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Question on Manning is whether he'll play at all

The Peyton Manning snowball is reaching avalanche proportions now.

The Colts have cleaned house and it seems as if Manning will be the next to be ushered out the door. The Dolphins and Jets have leaked word they would be interested in Manning. The 49'ers might be interested. The Cardinals might be interested. Manning, in an extensive interview with the Indianapolis Star, seems unhappy with the current state of affairs in Indy.

And a decision on Manning from the Colts, arrived at mutually with Manning, is due prior to March 8 -- the date Manning is due a $28 million bonus that the Colts must decide to pay to retain him or not pay and let him walk.

So Dolphins fans are fired up. They're excited at the prospect of their quarterback-hungry team acquiring one of the all-time best quarerbacks of the modern era.




Before we waste any more news print ... um, well, cyberspace ... on the idea of whether Peyton Manning will come to the Dolphins, let us consider a more fundamental and sobering question:

Will Peyton Manning ever play football again?

The truth is the chances he may never play again are just as high as the ones suggesting he'll ever be in a Dolphins uniform. The truth is Manning has had three neck surgeries in the past 19 months, the latest in September of 2011, and none of those procedures have yet to make him right.

He lost feeling in portions of his throwing arm because one or more of the nerves that feeds into the arm either died or became impinged or simply stopped firing. As a result, the triceps on his throwing arm often felt numb. And it suffered atrophy.

That glorious arm that has thrown for 54,828 yards in 14 seasons? It's broken right now.

Yes, Manning might wake up today and suddenly the surgery meant to regenerate the nerve might suddenly get it firing again. And all will be well with him again. But it might not. And it might not tomorrow or ever for all we know.

Don't believe me. Former Colts president Bill Polian, among those swept out after Indy's 2-14 season along with most of the coaching staff, told ESPN radio this week there is no set course for getting Manning healthy.

"We just don't know. And nobody can tell you," Polian said. "I'll quote Dr. Watkins or at least paraphrase Dr. Watkins, who operated on Peyton back in September: He said there is no potion, there is no known medicine, there is no modality, there is no series of exercises, there is no test and there is no surgery that can predict accurately when a nerve will regenerate. And that is the issue here.

"And from what I understand, as of at least a month ago, progress was on-going and the graph was up but no one can know when and if Peyton's nerve that controls the triceps muscle will regenerate completely and will regenerate enough for him to play. The hope of every doctor -- and we talked to many -- is that it will. The expectation is that it will. When it will, no one can predict.

"It's extremely frustrating for Peyton, I know. And he's a soldier through it better than anyone I've ever seen in my career. But it's on ongoing process. And hopefully for him and his family it's sooner rather than later but nobody can predict it."

Polian went on to call Manning's injury, "the most troubling, most vexing injury situation I've faced in all my years in football."

And that is the player the Dolphins are supposed to bank their short-term future on?

Look, Manning is great. Everyone knows that. If he is healthy by March 8, I would guess the Colts will keep him. If, however, he's healthy and the Colts decide to go another direction simply because Manning is soon to be 36 and they're going in another direction, then obviously the Dolphins should be in the derby to land Manning.

But if he's not healthy? No. Thank. You.

My guess is if March 8 comes around and Manning's nerve still isn't healed, he'll be a man without a team. And then what?

Will he retire? Will he hit free agency?

He might do one just as much as the other. If two months from now he's still hoping for a long dormant nerve to wake up and revive his career, he might have no choice but wait and wait and wait.

He might have no choice but retire.

If Manning wants to continue waiting on a healing, some teams might be willing to wait with him. Others will go about their business and address their quarterback needs other ways. I hope the Dolphins do not sit by and hope and wait on a miracle that may never come.

We'll see what happens.

But until we know what choices Manning has for sure, until we know what he wants to do, talk of him coming to the Dolphins or any other team is premature.

The avalanche needs a plow.


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im sorry to say but manning is finished, move on mortgage the farm and go get rg3 ireland!!!! rg3 is the new wave of the future, and if the dolphins want to win championships they better ride the rg3 wave.PERIOD.

"told ESPN radio this week there is no set course for getting Manning healthy"

Um, nothing new....

