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Son of Dolphins HC candidate goes missing

Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin, who interviewed for the Dolphins vacant coaching job Friday and Saturday and is now supposed to be preparing for the New York Giants playoff game this coming weekend, has bigger concerns right now.

His 21-year-old son Michael has been missing since Sunday.

The younger Philbin has not been heard from since early Sunday and was reported missing late Sunday in Oshkosh, Wis.

[UPDATE: The young Philbin has a troubled past. He was sentenced to six months in jail in 2009 for sexually assualting two under-age girls.]

[UPDATE 2: A body identified as the young Philbin was found floating in a river near Oshkosh. No cause of death has been determined.]

Tough situation.

Wish the Philbin family the best.


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If I can walk away with anything this season here is my list.


2) Trade and GET Andrew Luck.

3) Bring in that STAR HC/GM.

4) Throw a party that we finally purged the team of all the leftover Parcells crap with titles.

Here is what you need to understand. Please try to pay attention:


Fire Ireland, and re-hire Sparano.

Ireland is interview clowns. No one wants to interview for this job because of Ireland is stuck in the middle.

Mustache Man,

So what are you sayin? N O N E W S T A C H E. lol.. I'm with you.

NY "G",

I'm with ya bro. Fire Ireland and get rid of that Parcells stench.


Ross and Ireland and Peterson are all sitting across the table from prospective HC. Is the STAR HC going to come out in front of the Scout and tell Ross that I want to bring in my own GM?

ONLY a STAR with nuts but we don't need to worry about it because Jeffy Boy wont entertain ANY HC candidate who he knows wants his own GM.

Self preservation mode.

BUT... Now recall what i said about Ross having Peterson whack Ireland. As Ross watches the candidates say NO Fu&%^$g way with Ireland here would I be the HC.

The whack on the Scout will be happening soon.

Ireland IS a virus and just like Randy Mueller , he needs to go.

NY "G",

I'm with ya bro. Fire Ireland and get rid of that Parcells stench.

Posted by: Mark

You mean the Huizenga stench?


For the record...Jeff the Scout Ireland was hired by the new Executive Vice President of Football Operations, Bill Parcells.


And Wayne Huizenga hired the Tuna stench so if Wayne was responsible for Tuna, he indirectly was responsible for all the rest that followed.. Including selling the team to another idiot Ross.

Ross won't fire Ireland until and unless Fisher signs on the dotted line.

If we have to go with a second tier coordinator/coach, then Ireland stays on. They won't let an inexperienced firt timer come in and bring his own GM. No chance.

Also, if Fisher signs, look for Ireland to "resign". They won't call it a firing, they'll give Jeffy a small TOKEN chance at saving face.

Marty Schottenheimer to talk with Bucs.

Schottenheimer's career record is 200-126-1 during the regular season.

NO worries folks.. Jeff the scout is only interviewing STARS.


If or when Ireland gets "Resigned", CAN YOU PLEASE get David Neal to get us some VIDEO of him being escorted off Team Property?

That would be KOOL!


I thought Jeff and the Scout were friends... lol

I have friends too.

MANY Friends..........that I wouldn't enter into a partnership with!

They can be "Friends"...........from afar!

I feel like the defendent in a murder case waiting for the jury to come back.

My attorney keeps telling me the longer they take, the better off I'll be.

I haven't even had dinner yet and I want too start drinking!

Come on JEFFY!

I mean........Jeff FISHER!

It seems to me that if Fisher made up his mind on the Rams, it would have been announced about 10:00am today.

This COULD be GOOD news for the Dolphins.
Posted by: odinseye | January 09, 2012 at 04:52 PM


Odin....the Drama Queen (fisher)....is selfish and egotistical....he needs for the playoff news cycle to die down...

HE NEEDS IT TO BE ALL ABOUT HIM.....FOR 24-48 HRS....not be a 2 min blip....

He will announce tuesday or wednesday....

If this Charade by Fisher hasn't shown you pro-fisher guys something....then ur not paying attention...

Drama Queen wants to be bigger than the TEAM....

SHow EVERYBODY...who's boss....How bad EVERYBODY wants him....

I would love Marty at GM and Brian Schottenheimer at HC. They would be great together IMO.

Drama Queen?

After years of the FatFecta, I don't care if he wears High Heeled Sneakers and Pink Lace on the sidelines!

It's just like with Marshall. If he keeps scoring TD's and making the Pro Bowl, I don't care if his wife stabs him every OFF-Season!

Get Me a Coach!!!!

If this Charade by Fisher hasn't shown you pro-fisher guys something....then ur not paying attention...

Drama Queen wants to be bigger than the TEAM....

SHow EVERYBODY...who's boss....How bad EVERYBODY wants him....

