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Raiders fire Jackson and ripple effects felt here

The Oakland Raiders have fired head coach Hue Jackson.

The possibility was discussed right here last week and as such, one of the candidates former Green Bay personnel man turned Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie is going to consider for the vacancy is Green Bay assistant head coach Winston Moss.

ESPN is reporting McKenzie will also consider Packers secondary coach and former Steelers safety Darren Perry ...

.... notice any names missing?

Where's the interest in Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin?

Yeah, not so much.

Look, different teams are interested in different coaches. The Dolphins are most interested in Jeff Fisher and that is where their search starts and ends until he makes a decision (with several people now telling me he's leaning toward Miami).

After Fisher the Dolphins have indeed cast a wide net, including offensive, defensive and special teams assistants. Tampa Bay has cast a vastly different wide net, interviewing a couple of candidates of little interest to Miami, such as Marty Schotteneimer. Every team is different.

But the fact the Raiders are now run by a Packers guy, the fact that Packers guy probably knows the inner workings of the Packers better than the Dolphins, and the fact the Packers guy is looking at several other Packers guys but not Philbin, suggests a couple of things to me:

Perhaps if the Dolphins want to start getting results like the Packers, or looking like the Packers, they should maybe interview Moss or even Perry. I'm not saying the Dolphins should absolutely hire Moss and Perry, but this movement out west should cause the Dolphins to think long and hard why Moss isn't on their radar but is so prominent on the radar of a former Packers guy.

Moss, by the way, is from Miami.


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Another reason Armando, is the guy's son just died. How likely is he to roar back into football so soon after that tragedy? It's a bad idea for us to continue thinking about Philbin. The guy needs a year off.

And not to sound insensitive, but Miami needs a HC that only has the betterment of this team on his mind. And I wouldn't even expect Philbin to do that right now. It's unfortunate, but the events in his life are such that he shouldn't be considered for our open position.

Well unfortunately there is one other little news item that might be a reason behind not wanting to interview philbin right now.

DC Dolfan,

Yea not sure how Armando missed that one either! Priorities! His F-ing son died! The guy should be off Miami's list now too!

Armando dude I love your blog but don't try and create a situation where you pat yourself on the back and "I told you so" about Winston Moss. Philbin's son died! Who cares about interviewing for a HC spot.

Would you even want someone so NUMB to human feeling that he would interview for a HC position after his son just died.

Dude you should apologize NOW to Philbin. His name wasn't mentioned! You clearly have no kids or aren't human yourself. I can't believe you just mentioned that. Your a J-OFF for that one Armando, truly an A-Hole!


I'm not trying to be smart here, but isn't Armando's point that we should be interviewing Moss and Perry because that is who the ex-packers guy is looking at?

I don't think Philbin was as big a part of this particular post.

Maybe I'm reading it wrong though. (no sarcasm here)

I guess we can start a new trend: hiring old Packers rejects.
Hiring old Cowboys rejects didn't work. So Packers next up?
Maybe we should interview our own waterboy.

Looking forward to the 'experts' on here telling us all about 'Joe Philbin being the reason GB is the offensive juggernault they are.' Just amazing!! Wouldn't Reggie Mackenzie, the guy involved in their front office know a little about what makes their offence tick? If it's about Philbin's son dying, wouldn't he just hold off until he'a available? Shows that some don't actually know sh*t about what makes GB tick.

I'll look forward to those same 'experts' apologize to everyone for their comments about why 'Jeff Ireland will never come to Miami as long as Ireland is the GM', if he does in fact get the job. Or I'll look forward to hearing why he ended up in St. Louis 'for the sole reason that no good coach would want to work with Ireland' and that's why he turned the job down.

What a bunch!....

Search This!!

I'm going back to work now. Just wanted to be clear, that I was cowardly running from your response and I do have a job I have to attend to...

Let us all know how you feel about Ireland if you get the chance. Always good to open up about those things...


I'm with you at 2:42!

Fisher is a very good Head Coach, period! He will have an owner behind him with his wallet always open. I hope Armando's sources are right even if his tact in writing is not today.

Yeah his son died, but that is life. Most people don't want to sit around and cry about it for a year. He'll bury him and move on.

Where does that leave Rod Woodson? That guy is going to be great one day. Miami should consider adding him to the coaching staff.

Shows that some don't actually know sh*t about what makes GB tick.