Seems a waste of cyber space print, like you preempted. Of course we wont go for manning if hes unhealthy and would if he wasnt

Please for the love of god retire manning, PLEAZE!!!!

Dont allow this debalce of a front office enlist you with less hope and more dreams that they sell on everyone else around here.......Miami aint for you and for your sake, you feel the same way!!!!

Het Dufus,

NFL rankings are base on yards only.


Terry Bradshaw said he was Fat and Uhhgleee before he found NutriSystem...now he's just plain Ugly

Who gives a sh.. if he is # 4 or #14
is he coming to the Dolphins -- NO then what do we care
please stay on course and comment on how to make our team better if you want to discuss the giants QB go to the giants Blog both of you grow up.

Ralph, Id Rather they go to Sweden and OFF them selves, You know that Swedan has goverment assitted Suicide.

You guys watch to many movies.
Sandusky is in PC(protective custody), with young gay inmates and others convicted of CSC(criminal sexual conduct)crimes.
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90% of the sex that takes place on the PC PODS is consenual.
Posted by: odinseye | January 25, 2012 at 01:34 AM

Two Things come to mind here, #1 how does Odin know how they hold Child molesters And #2 How does Odin know how they hold child molisters?
Always thought that Odin was just some harmless Drunk/Drug Addict, But I guess you can add Child Molester to his credentals.

Take peyton in free agency, put him as 3rd string QB until he heals and start matt moore

Odin, What say you about 3:48 post, How you know this info?

Rg3, bottom damn line. Make it happen ireland. Grow some balls for once and do whats right!

"I think it’s a strong possibility that they [the Dolphins] would make a run at him," Rodgers told ESPN Radio in Milwaukee, saying he had talked with his backup in the last few days.

"I think it kind of makes sense. Joe [Philbin] in that system, which I’m sure is going to be very similar to this system, and Matt having a great grasp of that and playing well in his recent opportunities. I think it would kind of make sense to bring Matt out there."

He also mentioned Seattle.


There is no stat for clutch plays.

There is no stat for playing best when it matters most.

There is no stat more important that SB appearances.

Top 5 QB's excel at those non-stats. For example, a guy like Eli Manning.

Some of you prefer to marvel at Henne racking up yards between the 20's.

Some of you prefer to drool for a 7th round 1 game wonder.

Some of you prefer to quote stats to convince yourselves of whatever you want.

I prefer QB's that consistently win in the playoffs.

I prefer QB's that bring home trophies.

Eli has more SB appearances than Brees, Rivers, Vick, Rodgers, Stafford, Newton.

Eli beat Rodgers in Rodgers house.

Eli slayed the 18-0 Pats for the biggest upset in SB history.

Eli is a winner and no other stat matters.

Eli is a top 5 QB.

The Dolphins need a long term franchise QB. NOT a 36 year old stop gap quick fix who may not ever play again. Peyton should just retire before his stats suffer or he is injured seriously enough to not enjoy the rest of his life. He would not look right in any other jersey anyway. Marino had the smarts to give it up before it got ugly. 18 is smart to call it a career if he chooses. No way the Colts pick up that bonus anyway.

@ Block Head Very true. Well done and well spoken.

Flynn= Scott Mitchell- Joey Harrington + Cade Mc Nown= Crappy QB.

What would it cost in draft picks to move into 2nd or 3rd place in the draft?

RGIII, Manning, Flynn and maybe Tannahill.

Browns, Redskins, Jets, Seahawks and Dolphins. Who will miss out on a quarterback?

What would it cost in draft picks to move into 2nd or 3rd place in the draft?

Posted by: Pete | January 26, 2012 at 06:44 AM

Hey lets ask questions nobody can possibly have an answer to. Then, lets ask them all again, and again, and again.

Personally, I don't think Miami has any interest in Manning!

They need to figure out if Matt Flynn is the option, or the draft is.

Ireland has a lot of work to do the next 4 months.

RG3 !!!!!!

They need to figure out if Matt Flynn is the option, or the draft is.

