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The combination coach is probably wishful thinking

Dolphins fans are desperate. And they're starting to reach for anyone and anything that might give them hope. So I'm getting e-mails suggesting different coaches would be a great idea as long as, you know, they bring someone else in tow.

They want Joe Philbin as long he gets Matt Flynn.

They want Mike Zimmer to run the defense as long as he brings Todd Haley to work on the offense.

They want Dave Toub if he can convince Devin Hester to come home.

While I hope not, you're probably setting yourself up for disappointment. Major disappointment.

The fact is Philbin had a good interview. A club source says he impressed. But there are questions whether he would be in position to move his family following the death of his 21-year-old son last week. His emotional state is uncertain to the point no one knows how it would affect his candidacy for the job.

And to believe he definitely can bring Flynn with him is a fairy tale.

Let's just say it right now: The Green Bay Packers are not stupid. They are likely not going to let a commodity such as Flynn simply walk out the door in free agency without trying to get something for him first. That means they may franchise him. Or they may put a transition tag on him. I predict there is no way the Packers just let Flynn go for free.

And, by the way, Flynn won't be free even if he costs no compensation. He's going to his next team to start, not to compete to start. And he's going to cost starter money. He is the 2012 version of Kevin Kolb. I'm not saying he won't perform once he gets to his next team. I am saying it is going to cost a mint to sign him and probably cost draft picks to get him away from the Packers on top of that.

I heard the idea floated Saturday that Zimmer is headed to the Dolphins because he is familiar to Jeff Ireland and he's a good coach and he also had a solid interview in New York last week when he met with the Dolphins.

But Zimmer has no more experience putting a staff together than you and me. So he might need some help with running the offense, which suggests perhaps Haley would be a fit.

It is plausible, I guess.

Haley's agent is also Jeff Ireland's agent. I'm sure the idea has been floated for Haley to get an interview of some sort. But if the only job available is an offensive coordinator gig, the thinking among league people is that Haley probably would be most comfortable returning to the Arizona Cardinals.

And that's assuming he's not going to the New York Jets.

The point is Haley has options.

If this sounds pessemistic, please rethink that. It is reality. Maybe lightning strikes and the Dolphins can get Zimmer and Haley or Philbin and Flynn.

But lightning hasn't really been striking on the Dolphins' behalf a lot lately.


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I will say this. I really hope we hire Zimmer because he will at least fire daboll (he saw dabolls offense do nothing at Cleveland and probably can't stand the hire either) I don't care if we made strides this year, I don't care if u like Matt Moore because Moore is still awful and inconsistent and I don't care if u like Bowles because he won't be a good coach in the nfl ever so get over it.

inimounts,please tell me WHY you think Moore is terrible and Bowles will never be a coach in the NFL.

Mondo, you trying to apply logic to people (Dolphin staff) who have no logic.

One more thing. Off note, but tebow has lost what made him such a tremendous athlete: his disgust with losing. Remember their loss to ole miss and what it made him feel? Now he sits up there all smiles after being routed in the playoffs and doesn't have one bad thing to say about his own play, 28 yards passing in the first half to the 31st ranked defense? Seriously? It honestly sounds like he loves everything about himself and has no room for improvement in every interview he does. When the broncos release him or trade him I wanted him because there is no doubt he makes every player better but now that he is goofy mcsmiles even when he sucks, no thank u. Wish he had been that way when he played my canes.


Check out the Lebatard story for a different view on the situation......

Lol I dislike Ryan Mallet and you two adore him. That's fine, i disagree with that. I said trading our 1st round pick and everyone that agreed with that thought is moronic. I called no one else an idiot or moron so I'm not sure where you're getting that from. This can debated forever and it still won't change either of our minds because there are no facts to go by just speculation. I'm not as stubborn as most people here I accept the fact that you feel that Mallet should be our QB, I disagree, it's what we all live for in sports.

But to answer Kris's question: we should NOT look to Mallet or Flynn. In fact I don't see our next Franchise QB appearing this year. I think we'll settle with a very good player at #8/9 and grab a QB next year because taking any QB this year other than Luck doesn't appear like it will work out (meaning RGIII).

Armando, any remaining Fin Fans are used to dissapointments. 40 years and no SB!!!


I didn't watch the last 10 min of the game....I wanted Belicheat to go after the record and see Brady throw his 7th TD pass.....

when it seemed like he was taking his foot off the gas....I got bored....and stopped watching....

I didn't even know Mallett played....

