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The combination coach is probably wishful thinking

Dolphins fans are desperate. And they're starting to reach for anyone and anything that might give them hope. So I'm getting e-mails suggesting different coaches would be a great idea as long as, you know, they bring someone else in tow.

They want Joe Philbin as long he gets Matt Flynn.

They want Mike Zimmer to run the defense as long as he brings Todd Haley to work on the offense.

They want Dave Toub if he can convince Devin Hester to come home.

While I hope not, you're probably setting yourself up for disappointment. Major disappointment.

The fact is Philbin had a good interview. A club source says he impressed. But there are questions whether he would be in position to move his family following the death of his 21-year-old son last week. His emotional state is uncertain to the point no one knows how it would affect his candidacy for the job.

And to believe he definitely can bring Flynn with him is a fairy tale.

Let's just say it right now: The Green Bay Packers are not stupid. They are likely not going to let a commodity such as Flynn simply walk out the door in free agency without trying to get something for him first. That means they may franchise him. Or they may put a transition tag on him. I predict there is no way the Packers just let Flynn go for free.

And, by the way, Flynn won't be free even if he costs no compensation. He's going to his next team to start, not to compete to start. And he's going to cost starter money. He is the 2012 version of Kevin Kolb. I'm not saying he won't perform once he gets to his next team. I am saying it is going to cost a mint to sign him and probably cost draft picks to get him away from the Packers on top of that.

I heard the idea floated Saturday that Zimmer is headed to the Dolphins because he is familiar to Jeff Ireland and he's a good coach and he also had a solid interview in New York last week when he met with the Dolphins.

But Zimmer has no more experience putting a staff together than you and me. So he might need some help with running the offense, which suggests perhaps Haley would be a fit.

It is plausible, I guess.

Haley's agent is also Jeff Ireland's agent. I'm sure the idea has been floated for Haley to get an interview of some sort. But if the only job available is an offensive coordinator gig, the thinking among league people is that Haley probably would be most comfortable returning to the Arizona Cardinals.

And that's assuming he's not going to the New York Jets.

The point is Haley has options.

If this sounds pessemistic, please rethink that. It is reality. Maybe lightning strikes and the Dolphins can get Zimmer and Haley or Philbin and Flynn.

But lightning hasn't really been striking on the Dolphins' behalf a lot lately.


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Horrible blog post. Just another garbage story by Armando to try and continue to paint the Dolphins in a bad light. Grow up.

This is painful to watch. My team has fallen so low. I just hope the next coach doesn't embarass the team too much.

Mando could you bring more light into why the FO seems content with the guys they interviewed so far. There are plenty of good candidates out there lead by Rob Chudzinski, is it b/c he went to Carolina instead last year?

Mr Ross, I actually commend you for going after the big name to satisfy this ungrateful fan base. Yes mistakes have been made but we all can make them, the more important question is do we learn from them? I think based on your success that you will.

Not too long ago the Pats were in our spot, they were the laughing stock of our division, perennial bottom dwellers, how have things changed since. Mr. Kraft also went through some growing pains, it is easy to forget now. Change is not easy, which is apparently why I see so many empty sacks among our fans, the ones who still think overpaying to land a lad like Matt Flynn will take us somewhere. Grow a pair you too fans, enough of this OMG we are gonna pay too much for RG3, sniff, sigh BS. I bet all of you would have criticized Kraft for giving up the farm and Curtis Martin to the Jets in exchange for...Bill Belichick, you know that dude who was a "failure" in Cleveland, a no name coach, who is he? What is his experience? etc, etc.

I'm gonna make it really simple why it is imperative Ross and company need to at the very least interview other guys, especially one ROB CHUDZINSKI.
I'm gonna choose to not even mention in detail Chud's Canes history and all of his other successes pretty much everywhere he's been.

What do all today's games had in common? DOMINANT TE PLAY, all of the teams that were in it, except for...Denver. Mr. Ireland, I am one of those who have actually defended you but I never understood your negligence addressing the TE position. Anyway, Chud may well be the best TE guru in the country so why not at least give him another interview (and yes another one b/c somehow you guys thought Brian Daboll was the better hire or maybe he turned you down because he was friends with Rivera in San Diego and followed his pal to Carolina; in fact I bet I'm onto something there). Please use your head not your heart, and swallow a small dose of your pride, I know it is hard, but think it can lead you to success, huge success.

