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Source: Bowles return to Dolphins unlikely

Joe Philbin is about the business of hiring a coaching staff right now. And while many of Miami's assistant coaches are excellent at what they do and the club denied some of them permission to interview with other clubs the past two weeks, their chances of staying seem slim now.

Philbin talked to interim head coach Todd Bowles Sunday and the message didn't exactly suggest the new coach is eager to retain Bowles. In fact, a source close to Bowles just told me the club's secondary/assistant head coach/interim head coach will not return to the Dolphins.

Obviously this can change at the last minute -- just google Chip Kelly. But Bowles is not in Mobile, Ala. for the Senior Bowl representing the team and he was told to feel free to search for other opportunities if he likes.

Bowles and Philbin are scheduled to speak again on Wednesday to finalize the plan for the assistant, but the source tells me the vibe when Philbin and Bowles talked last time was he was told he's free to find another job and Philbin would not hold him back.

The Wednesday meeting, meanwhile, is not expected to be anything formal. It's supposed to be a phone call, unless Philbin changes his mind between now and then.

Bowles, meanwhile, is going to do exactly what he was told: He has one year remaining with on his Dolphins contract. But he's going to search for opportunities elsewhere.

He's not alone. Philbin is setting a course to revamp the Miami offensive staff. I was told not to expect too many coaches to be retained from that offensive staff.

One coach who is not expected to be retained is offensive line coach Dave DeGuglielmo. Philbin, a former offensive line coach, wants to instill his way of doing things and he obviouslyy wants his people. He has already reportedly reached out to Jacksonville offensive line coach Andy Heck. Googs, as he is affectionately called in the building, is headed to the New York Jets with longtime friend Tony Sparano, according to a league source.

[Update: The Florida Times Union is reporting the Jaguars are retaining Heck.]

Wide receiver coach Steve Bush also leaving the Miami staff, according to a source in the agent industry. Assistant wide receivers coach Ike Hilliard's status is uncertain, according to the same source.

[Update: Hilliard has been hired by the Washington Redskins, that team announced today.]

Offensive coordinator Brian Daboll had feelers from other teams after the regular season. The Dolphins denied him permission to interview elsewhere, according to a source. While his fate in Miami has not been sealed, it is a long shot he will return to the staff, according to a source.

Daboll may wind up in either Kansas City or with the New York Jets.

A source close to linebacker coach Bill Sheridan also tells me he'll be leaving the Dolphins. Sheridan was with the team two seasons.


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With a 6-10 record, who cares about anyone on this team. Coach Joe, go ahead and clean house. You own it now. My only concern is Jeff Ireland. He is like cancer to this team. If he can keep quiet and let coach Joe do his thing, then I'll feel better. Oh and by the way, why is the Herald still writing articles about Fischer and St.Louis? Let it go, stop rubbing it in. Who cares about that crappy team. The Fins with coach Joe will be better this season- I hope?

Manning to Dallas,

I would gladly take Romo off their hands if that's the case. Romo does have a penchant for shtting the bed but he is a very good QB although not elite. Very good is 10 times better then anything we have had in Miami (save Pennington).

I don't see it happening though. Expecting even the great Peyton Manning to come in and have a Super Bowl or bust situation would be too much. Having to learn a new offense is tough for anyone. They may look good for 3 qtrs but come crunch time they may not have the go to play or comfort level with a particular player to have the same effect. It would be an unfair situation for Manning to walk into. Although he is one of the all time greats and more than likely would embrace ANY and ALL challenges


I would normally never argue your line of thinking here but remember that in 2010 Manning saw A.Gonzalez, R.Wayne and D.Clark all go down for the majority of the season with serious injury. He came at everyone with a TE named Jacob Tamme and a couple of WR's named A.Collie and Blair White with Garcon in and out himself thru the year. He wins the div. and had in my book one of his most impressive seasons considering those players had either been on ST's or the practice squad before they saw the field.

Kevin Coyle for DC?

Anybody know his claim to fame and why he should get the job?

fin4life, totally agree. Our drafting has been bad since JJ and it was bad before JJ. And JJ never really capitalized on first picks but was uncanny in the middle rounds. Never could figure that trait out.

Ireland has been better than anyone we've had since JJ but he still sucks big time. The players that he has managed to find are not really immpact players. They don't improve our pass game significantly (other than Long) and don't really disrupt the other teams passing game (other than Vontae).

Want to know why the Giants are in the super bowl?

First round picks since 2001:

Prince Akumakara
Jason Pierre Paul
Hakeem Nicks
Kenny Phillips
Aaron Ross
Mathias Kiwanuka
Corey Webster (2nd round due to Eli trade)
Eli Manning
William Joseph
Jeremy Shockey
Will Allen

Notice the trend? Other than William Joseph, all of these players either improve your pass game or disrupts the other teams pass game by covering receivers, knocking down the qb, or intercepting passes.

