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Joe Philbin to coach the Dolphins

Joe Philbin will be the Miami Dolphins next head coach, The Miami Herald has learned.

The former Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator has been offered the job and he will become the Dolphins 10th head coach. He will inherit the same office once occupied by Don Shula.

He will also inherit a position that saw such failed efforts as the tenures of Nick Saban, Cam Cameron and Dave Wannstedt. As Philbin has never been a head coach, the Dolphins are hopeful Philbin will be a success.

But they obviously cannot know for certain.

Philbin is expected to fly to South Florida Saturday, reunite with owner Stephen Ross and the rest of the Dolphins hierarchy with whome he last interviewed on Wednesday, and afterward would sign a contract. Terms of that deal are still not available but a source said the deal is for no less than four years and "consistent with league norms."

A press conference will be held after Philbin signs his contract on Saturday.

The Dolphins failed last week to land first choice Jeff Fisher, who opted instead to join the St. Louis Rams and has become one of the richest coaches in the NFL, earning upwards of $7 million per season. The Philbin contract is likely worth about half that amount annually.

In picking Philbin, the Dolphins have a coach whose past is similar to that of former coach Tony Sparano. Philbin was an offensive line coach with Green Bay as Sparano was in Dallas. Philbin was the offensive coordinator in Green Bay but didn't call the plays just as Sparano held muted play-calling duties in Dallas before coming to Miami.

Philbin had never been an NFL head coach before coming to Miami. Sparano was never an NFL head coach before coming to Miami.

Philbin wins a three-man derby that also included interim coach Todd Bowles and Denver offensive coordinator Mike McCoy. There have been whispers that Miami would like to offer Bowles the defensive coordinator job and that is still possible.

But a source close to Bowles says that has not been discussed with Bowles or his representation.


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Great move,

Hello Matt Flynn.

So Ross wanted Philbin and Jeffy want McCoy.... Hmmm maybe the cowboy way is gone? PLEASE

kris if your finished sucking for Luck you can swallow for Philbin now.

If Ireland takes Michael Floyd and a TE with the first two picks plus Flynn.....Id be impressed; Considering Ireland is half if not a complete idiot.

Give the guy a chance...


Are you Kris's bodyguard? I didn't understand the hatred and I didn't understand his conclusion that they were never after Fisher. It was for him to explain, not you. He chose not to, so that is that.

It's hard for me to be positive about the Dolphins right now and I want to so bad. I better just sit out until I get a better feeling about them overall. I keep seeing 6-10, 7-9, 8-8, 5-11...new coach - 6-10, 7-9, 8-8, 7-9...new coach. I hope this guy is the next Bellidick but...remember our recent past. We're behind you Coach Philbin.

Emilio, Winston Moss should've gotten an interview as HC. I like Philbin, but I would have liked Moss to be interviewed. Maybe Zimmer will take Nolan's job, or Bowles. Let's see who Philbin wants for OC and DC.

ok i gotta admit that swallow for Philbin line was pretty funny

No way any Packer assistants follow Philbin to Miami. Those saying he would, listen to yourselves VERY carefully:

Have you ever heard of "JOB SECURITY"? Packer assistants have a far better chance of that in Green Bay. LOL

Yea no Doubt Moss is a nasty coach with UM roots but i think they were going offensive coach/QB Development type of guy the whole way....only reason Bowles was there till the end is because they want to keep him around as DC (Mike Nolan leaving was a sure thing)

whats all

Yesterday's Gone - it's called a raise and a promotion. Coaches in the NFL don't make lateral moves - linebacker coaches become DCs-secondary coaches become DCs, WR coaches become OCs and if a coach really wants an OC or a DC to make a move to different team they give them the title of assisant head coach.

Im not giving a Miami Dolphin hc a chance until we reach the 2nd rd of a playoff. That hasnt been done since JJ. Then we got our azzes handed to us 62-7 by the Jags.

Geesh guys, we've been giving hc's a chance around here since JJ handed the reigns to Pornstache. Have you not learned yet?

whats all the hype about matt flynn,he has one
good game and you guys thing he is the best thing since canned beer.

