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Son of Dolphins HC candidate goes missing

Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin, who interviewed for the Dolphins vacant coaching job Friday and Saturday and is now supposed to be preparing for the New York Giants playoff game this coming weekend, has bigger concerns right now.

His 21-year-old son Michael has been missing since Sunday.

The younger Philbin has not been heard from since early Sunday and was reported missing late Sunday in Oshkosh, Wis.

[UPDATE: The young Philbin has a troubled past. He was sentenced to six months in jail in 2009 for sexually assualting two under-age girls.]

[UPDATE 2: A body identified as the young Philbin was found floating in a river near Oshkosh. No cause of death has been determined.]

Tough situation.

Wish the Philbin family the best.


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God bless hope he is found okay. Some things are much more important then football.

Oshkosh nice place for the Air Show....and Jeans


I think there is a shortage of quality HC candidate's. Could it be that NFL teams are so impatient with the building process that every three years a team would fire their HC and find a new one. That leaves many of the candidates out there with a firing on their record and a unsettling feeling in the future fans stomach.

Maybe Bowles is the right coach for the Dolphins. I'm not sold on Fisher and am not impressed with the candidates whom the Dolphins have interviewed to date.

Wish the family the best......

Ah, Sensational!(but somebody else wrote that).

ooof, that sucks. Good luck to the Philbin family. Hopefully, this is just a youthful indiscretion by the young kid as he's ok.

Obviously I pray that everything is ok with his son, but in case I misunderstood....we are talking about a 21 yr old who was last seen Sunday morning and was reported missing Sunday evening? Seriously? When I was that age, I would go "missing" for days at a time. It was called being stupid, drinking a lot and not thinking of much except what was happening at that very second. Something tells me if this 21 yr old has only been "missing" for a day, he'll turn up a-ok....maybe a hangover and a tattoo, but ok.

Best wishes to the family. Kid probably went up to Canada for the weekend and started drinking that strong Canadian beer.

well if they don't get fisher it looks like opie is taking it to a new level to gain leverage on philbin.

I wonder if this disappearance has anything to do with his criminal activity. Or maybe he is hiding from the police for sexually assaulting young girls, AGAIN!

Find your son, 1st priority
Then welcome to Finsnation... we want and need you

Not scrub Fischer or Mularky

While we all like to play GM we sometime forget that we are talking about real people with families. This is horrible news. Hope he is found in good condition.

Face it dolfans, Joe Robbie, Thomas/Beathard, and Don Shula wont be walking thru those doors in 2012. These are the names that made this franchise great.
The names that have come after these names have plummeted this franchise into mediocrity. Without a total overhaul from the highest highs to the lowest lows, this aint gonna change anytime soon.
Dolfans, "DENIAL" isnt a river in Egypt!

Michael Philbin spent six months in jail in 2009. He was convicted of sexually assaulting two young girls, along with two counts of battery.

Now thats how you negotiate.

Man, do news travel fast in Internet!

If Miami picks Philbin, I hope there is a clause in his contract stating he is not to bring his registered sex offender son onto Dolphins property! Of course that is if he is found.

Can't find this guy? Maybe talk to the fathers of those two young girls.

Why not give Brian Daboll an interview? He did well this past year and is familiar with all Coaching positions. If they interviewed an ST Coach, why not him?

Hate to bring it up but...if we were to hire Philbin ( and his son turns out to be ok, this time) it could be a major distraction to his coaching abilities.

Troubled children are a major drain to parents time & attention. I would pass on hiring him this time around and let him take care of his family issues first and foremost.

Daboll sux thats why he's not being interviewed.

Pass on Philbin. We need Jay Gruden, Charmichael, or Chudzinski. Enough with these old guys that are has beens or never was.


Only 2 seasons of coordinator experience

Both losing seasons, 9-23

Not impressive

The biggest mistery to me in all of this coaching search is Brian Billick. Not only are the Dolphins not interested but he has not been interviewed by ANYBODY since he was fired. Is he that big of an A-hole?

anything to get hits huh mando? including cut and paste from PFT. More power to you.

Sexually assaulted two underage girls? Sounds like Joe Philbin did a hell of a job raising his kids. Keep him the hell away from here, unless Stephen Ross wants to move practices and home games to the encampment of scuzballs underneath the Julia Tuttle Causeway.

philbin's son and south beach sounds like a perfect match.

Are kids always a direct product of the fibre their parents have. I know I'm not half the man my father was - wish I was.

Andy Reid is also a great coach but his kids are total losers.

Will be interseting to see how ball boy handles this one. We passed on Dez cause of his mom so do we pass on philbin cause of his son?

I wonder if Irelands backround check found any of this out & if he asked him about it.

Marty Schottenheimer

nuff said.........

Ok, what is underage. Cause at that time he was charged he woulda been 19 and possible he commited those crimes at 18 years of age.

I guess I'm the a-hole, but I'm still much more concerned about what will happen to the Miami Dolphins.

There's tons of tragic things that happen everyday in the world. My concern is the tragedy of this team. And fixing the comedy of errors every Season.

So, sorry guys, but anything not directly tied to making Miami a viable team is not really on my radar right now. I understand why Mando posted this. I understand how posters who are good-hearted send out their condolences.