Posted by: Craig M | January 10, 2012 at 02:44 PM

And you do huh another lecture by the blow hard!


You clearly have no kids.

Let's not be influenced by anything the Raiders do. Please!

This is a kind of a dumb post the reason he'l get in Moss is because he helped hire b4 he didn't hire Philbin (He was there before)and his son just died you need to do some research!


Not to be smart, but we used 3 picks on Thomas.

2 too move up into the 2nd **AND** our ORIGINAL 3rd.

Daniel Thomas costed us 3 draft picks.

Having said that, I like the guy. When healthy, a full training camp and a little familiarity with the speed of the NFL, I think he'll end up complimenting Reggie PERFECTLY.

I didn't like the trade up or the overall cost, but I like Daniel Thomas!

I just hope this is true with Fisher. He had a miserable, cheap owner with the Oilers/Titans. If given the resources, Fisher will be a huge success. He is already assembling an all-star coaching staff.

Posted by: jrs | January 10, 2012 at 02:42 PM


Fisher will really find out what cheap is if he works for cheapskate Ross!!

We gave 3 picks for D Thomas. Its not rocket science! LOL

Fisher will really find out what cheap is if he works for cheapskate Ross

Steve M your clearly one of those idiotic Dolphins fans who aint gotta clue if he's cheap why has he signed Dansby Marshall Bush and Burnett....FOOL

You clearly have no kids.

Posted by: AndyNJ | January 10, 2012 at 02:54 PM

Have to agree Andy.

This is the kind of thing that can ruin someone for life!

Why are the Phins so stubborn to not interview Chudzinski? Why b/c you chose Brian Daboll over him last year to run your offense (duhhhhh!!!)?

Chud at the very least deserves an interview instead of more Dallas people like Zimmer. I am embarrass that this brass keeps going back to that formula.

I wasn't a big fan of Kelly until I heard him last nite give a jab to the NCAA for such a boring game! Whoever we bring must have that "attitude", so please spare me when you front office people even hint at the possibility of interviewing...drum roll...Mike Mularkey! Now that is a pile of mularkey to you!

Craig, get over it& stop being a baby. I put you in your place. Deal with it!

The way you try to lecture people & discredit what others are saying, WOW. Your arrogance is astounding.


yeah people are so stupid. That might have been the most ignorant comment posted in a long time.

Search this!!

Maybe if you stop trying to tell people what to do and actually took some time to read before posting your indiotic comments it might improve the blog.

But I fully expect you'll take the time to respond to this and try to WIN something....go ahead....have fun!

Love how people diss Zimmer just coz he was with the Cowboys b4 evn though he is one of the coaches in the business whos never been a Head Coach and it was like 5 years ago he was with Dallas...clowns

Trying hard not to be the grammar police...but 'costed'?

Anyone with kids knows there is no effin' way you are over it two days after the death and ready to move on. At least, no decent human being. I would be surprised if he gets a HC gig now, or that he is even thinking about it.

Armando's post seems to be largely about tooting his own horn, but it gives us a fresh place to carry on our diatribes while we wait to see what the hell Fischer is doing.

Armando, maybe you should personally deliver those facts to the Dolphins top dogs. I mean they could use some help in thinking lol.

The Rams are asking to talk to Jay Gruden. I find this interesting but, not sure what to make of it.

Opinions? Are they tired of waiting for Fisher & moving on or are they trying to pressure him to decide?

come on fisher!!!!!!!!!!

Are you in the interview meetings or what the process is?
Parcells brought sparano because he was familiar with sparano. According to your logic that was a good move also. You don't know what'll happen to the raiders. As far as we know they'll be bottom dwellers for years to come because of this move.

It seems pretty obvious to me also that having just interviewed Chudzinski last year for OC, and not hiring him, that they weren't overly impressed.

CraigM, be a man. You said you were leaving to do work weren't you? Or was that a crock of sh*t like all your other posts?

I'm guessing the latter. It's too easy with you, really. It's not even fun anymore. Go away!

3:06 Craig M is a imposter. Come on Mando!! Search is Moron

yes mando i've been saying it all along fisher is coming to our beloved miami dolphins

Whatever happened to Terry Tate, office linebacker? I loved those commercials

I still like Philbin.. I know he just lost his son but he has 5 more kids to live for . Dedicate this year to your son coach!!

fisher is coming!!!!!!!!!! we are gonna turn this garbage around in 2012 fellas!