Posted by: JOE PHILBIN'S CLIP BOARD | January 26, 2012 at 07:44 AM

That is already figured out. Philbin knows Flynn better than anyone. They already know if they want him or not. Nothing to figure out.

the only way i want to see manning in a dolphins uniform is on the side line as a coach but not under center flynn or rg3 are the only real option and if philben doesnt get flynn is because he doesnt think he is good enough to be a starter flynn then he needs to get rg3 or one of the other qbs in the draft but manning needs to retire befor he gets worse than he is now and all he needs is one hit bad idea if they sign manning

I like the idea of getting Flynn. The experience of a few years in Philbin's offense could be an immeasurable benefit. A coach on the field. Because he would be teaching the offense to the other players also create camaraderie which is important to teams that win. It might be a little expensive and it may even be a failure if Flynn isn't who we think he is. Give him a 4 year contract that we can opt out of next year if its obvious he sin't going to be "the guy".

At first I liked the idea of Manning being a Dolphin, but its like missing your old girlfriend...you miss who your old girlfriend was, not what she is today. Peyton WAS great. I doubt that will ever happen again.

Terry Bradshaw said he was Fat and Uhhgleee before he found NutriSystem...now he's just plain Ugly
Posted by: C63-AMG | January 26, 2012 at 01:45 AM

He left out "Bald"

Just keep in mind folks, apparently Flynn is going to be asking for a $50 mil contract. For a guy with little prior history.

We're looking for an UPGRADE. Matt Moore is a good game manager. What he hasn't shown before (consistently) is that he can put the team on his back and win games through sheer will and determination. THAT'S an elite QB. THAT'S what Miami is looking for. I put Flynn in the same category as Moore. Even at LSU, he was just one of the many. He left LSU, they're still on top of the college ranks.

But a guy like RG3, he WAS Baylor football. They WON'T be as good next year without him. He HAS shown qualities that can make him elite in the NFL.

Those of the types of players you let it ride on. You invest everything in. Flynn might become elite, but he might also become Kevin Kolb. I'd rather risk everything on RG3, than either Manning OR Flynn (unless Manning is proven healthy).

However, I agree Philbin knows Flynn best, so I'll take his word for it whatever he decides.

This sounds like drew brees situation all over again. We didnt take him because he might not ever be able to throw the ball again. We went with Culpepper because he was the safer pick. High risk High reward. A superbowl win and breaking dans records later we find ourselves still without a QB. While the Saints who took the risk have enjoyed Brees company! I say take the risk like we did on Chad Pennington and let us win for a couple seasons while stacking up our team in other areas like the Pats do. Draft a Qb in second or third round to be mentored and learn from Peyton.

Matt Flynn sounds great too. I mean Matt would be just as good as signing an unproven draft pick to lead the team. Except he has worked with our Coach and we have seen what he can do given the opportunities in Green bay.

Peyton would be exciting! Matt Flynn would and could be the next big name! win win! Doing nothing and going with Matt Moore for another 6-10 season would be hard to watch. I am tired of the quick fix Jay Feidlers(although now I respect him) or the jay feelys or guses or lucas or hennes or becks.... I just want to have a great Qb playing for us and not against us all the time. Someone who gets the ball in the 4th and you can see it in his eyes we are going to score!



RGIII really is unlikly, and just as much as a NFL mystery as anyone... He has never played at the NFL level. To bank the whole draft on him seems a big stretch.

To bad about manning, I hope this nerve takes, he was great to watch, as long as he is not on the Jets.

Not sure how anyone can call Flynn a crap QB and think they KNOW it. The year he was drafted I would have bet that he would not be starting on a NFL roster. So far true, but he made more progress than any scout thought. He seems to work hard.

I love the half enfatuation with Moore on this blog. Now all the sudden he is a leader and should be kept here as a backup. Look I am fine with that but the other guy that you all hate, Henne is probably the all around better QB. His price probably has come down also. The team came together and started playing better as a whole after Moore's second start. Especially the defense. Henne at the point would not have lost any of the games Moore won, so I am so confused as to the love with Moore... I love the comment "he throws a better touch pass" so that makes him better. Anyway I digress, The point is, If you hate Henne so much don't fall in love with Moore, because he is definitly not a upgrade over Henne.

