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Joe Philbin to coach the Dolphins

Joe Philbin will be the Miami Dolphins next head coach, The Miami Herald has learned.

The former Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator has been offered the job and he will become the Dolphins 10th head coach. He will inherit the same office once occupied by Don Shula.

He will also inherit a position that saw such failed efforts as the tenures of Nick Saban, Cam Cameron and Dave Wannstedt. As Philbin has never been a head coach, the Dolphins are hopeful Philbin will be a success.

But they obviously cannot know for certain.

Philbin is expected to fly to South Florida Saturday, reunite with owner Stephen Ross and the rest of the Dolphins hierarchy with whome he last interviewed on Wednesday, and afterward would sign a contract. Terms of that deal are still not available but a source said the deal is for no less than four years and "consistent with league norms."

A press conference will be held after Philbin signs his contract on Saturday.

The Dolphins failed last week to land first choice Jeff Fisher, who opted instead to join the St. Louis Rams and has become one of the richest coaches in the NFL, earning upwards of $7 million per season. The Philbin contract is likely worth about half that amount annually.

In picking Philbin, the Dolphins have a coach whose past is similar to that of former coach Tony Sparano. Philbin was an offensive line coach with Green Bay as Sparano was in Dallas. Philbin was the offensive coordinator in Green Bay but didn't call the plays just as Sparano held muted play-calling duties in Dallas before coming to Miami.

Philbin had never been an NFL head coach before coming to Miami. Sparano was never an NFL head coach before coming to Miami.

Philbin wins a three-man derby that also included interim coach Todd Bowles and Denver offensive coordinator Mike McCoy. There have been whispers that Miami would like to offer Bowles the defensive coordinator job and that is still possible.

But a source close to Bowles says that has not been discussed with Bowles or his representation.


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One last piece there otaaay, before buying my own business I was a corporate IT Director.

Philbin has next season to prove himself. Harbaugh turned the 49rs around in one season, so shold Philbin!

Posted by: Fusstratedfinfan | January 20, 2012 at 06:37 PM

DUDE, I have 3 kids, TRUST me, in the scheme of things, that baby girl (congrats, BTW) will be a WHOLE lot more of your world than will the Fins..unless we get to the SB! LOL
BOY, is YOUR life gonna change.
Lets hope the same for our Fins.

So we think Daboll is gone then?

Okay, now the staff.


I hope you are ok buddy. Got any prozac handy? Let me know if I can help you with your recovery. You will be fine in a couple of weeks, trust me.

Probably the best of the three finalists, but the QB is the key to success as has become very evident with Indianapolis, New Orleans, Green Bay, New England, NY Giants and Pittsburgh. Ireland, the ball is in your court.

Never called plays....who keeps talking about this, idiots....Philbin is the hc, will hire oc to call plays. Bowles should be dc. Moore can run west coast offense. Use number one for wr or stud tight end

Well as fans we need to fall in line and support our new coach. Like it or not, our hopes rest with him. Best of luck Coach Philbin and welcome to Miami!

Yip I support, will give him time, not front office though. If he loses his job due to "extenuating circumstances" I am finished.

There is no way in he** that a coach is going to add a coach to his staff that he just competed with for the head coaching job - Bowles will NOT be the Dolphins Def. Coordinator - if he is, Joe Philbin has absolutely no power at all and is just a puppet for Rossland. Who wants their competition for a promotion looking over their shoulder? It is crazy that Mando would even suggest this - Bowles is a good coach too.

Look for Tom Clements to be the new OC if we can make back to back good moves.

One last piece there otaaay, before buying my own business I was a corporate IT Director.

Posted by: ctphins | January 20, 2012 at 06:56 PM

What a laugh. Need a title to justify your maturity? Actions speak louder than words. I'm in IT by the way and have had every title you can think of. And so we both know, its no big deal.


Last post for you Troll....

Go piss on somebody else's parade.....

I'm to happy to deal with a new....fake name.....

Come back in a few days.....then I will show you some attention....ok.....

Hey is that really Joe Philbin? or is it Larry Coker in disguise

It's not fair to compare Philbin to Sparano. Philbin is a west coast offense coach, Sparano is a defense run the ball coach. And maybe Philbin Didn't call the plays in Green Bay but he installed the passing game and worked with the quarterbacks, and Green Bay gives him the credit for the offense.Maybe Ross is doing what he said and giving us an offensive football team.

McCoy must really regret snubbing the Raiders now.

Nice job on the nfl network Mando... I'm glad it's not McCoy. I think there are more avenues for succes with Philbin.

Next up: Flynn.

Lets see what sort of staff he puts together...Steve Spagnuolo would be a GREAT hire...
Why offer Bowles the DC?
There are other, more experienced guys with better resumes. Our SECOND-ary played THIRD-rate football most of this year, a a LOT of 2010.
It's PC Bull-shyte, and unless Philbin approved (forced by Ireland?) this should be Philbin's choice, or at least his suggestion.

Kris, what a shame you can't even respond or explain your own post which I found hostile for no reason. Now all you can do is tell me to piss on somebody. Maybe that is what you do? I don't.

Great choice if report is true. Philbin gives Miami the best shot at winning now. Philbin already knows if Matt Flynn is fools Gold or a Competitor, he would NEVER stake his own reputation on a new QB who he did not feel was the man for the job... He also gives us a nice shot at Green Bay's QB coach Tom Clements and several other guys who would like a change in scenery...

As far as the "Did not call the plays" reports... Coach McCarthy like one voice in his QB's ear... that voice is his... Philbin does the game plan, installs, film work and is in McCarthy's ear throughout the game... The whole Offense relies on his plan.

I do like McCoy,,,He would have been a great choice also.... I also feel Philbin should STRONGLY consider keeping Bowles around as the Defensive Coordinator..... He could be a HUGE asset there...

