staff led by Mike McCarthy, Tom Clements and Dom Capers. They have one of the best QBs in the game and one of the deepest receiving corps any where.

I'm not sure what about Philbin's work makes you KNOW he'd be a good HC. I don't know, I admit it. But the one thing I've ready MANY times is that he doesn't call the plays in GB, that's McCarthy. So, I guess what I'm saying to you, other than GB has a good offence, what is it about the guy that makes you think he'll be the NEXT great HC. They said some of this stuff about McDaniels and Mangnini as Head Coaches and we're still waiting.

Jeff Fisher is my number one choice, Gruden was a close second and Billick is likely my third. After that I'm probably on to guys like Mike Zimmer.

Anybody stop to consider that whoever the incoming coach is he may not consider our top priority to be a so called 'Franchise QB'?
We know Fisher drafted 1 franchise QB in Tenn: Vince Young.
But what about the 12 seasons prior to that?

New Coach Wanted,

No you just fabricated things to meet your own needs. Something about 'the only guy who's made less than Armando being Craig M. He seems to think Moore is a franchise QB'.

First of all it's not in any way accurate what I daid and secondly it's condescending.

I kind of like the way Phins 78 puts his argumnt forward...this is what I think..

About the Head Coach: You have no choice but to pick the very best available...Who is that?

Fisher? will he sell renewed hope? Does he still have the fire in his belly? Is he aggressive enough? Remember that Ross wants an aggressive Head Coach because he wants to SELL SEATING....I agree with his assessment

Billick ?...not convinced

Others ?...a variety of coordinators who may or may NOT be ready....

Its a lottery....Fisher may be the best option but he may end up no better than what he has already shown...an 8-8 guy...is that what we want?

I think ROSS knows he has to transform this franchise...he needs another SHULA...if I were him I wouldnt be afraid to take a chance if I was convinced....may another Harbaugh type guy is a better bet than Fisher....Fisher is an known qty...can he win a superbowl ???...maybe

The QB sitauation is much clearer....we DO NOT have a Franchise QB...we must obtain one...how?...by taking a series of gambles...on going gambles...without taking on going gambles you wont win the lottery...you have to get on the crap table and bet...if you dont want to gamble then sit and suffer more mediocrity...

So that means Flynn is in play...so is RG3 ...so is LUCK...so is Jones...
Whose to say Jones wont be Brady?....but you have to BET...if we sit with Moore and Henne and fold our cards we get 7-9 at best ad nauseam....

The correct pick is a SPECULTIVE pick for QB each year regardless of win or failure....and that must continue at all costs till you hit bullseye....

What we have done for 20 years is not get in the game...ergo we are mediocre....

Dont keep falling for that thinking....

Is GOD being censored on this blog....

Yeah you're right on the contract thing Craig, I wouldn't want to pay him that kind of money either.

My only but is that Flynn seems way more in tune with the qb position than Kolb ever was. The kids is just money every time he's been on the field. He is one of the most consistent guys at practice and even Rodgers has noted a few times that Matt should have his own team, he's not a back up.

And ya know what Craig? I'm all for being smart about spending money, etc, when it comes to player acquisitions but at some point the team is going to have to take some chances. Being afraid of failing has made then failures because they don't take chances like everyone else! Look at all the signings the Jets mad 2 years ago. We all laughed and mocked them, "they over payed hahahaha", "They're trying to force pieces together and that never works"!

I was leading the brigade on that one. But hey, I was wrong, they got to two championship games in a row, took chances and they payed off. Everyone was saying Culpepper was the obvious choice over Brees (the doctors I mean). Even other teams doctors were chiming in and saying Dauntes knee was less concerning than shoulder surgery on the throwing arm of your a qb. New Orleans took a chance. I could go on and on.

I'm just saying playing it safe has got us absolutely no where and IMO it's time to change strategies a bit. Stay smart, but take a risk every once and a while. Matt Flynn would be a risk I'm willing to take at this point.