Let's break down today's TEs numbers:

-Vernon Davis (7) catches, 180 yds, 2 TDs
-J. Graham (5) catches, 103 yds, 2 TDs
-R. Gronk (10) catches, 145 yds, 3 TDs
-A. Hernandez (4) 55 yds, 1 TD.

These numbers by themselves are astonishing, but if you watched the games the impact these players had in all games were beyond the stats, the swagger they inject simply overpower defenses. Please wake up, TEs are the future of the NFL, Belichick in his wisdom realized this in 2010 when a lot of people second guessed his moves.

Chud immediately upon his hire in Carolina pursued TEs Greg Olsen and Jeremy Shockey who despite being past their prime and playing for a rookie QB put up 45 and 37 catches respectively and caught for more yards and same TDs (5) as Fasano and 4 for Shockey. See Chud understood how vital was going to be for his rookie QB to have competent TEs. So again why not pursue Chud, you were just played by a coach who wanted more $$$, as simple as that, why don't you show some prowess a raid the Panthers, take their best coach and TE in Greg Olsen, be bold for once!

And keeping with the theme, I still think if we do not pursue RG3 we will be left with more of the same, I'd say mortgage the house (Mr. Ross you made your $$$ in construction and you have to know sometimes you do have to mortgage the house) but do keep your 2nd rounder and draft Dwayne Allen from Clemson, the guy is a beast and we have to fight fire with fire here playing in the same division with the Pats.

Look, if you choose to go with Zimmer fine, but not giving a guy like Chud at least an interview will only confirm all the criticism of your detractors. Please keep interviewing more guys like Chud or Winston Moss, Chip Kelly and then make a decision, if you waited for Fisher that long you can prolong your search a bit more and make a more educated choice.

Those names are garbage anyway. Philbin, flynn, zimmer, haley. Dont want any of them!

Marty the coach for coaches.

Whats harbaugh's dad up to these days, maybe we can pull him out of retirement to reap the rewards of his sons successes in the NFL by just naming him head coach.....Like Father, Like Sons???

1st Post,

I agree that sometimes it seems Armando loves bringing up all the negatives of the Dolphins, but you should still be respective and not use a blog name "Armando's MOM" If I'm not mistaken he just lost his mother several months ago.

Let's try to show a little class please!

I have no idea who to hire now. Ross is lucky he has Peterson so he can fake like he knows what the F he is doing. Ross has no clue, that means the Phins are destined to suck for a while IMO. Who Knows, Drew Bress just got beat like a bad dog

I have defended Ross in the past, but the Billick story really puts me off.

Both Ireland and Ross had better wake up to the fact that there are fewer and fewer butts in seats at the games. Season ticket sales were down by about 30% and Ross had to guarantee tickets sales on 5 of the eight games to make sure that there was no blackout locally.
Last year they said that they understand that they needed to get faster and how did they address this in the draft? One player from Texas's little sisters of the poor and that was all.
They said that they understood that there needed to be better QB play and there would be competition for Henne.
Ireland failed to address any of our concerns and that ended up with Bob Griese and Nat Moore, begging the fans to come out and support the team, before the first preseason game.
If the Dolphins front office continues on this path, they will be buying a lot of tickets themselves because the stands will be even more empty. Be aggressive and move up to get one of those QBs (Luck or Griffin) address the other WR spots beyond Marshall and Bess, and upgrade the TE position. We need playmakers, thrills and excitement.
Winning 9- 6 is not exciting and the majority of the fans will not show up. Make the move and be digressive.

The 2011 season is not even over yet, the team is trying to get the best, and folks still can't be pleased. As long as the people with the megaphone have a voice to stir up hate and fear, this teams fan base will continue to be even more fickle then ever...

Take your time Jeff Ireland and get the right guy. Mr. Ross ignore the fans and stick to your convictions and your plan. You are correct to want the GM to be the GM and the HC to be the HC…

All these crybabies will keep crying until one thing happens....Wins!

What is the personality on this team?

Do they follow the owners path? Aggressive, explosive , Dynamic team?

or do we follow the Ireland idea of ultra conservatism, big , slow , plodding , strong team?