How can anybody be judging whether Moore or Flynn can be elite when neither have a full season of starts.

How can anybody talk about Manning???

Do you blowhards think he is magically going to be healed in three months? Read Armandos report again. Peyton is done as burnt toast.

If you pick up a guy like Matt Flynn you need to have a conviction about him that he is going to be your starter from day one.
Flynn can't be brought in just for the purpose of giving Moore competition in camp.
He is going to be in high demand which means they will pay a decent price to obtain him. He's going to be 27 years old when the season starts; just two years younger than Weeden so the same rule applies. He sat for four years and he can't sit if he goes to Miami. If you pay the price, you've got to know for sure that he is the guy.

There is nothing to discuss about Flynn. The acquisition of Philbin means they already know if they want him or not. They will not go after him if Philbin doesn't see him as a franchise potential player.

So now, its just a waiting game.

The question of Manning healing before the season begins is a good one. The healing process has been slow and it's hard to say whether he will be ready to go come training camp and preseason.
He may still be sidelined by that time which means he's not going to be entertaining any offers from anyone.

Armando.....good article.....you presented both sides of the arguments very well.....definitely gives me something to think about....

When you look at this year's quarterback class you have two guys at the top who are in a class by themselves but some of the other quarterbacks have the skills to be able to play in the NFL.
Foles has the arm and has played in a pro style offense. It has been said that he has made some bad decisions throwing the ball but, if you have a good quarterback coach, that can be coached out of him. So, taken in the right spot, he could end up being the quarterback of the future. You don't do what he did over the last two seasons if you don't have the talent.
Weeden has the arm and can put the ball in the perfect spot for a receiver to catch it. His age has been questioned but, just like Foles, if you can get him at the right spot he could he could end up being the starter. Taken in the third round, Weeden would be a good value because of his age but he is definitely more mature and can learn the offense quickly and could be the starter from day one.
Kirk Cousins is another guy, probably a mid round pick, who has been a winner at the college level. He doesn't have the greatest arm but his arm is definitely good enough to get the job done. Get him in a mid round and groom him for a year or two and he could end up starting for this team and being successful.
Philbin has worked with quarterbacks and has helped them be successful at the position. If he were to take any of these remaining quarterbacks I would not take issue with it. They all have the ability to become starters in the NFL, some sooner than others, but the skill set is there.

I remember last year @ this time....EVERYBODY was telling me how DEEP THIS YEARS QB DRAFT was gonna be.....

I was told...."Kris you idiot....don't take a chance on a QB in 2011....the 2012 class will be so much deeper.....only a fool would take one of these garbage 2011 QBs"......

ahhh....the memories.....

and in 2012....we are talking about 2 QBs....and a bunch of after thoughts....

I guess the old saying is true...."never do today....what you can put off until tomorrow.....

Lou, listened to a DC analyst down at the Senior Bowl on the radio yesterday. He said BY FAR, HANDS DOWN, EVERYONE he spoke to (and he's a pretty good source, usually accurate when it comes to Redskins reporting) Weeden is the best QB there. He said it's not even close.

So, besides RG3 (which I understand is a big stretch), the only QB I'd want to see drafted is Weeden. Like you said, he's mature enough to understand what he needs to do, and get up to speed quickly. Plus he has great size.

But that's still option 3 IMHO. I'm all about "go big or go home!"

Flynn produced against men, Weeden against boys. Big difference.

I think the Dolphins can in a position to wait on Manning because of Matt Moore. Say Manning is signed by the Dolphins in March with no assurance he is healthy. They would still have Moore to fall back on and draft a QB. If Manning gets healthy then Manning would start with Moore as backup and rookie as 3rd string. Otherwise, they start Moore at QB with rookie second string and hope Manning gets healthy later. Whatever they do (sign Flynn, sign Manning, trade for RG3) there will significant risk. Waiting on Manning might be the least risk..

Kris, I was on the same page as you last year. This magical class of 2012 with its 59 first round grade qbs has magically disappeared. Now we need to pay a kings ransom just to have a shot, last year could've got one for so cheap.

Blowhards is right.