Rg3 will work out d20. Believe it. And u obviously didn't see mallett play in Michigan his freshman year or any of his time at Arkansas. The kid is still gettin better. U are allowed to have ur opinion, and u don't have to change this one, but hopefully ur more open minded with others

here are some good college coaches - just a thought

TCU - Gary Patterson
Oregon - Chip Kelly
Notre Dame - Brian Kelly

It would take alot of $$ to bring one of these on board.

Again screw this blog. Second time my blog doesn't post. Not easy on a phone. Don't know why I keep coming back. Lol that's pretty much how I feel about the dolphins

That's pretty funny MiamiD20, that was EXACTLY what was said by people LAST Draft: "don't reach for a QB this year, next year's class is supposed to be better. Go with Henne, who can still be good, and grab a QB next year."

And the year before, and the year before. And the kicker is, the guy we get for that 1st pick, does JUST ENOUGH to help the team stay mediocre.

So, when will you ACTUALLY be willing to draft a QB? You say next year, what if we go 7-9, 8-8 again and we're picking mid-Draft and there aren't any quality players then? Will you then say the same thing, "wait until next year?"

Here's what I'm telling you dolts, the REASON we CONTINUE to be mediocre, is because we keep WAITING until next year to draft a 1st-rd QB, and TAKING A FREAKING CHANCE!!!!!

Hopefully, through this Coaching fiasco, Ross understands (more than the jokers on here) that the only thing that really matters is getting a franchise QB. So give multiple picks, players, money, ANYTHING ANYONE WANTS to get a QB THIS YEAR, and every year until you get a franchise QB.

Then watch the tide turn, and all these losers on here finally accept the fact that the QB is the most important position in football.

You're welcome!


good post @ 9:25.....

I will tell you that I am in no mood or position to debate what Mallett is or isn't today....but I still say that NO OPTIONS should be off the table.....if your a GM....its your job to make sure the TEAM is getting the best plater available that FITS the team's need...and hopefully for a price or draft picks that don't hurt the team in the future.....

To not explore your options...is to not do your job.....

for me....its a simple as that.....

It wouldn't take Brian Kelly any money, and I wouldn't want him anyways. He has never won with his players, not at central michigan not at Cincinnati, and isn't even winning with others players at nd. Shame.
The best college coaches are les miles, yea chip Kelly, and hate to say it but nick saban. If he had gotten what he wanted (drew brees and not culpepper) he would probably still be our coach and we would have superbowl. How does that taste?

I'd like to believe RGIII will pan out an it'll be with Miami but I'm very skeptical. I did not see Mallet play in college, like I mentioned in a previous post I don't know or pretend to know college. He may have been very good in college but if he's just THAT good I can't see Ponder getting selecting #12 overall and Mallet going in the 3rd round.

Mallet was inactive vs the Broncos last night, he did not play.

Kris and d20, I have an idea...let's follow Gannon's advice, because he is right, and let's stop talking about hc and draft and everything else, and as a fanatical unit focus on one thing and one thing only: getting a decent qb. Because we can talk about everything else, but If our coach doesn't have the last name harbaugh then the qb needs fixed before we do ANYTHING.

D20, like I said in the one that never posted, drafting scouting and combine are broken...and ironically I used ponder (as well as gabbert and locker) as my examples of why because Saturday's count. If u can perform on Saturday then there's a good chance u can on Sunday, but it's never taken into consideration. It's why I say we need to stop talking rg3 and start talking Russel Wilson, a four year starter and the reason Wisconsin, a consistently overrated team, put up monster numbers and were two hail Mary's away from a national champ...

my mock offseason:

I'm not going to get into the HC bc it's impossible at this point. But I can speculate for personel. I fully expect the fins to fix the o-line in the offseason and try to sign a OG or a RT. I also think we sign a CB or a S as well. I know this is going to sound crazy but I would also sign CHad Henne to a 2yr contract. I know call me names now but he was doing rather well in the new offense before he was hurt. Let him and Moore battle it out for the spot. He is at worst a good back up to Moore.

1st rd- Trade back into the mid teens to early 20's. This should give us an extra 2nd rd pick. In the 1st rd Illinois DE Whitney Mercilous. This gives us the dominant pass rusher that we needed to compliment Wake.

2nd rd- Texas AM QB Ryan Tannehill. I think he drops due to the recent injury. Could be a very good qb if given the time.

2nd rd-(for trade) Oregon RB Lamichael James. I know what your saying another RB? Yes and one with blazing speed and very good skill sets to compliment both Bush and THomas. This gives us alot of speed in the back field.

3rd rd- Georgia TE Orson Charles. The speed recieving threat we need at TE. This move will open up the offense dramatically.

THe rest of draft is BPA. Ok beat me up with your comments now! lol

D20, yr right to be skeptical...Cleveland
Has no qb, they pick fourth, and they have two firsts THIS year to offer up because of the Julio jones trade. Plus it's with st Louis. We have basically no shot.