Any way... Great Job if true, Miami... Much better then Fisher and much more exciting to know we will have a fum system to watch on offense.

Is brees worth giving up picks for?

Spagnola is gone already - Saints.

Damn, I really wanted Bowles...He was the safest bet...I feel like we have another coach that is gonna have to learn from his mistakes at the cost of the Fins...Could have been worse and gone with McCoy but couldve been better. MUCH better!

Go FINS......

We need to sign Matt Flynn and Matt Moore needs to bulk up during the offseason. Then we will have two starting qbs. If the dolphins get the proper rest, 1 practice in south fl is equal to 3 elsewhere; we could very well go undefeated next season and break our own record!!!

Best of the 3 yes but they didn't interview a couple that some of us (Chud for one) we were hoping for.

chud was never gonna get an interview and wont with ireland


It's a great day in FIN LAND

Best of luck Coach Philbin.


Derek - no coach in his right mind would hire his competition for a job to his staff. No way is he hiring Bowles - as I said earlier - if Bowles is the DC - Philbin is merely a puppet for Ross/Ireland because I'll guarantee you he doesn't want the Dolphins #2 or #3 choice as HC on his staff.


If your out there...I'd be interested in your thoughts....

Ok, Brandon Marshall would be the only WR to start on Green Bay (maybe). Time to load up on playmakers. How about Stevie Johnson, Mike Wallace, Desean Jackson in FA. Matt Flynn will be coming now. We better not over pay. We will be drafting O Line is Flynn comes. Maybe Clemson TE in 2nd. Let's go Dolphins.

Is brees worth giving up picks for?

Posted by: ctphins | January 20, 2012 at 07:02 PM

Not the time for this now, but....???????
OF COURSE, as long as Sproles and a Graham come along.

I think the Dolphins should make a play for Peyton Manning. We're not getting a top QB prospect in this years draft but may be in position in the 2013 Draft for a quality QB. Peyton could give us at least 2 good years (health permitting)and be there to groom the new guy in 2013. I'm not sold on Matt Flynn, he could be another AJ Feeley from Philly.

Hey are you sure Joe Philbin isnt Larry Coker in disguise

This is a bunch of BULL. I was promised the job.

Keep daboll"

Great!!! Lets go dolphins!! Greetings from mexico!!

Okay well than welcome coach Philbin and lets see what you got! Don't know why Armando's pointing out that he didn't call plays, isn't that what his O.C. will be doing? Oh well, don't think he was trying to say anything bad about Philbin, seems more like he was writing the facts. Don't need to hear Philbin didn't call plays every time someone talks about him but whatever.

Otay just let it go. Kris is happy about the hire, it was his guy, and he felt Armando was putting the choice down. He voiced his displeasure and it was over. Having a hard time understanding where you fit into all of that.

I consider this my Xmas present from Ross. When Cowher showed no interest, my top choices were Philbin, Chud or Carmichael. Now let's hope this present turns into a winner. Thanks, Mr. Ross!

Even if we dont get Bowles as DC, Philbin will go after the LB or DL coach of the packers (Unless Winston Moss gets a HC job somewhere)

Flipper13 - I'm with you - I wanted Bowles too. But...we'll see what happens. Based on the Dolphins recent history and luck with coaches and players it will probably end badly - I hate to be negative and I hope this guy is a great coach, but what do you expect from a Dolphin fan at this point?

There will definitely be an improvement in 2012 based on schedule alone. Hopefully they don't take a step backward in 2013, when they face the Pittsburgh division, and the New Orleans division in the NFC.

Like the hire, bring some winning attitude, offensive minded coach. With a good draft and free agency, this could be a very good year!!!

excellent choice!!!!

If we do get Matt Flynn........I would be able to accept a 1st round OL pick (For just one more year)

@ Armando Stitz...go back under your rock.

Congrats to Fusstratedfinfan on your new baby girl!

I think it's a good hire. Everyone keeps saying "But he's never been a head coach" yeah...uh....all head coaches once were not head coaches...duh.

Emilio - good point, Moss would be a nice addition.

GREAT now get rid of that CLUELESS IDIOT GM

Now let's hope Ireland won't be a sour puss 'cause he didn't get McCoy and will work well with Philbin.


I hope you are ok buddy. Got any prozac handy? Let me know if I can help you with your recovery. You will be fine in a couple of weeks, trust me.

Posted by: DevilsAdvocate | January 20, 2012 at 06:57 PM


I wont concede until the contract is signed. Also... We MUCT move in and go all out to pick BLACKMON.

GIVE ME BLACKMON and I will GIVE you a Championship one day.


Probably, all he did was break dan marinos record...
I'm betting he is pretty much staying put.
He can't play outside anyway.

I hope he raids the entire Green Bay staff - their staff has had a lot of success over the past several years and they have big fat shiny rings.

Phins78.@ 7:08.....

Well said.....

I don't subscribe to the 'learn on the job" comments, as he's had several glorious, successful years, years watching an excellent HC do his thing.
Shula had Weeb and Paul Brown, other assistants have had their mentors, so I wouldn't be surprised if Philbin does it "the Packers way."
We could do a lot worse, like "the Cowboy/Parcells way."

Dolphins have to target one of these TE in the draft (In order of talent): Dwayne Allen, Coby Fleener, Orwen Charles......all 3 have ball skills and the ability to beat you deep.

IMAWriter wants a Harbaugh as HC - amen.

Welcome Coach Philbin.

This is at best a mediocre chatroom because the journalist that runs it is not elite.

Yeah, I figure he will stay with NO but if you gave him the 5 year 75-80 million vs 5- 60 for an unproven....
Then go out an make Welker an offer and other UFA's get a stud via FA and bulk up in the draft.

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