It's no accident that they are where they are.

Mark, Seems like a lot of thoughs players came from UM as well. The Dolphins only have 1 UM player on the team in Carey. As a matter of fact they dont have any very many players combined from all 3 Florida schools. FSU UM Fla



Mark in Toronto,

funny thing is Joseph never lived up the to expectations went to Raiders and somewhere's else and now is back on the team. He is good vs run from what I hear. And I saw him make a few plays vs Sf. Maybe not stat sheet plays but football plays like moving the blockers and so forth. But yeah good post. They have had some really good players in the first round that they hit on. Particularly players Miami passed on in Pierre Paul and Nicks.

Let's see Vontae Davis or Nicks? And Odrick and Misi or Pierre Paul?

I don't know the final numbers but, at one point in the NFC Championship, it was noted that Smith had only completed one pass to a wide receiver. I remember it was pretty late in the game but I thought it was quite an amazing statistic.


K.Coyle has lead a pretty steady group in his time as DB Coach with the Bengals and has learned under guys Marvin Lewis who some forget made his bones running the Ravens D and a solid DC in Mike Zimmer. How that translates to becoming the DC is anybodies guess because you never know how that translates but alot of guys make the jump successfully.

The real question is how you feel about their scheme, in NY with the Giants they jumped on Steve Spagnuolo out of Philly who came out of the Jim Johnson blitzing way of doing things, Herm Edwards out of the Dungy Tampa 2 ect..

The School on Coyle goes thru a 4/3 scheme which I feel we may have better personnel for than the 3/4 but it also demands alot of 1 on 1 out of your Corners alot less zone a good coverage LB's

Spiderman, that's also true. We've always avoided UM for some reason I can't imagine. Totally missed on taking advantage of that home bred talent. And Carey has been a great Dolphin - not flashy but has played three positions on the line at a pretty good level. Hope he comes back.

Andy, I don't mind the Vontae pick in hindsight but Odrick still kills me. At pick 12 or whatever it was we had I loved 5 players players, Earl Thomas, Jason Pierre Paul, Derrick Morgan, Sean Weatherspoon, and the defensive end that was drafted by Philly from Michigan.

Two of the guys got had bad injuries.

But two have become pro bowlers and Weatherspoon is on his way too.

Instead we pick Odrick, oh well.

Lou, you are correct and those were the final stats. Smith shot his load the week before - he ran out of ideas when the defense limited Vernon.

If you look at the Dolphins draft history they didn't hit on too many of the players they drafted from the Florida schools. Carey was the exception to the rule.

Mark @12:25,

Great post, also gut wrenching all at the same time!! We not only passed on Pierre Paul but Earl Thomas as well. We could have also probably traded up a couple of spots in 07 for K.Phillips who was a steal at pick 32 that year. Webster was always Saban's guy in rd.2 of 05 but didn't make the aggressive move up and settled on Travis Daniels in rd.4 ect.. and while Nicks would have been nice we needed the corner (V.Davis) given we let Goodman walk who is doing very well in Denver passing up MAN CRUSHER Clay Matthews!


I hear you. I was big on Brandon Graham too, I was wrong on him. The others I wanted was Dez and Earl Thomas. I admit I wasn't big on Pierre Paul cause I knew nothing about him other then his youtube back flip video. But I don't get paid to get paid millions and have a billion resources to break down players. Now Odrick was essentially a rookie and for a 3-4 DE getting 6 sacks was pretty good particularly for a rookie. So Odrick might end up being a pretty good player. Misi, I know it's only year 2 and a lot of 2nd year guys hit a wall so if he doesn't come out in year 3 and play cosistantly good football then he was another 2nd round blown pick.

Pierre Paul on the other hand is all over the field, sacks, pressures, tackles down field, batting balls down. He is already the real deal and seems like he is playing off ability and instincts. It might be scary when he gets the mental aspect of the game down.


yeah I admitted I was wrong because I was high on Brandon Graham and whether it was injuries (knee) or scheme he seems like a bust. But I was real high on Clay Mathews that year and was the guy I wanted to hear his name called. When I heard Vontae I admit I was fine with it but in hindsight it's like WTF! Imagine 2 high motor, aggressive beast like Mathews and Wake rushing the passer. At that rate Nolan Caroll could be the starter lol.(I know he sucks just saying with that pass rush)

Andy, I agree. I'm not going to call Odrick a bust but he hasn't been as good as some of those players mentioned, but alternatively he may end up being better than most I mentioned, time will tell.