But if the market drives his price too high I could certainly change my mind. Can't wait to see who becomes available and how it all plays out. Some excitement for a change in Dolphin country!

Russell Wilson is a stud. Kinda short but finds his passing lanes and has a rocket for an arm. Don't know how much eligibility he has left but if he's out there take him bc outside of luck and rg3 there is no first round qb talent out there.

Fisher will not come here because Ireland is going to ask him is his mother was a prostitute

Who was the last NFL coach hired that mortgaged his first draft for a so-called 'franchise QB'?
It was Rex Ryan/Mark Sanchez, no?
Now the Jets are stuck with both.
They can't get rid of Sanchez brcause of the contract and they need Ryan around to take the blame.

Pricemaster..Fisher wanted nothing to do with drafting Vince Young..that was all Bud Adams..Before then he had a pretty good guy named Steve McNair.

Please GOD....not Fisher....

It's 2012...not 1998......

What's fishers claim to fame...the music city miracle.....

Sigh....funny stuff....

Jeff offers mediocroty another teams loser coach I would love a fresh face thats hungry

Sorry new coach wanted but you started it. It's in writing for everyone to see forever, there's no hiding. I read it and everyone else did. If you disrespect people and talk down to them they will respond in kind no? You completely , well Craig said it best, you were condescending. You know it, just move on and stop with the attacks. Or don't, whatever, I said my peace about this.


I'm all for taking chances too. I'd do whatever we had to in order to get Luck. I'm not sure we're going to get that chance. We look into trading up for RGIII or maybe he's still there at 8. He'd be with the risk to draft. If we miss there then maybe we get involved on Manning. Not sure we're going to get a chance there either. Landry Jone is guy I would take a chance on in the draft too. What the worst that could happen? He doesn't pan out? Flynn's a guy we should be interested in too. Just think the contract necessry to sign him will be nuts.

Does anyone smell a setup here?
Isn't the GB front officed supposed to be some kind of genius?
Flynn was Nat'l Champion and got drafted 7th.
If he was so good why didn't GB trade him before the season?
Evidently Kolb graded out higher.

2012 head coach will be Todd Bowles. 2012 QB will be Matt Moore. 2012 1st draft pick will be a RT.
Get used to it.

I can sum up the last 100 posts in 4 letters.


Craig M,

Sparano was a line coach. He wasn't selected to be an offensive coordinator though. He got the Dolphins job because he was a crony of the other overhyped, Armando-endorsed Bill Parcells.

Philbin has benefitted from having great players. He has also been responsible and been given credit for getting the most out of those players and getting them to overachieve when the team has been beset by injury. Favre benefitted from Philbin by having his best season in a decade after Philbin was named coordinator. Philbin has coached players at a college level who became Pro Bowl players. He is a coach. He also is responsible for the offense game plans and personnel.

Is any of that a guarantee for success. Nope. But it is an indicator he is far more suited to be a head coach than Sparano and is no more a risk than Fisher with far more upside.

If the Dolphins land Fisher, so be it. We got a name. If he selects a great offensive minded coordinator, great. But I highly doubt Fisher comes here. That leads to promoting an assistant to a head coach and the top prospects are Philbin and Carmichael - neither who actually call the plays but prepare the game plan.

And quit your name calling lest you offend my sensibilities. LOL.

Ahhhhhhhh the old "flip flopping" accusatory finger comes out to rear it's ugly head.

This is football, we're not solving the worlds problems here, YOU'RE ALLOWED TO CHANGE YOUR MIND! I f***king hate that s**t!

Freakin politicians in this country ruined people's free will! No one can think for themselves any more.

What's the point in debating if no one is ever allowed to change their minds? THAT'S THE WHOLE F*&*ING POINT! You debate because your trying to show someone a point they may have missed. You're trying to change their minds! And that's fine, it's how we all learn and grow.

Or you can just be a mindless drone, make up your mind on something no matter how misguided it may be, and then stick to your guns even though you could be wrong. People who behave this way are doomed to a life of misery and loneliness.

