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Tony Sparano headed to the NYJ

I asked a very wise football man on Monday if Tony Sparano could work for Rex Ryan.

"I don't see why not," he said, already knowing Sparano was headed to the Jets as their new offensive coordinator. "Tony and Rex are a lot more similar than anyone knows. It can work."

We'll get to see because the former Dolphins head coach has been hired to replace Brian Schottenheimer as the J-E-T-S offensive coordinator.

I know, I know ...

Fist pump!

The Jets will now have at least two former Dolphins coaches in Sparano and Mike Westhoff. If Sparano follows Westhoff's approach, he'll view every game against the Dolphins as a personal vendetta. He'll try to add wrinkles and gadgets that will make the Dolphins wish they'd never fired him.

I know, I know ...

Many of you are surprised Sparano would be the play-caller. He called plays in Dallas in 2006 and run plays in 2007. When Sean Payton went to New Orleans, he wanted to take Sparano with him as the offensive coordinator. The move was blocked by Bill Parcells, who kept Sparano in Dallas.

Many of you believe Sparano to be a classic ground-and-pound kind of guy. And that's probably right. He is a run-first coach. It's an undeniable part of his DNA. But perhaps that's what the Jets want because they used that formula plus great defense to make it to the AFC championship game two consecutive years in a row.

This year, the Jets opened up the offense a bit more and failed to make the playoffs. Ultimately, Sparano's success in New York will depend on the very same thing his success in Miami depended on: The quarterback. Period.

Now that he's working for the Jets, I'm certain Sparano will be no local favorite. But I still respect Sparano. He'll bring some class to the Jets organization.

Heaven knows they needed it.


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Field goals!

Sparano and Sanchez= the perfect recipe for losing.
Great move Jets!

Tony Sparano was a wonderful coach, despite his lack of wins. Like with television, many of us only see what is in front of us and therefore miss things that aren't made obvious or aren't exaggerated. Tony Sparano was a good coach and it is a big disappointment that he will now be on a rival team. It is less inspiring attempting to win when we don't have the right people. Hopefully, we give Mike Zimmer a reasonable consideration because I believe he is the best current candidate.

Odin, you are an idiot.....you got a player AND 2 picks remained!!
Posted by: Odin's an idiot | January 11, 2012 at 12:06 AM
Odin is ignorant, but the Blog Hit Troll is stpendously STOOPID-ROTFLMAO!
So we got Thomas and 2 picks left?
How many did we have before we picked Thomas?
Don't look know Einstein, but here's a clue for you: 5 ;)
So if we HAD 5, and now we only have TWO LEFT, how many did we spemd for Thomas?
I've never laughed so hard in my life. Debo thinks I'm crazy, but even he's not this stoopid. When I ask him this question, he tapped his paw on the floor THREE TIMES!
Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
Sorry Mom, I know you told me not to make fun of retards, but I just can't help it ;)

Sparano seems to fit perfectly right there in New Jersey, ok.

This is classic comedy.

Did Brian Schottenheimer get a HC job or was he fired?



I think Schotts might interview for a HC job possibly.

But Lacanfora(sp?)said he was given permission to make a lateral move as well.

yeah Schottenheimer interviwed in Jacksonville but it sounds like he was fired if Sparano is OC

Why do I get the feeling the jets field goal kicker is a Happy Man Tonight?

Fist Pumps!!!!

Yeah Sparano can go SUCK with the measly Jets, hahahahahahahahaha...prepare for a lot of FG's jet fans... Hahahahahaha

Sparano will try to recruit his best pal...our FG kicker

With the "whatever" pick in the first round of the 2012 draft, the Jets select... FG Kicker out of Oregon..

3, 6, 9, and 12. Get use to those offensive numbers Jets fans.


Lets get even and hire Brian Schottenheimer fr HC

Will they take Moore for a 2nd round pick and Columbo thrown in


Well the Dolphins front office is a complete joke! How can you fire a man that you can't even replace. I can only think that we can't hire an improvement is due to the sour grapes the ownership here is feeding people . It tells the story when a sorry rams team looks more attractive to a guy than the historically great Dolphins.

The Dolphins are a laughingstock!

I'd pay good money to see the look on the faces of the New York fans after Tony's FIRST Presser.

Oh great, say goodbye to Q.Control Coach Fist Pump, Jr. too.


He'll be taking Junior and Colombo with him.

He's seen the TAPE!

this is not good

Brandrop Marshall LOL hahahaha still laughing!!! Good one dude!

Jets will sign Henne, mark my words.

Things keep getting worse for the Dolphins. YIKES!

If we do not trade up for RG3 it will be one loooong season. Moore will be decent to start with but will inevitably reach his ceiling after 4-5 games tops, I know it will happen, I've have seen it before unfold with my very own eyes. That is when we need to plug RG3 in. Will he be an immediate success? Doubt it, but he will learn the position at the next level and will lay the seed for 2013 where we will contend for a SB!

What a move! Tony still can't figure out why the Dolphins lost this season. The Jets will soon find out.

Ireland should've been fired instead of Tony.

Jets will sign Henne, mark my words.

Posted by: TigerSam | January 11, 2012 at 01:12 AM

SpOrano, Henne and Colombo in NY together?

That would be bad news. The wets would go 2-14 for the next three years.

All 6 wins coming against the Dolphins of course!

OC Sparano is going to LOVE Wayne Hunter.


Neither Luck nor RGIII will be availiable.

First off, nobody ahead of us, with a chance to get them will pass.

Secondly, even if someone would trade down, Jeffy would nwever be able to pull it off.

If I had a shot at RGIII, I'd pull the trigger. I just don't see any plausible scenario in which this happens.

It sucks, but it is, what it is!