Stop being an idiot imposter!!!

I do like the idea of a Miami native as head coach though. Someone who bleeds for the team in addition to being a hungry young coach. Makes sense.

I think the Rams are doing both. Attempting to apply pressure and doing due diligence.

IN Armando's defense he is not being insensitive his piece on the Raiders and Moss was posted up before Philbin interviewed with the Phins. What he is saying is that Philbin was not on the Raiders radar even before this catastrophe.

Trying hard not to be the grammar police...but 'costed'?

Posted by: TheOtherRick | January 10, 2012 at 03:09 PM

Yeah? Oh Yeah? Soooooooooooooooooooo!

Ok, seriously, even if I took the time to learn proper english, I'd still be an IDIOT!

Smell what I'm stepping in?

3:06 Craig M is a imposter. Come on Mando!! Search is Moron

Posted by: Craig M | January 10, 2012 at 03:14 PM

Goodness! You're at work, yet STILL monitoring the blog? How paranoid are you? Lemme guess, I'm impersonating you now?

Rrun to Mando for help? WOW. Way to fight your own battles. You're in a tizzy. Take 10 deep breaths! Then, leave me alone!

rams interviewing gms today, one is a guy fisher worked with for 15 years.

fisher is coming!!!!!!!!!! we are gonna turn this garbage around in 2012 fellas!

Posted by: dusty bottoms | January 10, 2012 at 03:17 PM

get ready for 8-8.

Ohio, yes to what you were saying Armando's post is about. I agree with that (looking at Winston).

I was just saying, since we already interviewed Philbin, he should now not be an option because I don't think he can handle the duties of an NFL HC right now with all this turmoil in his family.

That's the only point I was making, let the guy handle his business and we should be moving on to other prospects (whomever they be).

nice a 2 game improvement right away?? fisher is gonna bring respect back here finally. this is awesome if he decides on us, cant take the waiting anymore

I do not know what is wrong with you people. Jeff Fisher would be a great hire. Much better than coaches we have had here. He had issues with Bud Adams, who was adamant about not giving him players he needed, interfered in the drafts etc. When you are conflicting with an owner who likes control, it is tough to get the job done the way he woudl desire it. Even still to have been employed 17 years in todays NFL tells you something. Bud Adams was patient with him. Which I give him a lot of credit for. He knew what he had in Fisher. He made the wrong choice in siding with Young, because Young is now gone, and so is Fisher.

I would love to have him in Miami. I think he would have better talent to work with here in Miami than he would with the Rams,or than he did when he was with the Titans.


Well, idiot or not, you have a sense of humor! I like the user name by the way.


Not to be smart, but we used 3 picks on Thomas.

2 too move up into the 2nd **AND** our ORIGINAL 3rd.

Daniel Thomas costed us 3 draft picks.

Having said that, I like the guy. When healthy, a full training camp and a little familiarity with the speed of the NFL, I think he'll end up complimenting Reggie PERFECTLY.

I didn't like the trade up or the overall cost, but I like Daniel Thomas!

Posted by: odinseye | January 10, 2012 at 02:59 PM

yeah it sounds crappy when you put it like that. But it sounds better when you say we get your second round and we give you #3,#5,#7 picks... I would do it again

so true jj, fisher would be a homerun. plus the rumor is also if fisher takes job, ireland is out and peterson takes over those duties

get ready for 8-8.


Two games better than 6-10.

fisher would turn us around right away.

DC Dolfan,

I was having this same discussion today. With all that he has been through with the sons prior trial and then the loss of the son as well, I don't know the guy is emotionally prepared to handle the stress of a HC position now. It may be exactly what he needs to get him through the loss, on the other hand, it could send him over the edge. Only he knows but I think it would be very difficult.

Griffin is officially in the draft.

Fisher won't turn anything around. We will be a .54 team.

Philbin is not in a position to become a HC for the first time right now. He needs to be with his family and that is ok.

Armando: who the heck knows why Ross and Ireland haven't interviewed Moss or Perry. Or for that matter, Schotty and Billick and Chud and so on. Or why they're interviewing Mularkey? We're all scratching our heads trying to figure out what this FO (which tends to act erratically and secretively like North Korea) is doing.

Fisher is a mediocre coach. Cowher would be THE prize!

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