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Raiders fire Jackson and ripple effects felt here

The Oakland Raiders have fired head coach Hue Jackson.

The possibility was discussed right here last week and as such, one of the candidates former Green Bay personnel man turned Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie is going to consider for the vacancy is Green Bay assistant head coach Winston Moss.

ESPN is reporting McKenzie will also consider Packers secondary coach and former Steelers safety Darren Perry ...

.... notice any names missing?

Where's the interest in Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin?

Yeah, not so much.

Look, different teams are interested in different coaches. The Dolphins are most interested in Jeff Fisher and that is where their search starts and ends until he makes a decision (with several people now telling me he's leaning toward Miami).

After Fisher the Dolphins have indeed cast a wide net, including offensive, defensive and special teams assistants. Tampa Bay has cast a vastly different wide net, interviewing a couple of candidates of little interest to Miami, such as Marty Schotteneimer. Every team is different.

But the fact the Raiders are now run by a Packers guy, the fact that Packers guy probably knows the inner workings of the Packers better than the Dolphins, and the fact the Packers guy is looking at several other Packers guys but not Philbin, suggests a couple of things to me:

Perhaps if the Dolphins want to start getting results like the Packers, or looking like the Packers, they should maybe interview Moss or even Perry. I'm not saying the Dolphins should absolutely hire Moss and Perry, but this movement out west should cause the Dolphins to think long and hard why Moss isn't on their radar but is so prominent on the radar of a former Packers guy.

Moss, by the way, is from Miami.


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This is going to sound a little too extreme for most of you on hear, but I believe it must be done.

It does not really matter too much who we choice to be our coach this year from the pool of talent that is available. The most important decision that needs to be made is getting a franchise QB. This is the most important position in all of sports. We need someone who can compete and win consistently against the Brady's, Rogers and Brees' of this league. The guy to do this is Andrew Luck. He is the best QB prospect since Peyton and for good reason, he started as a freshman, helped stanford to become a top program, runs a pro style offense, is getting a degree from one of the top colleges in america, has the pedigree his father was a QB of the Oilers, and has had all this success with a team that does not have any top receivers. (this sounds eerily similar to Peyton.) This guy will win a Super bowl and be a Hall of fame QB, health permitted. We need to trade whatever draft picks and players we have to to land this guy. We fans have no control and say in the front office decisions, however if it was not for our money that purchases season tickets and merchandise these guys would be out of business. So in order for our voices to be heard we must stand together collectively as a fan base and flex our muscle, the only way to do this would be to boycott the Dolphins season tickets and merchandise and demand that the front office makes the move for Luck. We need to put a little fear into Ross's wallet and with a little bit of passive resistance on our parts we will get what we want, and finally have a championship team to cheer for and the team that has the courage to make a move and give us fans what we want.

Not a Fisher supporter but if it means the end of Ireland, sign me up.

yeah mediocre coaches hang around for years all the time, reach a super bowl, win 13 games 3 different times, win 142 games. hilarious

Hey, anything that gets rid of weasel Ireland I'm all for!

"Not a Fisher supporter but if it means the end of Ireland, sign me up."

Excellent!!! Good enough for me too!! Sign him up quick!!

fisher will bring football back to south beach, im so fired up, cant stand the waiting anymore for his decision. what to do>!>>!?,

I'd give up 5 first round picks for luck. However, I don't think Indy would take it.

Indy has seen first hand how important a top qb is and won't trade it for anything.

This team goes 10-6 at least with next years cupcake schedule. So whomever is hired is going to have a good shot to get into the playoffs...

Good point, anything that ends Ireland's reign is a good hire.

Coco, zonk & jimmy: Glad to meet fellow bloggers with the same opinion! Ireland = Failure.

Hopefully you don't incur the name calling & accusatory wrath from someone here who disagrees.

Slutsky...Shut up!!!Why would indianapolis trade him if they thought the same thing of him? Dolphins have plety of holes on the roster besides qb. Green bays 5th string receiver will be a starter on our team...coaching also has a big impact. Notice how players leave here and start getting better? Walden starts for GB, Jason Allen had 4 picks for number one defense this year, ninkovich is a starter for pats and picked us off twice last year, chris crocker starts for a top 10 defense in the bengals, roth balled in cleveland once he left, etc.. They dont get the most out of there talent. I was very impressed with Daboll though, he seems like a keeper.

Screw Fisher, who does he think he is Chuck Noll. Give him til 5:00 am Wed. And let's move on.

Arithmitic (D. Thomas)

We swapped our 3 for their 2 (a gain) and threw in a 5 and a 7.

We gave 3 picks, and got 1 pick in return.

Net result -2 picks.

If I give you 3 apples and you give me 1 apple, how many apples am I missing? (hint, not 3)

was a bad trade however u spin it devils. come on fisher!!!!!!!

No spin dusty. Arithmetic. 3-2=1. It amazes me how many don't know that.

Posted by: slutsky

I agree. Make the trade Ireland!

well i knew that devils but the trade was garbage.

I was only correcting the illusion that we gave up 3 picks. Not evaluating the pick.