Bk, u best urself up enough with keeping Moore as a starter. And the only good pick lamichael James, won't be there in the second round with what happened with demarco Murray. As I said, Saturday counts, and people are starting to see it. Russel. Wilson.

You gotta be a sado-masachist to continue to follow this garbage franchise. A comedy of errors and total incompetence. Ross and Irelands botches are jaw dropping blunders. Hard for me to feel any more attraction to the pain called the Miami Dolphins. And I thought Loria and Samson were bad! But Ross/Ireland take the cake for being THE laughingstock!


The only QB's to pan out well from a 1st round selection in the past 5 years is Aaron Rodgers, Jay Cutler, Matt Ryan, and Stafford. I'm not sure where Cutler was drafted but of all the other QBs taken none of them (Freeman, Flacco maybe) none will be elite and I agree with waiting till next year, each year, since it's rare we find that good QB. There hasn't been a QB I've been dying to get since the 2004 class of Eli, Rivers, and Rothleisberger. All the QBs in between, except for a select few, have made going with another player as the wiser choice.

Main reason I say wait till next year is because we alright have Matt Moore to manage our team, don't waste the pick because we need a QB, draft who's right (Blackmon or a few DE's/OLBs I've been hearing about)

I take the combine and wipe myself with it, I remember when everyone made a huge deal about JaMarcus Russle being able to throw 60-80 yards from his knees, must be the #1 choice everyone said, he has a gift! No I don't look at the combine for anything other than how high they can jump and how fast you run the 40yrd dash


I agree we NEED a QB.....but i don't see us getting one......not this year.....unfortunately I think we are gonna have to continue to build they way it has previously started.....

Ireland and Sporano did this to US.....last year was the perfect opportunity to take Mallett..in the 2nd....he fell into our laps...and would have cost nothing.....we traded up tp get a RB.....

Imagine how good this team would feel with M. Moor playing well...and Malett on the bench being groomed....like it used to be.....


I HATE to tell you this....but if you have been reading this BLOG for more than 5 minutes....you KNOW...

that EVERY YEAR....8/9 of the QBs to ENTER the playoffs are 1st ED QBs.....this year is NO different.....

SO ELITE or NOT.....they WIN.....and give you a chance at the dance....

and thats all we can really ask for...a chance.....

and that 8 or 9 out of 12 spots.....seems like a good percentage to me...

6 TEAMS left.....

4 of them have QBs taken in the 1st RD.....

coincidence......I THINK NOT.....

Sorry, but miami is going to trade up and get rg3.

Sadly, Ross has let another chance slip through his fingers

Marc Sanchez will give a team a chance,what I want is a QB that allows us to win a playoff game and give us a SB appearance, not a chance. I had all the chances I wanted with Fiedler and Wannstadt and it didn't work out. My first round pick shouldn't be a chance it should be a lock. Maybe the #20 overall pick can bring us a chance, but at #9?

I don't want an average QB there, not when i can get an elite pass rusher, elite WR, or elite OL (don't want that really but better than an above-average QB)


There are NO LOCKS....all you can ask for is a chance.....

and are you saying that you woudn't have enjoyed to STRAIGHT AFC championship games with a CHANCE to go to the SB....

or do you prefer your season being over by MID-OCT....early NOV.....

with NO CHANCE.....

Think about it before you answer...and keep in mind...there are NO LOCKS.....

The problem is that after Luck there are no unanimous franchise ready-to-play QB's

Yeah, they cant get a coach or a QB LOL

I'd like to add....

Please no Todd Hailey Offence.......

Good post Tiger Sam and I agree, Chud should be interviewed. But you know good and well why this regime continues to pass on quality TEs.

Ireland and Parcells before him have refused to understand that times have changed. The big, fast, athletic TE is a difference maker. But much like a top shelf QB, TEs are not a priority with Ireland. His 'mentor' taught him well.

Think about it before you answer...and keep in mind...there are NO LOCKS.....

Posted by: kris | January 15, 2012 at 10:06 AM

No I guess there aren't any "locks", bad choice of words, but there are QBs who people see as good transitions into the NFL (Eli, Rodgers) and there are QBs that people hope will make good transitions into the NFL (Ponder, Gabbert). What I'm saying is dont gamble on the hope when there's a sure-fire elite player at another position right there.


I am with you.....and thats why I agree...I don't think we will be getting that QB this year....

Which is also why I think we have to explore ALL options available...to include....


and whoever else Ireland else might fit the new coaches system....