I hope Jeff Fisher is in a Titty Bar right now.

Picturing every woman he see's in a Miami Dolphins Cheer Leader Outfit!

Bottom's Up!

Dunno about Ireland Odin -he did pull the trigger with Daniel Thomas (although it has not paid off, yet- but with sort of a new start b/c of the new coach Ireland would be wise to trade up to get a QB, it will buy him time that's for sure, no one will expect even playoffs next year with a rookie but some sort of hope must exist like Newton in Carolina. Ireland is a Baylor grad too, plus the decision will depend a lot on which coach gets hired.

For that alone I would choose someone like Chudzinski or Kelly b/c they will go for RG3. WInston Moss is very intriguing as well. As much as I respect Fisher and Zimmer I just do not think they are a good fit right now, esp if they play too conservative and do not approve a trade up for RG3.

Good for Tony, maybe he can help them get 1 more win.

Tony was a good coach just didnt have enough pieces here in south florida to make a run... we are in trouble now, he knows our player better than anyone! now we do have to change the whole staff ! start over at ground zero... we are starting a whole new building process now ! THANKS EVERYONE! for running Tony out of town. no way we are going to beat the jets next year now.. ughh

saw henne's dad at work last night{yes I work where his dad works)and he had a NY GIANTS t-shirt on.That is not bull crap I saw it.He works third shift and I work second so we pass each other at the lockers.

Interesting, and TELLING that Sparano will make LESS for WORKING, than if he sat out a year and collected a paycheck from the Fins.
He must have been a LOT more displeased than he let on after the firing.

Makes you wonder if there was some contact BEFORE he was fired, which would constitute TAMPERING.

Of course, in this case, perhaps we should PAY THE JESTS.
The only thing MORE surreal would have been if the Patsies gave Sparano the OC gig.
of course, it's no coincidence that PRIOR to playing Tebow and the Broncos Sunday, the Patsies hire former Denver HC and Patsies OC Josh McDaniel back as new OC...hmmmm, ya think he might have some Tebow inside info?

if Thomas, with a full spring and summer to rehabilitate and get stronger has the same sort of problems in 2012, you HAVE to say it was a bad pick.
I already think it was, especially having to trade up.

I'm at the point now that if Fisher chooses the Fins, we have to consider it a good thing, if only for the fact that something fell OUR way, and not the Rams.
If this happens, Daboll will be out, and Spagnola (sp) will be the new OC...if we're lucky. A huge upgrade. I'd take Todd Bowles and Spagnola.

I believe, unless your HC is Sean Payton, a top OC/DC and position coaches can MAKE an HC, as Bellicheat did Prcells.
What did Parcells win when Bellicheat no longer served under Parcells?
Yep, NADA.

Well, it's time to give credit where credit is due. Like it or not, it's something you just gotta do.

I'm talking about DB/YG.

The guy went on and on about SpOrano being one of the most sought after coaches available this off season.

He might not have landed the Head Coaching gig and Indy-LOL!

But he's doing pretty well for himself. A lot better than I thought he would.

Kudo's DB/YG!!!!

I'm happy for Tony. Hope he does well, just not against us.


Fist Pumps For everyone.


Just re-read my post at 2:01 am.

They call it last call for good reason.

I must be TANKED!


Odin, What say You about Tony(Fist Pump Sporono going to the JETS,JETS,JETS?, I Say there best player next year is there FG Kicker, I Think his name is Folke, Your Opionion?

Thank you, jets. Now, can you also take Ireland please?


You know, when ah, you talk about the jets and um.....the AFC ah East teams you know and the field position game and things like you know, kickers.

You just have to realize that you know, those types of things the kicks and the ah, fist pumps and what not. You see um, they're playing really well. I'm sure he could um, will tell you, ya know, that he could do better. But improving is um, nonetheless you know.

Yeah, so, I think it's really an obvious and competitive amount of snaps and plays and counts you know and things like that.

What I'd really like to point out though, and I think most will....um....ah.....agree. You know is that these kinds of things just never really get appreciated enough from a standpoint, you know, of how the fans really feel about those prices and perks you know in regards to ticket sales and gear you know and all those kinds of things.

So, I think we'll get it all corrected here, moving forward you know as a tema because, really and I really believe this you know, because I've seen the tape.


payuengsnwings where do u work? I m from Henne's hometown too!

Odin thats gotta be the Best fist pump imporsonation ever.I Almost thought I was in a "Fist Pump" Presser.LOLOl







welcome to the land of idiots... Miami Florida

Well Sparano has a job with a division rival. Big deal. Maybe he can play with Ryans feet. He sue liked kissing Parcell's butt.

jets always grab castoffs from other teams. they get some info and hope the person is vengeful towards their old team(ie mike westoff,aaron maybin etc.). sparano is a step backwards as an OC however.

LOL....things are finally looking up for the FINS.....

I need to read the NY news papers for a laugh today.....

And you guys were pissed because mularky got an interview.....lol......

Rex and company have just put one foot in the grave......

Dear Mr. Salguero

Are you sure Tony Sparano was hired by the N.Y. Jets and not as the newest cast member of The Jersey Shore.

The way I see it Tony Sparano tells tails of life in the NFL while serving slices of pizza at his Pizzeria to Pauley D, Mike "The Situation" , Snooki, Sammy and Vinny.

Anywhoo thats what I dreamed about this morning

Soiled :)

Here is a good read.....


I liked Tony but I don't think this hurts us and he was a decent head coach but we want better and there are coaches out there that are better , why not give Billick a call. I don't like Mularky or Zimmer who cares if Zimmer is tight with Ireland we want an experienced good coach with a proven record this is what Ross had said earlier.How about Marty S? big upgrade over Tony and pretty much anyone else we could get.

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