Ross is a moron!! Bellick is by far the best choice....
Fisher is all hype... HAS NOT DONE JACK in all his years as a head coach.... if you are gonna take chances take an OC from A PLAYOFF TEAM..... or maybe he should put Ireland to be the Head Coach since he thinks Ireland is THE ALL MIGHTY GM, KNOW IT ALL!!!

And you think Bellick is not going to want some control over personel, same story different coach. It will end up, more than likely Bowels. But I wont complain with that move.

Stick with what we have. Simple facts are that instead of trying to do the impossible, create a team the will get closer to the top this year. Get it out of the headlines and get on with the job. That is formulating a plan for next year to compete. We have one in place and with some tweaks we are easily 10-6 next year. We have a relatively high draft pick. The end is not near. In fact, like Pennington a good qb could fall into our lap. I liked Moore this year and he played very well. He protected the ball and made some great plays.
The worst thing for a leader to do is show indecision. We are about 4 or 5 players short of an outstanding football team. Todd Bowles is here and he did alright. Ireland bugs me but he is doing pretty good. I wish he would stop kissing Dallas butt. Other than that he decisions have been pretty sound.
Ross is right, the GM runs operations and personel. The Coach tells the GM what he wants and if that is available at a reasonable price then he gets the person the coach needs.
All of this hand wringing, oh woh is me just makes the team and FO look like a bunch of lemmings. Why is it that everything seems to run in crisis mode?


I URGE READERS TO READ THIS LINK. Foxsports.com writer John Czarnecki says the Packers WILL NOT franchise Flynn hence making Mando wrong once again. They will not tag him because Finley is more valuable to their offense than Matt Flynn. Finley will not sign prior to the start of FA.

You don't write English language as you pronounce it, Bro.

420 yards - pretty stat
loss - ugly stat
W - the only stat that matters
Posted by: Logical Lou | January 14, 2012 at 11:04 PM
5 turn overs by New Orleans - Ugly stat.
Loss - Ugly stat
W - Only stat that matters.
San Fran is just another team just like New Orleans. They could have laid an egg just as easily.
It's the playoffs and the FACT is, they were better prepared, better on the score board and the better team on the FIELD.
As much as you might like it, you can't have it both ways. New Orleans got their a sses handed to them on the big stage.
San Fran **CAUSED** most of those turnovers and undoubtedly were the better team!

You are what your record says you are.

New Orleans Saints 2012 Playoffs: 1 and DONE!

The first poster needs to grow up! Why use that as your name / login? Have some respect. If you've followed this blog at all you'd know that Armando's passed away last year.

We all have our opinions on Armando and his writing and button pushing. But have we lost all decency?

Denver did MAKE the playoffs.

The did beat a decimated Steelers team with a severely lame Rapist quarterbacking it.

The Free Safety that gave TeBow the win was a back up. Clark didn't play because of sickle cell traits.

I don't know if Henne was right or wrong about Tebow not having the skilss to be an NFL Quarterback. But, I'll bet you Brady and Bellicheat agree.

I was just kidding about not knowing. I think it's safe to say that Tim Tebow is definitely the worst excuse of a quarterback to EVER play in an NFL playoff game.


This is an open forum. Unfortunately, to have this benefit, we have to put up with some "Idiocrasy".

Whoever it was just proved how much Class he doesn't have.

I'm all for Civil Liberties and Free Speech. But in this particular case, I wouldn't mind some good old fashioned censorship!

Ban the Idiot Armando!

I didn't watch the second half of the Patriots ROMP!

I ended up with two Babes on my hands. Problems is, they weren't here for a threesome.

Long story short: I'm SINGLE AGAIN!

Anyways, with the Patriots trouncing the Broncos, I'm sure they saved Brady and their Back Up some extremely beneficial playoff experience.

So Kris, how did Mallet do?

Hows this for some perspective?

Tom Brady and the Patriots had left Miller's Broncos in their rearview mirror before leaving the field at Gillette Stadium for halftime. At that point, Brady had more touchdown passes (5) than Tim Tebow had completions (3).

Denver needs to sign Henne on the cheap.

Tebow needs to find out if UPS is hiring!