Posted by: kris | January 09, 2012 at 05:49 PM


Well, the Dolphins are desperate for a real HC.

Philbins kid found dead

LOL @ Odin.....

Mark....I know there desperate....

But we NEED a guy....who NEEDS to be HERE...WANTS to be HERE......would LOVE to be here....

Mark....I know there desperate....

But we NEED a guy....who NEEDS to be HERE...WANTS to be HERE......would LOVE to be here....

Posted by: kris | January 09, 2012 at 05:58 PM


If thats what they want then bring back Sparano. I'd rather have a guy that knows how to win.


Seriously, ya think you might be going just a tad overboard?

Really? REALLY(lol)?

If you were being courted by Billioniares, being offered millions in a long term contract, wouldn't **YOU** want to take a little time to make your decision?

Go over the offers, investigate everything you could possibly think of Pro/Con wise? Talk it over with the family, etc, etc.....?

Drama Queen? That's FUNNY, but I don't think it's very REALISTIC!

The Basketball Coach done kicked me off the team!

DA da DANT - DA da DANT - DANT DANT Daaaaaah!

For wearing high heeled sneakers and acting like a QUEEEEEEEEEEEEN!

who NEEDS to be HERE...WANTS to be HERE......would LOVE to be here....

Posted by: kris | January 09, 2012 at 05:58 PM

Yeah, sounds like you want Sparano LOL


Who was the last coach to put on this type of SHOW......

miami might win the fisher sweepstakes!

TGH and Mark...LOL....

I agree....knowing how to win should also be a prerequisite....

Another reason to disqualify the Drama Queen....

Which Super Bowl winning coach in the last 10 years acted like this....

15 years.....

20 years......

My bad....

Fisher hasn't won a SB.....

First, I do hope everything is ok with the kid. As a father I know that no matter how hard you try, it isn't always perfect and no matter how hard you try to be the best parent kids do have their own personality.

Now, back to this franchise, I do think most are being unfair or at a minimum exagerated with Ross, for starters I do think he is trying:

1. He did try to get Harbaugh and got caught in a media frenzy (ok, he was naive and perhaps "unethical" by NFL standards but he tried).

2. He did say what he wanted for a head coach and now he is being drilled because there is only one HC available that perhaps and maybe fits what he wanted. I repeat, there is only ONE HC available that can fit what he wants (ok, again naive in expressing what he wants without having a slam dunk to shut us all up).

3. He supported getting K Orton but up to a point. He was right wasn't he? We all now like Moore and Kyle has sucked most of the season. Think back, Kyle wanted starter/franchise QB Money and we were booing Henne (remember: "we want Orton"). What would all of us be saying if Orton was here with the record he has posted this season? Ross would probably be in a hospital with chest pains from all the punishement from fans.

4. Now since the mustache may not come to Miami some are saying that Sparano should have stayed (of course after the team won a few meaningless but "feel good" games late in the season; i.e. Jets!). I dont get it, seems we think we know how to run a franchise while all we do is criticize every move.

Granted, there is frustration, and I do understand the feeling, however it seems that we might as well support the next coach (whoever that is) and hope that the front office and others advising Ross make the right decision, because after all, if I was a coach in high demand like Fisher and I read this blog I would propably not come over given how negative the so called "fans" are.

Think about it.

So let me ask it THIS WAY....

which NON-SB winning coach has acted this way in the last 10 years.....

15 years.....

20 years.....

Hire Antwan Randle "El" for krist's sake!

In my opinion....the Drama Queen is setting HIMSELF...and the Organization HE chooses....up for a HUGE let down....

Good Luck trying to live up to all this needless HYPE......

the coaching search reminds me of draft day. the regime seems lost on both occasions. ross should fire ireland and then sell the team so we can get our dolphins back.

Can The Drama Queen really show pick a football team...and NOT win a SB in 3-5 years.....How will that be received after ALL this sensationalism......

Well...maybe if he gets 17 years....maybe then.....

But History says....even 17 years isn't enough time.....most of you will be long dead and buried in 17 years......maybe me 2.....



I'm going to go out on a limb here. I'm going to use my intellectual prowess and powers of deduction. Fasten your seatbelt!

Judging from the tone of your posts, I'm starting to think your not a real big Fisher Fan?

Huh? How am I doing?

Odin...what gave it a way....

I got to work on being more subtle....

come on fisher they made u fly coach. and couldnt seal the deal. now come to miami and let carl then fire ireland!

It is going to be one hell of a Game.

kris, why wouldnt fisher take all the time he needs to make a career decision. as much time as a coach has to put in for a team it seems to me that he would take his time and be 100% sure that he is compfortable with that town and team. he just left st louis yesterday. i doubt its an ego thing as you say. he owes his choice to himself and his family not fans. the same as us all.