2 picks(I don't care what rounds) for a back up RB. What value chart is Ball Boy using?

Slaton cost no picks & would have produced just the same if given more of an opportunity.

"the good thing about this is how bad it is getting...", some old Politician in Cuba a few months before Fidel Castro took over.

Slaton cost no picks & would have produced just the same if given more of an opportunity.

Posted by: SEARCH THIS!!!


Willis McGahee would have cost no picks either. IRELAND SUCKS!

Thanks Devils.....I saw Odin and some others giving me some crap earlier while I was working......sheesh, and I like you guys!

Also thanks to DC, you always give legit and respectable posts as well

Ireland is not a poor evaluator of talent people!!

How are you guys judging daniel thomas by his rookie year. Not everyone is a pro bowler their rookie season. For example look at john jerry, he's gonna be a starter next year after finally getting better. Look at reggie bush...look at drew brees...look at charles woodson...look at arian foster...etc...point is some guys take time to develop, dont judge so quickly.

Yes slam correct. He will be a number 1 back. Open your eyes people.

I'm not saying the Dolphins should absolutely hire Moss and Perry, but this movement out west should cause the Dolphins to think long and hard why Moss isn't on their radar but is so prominent on the radar of a former Packers guy.
Armando, We know why Moss is not on the radar. The blind are leading the blind in Miami. The Dolphins years ago interviewed Packer GM Ted Thompson, he was not hired by the blind in Miami. That says it all.........

Well, at least from last night's Game, we got the names of some Players that we should zero in. Dont'a Hightower, that running back Richardson, and I'm sure a multitude of other athletes on both sides that I don't have the expertise to categorize.

How does Saban do it to wind up with such great Players?

I know hindsight is 20/20. Ireland supporters ALWAYS say that. But, lets face it. You judge a guy based on how he performs.

That's why hindsight is a wonderful thing. It gives proof whether someone is capable or not. Without it, no one would ever be accountable.

A young energetic coach would be a welcome site to this team why not Moss? The Dolphins 5 years ago had a chance to hire Mike Tomlin and Wayne and his idiots chose Cam Cameron and 1-15
occured. Tomlin has won a SB and been to another. Why not Winston Moss a Miami guy who can bring out the best in this team. Most of you want Fisher fine not a bad choice just don't think he is the best choice.

I think the longer Fisher is taking to decide may bode well for Miami. If it were a slam dunk to St Louis there wouldn't be any need for this to have drug out. Does RG3's decision affect this situation?

As for Philbin, prayers for he and his family, but people handle tragidy differently. While he might opt to take time off from coaching he may go the other direction and bury himself in his job moving forward.

Andy, I'm not saying his son's death isn't devastating, just saying NFL coaches are a different breed. He already wants to coach this week "in memory" of his son. He's got several kids to take care of still. He will take a HC job if it's offered..

I guess we can start a new trend: hiring old Packers rejects.
Hiring old Cowboys rejects didn't work. So Packers next up?
Maybe we should interview our own waterboy.

Posted by: JS in LA | January 10, 2012 at 02:35 PM

So... what you are trying to say "JS in LA" is because a guy's in Green Bay who STILL HAVE JOBS and are STILL COACHING FOR A SUPERBOWL AS WE SPEAK.... are interviewed by Miami, that it somehow makes them "Green Bay Rejects"?...... That is what your brilliant post is telling us all..."JS in LA"...???

Ya know... I have been to LA many times... And each and every time I left I asked myself how a City that was built on a fault line that would eventually fall into the Sea and that was occupied with so many idiots could POSSIBLY play such a high profile role in the US consciousness? Then it dawned on me.... Who the F**K cares...? They're all still a bunch of morons.....

Rod Woodson, now the name alone would bring fans to the seats, and yes, he is intelligent. My vote. And oh by the way, looking at the draft order, if any of those top 5 teams are tempted with Luck or Griff, then they may need to part with their current quarterback. Peyton, Ponder, McCoy...Only Washington really needs a quarterback. I am still thinking trade, but, for a veteran. If thats what you call a Bradford or Freeman. Sides, I think our current QB can hold his own, an upgrade from Henne.

Every system gets copy catted & eventually figured out. GB is hot today but it won't last. We try to emulate other teams because we have no one to establish a vision & blue print of our own.

We've gone through 2 Off, ST & D coordinators in 4 years.

We wanted to pound(Henning). Then we wanted to be fast & explosive. Why? NE, NO, etc..were having more success.

You want to be a vanilla D(Pasqualoni). Then we want to be agressive cause the Jets, Ravens & Steelers have more success with it.

We are always behind the trend because no one in the organization has the vision. THAT'S THE GM's JOB!

And I did not discount Matt Flynn.

Im so sick of hearing about the Green Bay Packers from you Armando. You're really kissing their ass for some reason. But without Aaron Rodgers they are just an average team and they're not winning any super bowls. Let see how Winston Moss does without Rodgers around to outscore all their opponents.

One of the reasons this guy was hired was because Al Davis wanted a guy who was going to run things the "Raider Way" once he was gone. I'm sorry but that ugly "Raider way" is not the "Dolphin Way" so I wouldn't be all worked up over it. Rex Ryan is a "Raider Way" Kind of coach and thank God we don't have him down in Miami.