This was a good hire. We should finally have an offence worthy to compete with hoodie. Glad we stayed away from the donkeys oc.

Jim dont forget a 11-5 season...

Hey you guys i hate say this i dont like this hired at all?

yesterdays Gone...you are so wrong....the QB coach and Philbin are super tight and like ive mentioned Moss played for the U!!!...besides you dont think Ross is willing to pay for assistants (No State Tax, and a break from that cols weather)...Yesterdays Gone and so is freezing your balls off in December....Welcome to miami (Que the WILL SMITH MUSIC!!!!!!!!)

Bowles will NOT be the DC - if you and another guy were neck and neck for a big promotion at work and you won out - would you them hire that guy to be right under you? No way. No way Philbin hires Bowles - if Bowles is the DC - Philbin is not hiring HIS staff - Ireland/Ross are making up the staff.

I disagree!! IF (for example) Philbin signs a 5 yr deal, his assistants will also get a 3-5 year deal. They will be promoted and have titles. (Look at bowles he will be moving up) and then be targets for colleges and other teams. They will go with the money and title!!

I love how everyone thinks this automatically means we are getting Flynn. First of all the guy only started twice and second we dont even know how Philbin feels about Flynn as a starting QB. He could actually refrain from going after him because he feels that Flynn is just hype. Philpin didnt draft this guy he just worked with him.

spot on emilio.. lol

There is nothing to like or dislike, yet. None of us have every talked to any of the candidates. What the heck do we know??? I'll give him a chance before praising or attacking.

true Bowles may not come but if he doesnt get the HC job in Indy,OAK, or TB.....Why not stay where alot of ppl are showing you some love and a nice little bonus to stay

Crappy owner, crappy gm, crappy coach, some things never change, and nothing is going to change with this clown. I'm done, 41 yrs shot to he!!. Miami didn't even interview decent candidates, they only looked at potential puppets, this Philbin reminds me of a soggy piece of bread. I'm out, this is just too painful to continue.

Rosenhaus is a douche bag.

Pittsburgh Jim @ 7:22 PM,

What good is a raise and promotion if the guy is most likely to be "UNEMPLOYED" in two seasons?

The assisnts leaving GB for Miami would need to make top tier "HC" pay to justify that. I once left a job for more money and 6mths later the company that paid me more folded.

Boy did I feel stupid! LOL

bye bye pa fan...

Emilio - because Philbin knows if he doesn't produce the guy who they almost hired is right there ready to take his place. Joe Philbin wants Mike McCoy and Todd Bowles on his staff like you want an STD.

I think this is the best guy of the 3, but that's not saying a lot.

I'll give him the benefit of the doubt though because he's wearing the right colors now.

Armando Stitz

Please go away.

Dude you are clueless on how coaching job in sports (specifically in the nfl and college ranks work).....this aint leaving bank of america to work for Space Union Credit

ct phins,

Usually when you're an assistant from a fired regime it takes a lot longer to get another job. Usually if you do, its at a much lower position at a much lower pay.

The lone exception is if the unit you coached was the lone outsanding bright spot of that failed regime.

YG knows nothing. A bag of hot air. Ignore him. See below.

It was only a matter of time before other teams caught up with Harbaugh's sluggish ball control style. Getting harbaugh would have been more of the same old Parcells blueprint.

It catches you off guard at first, but it doesnt take too long to catch up too. 49ers will be one and done in the playoffs. Then everything will be downhill after that.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | December 11, 2011 at 10:51 PM

Hey PA finfan no one cares what you think.


For those that want to burn our first rounder for a wr instead of the OT that is vital to a QB; there are options in this draft. One man I expect to be moving up,and may still be available in the mid-rounds is Brian Quick--App St.

I love how everyone thinks this automatically means we are getting Flynn. First of all the guy only started twice and second we dont even know how Philbin feels about Flynn as a starting QB. He could actually refrain from going after him because he feels that Flynn is just hype. Philpin didnt draft this guy he just worked with him.

