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Joe Philbin to coach the Dolphins

Joe Philbin will be the Miami Dolphins next head coach, The Miami Herald has learned.

The former Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator has been offered the job and he will become the Dolphins 10th head coach. He will inherit the same office once occupied by Don Shula.

He will also inherit a position that saw such failed efforts as the tenures of Nick Saban, Cam Cameron and Dave Wannstedt. As Philbin has never been a head coach, the Dolphins are hopeful Philbin will be a success.

But they obviously cannot know for certain.

Philbin is expected to fly to South Florida Saturday, reunite with owner Stephen Ross and the rest of the Dolphins hierarchy with whome he last interviewed on Wednesday, and afterward would sign a contract. Terms of that deal are still not available but a source said the deal is for no less than four years and "consistent with league norms."

A press conference will be held after Philbin signs his contract on Saturday.

The Dolphins failed last week to land first choice Jeff Fisher, who opted instead to join the St. Louis Rams and has become one of the richest coaches in the NFL, earning upwards of $7 million per season. The Philbin contract is likely worth about half that amount annually.

In picking Philbin, the Dolphins have a coach whose past is similar to that of former coach Tony Sparano. Philbin was an offensive line coach with Green Bay as Sparano was in Dallas. Philbin was the offensive coordinator in Green Bay but didn't call the plays just as Sparano held muted play-calling duties in Dallas before coming to Miami.

Philbin had never been an NFL head coach before coming to Miami. Sparano was never an NFL head coach before coming to Miami.

Philbin wins a three-man derby that also included interim coach Todd Bowles and Denver offensive coordinator Mike McCoy. There have been whispers that Miami would like to offer Bowles the defensive coordinator job and that is still possible.

But a source close to Bowles says that has not been discussed with Bowles or his representation.


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TBiddy, blow it out ur ass_puusy boy while you hide behind another name. Now go nipple fees on ur mommy

I like this hire a lot. Even more so than Fisher. Unlike Sparano, this guy has been successful everywhere he's been and has earned the right to be head coach with the OC job. On top of that, he comes from a successful organization from the top down. If he gives us a leg up on Flynn, that's icing on the cake.

NY JEssssts welcome to PIST FUMPS

Dear Coach Philbin,

It's OK to go after any free agents you deem worthy. You have my whole hearted support(for now....ahem).

It's OK if Jeff Ireland aggrivates you to the point of getting violent. You could even sucker punch him if you like. Your Fan Base will LOVE you for it.

It's OK if you go for it on 4th downs too. Be assertive, take your shot(just make sure it successful!).

There is one thing Coach Philbin, whatever you do, no matter what, DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT jump up and down like a retard and Fist Pump any Field Goals!

Welcome to Miami and Good Luck Sir!


You are all KUNTS and mini revenue centers for a billionaire


The biggest reason the Dolphins stink is they keep hiring people that were NEVER NFL HC’s. Saban, Cameron, Sparano, all failures. So now they hire another guy thats never been an NFL HC? WTF?? This is comical and stupidity at its utmost.

First time blogger here from leafy Cheshire in England. I've been supporting the Dolphins from afar since about 1985 and it's fair to say that it's not been a barrel of laughs over the past decade.
I'm pleased that the hierarchy has finally got around to appointing a new Head Coach. I've been up far too late for 2 weeks waiting- being 5 hours ahead is definitely not good for the news feed!

I hope Philbin is the man to finally get this franchise turned around but I can't get past the fact that he lost hos son less than 2 weeks ago. I know that for some, throwing themselves into work is how some people deal with grief but I'm not sure that taking the HC gig at a success starved NFL franchise is the best form of therapy?! I just hope that my misgivings are unfounded and that all parties don't end up regretting this decision?

Good luck coach Philbin!! U best go undefeated by year 2 or everyone here will want u fired!! Please don't be another Cam Cameron!!!

Was Ireland fired yet?

A lot of people go back to work shortly after losing a loved one. It is best not to dwell on it. Philbin will be so busy putting together a staff and getting ready for the shrine game, senior bowl, combine and draft he won't have time to dwell on his son's death.
Sometimes, just keeping yourself busy is the best form of therapy.

