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Joe Philbin to coach the Dolphins

Joe Philbin will be the Miami Dolphins next head coach, The Miami Herald has learned.

The former Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator has been offered the job and he will become the Dolphins 10th head coach. He will inherit the same office once occupied by Don Shula.

He will also inherit a position that saw such failed efforts as the tenures of Nick Saban, Cam Cameron and Dave Wannstedt. As Philbin has never been a head coach, the Dolphins are hopeful Philbin will be a success.

But they obviously cannot know for certain.

Philbin is expected to fly to South Florida Saturday, reunite with owner Stephen Ross and the rest of the Dolphins hierarchy with whome he last interviewed on Wednesday, and afterward would sign a contract. Terms of that deal are still not available but a source said the deal is for no less than four years and "consistent with league norms."

A press conference will be held after Philbin signs his contract on Saturday.

The Dolphins failed last week to land first choice Jeff Fisher, who opted instead to join the St. Louis Rams and has become one of the richest coaches in the NFL, earning upwards of $7 million per season. The Philbin contract is likely worth about half that amount annually.

In picking Philbin, the Dolphins have a coach whose past is similar to that of former coach Tony Sparano. Philbin was an offensive line coach with Green Bay as Sparano was in Dallas. Philbin was the offensive coordinator in Green Bay but didn't call the plays just as Sparano held muted play-calling duties in Dallas before coming to Miami.

Philbin had never been an NFL head coach before coming to Miami. Sparano was never an NFL head coach before coming to Miami.

Philbin wins a three-man derby that also included interim coach Todd Bowles and Denver offensive coordinator Mike McCoy. There have been whispers that Miami would like to offer Bowles the defensive coordinator job and that is still possible.

But a source close to Bowles says that has not been discussed with Bowles or his representation.


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best choice of the 3 !

Wow, surprised....

You are all KUNTS and mini revenue centers for a billionaire


Lets do this Man!!!!!

Best hire of the three options they brought in but he still didn't call the plays in Green Bay and doesn't have aaron rodgers

Appears ross got HIS way, now does bowles stay as DC?

ross must be a blogger? maybe he is otay??

Everyone back on up!!!! It's Regis not Joe...FAIL!

Is that your final answer?

The Dolphins are a JOKE. New coach search begins in 3 years from now.

Learned it through ESPN...LMAO

My first baby girl was just born today and Miami gets a new coach my days turning out great!

Matt Flynn baby! Get an OC to call plays and draft blackman.

Time for Ross to sell the team. MORON!

no one cares about your kid

OK his record is good as an OC so lets get behind him.But please do not gring the Green Bay Defense co-ordinator with him,Moss?,his record sounds dreadful.

Well all 3 candidates were terrible. We're supposed to match wits with the Patriots with these chumps?

I guess Matt Flynn Will be on his way to Miami.

Just another stiff in a long line of stiffs post Shula.



Philbin a good hire. we'll see no expectations


Way to go negative before the contract is even signed.....

I TOLD U ARMANDO..... That Fisher was not a serious consideration due to the PHONY LEAK "I will not be out bid"......

You stuck with your sources.....I stuck with my gut.....

PHILBIN IS THE CHOICE....get used to it......


Kris are you bipolar or do you have inordinate hostility?

Smartest move possible....Matt Flynn!!!!!!!!!!!!

So glad to hear that Miami now has a coach, now GIVE THE MAN A CHANCE!!!

RG3>Flynn get in Done on draft day Ireland or you should be DONE!!! Keep Bowles as DC and get Chud in here for OC! GO FINS!

I wish Mando would filter his blog, some of you guys haven't watched a day of football in your life.

Fantastic hire, easily the best choice (which makes this pick shocking - given Ross and co did something right). Thrilled! Just thrilled with this selection!!!


Do u know what bipolar means.....

Judging from how you used it in your post......i'd say.....Probably not.....

Was it Emilio or ctphins faking me on the previous blog?

No matter, whoever it was just admitted they are spineless little boys.

No way Chud comes as OC and doubt we have the fire power or balls to trade up for RGIII....Matt FLynn it is

You are all KUNTS and mini revenue centers for a billionaire

Not hiring Zimmer will prove to be another mistake by Dolphins - just add it to the looooong list of people the Dolphins have passed on and live to regret.