Searh this did Ireland sleep with your sister or something? The dolphins have talent and Ireland has brought all of the pro bowlers we have here. I do think he can do a better job of drafting a superstar or pro bowler but the guy hasnt had a top ten pick other than Jake Long who has made the pro bowl every year. The dolphins are always middle of the pack pick wise where its hard to find superstars or franchise qbs. Sure he has had some stupid picks but what gm hasnt? Your talking about continuity and you want to fire the gm which will change everything!


To be fair Joe Philbin just lost his son yesterday. Maybe McKenzie is showing respect for Philbin or maybe he knows that Philbin is in no position or has any interest in interviewing for jobs right now. But hey, never miss an opportunity to throw rocks at the Dolphins or their process. Right?

Winston Moss is going to go to the Raiders as the Dolphins are Clue-Less....

The one intriguing thing about the Fisher decision is that his previous boss/owner was the biggest cheapskate in the NFL.

...and now Ross is making it "rain" and Fisher is loving it.

I was almost sure he'd go to St. Louis...now I'm not so sure.

Money talks and bulls**t walks!

I am so sorry for Philbin , I can't imagine, i do agree that we should take him off our list, it would be to much to take over a new team and being a first time head coach, NOW IF FISHER COMES HERE I THINK THAT WOULD BE AWESOME HE IS DEFINITELY AN UPGRADE OVER TONY, I KNOW HIS RECORD OF ONLY 6 WINNING SEASONS BUT I THINK HE WOULD BE VERY GOOD HERE WITH OUR TEAM, MY QUESTION WOULD BE ARE WE GOING TO KEEP NOLAN AND RUN THE 3-4 DEFENSE? I HOPE SO!!

Mike Zimmer, the Bengals dc, is close to the gm there and has a huge fan in Parcells. He is supposedly there right now

This is a chatroom and you are my friends you are smart and funny

Matt Moore is a QB he throws the ball far with his eyes closed I saw his picture

The only way Dolphins get the fan base back is that they move up in the draft and get either Luck or RG3 its simple as that

And they will move up beleive me because money talk they want that fan base back cause that sell them tickets thats real so dont worry we will get our guy Luck or RG3

I'm already upset with Fisher. Its obvious he wants to come to Miami but he's using St Louis to run up the money score.

Right there tells me he's in it for the money and not winning championships. If he wanted to win championships he would go with the team thats arguably better talent wise.

St. Louis won't draft a QB first round. That little "almost" fact means Miami is in a better position talent wise. Why would he want to go to an up and coming NFC WEST DIVISION UNLESS HE'S AFRAID OF BELECHEAT AND BRADY?

I'm projecting down the road to the draft. This team really isn't that bad RIGHT NOW. Where they are lacking is in COACHING. Prior coaches FAILED to get these guys ready for the first half of the season.

With that said...

We should use that first pick on a RB. Reggie is a good but even he is on his last legs collecting his last few paychecks with the Raiders of the East.

We need to draft a RB at 8 or 9. Plenty of good ones will be there at 8 or 9. Control the ball and we can control the tempo of the game. Give Moore time to just grow into his apparent starting role.

Moss is the front runner in Raider Nation. McKenzie said he wants to bring in his own guy. Well, it must be Moss because McKenzie's own guy is unknown to most people.

Trent Richardson would be ours. I don't see anyone drafting a RB before pick 9.

To Slam

First of all dont tell me to shut up, you dont know me and I was just giving my opinion, and if you dont like it no problem there is no reason to be rude about, i think you forget that we are both Dolphin fans and both want the best for our teams. And yes Indy would draft him because of how good he is, however if you give them a trade they cant refuse then they wont. And for the list of players you mentioned Roth was productive for us and Jason Allen was a ball hawk for us the year he was released he had 3 ints. But not for nothing Parcells has the biggest ego around any anyone he doesnt draft or shall we say not his guy he has issues with, which is where these to fall under. And if you want to argue about Ninkovih then lets throw in Welker because they traded him away and he will be a Hall of Fame receiver first ballot. And crocker was playing well for us but we let him go as well, the problem of developing these guys was not the issue the problem was keeping them. And that we can lay blame on Ireland, however no of this really speaks to the main problem that we need a QB. A great QB hides a teams deficiencys just look at the last ranking defense of the Pats. PS can you please name the 5th receiver for Greenbay, because I dont think he would start over Marshall, Bess, and Hartline. And a guy like Andrew Luck just like Peyton can make a high school receiver look great


I agree and hope you are right!!

Excellent points Mando!

Don't coaches, GMs, etc usually like to surround themselves with people they have worked with in the past? Isn't this what Ireland/Parcells/Sparano did?

screw miami dolphins, jeff fisher will work perfect in oakland raiders colors.better talent will sure nuf follow him to the bay area 49ers have jim harbaugh, raiders need jeff fisher.

I hope Fisher goes to the Rams. While he has a great reputation he was simple not a successful coach, plus his style is not that different from Sparano. I would prefer Jay Gruden or Rob Chudinski

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