The question is Tom Clements coming or will he be Packers OC. Also I guess Mccoy withdrew his name from the Raiders he can now be there number 1 candidate.

Packers can franchise Flynn anyway - they know a bunch of teams are trying to get him so why not try and get something for him?

YG he wont be fired. Ross did the hiring, this guy is gonna be ok, Sporano a good asst coach, I think our coach will have people knocking down the door to come with him. He seems legit and popular.

In other words, we should have kept Sporano. Instead we start over, again.

New CBA you cannot franchise to Trade someone. Jim your so positive please be like PA fan and leave.

The packers will have to use the franchise tag on Jermichael Finley

Sporano is a poor field general. like Cam.

I can't believe Ross and Ireland appear to have made the right choice for once. I'm impressed.

Arguing about Philbin bringing Flynn or not liking him isn't really the point. Flynn is thought of as one of the hottest FA QB's hitting the market.

Here's the point: Our new Coach is in the best position to make a call on Flynn. Bar none, in my opinion.

When Philbin makes a call on Flynn, one way or the other, I'm all in.

For now, I'm ready to start judging him by how and who he puts together as a staff!

AwwwwwwwwwwRiiiiiiiiiiight MIAMI!

Yip they can use a transition on Flynn, but thats nothing. Finley much more important to them. If not then lets get finley!!

where is LOCO???

That is what im saying Philbin will be the best judge of Flynn, which means everyone shouldnt be shocked if he doesnt go after him.

Good point, odinseye @ 7:40.

While other teams will be dissecting a tape of Flynn and questioning him, Philbin knows all he needs to know. We've got the inside track on how worthy Flynn really is.

so who here hopes we draft Michael Floyd with the first pick if we do land Matt Flynn?

In other words, we should have kept Sporano. Instead we start over, again.

Posted by: bobbyd12 | January 20, 2012 at 07:37 PM

Classic. Only this fool still a Sparano fan. This guy is happy to have his tailgate parties win or lose. You'd think a season ticket holder would have a higher standard. Too many loser fans accepting any old crap.

Now just if we were able to land Flynn how appealing would Blackmon look in a Fins jersey?

The guy looks like a frail old man, looks like he should be an equipment manager. And after just losing his son, will his head be into coaching this year!!?? Maybe in a couple of years when this putz is fired Cowher or Gruden or someone with head coaching experience will be available?!

The packers will have to use the franchise tag on Jermichael Finley

Posted by: Emilio | January 20, 2012 at 07:39 PM

If they did tag Flynn, we could get Finley as a nice consolation prize.

Yea but why would the packers want to do that...its not like nasty TE are super hard to find...cough cough....Fasano

Philbin = another doomed experiment

That is what im saying Philbin will be the best judge of Flynn, which means everyone shouldnt be shocked if he doesnt go after him.

Posted by: slutsky | January 20, 2012 at 07:42 PM

Well, we're saying the same thing then. I feel more comfortable about the Flynn proposition, one way or the other. Philbin has worked with as much as anyone. Whatever he thinks, I'll believe him.

PS: I think we've upgraded here, Can you imagine ANYONE typing that last sentence about SpOrano ;)

Philbin gets a clean shot, no problem here.

However we have 7 FA's and 6 draft picks.
That means our team is going to suck next year regardless of who is coach.
Professional sports agents do not let thier clients sign for a team like ours.
The free agents available to us are the ones that have been fired (released).
Guys like NoodleArm, Olshansky, Columbus.

Philbin must be going through an emotional roller-coaster with this job offer, imminent relocation, and a building of his HC career in Miami - all happening in weeks after the lost of his son. I don't know how anyone can pull this off. But if he succeeds, he's the tough minded leader this team needs. Good luck to him.

Good choice. Maybe we can sign Matt Flynn too. A lot of doubt in armando's post...lets have a little faith. Redic. GB has had one of the best offenses in the league for a while. Even though he didnt call the plays, im sure he had a large part. I think he will be a good coach. A lot of motivation after the tragedy of his son dying. I like the signing a lot. Now lets go get us some players!

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