But then, you still have your own missing story to deal with. How a professional team has gone missing from South Florida for over a decade now. THAT'S what should be on the milk carton!!!

WOW! Way to make a splash Ross!! Mike Mularkey?!?! Toub?!? Regis Philbin?!? This is what we have been waiting for?? I'd rather have Sparano - the Dolphins should have told Fisher to go pound salt as soon as he said he was choosing between the Dolphins and the Rams - good riddance. He can go lose with the Rams and then get fired in three years. That is the 49ers division for the next 10 years.
Todd Bowles is the best candidate of the bunch.

So sad to be a Parent of a son like that. Hope it ends well. I also hope Ireland doesn't ask him about his sons sex habits. Don't add to the pain.

Finfan23 - that was funny. What a joke our team has become.

In most states 16 is the legal age of consent!

So, Philbin's victims were 15 at the very least.

If we lived in the cartoon world of Quahog I'd say Giggity Giggity.

Since this is real life, I'll just say: You get what you play for-Karma's a Be-atch!


PS: Judging from Philbin's photo, his son must be a Chip off the Ole Block!

That should have read "15 at the very most".


The Dolphins need a young hungry coach - I just don't think bald dudes with hair around the sides give off a lot of charisma. Todd Bowles is the man. The players like him and play hard for him and he's really smart. Read his interview in Dolphin Digest - he reminds me of Mike Tomlin. If the Dolphins hire Philbin he needs to shave his head.

Bald Heads?

Yeah, it works in Prison. It really gives the old Charisma a Boost.

I don't know if Philbin should shave his head, but I'll bet Jr's already bald!

6 months for sexually assaulting TWO 15 year olds(or younger?)girls?

I drew a bigger piece for driving on a suspended liscence!

What kind of message are these Wisconsin Judges putting out there.

QUICK QUESTION: If one of your teenaged daughters on his victims list, would you all be hoping he found soon? Safe and Sound?


Please take the stupid picture of Fisher and his stupid 70's stache off of the main page - I'm sick of looking at it - I'd rather have cam cameron back as coach than have this loser anywhere around my team.

Hey...we play St. Louis... AT HOME... next year!

I can't wait to beat the crap out of Fisher until he cries like a little girl.

I guess Cowher already rejected this pathetic franchise.

If they fire Ireland a lot more coaches would be interested in Miami.

Adam Schefter is reporting that Fisher is now leaning towards Miami

They may find Michael Philbin at Penn State.

where does schefter get his info? it's hard to say what is truth or fiction. the man should just make a decision and everyone involved can move on.

All you guys hating on Fisher might want to slow down a second.

If he hasn't accepted the Rams job within the next hour or two, the pendulum begins to swing back in Miami's favor.

It's Monday, a business day. Fisher has had ample time, visits, talks, etc, etc with the Rams. Their franchise needs a quick answer just like ours. He's had all weekend to mull it over.

There's only one thing I can think of, that would be holding up his decision!

Enough with all this Mularkey crap.

If we cant get Luck or RG3, I say we come away with the next best pick and if needed, trade up to get him. YES.. You read that right.. Trade to secure him before someone else gets him.

WR Blackmon is a rare find, a once every once in a while WR that has unbelievable hands, and can jump 11' ft. YES.. 11ft and mechanics to zero in and catch the uncatchable.

This kid IS IT. If we don't grab him we once again will get to watch him terrorize us and the NFL in the right situation.

I believe that picking Blackmon will open up a new world for the Dolphins. I seen this kid make catches that 99% of other receivers would NEVER make.

Even a sub par QB can make throws to him and he will come down with the ball.

Just think... We had the marks brothers terrorizing the NFL with Dan's throws.

Brandon and Blackmon will be named the Beastie Boys and with Reggie running all over the place including play action, we use our TE or draft another one and I see us potentially winning the East.

Ok, you decide and take a look for yourself.

Sport Science: Justin Blackmon

I would figure Fisher would have made his decision already. This is probably good for Miami it's not over yet

Fisher would have to be an idiot to take the Fin job.

If they trade up it better be for Luck.

Who needs Schefter?

Just follow the time lines and apply some common sense.

Cane, this isn't directed towards you.

I'm just saying, Fisher let it be known he's only considering two Teams. He's visited both.

These Billionaire owners are an impatient bunch when it comes to these kinds of things. They NEED and DESERVE a timely decision.

It seems to me that if Fisher made up his mind on the Rams, it would have been announced about 10:00am today.

This COULD be GOOD news for the Dolphins.

I am so happy that we have "failed" in our request to hire the Stache III. I told all of you idiots already: "No New Stache."


Fisher is a mediocre coach but at least he's fan and media friendly unlike the Parcells clowns.

Sparano is still technically on the payroll. Do we still have his phone number?

I need to revise my Blackmon post. Many of you know how I feel about Andrew Luck and Cowher...

I STILL say we should trade the house and move in for Luck. Luck IS worth it and will terrorize our opponents for the next 18 years +/-.

Do whatever you need to, give up the #1 for the next 2 years Plus whatever but go all out.

I already told you: NO NEW STACHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dig it!!!

Hey have we interviewed Fing Mong Chu yet?

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