Just saw your post Craig M,

Yes, I pointed out you made little sense. Sorry, but that is frequently the case. You, however, have hurled insults all day at various posters and you, my dear sir, opened your post to me by calling me a putz.

Must we define the difference between name-calling and pointing out the failings in logic of a poster? It seems rather simple to me.

I don't take offense to you calling me a putz, try not to allow my dismissing your meritless opinions make you all sensitive. You have good ideas on occasion as well; so keep that chin up.

Indy didn't fire the Polian's (Bill & Son) as someone mentioned in the last page. The NFL Net. is reporting they both decided to walk away for conflict of interest in the plan regarding the future of the Franchise which could mean a couple of things really.

1) Manning is on his way out, the biggest backer Payton had from day one in that franchise was the man who was smart enough to draft him ahead of Ryan Leaf and that is Bill Polian who as Exec. V.P. of Football Operations probably wasn't on-board with moving Manning.

2) A big MAYBE here as I'm spit balling and that's that the Colts are debating who the future Q.B. is (Luck or RG111) I only hope that would be the case because the error in my book would be catastrophic but as some have pointed out the League right now is drunk on these spread Q.B.'s that can run so the possibility is there.

I believe one thing for sure and that's that given all the moving parts in Indy's decision they will make at least ONE MOVE in the coming months leading to draft day which will shock many in the football world!!

P.S. The Rose Bowl is one HELL of a ball game!!

Hey Pricemaster, lewts talk about this again if the Jets sign Peyton Manning and bench Sanchez. They mortgaged their whole draft and have still they have a top tier defense, two stellar wr's, a great young TE, and are a Manning signing away from being right back in the super bowl discussions. I'll take the Jets last three years over our last three years any day. And I hate the freakin Jets!

FISHER ........ (( CELLAR CERTIFIED HC )).........




When everyone else was calling them the Trifecta I was calling them the 3 stooges. So I'm not a fan of Parcells.

That being said Parcells and Belichick both came to the same conclusion in the '80s with the Giants:

time to throw is king

In a league with Megatron, Andre Johnson, Vincent Jackson, Brandon Marshall etc how does a short white lead the league in passing?

time to throw

If Matt Moore started for GB yesterday and Flynn started for us the Moore would have thrown for almost 500 yards and Flynn would heve been less than 100 when the 3rd qtr ended.

The short white guy I'm referring to is Wes Welker.
He led the league in receiving not passing.

Time to throw



New Coach Wanted,

I've had to deal with a lot of that sh*t on here today. A hate knee jerk decisions, like dumping Moore and adding Flynn to some crazy contract, just because Flynn's had a coupe of good games on the best offence in the league. Tired of hearing that stuff....

Then I've had to tell with people twisting things I said and changing them to meet their needs. Yours was just part of that. I snapped....

Apologies for the name-calling....it just took me over the edge.

Hi ALoco.
How you doing?
Call me sometime.
Miss you.

PHIN 78.......... GREAT POST @ 8;10 PM..........


The Jets are stuck with Sanchez because of his contract and they are stuck with Rex Ryan because Sanchez was his idea and they him to blame it on.

Personally I think Sanchez is very smart.
He made $16 mil this season from his contract and at least $10mil from the Pepsi and Verizon commerfcials that palyed during every NFL game in every market.

I guess you could say that Mark Sanchez handles his business like a young, chicano Stephen Ross.


The NFL Network reported it as a 'firing'. I watched the Irsay press conference and he didn't indicate that they had walked away.

I dont know how to read any of that. Irsay is VERY close to Manning too. I have to believe that maybe Polian was ready to move on from Manning but Irsay was dead set against it but it could be I've got it backwards.

Reagrdless, I can see how Manning and Luck exist on the same team and how the Colts end up paying manning all that money.

No apology needed. I didn't take offense and find your forthright manner and occasional name-calling amusing. I am not sensitive.

To be clear, I was not attacking you, I was ridiculing your opinion on certain matters. There is a substantial difference. If I decide to name-call, it will be just as clear as when you do it.