I dont care enough to do that Otay

Do u know what bipolar means.....

Judging from how you used it in your post......i'd say.....Probably not.....

Posted by: Kris | January 20, 2012 at 06:45 PM

You'd be wrong then. I'd say you don't though.

Better start looking for number eleven.

As a New York area Dolphin's fan who daily has to place numerous jet's fans into a headlock, I like the decision of Philbin. So we didn't get the big name coach in Fisher? In all seriousness Fisher's done zero in his 17 years coaching and if he was so good how come he wasn't mentioned in MANY head coaching positions immediately after his firing in Tennessee?? It took a full year with no real candidates for him to finally find a job with the lowly St Louis Rams.

At least Philbin is a respected, intelligent, well liked and good natured person. He's not brash like Rex Ryan in fact he's just the opposite. If Jeff Ireland can pull off a trade come draft day for the 2 pick and land Griffin III then whoever coaches the team really wont matter. Players win in this league. Young skilled players. Personalities, schemes and coaching regiments only go so far. You need the horses to win the race. Let's see if Mr Ross' do-no-wrong angel in Ireland can pull off some magic.

If the Dolphins can come back into the forefront as a flagship franchise in this league with some serious playoff runs then for Philbin, with the tragedy he endured in Green Bay will make for a most excellent story.

Go Phins!

Not that there is anything wrong with bi, as i myself am bi. xoxo

Ok Emilio. I'll believe you. That other chump was the immature one so I'll assume it was him.

Definitely best hire of the three. I hope Bowles will stay as DC.

Imagine how bored you have to be in life to come on a blog and fake others. Oh well, if that's what it takes to get your jollies, go for it until you find something better to do.

Twas not me laddy.

Kris is alright in my book, he's got a right to express himself!

Jason La Canfora says we will try to get Bowles as D Coordinator.

I feel so relieved we did not end up with McCoy

Nice try ctphins. Obviously it was, you've now confirmed it. Do you know how? Of course you don't. Think about it over a cup of warm milk and a cookie.

Yeah they mentioned Philbin as being the one most amenable to keeping the staff. Daboll can run west coast.

Good chance Kevin Green now gets a shot as D-coordinator and Tom Clements the QB coach for Green Bay is brought as OC. I think it's a very solid hire. However it could be moot since Ireland is still picking the players. We shall see.

what? I get ghosted here all the time.. It was me how? Please I will enjoy my "cookie", and know it was not me.

They are going to bring the Packers current QB coach as OC....they are going to try and keep the defensive staff together

Welcome to Miami Coach Philbin.
Go Phins!


Way to go negative before the contract is even signed.....

I TOLD U ARMANDO..... That Fisher was not a serious consideration due to the PHONY LEAK "I will not be out bid"......

You stuck with your sources.....I stuck with my gut.....

PHILBIN IS THE CHOICE....get used to it......

Posted by: Kris | January 20, 2012 at 06:41 PM

I just don't understand this post. Go negative? Phony Leak? How about wild imagination on your part, conjuring things up?

I like the hire, but I think, more than Flynn coming, I want Tom Clements to come with Philbin to be his OC.

All you negative folks, up our Prozac doasage.

West Coast Offense??? Will Daboll stay as the OC??? Who is our next DC??? Anyway, Welcome Home Coach Philbin...I hope you are successful and bring us back to our Glory Days! Let's stay positive and support our new coach Dolfans...

It was more than obvious they were waiting on Fisher. The second interviews didn't happen until after he chose the Rams.

But, you have the right to interpret things how you wish.

well they made the riskiest choice with the smallest upside.

how can this man have his head on straight, first this is not good for him or his family. They are leaving their son just buried in Wisconsin,and it resigns the Dolphins to a 1 year mental rehab year by their head coach.....bloody brilliant

wow... this is sheer insanity on steroids. Glad i haven't renewed my club seats. My wife has been wanting to remodel the kitchen she is dancing around right now.....literally. I had promised her that if they pulled a boner move, I would give up the seats and she could remodel....funny as hell, so who made this call Stephen "Hey Look Ma, I got a football Team!" Ross or Jeff "Mommy, what's a football team?" Ireland or Carl "Man am I glad I didnt sign up to run that clown car" peterson?

you beat me to it Emilio. Clements coming with Philbin would be a great get.

It's a great day to be a FIN FAN.....

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