Kris, Not sure who called you an idiot. I certainly did not.

That being said, Barkley backing out is what really hurt this draft. With him, those three alone grade out better than Can and Dalton, and Ponder. Tannyhill has the ability to grade higher than all of them to, I just am not convinced after this years body of work.

And the second rounders are far stronger than Kapernick.

LOL @ Mark....

I think the team needs to look long and hard at Tannehill. Does he have the potential to be any good? I have no idea. That's not what I do. But if Gil Brandt is saying he'll go top ten then who else is saying that? I've seen him mocked middle of the first, bottom of the first and top of the second. If they have conviction on him (and hopefully Philbin knows a bit about QBs) then draft him. The dilemna is going to be, I think they need to improve the pass rush.

I said this yesterday and I know it wasn't popular but my gut tells me they are going to have a problem with Cam Wake. He's regarded as a top LBer around the league and it looks like the Dolphins are going back to a 4-3. Will he be as effective as a DE? Is he big enough? Yes I know he played the position in Canada but this is the NFL where the players are bigger and better. I also think his camp will know he has the Dolphins over a barrel. They have no real pass rush without Wake and I think they'll use it as leverage. He'll want to be paid as one of the top LBers in the league and you're going to have to ask if he's worth at age 29 and moving him to DE? It's just my opinion but I wouldn't be surprised to see Wake hold-out.

My suggestion, draft pass rush at 9 and then use your second and whatever else to trade back into the middle of the first to draft Tannehill. I don't know enough about the kid but if enough people like him then you take a shot at him. We don't need him to play next year and likely not for a couple of years. That's what I would do.

Manning was a great qb and maybe still will be, but everything doctors have said in the press regrarding him is that it is an indefinite healing period. Miami, Washington and anyone else interested can't wait until September to find out who their 2012 starting qb is. I don't think it changes a teams plans to draft a young qb one bit. If you move up and get a Griffin then you bettwe play him early on for what he costs in picks so no Peyton in that case, otherwise if you are looking at Tannehill in the 2nd, sure sign Petyton with the hope of him starting and mentoring the kid 2-3 years. Really though this team is still so far away in terms of having needs at right OL, safety, de, te - and probably cb and nt that all the back and forth about qbs is like a turd floating in the the surf. I wouldn't get near it. And once you do, you are doomed because when you try to get away it follows you because of the vortice as you futilely try to run back to the beach. Yeah...

Pozen.....you almost never insult....you are among the most respectful poster's on here.....

Having said that....we will see how these 2nd rd QBs pan out.....

I am sure you are familiar with how many 1st RD QB make up our playoff teams every year......

Professor Lou,

I like Weeden too. I'd be prepared to take a chance on him if he was there in the second round. So he's 29....who cares! Are people in this era of FA really expecting QBs will stick around with a team for ten years. So he leaves at age 35....big deal!

I don't know much about the other guys you've mentioned but I'd be open to them. What are your thoughts on Tannehill? I hear lots of good things about him.

I fear Manning would be more of a Culpepper than a Brees. As a Miami fan, I don't want to find out. I'd rather tolerate the growing pains of a young QB.

I heard what Gil Brandt said about Tannehill and my opinion is that if anyone wants to take a shot at him in the top ten let it be someone other than Miami.
I've said it before, and I still have the pick in my mock and will not change it, if Ingram is availabe when Miami picks in the first round they MUST take him.
Needing a quarterback or not you cannot justify taking Tannehill or any of the remaining quarterbacks when you have a talent on the board like he is who can blow up a play and rip out the quarterback's throat.
I'm not against taking a quarterback this year. Yes, the two at the top are the class of the draft but the three I mentioned in my previous post have a very good chance of succeeding.
Take Ingram, then take Foles in the 2nd, Weeden in the 3rd or Cousins in the 4th.
Philbin is very good at working with quarterbacks so it's possible he can work with Moore in the Spring and get him to a different level before the season starts and give the team a player at the position who could get the job done well enough so Miami could take a Foles or Cousins and let them learn.
There's more than one way to skin a cat.

Creationists want Payton Manning, a hall of fame QB to drop in the Dolphins lap. Then he will regain his health, strength and form and lead us to the promised land.