420 yards - pretty stat
loss - ugly stat
W - the only stat that matters
Posted by: Logical Lou | January 14, 2012 at 11:04 PM

5 turn overs by New Orleans - Ugly stat.
Loss - Ugly stat
W - Only stat that matters.
San Fran is just another team just like New Orleans. They could have laid an egg just as easily.
It's the playoffs and the FACT is, they were better prepared, better on the score board and the better team on the FIELD.
As much as you might like it, you can't have it both ways. New Orleans got their a sses handed to them on the big stage.
San Fran **CAUSED** most of those turnovers and undoubtedly were the better team!

You are what your record says you are.

New Orleans Saints 2012 Playoffs: 1 and DONE!

Posted by: Odin's Bottom | January 15, 2012 at 04:29 AM


That was in response to the fool who was impressed with Henne's losing performance against NE.

Try reading in context and drinking less.

Entertaining day of Football!

Brees is about the best there is. But Harbaugh has a COMPLETE **TEAM** surrounding Alex Smith. The better **TEAM** won without a doubt.

I suppose there will be some suicidal pundits looking into the cameras with Shell Shock by morning. NO MORE TEBAGS to swing on.

Hey, ESPN, Sports Center, NFL Channel swing on these numbers: 9 for 26, 136 yards and **NO TD's**

I'm pretty sure TeBags set some records of his own tonight.

Just for the record: Brady and Bellicheat look like their on a FVCKING MISSION!

Good Night or Morning!

Whatever works for you!


That was in response to the fool who was impressed with Henne's losing performance against NE.
Try reading in context and drinking less.
Posted by: Logical Lou | January 15, 2012 at 05:23 AM

Yeah, whatever Dude.

Have fun with your Double Standards. The problem is, I only let Be-atches get away with Double Standards.



You tried to say New Orleans was the better team and only lost because of the 5 turnovers.

I know all about your context.

Now, try to get a little of my context. San Fran FORCED those TURNOVERS and handed Brees and Co. their as ses.

Only stat that MATTERED: The SCORE!


Try reading the post right before mine. It was a response to someone else.

You are too shiit faced to get it. Bottoms up.

and don't drive while you are so smashed.

What's wrong with Bowles? He's been there and it wouldn't be starting over again. Bowles probably just as good as all the ones left to pick from.

This team seems like they can play football. They just need to play football the first half of the season.

PS...are we sure Pennington won't be back next year? He didn't retire did he? I think he's still under contract with Miami. FA this this.

LOL!!! I never knew Tony's son worked for the dolphins. How awkward is that.

Tony Sparano, Jr. enters his first season as offensive quality control coach for the Dolphins,having been named to the position on January 26, 2011.

You guys ever see the bunch of losers that are behind the scenes? Check them out here.


"Sparano, Jr. received his degree in history with a minor in political science in May, 2009."

History and political science and he's running offensive quality control?








Boycott Ireland

ross/ireland knew they were going to replace sparano for a year now. and they don't have a plan B ????? ross needs to sell the team and go back to n.y.

Hayden Fox, Armando did not say the Pack WOULD franchise Flynn, he said "...they MAY franchise him." (My caps) And while Czarnecki is a respected writer (he is one of 44 selectors for the NFL Hall of Fame), he, like Armando in this situation, is postulating.

To those on these boards who are bothered by the haters here and by those woe-is-me types who have given up hope, there is something that helps me which might help you: I try to remember that people do not often spend time writing positive comments on websites when reviewing a product or service, which is essentially what most of us are doing here. It is an old business observation that a happy customer will usually help your business by telling 1 or 2 people (potential customers) about their satisfaction with your product but an unhappy customer will tell many more people (7 or 8 potential customers) about their poor satisfaction with a product. So, it stands to reason that we see many folks posting their dissatisfaction with the Miami Dolphins’ product. This is not a different situation from reading online reviews of a toaster or a new television. Customers who are happy with their product do not usually go online to say so, but the unhappy ones often will go online and bellyache.

That is not to say it is not their right to complain or moan but I find constructive criticism to be much more rewarding to read. To be sure, our Dolphins need a lot of constructive criticism. I have some opinions of my own and if you've listened to me here on my soapbox this long, you might listen a little longer.

First, let's relinquish this belief that Carl Peterson is the devil. Like many of you, I remember reading about Kansas City fans' relief - nay, joy - when Peterson left their organization. Peterson, like Marty Schottenheimer, was seen as unsuccessful in the post season. Then I took a look at what Peterson's Chiefs did during his tenure. They were above average. But they never closed the deal on a crown, always falling short in the playoffs.