This reminds me of the Cam Cameron hire.

The biggest reason the Dolphins stink is they keep hiring people that were NEVER NFL HC’s. Saban, Cameron, Sparano, all failures. So now they hire another guy thats never been an NFL HC? WTF?? This is comical and stupidity at its utmost.

Posted by: Gregg | January 20, 2012 at 08:00 PM

Now this guy is a total fking idiot. Nobody starts out as HC, they work their way up. Payton, McCarthy, Tomlin weren't HC's before their first HC job and now they all have SB rings.

Dude, you are one dumb bunker.

The herald and company about two hours late to the party.

Cam Cameron??? LOL you guys are tools

just please don't bring flynn. a 7th round pick with one game? remember fiedler?

As long as we don't "fall forward fast" we should be okay. I think it's a decent hire!!

Guy is obviously mentally tough considering everything in his life right now!!

horizon??? you r not smart. Did you watch him last year? vs Pats? Brady was a 6th rounder. Cmon..

Remember how everyone was so excited about Cam Cameron? LOL

it's funny Salguero your insider reported definitively on your show that Philbin WAS OUT OF THE RUNNING, another scoop of raisin turds!

I was actually shocked when this blog popped up on the screen and there was a picture of Philbin with the caption above it that stated he would be the next head coach.
It was somewhat pleasing to me to see that they made the decision to hire Philbin. I felt somewhat relieved about the situation and feel the team is finally moving in the right direction.
When I watched the video of Philbin and Bilick talking football I immediately thought he would be the guy. His demeanor and his knowledge of the game and how to attack a defense was displayed during that conversation. I just can't see Miami taking the field in the first game and being totally unprepared like they were with Sparano as the head coach. JMHO.

Omar at the SS said Philpin was out of the running. LOL

The change will be good for the Dolphins!

Hopefully Philbin caught a few of the WISCONSIN games, and IS "INTRIGUED"y a certain QB with the initials RW...HMMMMMMMM?

Ok guys. How long till Philbin is fired?\

A) 1st year

B) 2nd year

C) 3rd year

Hopefully Philbin caught a few of the WISCONSIN games, and IS "INTRIGUED" by a certain QB with the initials RW...HMMMMMMMM?

Posted by: Fin'FanSince4Ever | January 20, 2012 at 08:19 PM

Also wouldn't mind Nick Toon lining up across from Marshall. Toon showed what he could do with a good quarterback throwing him the football. Wilson made a big difference this past season.

The AP states Philbin is the 7th coach the last 8 yrs.. That's not right is it? If so, we're more the new Raiders than I thought..

Philbin will not be fired within the first 4-5 years of his contract even with 0-16. (which wont happen.

Omar is a jesus freak. He knows nothing. Gullible dumb ass journalist. The country is going to sheet.

This was just a bad year to find a head coach.
I was hoping for McCoy. However, I Found myself not really caring because I didn't like any of the candidates. I think I'm more interested in the QB position. Then I realized that Andrew Luck doesn't seem to be in the realm of possibility.

Dolphins win during the season = Dolphins lose for the future.
Sparano goes 0-7 to start the season = Dolphins hire Sparano Sr.

And I only believed this happened to the Jets, Lions, and Bengals.

I'm hoping for Philbin's and the Dolphins sakes you're right Professor Lou- only time will tell I guess?

Tom Clements as OC...GREAT!
Todd Bowles as DC...GREAT!

Matt Flynn???


Think about it.
What can Philbin or any other coach do in his first year other than conclude what a poorly talented team this is.
And he'll come to that conclusion after he sees the talent for himself in person.
Which will be after the draft is over.
Next season we're still going to be horrible.

Hey people you ever think that teams throw out red herrings to these so called "insiders"??

Mando, this will never b an elite chat room cuz pips start asking for heads to roll with consecutive losses! Took Shula 7 yrs to get to playoffs, today's fins fans would never be so patient..

Is this the chatroom?

Hey not in blue armando, buzz off.

@Fusstratedfinfan. congrats on your the birth of your child. extra special day for you and your wife.

