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Tony Sparano headed to the NYJ

I asked a very wise football man on Monday if Tony Sparano could work for Rex Ryan.

"I don't see why not," he said, already knowing Sparano was headed to the Jets as their new offensive coordinator. "Tony and Rex are a lot more similar than anyone knows. It can work."

We'll get to see because the former Dolphins head coach has been hired to replace Brian Schottenheimer as the J-E-T-S offensive coordinator.

I know, I know ...

Fist pump!

The Jets will now have at least two former Dolphins coaches in Sparano and Mike Westhoff. If Sparano follows Westhoff's approach, he'll view every game against the Dolphins as a personal vendetta. He'll try to add wrinkles and gadgets that will make the Dolphins wish they'd never fired him.

I know, I know ...

Many of you are surprised Sparano would be the play-caller. He called plays in Dallas in 2006 and run plays in 2007. When Sean Payton went to New Orleans, he wanted to take Sparano with him as the offensive coordinator. The move was blocked by Bill Parcells, who kept Sparano in Dallas.

Many of you believe Sparano to be a classic ground-and-pound kind of guy. And that's probably right. He is a run-first coach. It's an undeniable part of his DNA. But perhaps that's what the Jets want because they used that formula plus great defense to make it to the AFC championship game two consecutive years in a row.

This year, the Jets opened up the offense a bit more and failed to make the playoffs. Ultimately, Sparano's success in New York will depend on the very same thing his success in Miami depended on: The quarterback. Period.

Now that he's working for the Jets, I'm certain Sparano will be no local favorite. But I still respect Sparano. He'll bring some class to the Jets organization.

Heaven knows they needed it.


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Probably Sparano's biggest weakness was that he was always a step behind. Didn't realize what was holding the Dolphins back until it was painfully obvious to everyone. Not a good trait in a co-ordinator.

Congratulations, Jets

I have been saying for months that the Jets should sign Henne. He is way better than Sanchez. Looks like they will now!!

2nd worst coach in dolphins history. Every day he spent with the dolphins made the dolphins worse. What does soprano do to sell himself as an o-coordinator? he's gonna run between the tackles. Ooooooooooh. Love how he made the dolphins Oline WORSE despite more money being invested there than any spot. Great world that soprano can be bad at what he does and be a millionaire for it

If a guy was fired and takes a job with a rival he can't be deemed a traitor! His family needs to eat too!

Why would the jets sign Henne.....

Henne is a HUGE reason why Sporano got fired.....

So you think he wants to the jets and start the process all over again....

I don't know Kris, Sanchez sucks??

I always liked Tony, but I am glad he is gone.
The Jets may want to look at new field goal kickers, their current one stinks!

You guys, the fist pump and field goals posts aren't funny anymore. They're old, and not funny at all. It's beating a dead horse. Try to think of something new, show originality.

Todd B.....

Sanchez looks bad....I agree.....I look for the jets to tak a mid-round QB this year.....maybe 3rd or 4th.....

I think the FG and Fist Pump jokes are hilarious.....

Good Luck Tony Sparano:D

Congrats Nick Saban and the Alambama Crimson Tide:D

Good Luck Tony Sparano:D

Congrats Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide:D

I wonder what the betting line on the jets using all 3 time outs in the 1st quarter of the 1st game would be.....

Way to go Jets! Making a move to make your offense less explosive. Jets are in death spiral with their current coaching staff. After next year Rex will be gone.

Well, we better hope he doesn't become the dolphin's nemesis.

He will probably replace Ryan after next season.


RGIII will not make an impact on the NFL for at least 5 years. I predict he is another jamarcus russell

Bahaaaaaaaaaaa ! ! ! Did Sparano show Rex his feet..lol. So we'll be sweeping the w-e-t-s next year. Just two fat sweaty guys bonding and pulling each others finger. I'll show you my feet if you'll show me your fist pump...lol Well at least Pepe won't have to throw the ball.

if fisher doesnt sign with us we dont seem to have a plan B. kinda like the draft.

This sucks because unlike what so many of the experts on this blog think Tony was a very good coach stuck in a bad organization who gave him sub par players to compeate in a very compeitive division where unlike Denver you can't go 8-8 and make the playoffs - EVER!

Also I think he will bring Henne up to NY and mark my words Henne is a better QB then Moore and he is a better QB then Sanchz.