Peterson's Chiefs remind me a lot of Shula's 'Fins during the second half of The Don’s career in that they were almost always a good team, never a great team. Please hear me here, I realize we always, every season, want to compete for the crown and that we never want to settle. But how much would you rather have a Chiefs-like team a la Peterson vs. our recent Dolphins product? We could reintroduce the term playoffs into our vernacular.

"Playoffs, don't talk about playoffs. Are you kidding me? Playoffs?" - Jim Mora

Final rant: Perhaps I am a glass-half-full kind of person but I think Ross bought the Dolphins as an investment AND as a fan. It stands to reason that Ross benefits from a great Dolphins team on both accounts, financially and soulfully (NFL crowns sooth the soul). So I believe he will help get our team championship crowns and back to the level of respectability many of us remember. But he is new to this game and admits as much. He will get better. Carl Peterson would be great for this team. He helped produce very good teams in K.C. and I believe he could help build a strong foundation here. Jeff Ireland is a sharp guy and I think we have more than 2 or 3 rising stars already on this team. Regardless of how some media have told us to feel about Ireland, especially his relationship - or former relationship - with Sparano, I believe Ireland wants to help build a powerhouse in Miami. That leaves our head coach, the face of the franchise, as the last fundamental administrative piece. He has to use the foundation that Peterson will lay for the team and build upon it a great team. He will also have to work, and work well, with Ireland to identify team needs and available players in the draft and free agency and get them into aqua and coral. Then our coach will, well, coach. We are not that far away.

Go interview New Orleans OC!!!

I am dolphin stop crying and bit..

Why would you hire Mike Zimmer over Mike Nolan? For that matter why not interview Mike Nolan instead of Zimmer? Nolan is a proven commodity on defense. I figure with Nolan and Joe Philpin (with or without Flynn) would be good for Dolphins. Matt Moore is more than adequate and with a full training season and someone like Philpin he will surprise all you so called "know-it-alls"!

Now that everyone is clear on Ross’s insane love for the incompetent Ireland, its time to lower our sights in the HC search. No top candidate will put up with Ireland.


Ross and Ireland's reputation is what is screwing up getting any decent coach out there. How many 'Not Interested' coaches are out there when the Dolphins come up? LOTS! Get rid of Ireland and Ross, go to a wheel chair and let them put duct tape over your mouth. Let Peterson at least get things credible again. No Respect! Like Rodney Dangerfield without the funny personality.. Sad.. Once again, NO MORE DOLLARS FROM ME UNTIL IRELAND IS GONE! I'm letting my few bucks do the talking for me. They stay in my pocket till things change!

So Kris, how did Mallet do?

Posted by: Odin's Bottom | January 15, 2012 at 04:53 AM

Let's not get started on this again, we're almost at the 2012 draft and Mallet still finds a way on here. Waste of time he isn't coming to Miami and whoever on the last blog suggested our #1 pick this year or Mallet (then every that agreed with him) is a f$@!ing moron. Wouldn't trade anything higher than a 5th for Mallet and I probably wouldn't get him if it's free. Though I'm sure he can get his drugs and booze easier in Miami than in NE.

“It’s over for them being a marquee franchise,” Manny Fernandez, a standout on the Dolphins’ glory teams of the early 1970s, said Friday night. “The only thing marquee about them is South Beach. How many mistakes have they made? How many bad decisions? It just goes on and on. And it’s ridiculous not to give a coach final say over the personnel he’s responsible for winning with.”



Miamid20 u are an idiot. Mallet deserves a chance, and he will get one. We should have drafted him when we got Daniel thomas.

Why is everyone so impressed with Matt Flynn? He has one good game and now hes kolb? He will be a. Bust just like kolb was. All he's doing, like what Philly did, is prove that any qb can be successful in that system with those weapons.
This team is so disappointing, because of Ireland and Ross, mainly that he believes in Ireland and daboll and sparano for too long.

Maybe Brian Schottenheimer would be ok with Ireland.