@Armando Stitz, you're a jackass. keep ur pie hole shut

I think we're looking at two completely different "football IQ's" between Sparano and Philbin. Sparano didn't know what he doesn't know.

Matt Moore is our QB he throws the ball far with his eyes closed I saw his picture

7 coaches in 8 yrs?? Can't be!!! AP writer is on crack!! We r bad though...

Good luck to coach Philbin, seems like a class act. Somebody hug Gregg, it's obvious he wasn't loved as a child.

Wow....guess Jeffy got trumped by Ross.

I hope Philbin works out, I really do!

Go Fins!

McCoy prob feels like an A S S for denying Raiders interview! They have different management and will prob have more stability than us.. Calls for Philbin's termination begin towards end of yr. 2..


Just giving you a hard time for the fun of it. We bloggers are all in the dark, you'll have your opportunities to nail me soon enough.

Im happy with the choice! Miami will have a brand new look we have never seen before. The West Coast offense should be interesting getting to know. It may or may not be a success but I will enjoy the ride and hope for the best!

Brandon Marshall, Bess and Bush and even Clay seem tailor made for a West Coast offense. All are run after the catch type of players. Add a TE that can stretch the field and another WR like Michael Floyd maybe or maybe another guy at WR via draft or free agency as well as a TE that can stretch the field. It's asking a lot especially from Ireland to find that talent but I am hopeful.

LAstly, I been saying all along I have no idea if Matt Flynn is Scott Mitchell/Kevin Kolb or a potential franchise to very good QB at least. You have to think Philbin gives Miami an edge in recruiting Flynn. He may not even want to come to Miami but why wouldnn't he? Ross will pay anything for quarterback and Philbin is not only Ireland's guy now, he is also Ross' first hand picked Head Coach. He has to put Philbin in the best position and if Philbin wants Flynn he will get Flynn!

I'm excited fellas!

So basically your saying we got sparano 2.0? Wow and I guess there goes any hope of trading up for a QB in the draft and overpaying Flynn when Matt Moore is the better option of the two...... Is the dolphins front office hiring I could do a heck of a lot better just sayin....but fins up lets try again

They have to make a play for Flynn now, a serious play. Unless they swing some sort of unlikely mega-trade, there won't be a viable QB option available when they draft, not a highly-regarded one, at least. Matt Moore did a very serviceable job but they cannot go into camp with Moore as the only option. Flynn is certainly no sure thing but the Dolphins need a real QB desperately. Henne was a total washout and 75% of the problem during the 0-7 start, Moore was an obvious upgrade but not good enough to settle on as a starter. Regardless of who coaches them the Dolphins will never, ever win anything until they (finally) get serious about developing a real, starting caliber NFL QB, plain and simple.

If nothing else, he comes from winning. It's contagious.


Great move by the dolphins. Fans let's get off on the rite foot.Get behind your team.

Wonder if Rams would take Long for ther number 1 pick! Bradford desperately needs protection and Long is better than Anyone coming out of college.. Then we draft I-line with our #8-9 pick...


I been saying it all along Flynn is the only guy that Miami has a chance at that is capable and has the "potential" to answer their decade plus dilemma of not having a long term solution at QB.

Flynn showed in the right offense which would be the same offense he is capable of winning games with his arm. He will get the same coaching he has gotten the past 4 seasons.

Get the pipe dream of RG3 out of your heads! It will cost way too much. If Philbin endorses Flynn then he is the guy. Miami then could add a weapon for Flynn. Michael Floyd or Alshon Jeffrey look like big, physical, West Coast receivers if I have ever seen one.

I am going on record now that if Miami gets Flynn, I am willing to "reach" for Floyd!

DeSean Jackson FA WR...a BALLER!

Key!!! Philbin NOT Dallas connection!!!

Would an offense that included Coby Fleener, Nick Toon, Jarius Wright and Jeff Fuller excite anyone?

wes welker a baller

We don't know flynn but philbin does. If we go after him hard then that means philbin thinks he's the real deal.

whats all the hype about matt flynn,he has one
good game and you guys thing he is the best thing since canned beer.

Posted by: hogan | January 20, 2012 at 07:22 PM


Give me a nice cold BOTTLE of Corona or Heineken!

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