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Joe Philbin to coach the Dolphins

Joe Philbin will be the Miami Dolphins next head coach, The Miami Herald has learned.

The former Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator has been offered the job and he will become the Dolphins 10th head coach. He will inherit the same office once occupied by Don Shula.

He will also inherit a position that saw such failed efforts as the tenures of Nick Saban, Cam Cameron and Dave Wannstedt. As Philbin has never been a head coach, the Dolphins are hopeful Philbin will be a success.

But they obviously cannot know for certain.

Philbin is expected to fly to South Florida Saturday, reunite with owner Stephen Ross and the rest of the Dolphins hierarchy with whome he last interviewed on Wednesday, and afterward would sign a contract. Terms of that deal are still not available but a source said the deal is for no less than four years and "consistent with league norms."

A press conference will be held after Philbin signs his contract on Saturday.

The Dolphins failed last week to land first choice Jeff Fisher, who opted instead to join the St. Louis Rams and has become one of the richest coaches in the NFL, earning upwards of $7 million per season. The Philbin contract is likely worth about half that amount annually.

In picking Philbin, the Dolphins have a coach whose past is similar to that of former coach Tony Sparano. Philbin was an offensive line coach with Green Bay as Sparano was in Dallas. Philbin was the offensive coordinator in Green Bay but didn't call the plays just as Sparano held muted play-calling duties in Dallas before coming to Miami.

Philbin had never been an NFL head coach before coming to Miami. Sparano was never an NFL head coach before coming to Miami.

Philbin wins a three-man derby that also included interim coach Todd Bowles and Denver offensive coordinator Mike McCoy. There have been whispers that Miami would like to offer Bowles the defensive coordinator job and that is still possible.

But a source close to Bowles says that has not been discussed with Bowles or his representation.


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DeSean Jackson FA WR

Nothing but trouble.

Vincent jasckson is also a free agent.

Let's give philbin a chance, enough with all the negative energy here and sure Ross and Ireland have faults and haven't done everything the right way but we haven't won anything in like 40 years and you people act like Ross and Ireland ruined this organization after a few years here, get a grip and see what happens or pick a different team already

Coming from a liquor store owner.. Coronoa and Heineken is panther piss beer made for americans. I am a bud hater but this stuff is lower on beer chain.

Michael Jackson is a free agent.. no wait a minute..

If they don't go after Flynn?.....

Philbin and Flynn,

Best news in a very long time. This is something i will pay to see.

Go Phins,

Philbin was my choice over Fisher and the rest. I hope i was right.

Philbin, the 2nd coming of Cam Cameron.

Thank you Mr, Ross for not following Ireland and blindly taking Mr. McCoy. I mean the guy was not even a Phin yet and he was already making mistakes (turned down another interview??).

We have Coach. We have Coach.

Dolphilbin that is the new coach, give him a chance. If he brings in Matt Flynn he has acomplished a third of his job.

Go German...with Beer.

IF Philbin wants Flynn, then we should get him.
Philbin and Flynn together could be a winning combination.

Moore would be a VERY good backup.

Then we could use the draft to improve other areas of need- RT, WR, OLB, FS.

Does anyone have any insight as to what type of D this guy will run. They run a 3-4 in GB but I'll be curious to know if Philbin might prefer a 4-3 D.

I hope Jeffy is up to the challenge of getting the roster from "pretty good" to "great" or it won't matter how good Philbin is.


Exactly! If Miami is in any pursuit of Flynn then that is because Philbin is tying his career to Flynn and that's as strong as it gets for Miami in a long time.

If Flynn fails, then Philbin fails. I am excited for the first time in a long time. Too bad Free Agency is 2 months away and we have no idea if Flynn will be franchised.

I say because Philbin got the Head Coaching gig, Green Bay will now DEFINITELY franchise Flynn because they know they have a strong suitor who needs a QB in Miami. But F it! MAke it a conditional 1st rounder in 2013. If Miami makes playoffs its a 1st and if it they don't a 2nd. No way Green Bay will get the Carson Palmer trade with 2 1st not with Flynn's small body of work.

I thought free agency began feb 27 ?


I thought always in March but Feb 27th might be right with new CBA, not sure

Also one of my very favorite beers is Samuel Adams. Those guys KNOW how to make some beer!

Good luck Coach Philbin, and Godspeed.

Flynn to compete with Moore, unless Peyton Manning is available.....yeah, I'm crazy!

In case you guys missed it - Armando interview on NFL.com


It is very difficult to win without a Coach.

Odin....GREAT POINTS @ 7:48....

When does the Free Agency period officially begin?