I like your posts... and even your perspective quite frequently.

Dumbass. :)


I still can't believe that no one is talking about Jay Gruden!
He is an offensive genius and great leader. He needs to be interviewed.

Flynn must be a chance...trade up hard as you can for LUCK or RG3 as well.....thats the 3 we must persue....add LANDRY...other that its a needle in a haystack job again...

If we fail with Fisher...its a new guy....an untried guy...no ther option...

I like Coilt McCoy...hes a fighter...as is Tebow


John Gruden said he wants nothing to do with Miami, no?

Im NO expert on the play of M.Flynn, I saw some of him at LSU were he seemed to play alright in West Coast style attack but then again alot of guys at big College programs with an overload at the skill position players thrive. In College you can get away with a smart Q.B. short on physical talent, why just at UM we had one of the greats at the College level in Steve Walsh followed a couple of decades later by anothe College HOFer in Ken Dorsey. UF had Danny Wuerffel ect...

I thought M.Flynn who played for BCS Championship was in this class and wasn't alone given his 7th Rd. grade by the Pack who drafted him. I believe he could be a better Pro than say Kevin K

This Wilson kid for Wisconin looks GREAT but how tall is he? He looks awfully small. When is he expected to go in the draft?

I don't know who the next HC will be, but I agree with Armando that Ross/Ireland cannot afford a mistake and need to come up with a Winner, right now.


I am really not wanting Fisher. We have been there before. I have two top choices the first is our very own Todd Bowles and the other is Chud. I prefer Chud but I will take Bowles as well. Lets not make another mistake here like we have before (see parcells, JJ, Wanny, CC, Saban, Etc). At this point I would even accept having Mike SHula hired

1st fin in Montreal: wouldn't have not wouldn't of, my God. There is no sure thing with a HC as it isn't with the number 1 pick, all of it is a gamble. Fisher is highly qualified as is Billick. But, are they still hungry? It might not be a bad idea to look at an up and coming assistant, like Chudzinski, who has South Florida roots.

Why would anyone try to make sense of this dysfunctional franchise. The big names have not worked for the recent 10 year period. Big names change everything. The Dolphins are winning with their OC, DC and their HC. So why change and take a risk on what is working. Did anyone calling for a franchise quarterback notice where Matt Moore was located on the list of top rated QB's. Moore is number 12 and has played without speed receivers and a good offensive line.


That is a figment of your imagination: (1) Moore doesn't have the arm or the accuracy, and (2) Moore has thrown for 300+ yard in one game out of 30+ games, and (3) the freaking guy only averages 146 yards per game.

Now we do know that in Miami's offense with their current players, they are capable of over 300 yards per game because Henne has done so over a half dozen times and threw for 400+ yards in the season opener.

So the QB you think is so capable (Moore) can't manage to get close to the QB you think sucked (Henne) here in Miami. Proof positive once again that Henne is a better QB than Moore.


Anyone doubt that Ross is on the phone with the Polians right now selling out Jeff Ireland?


Armando shows his ignorance yet again. WHY WHY WHY would you want a medicore coach whoc coached for about 147 years and never won a super bowl? Why would you want an average (at best) coach who simply coasted through regular seasons and took advantage of a weak schedule (Houston, Jacksonville and the pre-Manning Colts TWICE a year each?? I could caoch that team too!

Oh, and I would still sign Flynn if the market doesn't go crazy and price him at Pro Bowl QB numbers. The best thing we could do is an honest competition between Flynn, Henne, and Moore with a new coach, new OC, and new philosophy. Let the best man win. I predict it would be Flynn followed closely by Henne.

I mean, somebody like Shula, ALoco, that used to take us to the Playoffs and sometimes beyond, with regularity.



OK. Ready to see Luck in action(even if I know we don't have a prayer to get him).

Which of the candidates has stood in front of a team at halftime at the Super Bowl and coaxed a comeback out of that team?
Mando, a comeback doesn't count unless you win the game. Fisher proved he cannot win the big one, and therefore he is unwanted here.

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