I prefer to believe in the survival of the fittest. Give the team enough quality candidates to provide a real QB competition (sadly lacking for the past few years) and anoint the winner our QB of the future.

Its time for our scouting department to start earning their paychecks.

To make some of my defense friends happy (or sad), the position I'd like to see upgraded the most (besides QB) is....Free Safety!

I'd like to see Yeremiah Bell (thank you for your efforts in Miami) get let go (with no hard feelings, just better to do it before it's too late). I'd like to see Reshad Jones become the new SS, and they upgrade FS through the draft or FA. We need a true ballhawk back there, and that would help this defense more than anything else IMO (with another pass rusher being #2).

Professor Lou,

Thanks for the thoughts. I don't know the kids well enough this year to comment on them but I agree that pass rush should be the priority at 9. However, from all accounts that are some kids at QB worth taking a shot on and hopefully Ireland lands one of them.

If we were talking the "old regime" here in Miami I wouldn't be nearly as confident when it comes to the quarterback position as I am at this time.
With Philbin here and knowing the success he's had working with quarterbacks I'm definitely of a different mindset when it comes to the direction they could go in when it comes to taking a quarterback in the draft.
My guess is they take one of the three I just threw out there and do exactly what I just suggested. They use Moore while grooming Foles or Cousins or they take Weeden and he starts from day one.

I think they should take a very serious look at Weeden. I don't care if he's 28 or 29.

The facts are Miami has had 16 starting QBs since Marino retired and other than the four year period from 2000 to 2003, when Fiedler started at least 10 games a year, there hasn't been a single QB that has lasted more than 2 seasons. Henne has 2nd most starts with 31.

So, if we could get 5 or 6 good years from Weeden, it would feel like an eternity of QB stability.


I think Bell is done too. Not sure who is out there in FA but one of the guys I was really hoping we'd go after in FA last year was Donte Whitner or Gholston from SF. I like them both and hopefully one or both is on the radar this year.

From all of read, there is no one like Thomas from Seattle in this draft.

Yeah, unfortunately (for me) Craig, I heard this draft is stocked with linemen.

I think I'm in football Hell sometimes. And the Devil keeps teasing me with the Draft.

If anyone remembers whe Suh and McCoy were #1 and #2 nobody was interested in trading out of the top positions. When there is that type of talent at the top teams aren't usually interested in what anyone has to say about a trade.
To explain what I'm talking about, I called the Colts facility and this is the message they currently have playing:

"Thank you for calling the Indianapolis Colts. If you are calling to talk to us about a trade for our first round pick we are not interested. Thank you and goodbye."

Craig, it would be a good thing for the dolphins for someone to have conviction in tannehill even if its not Miami. I've heard that Washington may be intrigued. For them to be sold on tannehill would certainly reduce the price on rg3.

More highly touted qb options available, the better it is for us. Lets hope Flynn, manning, tannehill, and rg3 are all viable options.


Flynn - He would be my first choice. Say what you want about his limited playing time but the fact is he has 9 TD and 5 ints in his career. I saw people coming with lackluster stats yesterday saying Flynn Threw 6 TDs in 1 game and 1 int which means he only threw 3 TDs and 4ints the rest of his career which is true. However in his 2 starts last year vs New England he was 24-37 for 251 yards 3 TDs and 1 int. In his only start this year he was 31-44 for 480 yards, 6 TDs and 1 int. As a starter in only 2 games he is 55-81 (67.9%), 731 yards, 9 TDs and just 2 ints. The other 3 ints in his career were all mop up duty non-starts. Philbin has coached Flynn his entire career if he isn't the first choice at 26 years old with room to grow even more as a player overall then obviously Philbin thought it was a complete mirage and fluke performance. I hope that is not the case and he is in Miami next year. He would be my choice of the 3. He offers long term success and already has proven at the very least he can play in the Green Bay system which Philbin will use some version of even if he says he won't just take Green Bay's playbook and use it in Miami which should of been obvious to begin with.


I've heard that about the Redskins too. Have to think they are doing something, whether it's Manning, Flynn, somone else or a draft pick.

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