John, the difference between this and a product/company review is that most people are on here because we are passionate about the dolphins, so while I understand ur comparison I have to disagree that it is a parallel one....
And the dolphins over the last decade speaks for themselves. After Marino left, no playoff wins, no real qb, very little playoffs period, drafting woes, personnel woes, arrogance and ego and unwanted change....it's much more than most franchises and their fans deal with. We are different than the bengals or Detroit because we have had success before (although both are having it this decade in comparison to us)....it has never been harder to be a dolphins fan, and no one can deny that.

Im still wondering who they interviewed yesterday and why there have been no leaks? They obviously wanna keep it quiet for a reason but I wanna know who. Was Chud interviewed? I can't believe no one has found out yet

I guess Cowher and Gruden are out of the question LOL

Miamid20 u are an idiot. Mallet deserves a chance, and he will get one. We should have drafted him when we got Daniel thomas.

Posted by: inimounts | January 15, 2012 at 08:37 AM

You're right he deserves a chance. I think I said, in my opinion, he's worth no more than our 5th round pick and I wouldn't want to waste my time even if hrs free (alright yeah give him a shot if he's free it can't hurt blah blah). Its an opinion (ie: not fact). Mallet will get a chance and he'll show that we made the right move in not drafting him. Besides, give Thomas a full healthy season and he'll change our minds about Mallet and that 2nd round pick. I don't know sh!+ about college and don't pretend do. I look at how all 32 teams didn't see him as a 1st or 2nd round pick and after all the studying we did we did not choose him

Armando.....I usually don't talk in absolutes....


The Pack WILL NOT franchise Flynn.....

Why would they...they can just grow another one.....and do you realize how much money that would cost THAT position.....

Good teams develop talent.... not over pay for it......

Listen Mando, just come out and say it. This franchise is a laughing stock right now. No star head coach would come here with or without full control. Ross has made this a circus. Everyone sees this but him. As for Ireland being responsible for building the team on the field the last 4 years, it should be an indictment of his failures as opposed to Ross singing his praises. No coach wants to play for him. He's a boob.

Mando, you are the worst beat writer the dolphins ever have. All you do is write fibs.

You represent coaching scenarios by dolphans as if this is what we want. I know several ones and none have ever said something so stupid.

I challenge you to publish these email messages!

I agree that no coach wants to play for is because they no they can't win with Ireland's picks, so it guarantees our new coach will be an assistant that doesn't have any other hc jobs available, and that is such a crap shoot, and it's filled with crap (look how successfull asst hires have been).

At this point, I am for hiring Marty Shottenheimer. Marty has Peterson's ear and has the experience to stand up to Ireland. Marty + Peterson can overrule Ireland. If Ross let's Ireland hire an inexperienced coordinator, he will be a puppet, And it guarantees Ireland another 3 years.

Screw this blog, I just had an intelligent response to miamid20 about malletts successes and a comparison to rg3 and the price we would pay for him and for luck and it just wiped it. Ur entitled to ur opinion is what I was saying, I just wish we had a shot at him for even a second round pick

Mando doesn't need to trash this franchise, they do a great job doing it all by themselves. Along with some of the fan base (reflected on this blog) you get exactly what you deserve.

When the truth is yelled from every rafter of every stadium, and these jokers feel they know better, we get decades of mediocrity.

Rich Gannon, the CBS analyst and 2002 NFL MVP, said: “If a quarterback plan isn’t in place, it wouldn’t matter if Vince Lombardi was coaching.”

That's the cold, hard TRUTH of the matter. People sound moronic screaming for this HC or that one, yet don't say a PEEP about the QB. See the 49'ers yesterday. They didn't play THEIR game, this wasn't a FG shootout, defensive battle. When's the last time you say a division Playoff game of 36-32?

That game proved that you NEED to score points, lots of points, ALONG with having a defense in TODAY'S NFL. And the best chance at getting that offense to run efficiently is to get a franchise QB (even if he takes a few years to develop, like Alex Smith, a #1 Draft pick).

But keep looking around the room idiots and not talking about the elephant. Makes you feel good, doesn't it?

I guess if you have a THOUGHT in your head that differs from MIAMD20...then your either a MORON or an IDIOT......

MIAMID20......whats SHOULD we be thinking.......save us from our MORONIC....IDIOTIC thoughts......

Nolan is a great DC, and a terrible HC. He failed miserably as a HC. He was 18-37 as a HC, and had a player revolt on his hands in his last year as HC in San Francisco. Some people are great coordinators, and bad HC. Nolan falls in this category.

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