Answer: Free Agency officially begins on February 27. For RFAs, the period officially ends on April 18. The deadline for old clubs to exercise the Right of First Refusal to RFAs is April 24. For UFAs (including Franchise players and Transition players), who have been given a tender offer from their prior team, the period officially ends on July 22 or the first day of training camp -- whichever is later.

God bless the Phibin family.
Bring the winning heritage back to fins.
Nothing but good luck coach.

They interviewed Armando? Now is my chance.

The micro-brews, in general, I like.

Love to hate this IPad.

I believe the FINS have taken the 1st step back to relevance in the NFL.....

WOW.....I haven't been this happy about football since Tony got fired.....

I didn't like the McCoy choice because of a reason mentioned above....why would you cancel an interview.....who does that.....I'm glad Ross has brought in HIS GUY.....

Ross takes a lot of heat on this blog....but I think he is on track to build something special in Miami.....

RLZ.....Maybe you should spend your money on a kitchen instead of Dolphind tickets because you obviously not a fan and don't know shiit about what makes a good coach! Idiot...

Oscar you can just say go german with beer. That's way too broad and not neccessarily good advice.


Hope this hiring lifts your sprits.....Its gonna be a good year.....

It IS hard to go wrong with german beer. Now Budweiser- THAT's horse piss.

Philbin needs a good nick name......any suggestions...

The MAD HATTER keeps coming to mind.....but I think thats taken....by a college coach.....

Joe PhilFin


Is this blog comparing the coaches meant to say Dolphins are back where they started or were you seriously making a simple comparison?

Are you being sarcastic as some here suggest or was this a simple "hey look how these guys came from the same background...how interesting"?

Cause you were pretty certain the Dolphins needed to get Fisher...or else.

I only ask because I am actually curious what your take is on this hiring. No BS. No hinting at...no sarcasm...do you think he will be successful and if not, why?; or if so, why?

I truly respect your opinion (no sarcasm) and await a honest and direct assessment.

Best move by Ross! Luv the selection ...players WILL play for this guy! He can attract good coaches and players also!!


Good Post...

Good questions.....

Sparano's nickname when he first arrived in Miami was "dickydoo" because his stomach stuck out further than his dicky do.


"joe Philfin"......

I like it....its funny......

Professor Lou.....

Thats really funny......


The PhilFin and Phlynn Show?


No, rice doesn't make for a very goood brew.

Ross may have made a mistake in going after Harbaugh when Sparano was still the head coach but I think he was so sick and tired of losing that he let his emotions get the best of him. Looking at the results Harbaugh had in San Fran it's hard to fault Ross for his choice.
Now, Ross sat in on the interviews and listened to what each prospect coaching candidate had to say and then probably asked Ireland and Peterson for their feedback but let it be known that the final decision would be his.
Ross may not know much about football but he does know how to run a business and football is a business. He's probably interviewed plenty of people for important positions within his real estate organization so he has experience with making those kinds of decisions.
It is for that reason that I find comfort in the fact that the person hired as the new head coach of the team was the person Ross had thought of as the best candidate for the position.

I am hungry and will proceed to do Spaghetti Carbonara(very easy really)(I'm tired).

I believe we finally have a coach that understands were playing CHESS...and not checkers......

very good.

Professor Lou....

Thank you....and I liked your's as well @ 9:50.....

Regarding Philbin. Wow, 50% think fantastic and 50% think disaster. And that is from the 100% who have nothing to do with football but watch it and blog...
So the way I see it, half you people are going to be spot on and half are going to eat crow. And meanwhile, the billionaire, the GM and the HC will do their very, very best to put a successful, money making, winning football team on the field in September. And just think, they couldn't have done it without your opinions and coments........

I think a lot of it depends on if they let them man be the HEAD COACH. Which means decisions with personel below him is ultimately his decision.

Yes, we know. We're all proud of the fact that our guidance and wisdom has helped Miami pick the best coach from the three candidates they interviewed.
Our raise is in our next check.

CHESS not checkers...I like it.

Good one, Kris. Sparano was definitely playing checkers.

It was more like tiddlywinks

Confucius say, "Don't trust head coach with mustache."

overall this was a pretty good pick up there wasnt many great coachs out there anyway. Philbin knows QBs and Im pretty sure that he will play the best guy either we draft a QB, moore, or Fylnn. lets go miami...........

I said it...the best thing to happen in Miami...he knows what a true organization operates like...he knows great quarterbacks andhow to recognize them...If Matt Flynn is a great quarterback then Philbin will bring him in...if not then we play Matt Moore until we get or develop a better option...

Good job Miami and FO...all you ignorants, just go learn some football before you talk...

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