Pierre Paul I liked because he wasn't just about the video. He produced on a pretty good USF team that played a pretty tough schedule.

But like you alluded to, if he ends up being a superior pass rusher for his position - whether it's as an inside player in a 4-3 or a DE in a 3-4 - getting 8-10 sacks a year from that position is quite the weapon and well deserving of the pick.


Who was your guy you wanted in 2012 at #15?

I figure I will throw it out to get the peoples riled up! I wanted Mallet at #15! lol

I'm so tired of this Payton Manning stuff. Keep him away from Miami, PLEASE!!!


The thing about ignoring the U is something that has always mystified me and the 93 draft is a perfect example. In that draft the Dolphins pass on OLB Darrin Smith (rd.1), MLB Micheal Barrow (rd.2) and OLB Jesse Armstead (rd.6) known in there time at UM as the BERMUDA TRIANGLE and are in every conversation of the greatest LB tandem in NCAA History outside of USC's Matthews, Cushing and Maulaluga.

We Take McDuffie 1st that year (we were loaded at WR, plus Dallas takes Kevin Williams from UM rd.2 who was basically the same player only faster)Terry Kirby and Nickle back Ronnie Bradford, YIKES!!! Had Shula done nothing else that day he could have simply drafted these 3 out of his own back yard solidifying the best Pro LB Corp. of the era considering that all 3 were perennial PROBOWLERS with Armstead the best of the trio and dropping in that draft because of injury!!


I mean 2011 not 2012!

But who is your early favorite for 2012 at #8 or #9?

I maybe alone here and reaching but if Miami gets Flynn and QB is solved I want Michael Floyd. I stated before and earlier today that he is a one on one match up problem. He goes up and after the ball and has "elite body control."

"Elite body control" is my Kiper-ism of the day haha. I'm just saying from the naked eye he goes up and after balls and over smaller defenders like he supposed being 6'3 225


I remember very clearly that I wanted a trade down and for us to take Mallet in the late 1st. I like who we took but was hoping for the trade down.

When we traded up in the 2nd round I was screaming YES YES!!! We're going to trade up for Mallet and for a brief second I thought Ireland was a genius. WOW was I wrong...LOL


Lol. Wow bro sounds like my living room as well. My dad is an Arkansas alum so we watch a ton of Arkansas, I was literally squeezing his hand and saying "here it is, here it is!" and then Daniel Thomas. I was almost as disappointed as I was hearing my dad tell me on the phone because I had work that "Jamar Fletcher".

I like Pouncey but an offensive line coach like Sparano taking an offensive linemen is such a cop out! An offensive minded guy is allowed to take a QB but an O-line coach should be able to develop a 2nd or 3rd round (John Jerry) and pick another elite position that you don't have a background with.

I was fine with Miami taking Riley Reiff or Jonathan Martin in round 1 to fix that right side but Philbin's background as an O-line coach gets the same expectations as Sparano and that is they should be able to develop a guy in rounds 2 and 3 as much as another guy could with a 1st rounder. Now that isn't always going to happen the 1st round guys sometimes are just that much more talented but you get the point. Philbins background is O-line therefore he should be able to take a Michael Floyd or Courtney Upshaw or whomever else that is worthy and isn't an O-linemen


You like Floyd better than Blackmon?? In last years draft I'll admit I was a bit torn because the talk on Mallett (Alot on here argue it's B.S. but there is a reason he drops to rd.3) was not some simple pot smoking like with Marino. They were talking Coke and Meth and you wondered about a guy like that in Miami of all places. I didn't like Ingram because I thought D.Murray and M.LeShoure would be solid rd.2 and thought Pouncey who we all talked to death before the draft was the obvious safe choice although and I still believe this he is out of position and needs to go back to LG were he truely excelled at Fla.

Your sources suck !
I'm starting to think that your "sources" are simply yourself.
Do a better job, man ! we have enough problems in the Dolphins for you to create even more.
Gizz ! It gets boring to speak all the time about the same thing. I have to give up this blog or I'll be ending up in a mental institution.

LOL....this blog already IS a mental instituion......

Armando - you're "sources" blow! According to your " source", Philbin got the job because he was willing to keep Bowles per the Dolphins request and McCoy was not willing. Pathetic.

Note the two coaches in the SB are the most tenured in the NFL. Its no surprise stability in plan and personel are pretty helpful. One should also note they both have ELITE QB's.As did all of the top 4 teams. Brady ironically the best the only one not #1 rd Pick....

NYG is more balanced and as such is my pick to Win.
Defense - Edge Giants
Special Teams: Giants
Running Game : Giants
QB - pretty even in general in playoff's - ELI

24-14 G-Men

Speaking of butts, check out this funny parody. http://youtu.be/4KE4K6VQnvo

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