* Cowboys dump Dave Campo secondary coach *

I'm sure Armando is drooling all over his typ pad as he is going to do a full page about the Cowboy / Dolphin connection and how freaking good he would be as our STAR HC.

Jeff the Scout is having the plane fueled up to bring in this Cowboy reject.

That is some fast reporting. Congrats Mando.

Did not find anything over the internet until I refreshed this page.

Sorry to hear that....tragic for any family no matter what.

Tragic. Period.

Once again this regime shows that they are completely lost and disfunctional. Why fire a coach and not allready have a backup plan in place? Then after you finally decide to get serious about finding a coach, make your primary target a guy who is almost the same exact coqch that you just fired. Ther is very little difference between Sparano anfd Fisher. Very conservative on the offensive side of the ball, and very little success as head coach. And Mike Kalarkey? WTF!!! Ibterview a guy that you allready fired? Is it any wonder that the Dolphins have gone nowhere for so long? A once proud and respected franchise has been destroyed right before our eyes.

Mulatkey was too conservative with that great offense and didnt even compete in that playoff game! NO MULARKEY, he's a chicken S#IT! Once Fisher turns us down, Ireland will probably recommend against Philbin since his troubled son is missing and probably dead. Scratch off another viable candidate!

God bless the Philbins if that's the case!

Fire Ireland!!!!

Then we can bring in the Polin's or a HC that wants to run things the way he does.

Doesn't Ross get it. Obviously not!

Dan Marino for are new head coach.

Prayers to Coach Philibin and their family. Apparently the boy was found dead... As for those that are judging and calling out karma. You all disgust me. I pray you never have to lose a child, as you love them unconditionally. Only GOD judges you idiots! Everyone on this post are heartless and karma may just come your way!

Reading through all the posting, I am so glad I moved from Miami, as you all are thugs and have zero empathy. Pretty much worthless human beings. Armando, please take down this article - It would be so sad if anyone in the Philibins family read this postings. Whats so ironic is that 80% of Miami are either gay or pedophiles. Yeah, KARMA is a BIACTH.

Horrible sad news....praying for the Philbin family.

Odinseye, I guess you got your wish! His son's dead and you more or less stated he deserved it for his crimes. Don't you think the judge was capable in handing out a six month sentence. You are pure scum and a disgrace to all Dolfans and humans in general.... You make me and all true fin fans sick.

You and I are on the same exact page. I posted this same exact sentiment on another blog today. I say hire Bowles. Again, IMO, Ross lays another PR egg with this search. The least you can do is interview ALL in-house candidates with sincerity. You don't bring in Peterson when you talk to Bowles?, but Peterson is the personal escort to the helicopter (HELICOPTER is the key word here, explain in a minute) for Fisher. Next, you don't EVEN INTERVIEW Mike Nolan for the job? Tomorrow you bring in a DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR from another team (with, by the way, a lower-ranked defense) and give him his 5 minutes?! WTF! is my reaction if I'm Nolan. Does anyone think Nolan enjoys that slight? 2 things I would have done as Ross, EVEN IF I knew it was highly unlikely I hired either Bowles, or Nolan:
1) Interview BOTH of them with Peterson present to give weight to the interviews.
2) Send a car (limo') out to pick up and take these guys to the interview. (Shows you are a VIP to your employer).
This lets your (possibly future) coaches who survive the regime change, to have faith that with you (Ross) as an employer, I can believe in you and fight for you. I might move up the ladder here someday. It's called creating employee loyalty. Damn, Ross isn't that stupid is he, or does he have that "F.ck you" NY mentality he's pushing on a southern city? I know Miami isn't "deep south" by any means, but people who have lived there for any length of time, including most northern transplants) HATE that NY/NJ attitude. They HATE it. If you have a good employee and you have an opening that is a big promotion for that employee, give him the courtesy of a sincere interview.

I need to go down to that nuthouse in Davie and apply for a job. There is no way I could have handled this interview process any worse from a PR standpoint!


I agree with the "giving Fisher time" thing, but please don't make it out to be for "noble" reasons. Even goofy Fisher (who I hope does not get hired and we hire another guy who is NO WORSE and will keep what little continuity is so desparately needed here, that guy being Todd Bowles) is only delaying the decision SOLELY to drive up his price. Hell, anyone in his position would do that, but let's not portray this as a "noble" stance please. it's ALL about the money.

HEY ARMANDO... A 21 year old just died. Did you feel the need to add this to your articles with all the animals in Miami? [UPDATE: The young Philbin has a troubled past. He was sentenced to six months in jail in 2009 for sexually assualting two under-age girls.] YOU ARE AS BAD AS THEM!

He had the first update first and the second update second, thats how that works.
And what is this drama talk nonsense, Fisher is taking a few days to decide, wow.

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