I believe we already have Flynn in Matt Moore. If it only costs money then that's fine I think we should give them a look, but if it's going to cost a draft pick or players I'd rather pass

At the end, here regarding HC and QB, the GM has to do whatever he feels is best for the Team, and the results of those decisions will speak for themselves.

Ross is so cheap he'd rather give draft picks then money. That has been the pattern.

We now know thanks to the Fisher debacle that we will never have a top tier coach because of Ireland. That means Cowher and Gruden were never in play, it was all lies.No top coach will work under a punk. So we have no hope for a very long time, until Ross sells the team. Also there is no hope for a great QB since the only ones coming out of college are black running QB'S and even if there was a great QB Ireland has proved he doesn't like to take a QB in the first round, and we will be stuck drafting in the middle of the pack anyway, due to our destin mediocrity.

Ireland's 3 for 1 for a backup RB saved Ross a million.

So, People wanting to stir the pot here. How unusual.

Marc Trestman - HC of Montreal

Just go and look him up

Marc Trestman's Team Bio,

Its pretty impressive, Do some reading and see if you don't agree that Ross should be looking at him.


So, what would you do if Blackmon, Hightower, David Decastro fall in your hands and RG3 is still there? This is the proper way to stir up commentaries.

THE PHINS PROBLEMS STARTED WHEN THE ROBBIES SOLD TO A MONEY FIRST OWNER in 'Zeinga and he, in turn, sold to an even bigger money first owner in Ross the Weasel.
Sports team owners CANNOT think about profit before the product first. this is THE RESULT YOU GET - A SORRY TEAM, WITH AN OWNER WHO CUT CORNERS ON THE MOST IMPORTANT PARTS OF A TEAM (COACH, GM AND QB). HIRING inexperienced people will ALWAYS turn out negatively.

vaustn ....I agree completely

Wow, most of you need to grow a pair. I mean you seriously don't think RG3 is at least worth a shot? You are the reason Ross may feel entitled to do whatever knowing this plain vanilla fan base is ok with him taking no risks like reaching for a potential franchise QB like RG3.


Start watching on 2:30 and if you tell me RG3 is not worth the risk then you really need to STFU. All he does is hitting WRs down field in stride, the dude is amazing. But the other component, that one that is critical for a QB in the NFL is the mental aspect of it, and he could not have fared any better, how many of you got your degree and masters in 3 years while playing football at a high level and track sports? Stand up guy, well spoken, not afraid of a mic, raised by military dad, a natural leader. And you are not willing to take a shot at this guy for what? Another lineman, a WR and let's see maybe a QB next year, b/c yeah let's wait another year to address the most important position.

Instead of complaining about Ross going after the best name out there in the market look yourselves in the mirror and ask why are you such wusses not demand we trade up to get a shot at RG3, is he a risk? Of course but no risk=no reward. Grow a pair and please spare me the whole Flynn or worse yet Mallett (geez the guy scored a lower wonderlic than VInce Young) idiocy. The only positive outcome of a trade for Mallett would be Belichick dying from a heart attack after laughing so much at us.

get bowles and the same team

Says who that fans are "desperate"?

Fisher didn't work out? Big deal. Sounds like an average coach talked himself out of the job. Maybe he's not a genius!

Stay calm. Carry on.

bowles is gone, thankfully. draft a qb first rd and hire the second best guy


I agree...nothing like watching a HIGHLIGHT FILM to make an OBJECTIVE DECISION....lol....

vaustn, All I can say is that nothing in your post is true, really. You really ought to know the facts.

Lots of nonsense here but few posts that actually refer back to Armando's article. To be clear, his blog entry was once again filled with errors, misunderstandings, poor predictions, and a lack of substance.

The question for the Dolphins is simple. Who runs an offense that is effective in todays NFL, which coaches are familiar with that system, which of those coaches is qualified to implement that system as a HC, and which players are suited to that system.

Getting Philbin (if he is able) and getting Flynn (who won't be franchised) provides the easiest transition and greatest chance of success immediately.

Getting Carmichael from New Orleans brings a system and a coach but requires a QB to learn it and be productive. At least a year away.

Any other coach results in the same issues as Carmichael or worse since some aren't even familiar with offense.

No matter what happens, we can expect Armando to post another blog entry that attempts to paint the Dolphins negatively.

zimmer could be solid, but no way on haley. guy can get along with anyone anywhere

Just stay with Bowles and move up get RG3

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Posted by: PriceMaster | January 14, 2012 at 11:42 PM

Anyone watch New England last night? We cannot beat them with an average QB. No way, no how, no chance. If we don't upgrade the position you might as well mark down a 7-9 or 8-8 season in stone. One with about half the home games blacked out locally.

Dusty....we agree....

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