As Dolphins fans this is going to hurt twice a year for at lest the next half a decade and it was self inflicted becasue other then Fisher (and I'm not even sure about this) who one the coaching radar of the Dolphins is going to be better then Tony was given the same subpar guys?

This sucks


We won't have to worry about the JETS next year being competitive offensively with Sparano running it. Any bets they take an offensive lineman with their first pick in this year's draft?

Good for Sparano. He's a good guy.

But He is a Jet now.

Yeah, don't see how you can call a guy a traitor when he gets fired. I suppose it could be a destination for Henne. Does Sparano even have his own offensive system to implement?

Fvck tony and Fvck the jets. I hope we beat them twice every year going forward.

I don't care what Sparano does as long as he is not the Head Coach of the Miami Dolphins. He is probably a good coach just not Head Coach.

I'm not going to sweat Sparano sticking to Miami twice a year at all. Let's face it the jets will beat Miami eventually and that will be the storyline whether it's in dramatic fashion or not, you better believe Armando will spin it in a way to get fan's reaction and his blog populated.

Wait a minute. Isn't Sparano still getting paid on the 2013 portion of his deal?

How do you not put a non-compete in there so he can't coach a division rival during that time?

Jets sign Henne to back up Sanchez and release Brunell who the Phins sign to compete with Moore.
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Wait a minute. Isn't Sparano still getting paid on the 2013 portion of his deal?
How do you not put a non-compete in there so he can't coach a division rival during that time?
Great point Josephus...another reason that I shake my head in trying to figured out Ireland and Ross and they direction out FINS are going. WTF where they thinking? They where'nt!

Guaranteed sweep of jets next year..they may never score another TD all year..I love it. How did that work out for JT Tony?

Good luck Tony. He really doesn't have much luck with QBs!

Maybe now we can send Mr. Prostitute Man Jeff Ireland to the Jets as well.

Man I wonder who got TS that job ??? Could it been Big "Tuna"..... Hey Tony see you in Jersey in about a year, I will make it up for you GOOD LUCK PALI WITH ROSS AND JEFFY.....PS. Don't forgett to bring the wildcat book play with you....

Man what a soap opera............

Chalk up 2 wins against the Jets now!!!

run and 1st and 2nd down the pass, we got that one figured out.

get close to FG range and run all 3 downs.

2-0 for next year only 8 wins out of 14 needed for playoffs

whatever tony the clown does from here to eternity shouldn't be Dolphins news: he is out of the team -thank you Lord- and that's it.

my only thought on this, is that if he was soooooo goood @ play calling that Sean Payton wanted him, why didnt he grab the reigns & start calling plays here? Run 1st or not I dont think he will be a good play caller bsides, run right, run left, run middle. Not thewisest move by jets in my opnion, but if run is their philosophy by all means

"Well, here's another nice mess you've gotten me into!"

Marty Schottenheimer for coach.
Keep the assistants.
Trade for a kick@ss QB.(LUCK)
Fill the holes with FA.(cause u got kick@ss QB)
Sell out games.
Win the divison.
Win the championship.
Win the SB.
Marty can retire on top.
Bowles takes over.
GO PHINS!!!!!!!!!!

Good for Coach Sparano. The man was treated like sh_it down here by Ireland and Ross.

Well I wish him Luck, sucks however that he went to the Jets. Not gonna rag the guy. Next season Ryan will be fired and Sparano will be the new HC..very possible..lol..

I feel sorry for him. He has to live in New Jersey.

Tony Sparano as an offensive coordinator!!! WTF!!! I didn't know the Dolphinss ever had any offense under him!

Is Tony Sparano going to use Bill Parcell's Playbook? Will Bill hand it over to him?

Some people on this web site keep saying Tony was good guy?
Are you kidding! He always talked negative about the fans here. He was far from fan friendly.Thats just the honest truth.

Latest from the rumor mill..... Mr.Ross hires Tony sparano to sabotage jets as their offense coordinator hahahhah should be an easy two games for us sparano likes run first we're built to stop run first nice move Ross love it lol

Take henne to wee york with you sparano and this comedy act will be complete!!!


Who cares?

Coach Sparano will bring class to the Jets. This sucks. The Jets suck but now Tony might make them better. Uh oh.

I saw some morons on the Jets message boards saying that Tony will be a great bad cop, since Rex is already the good cop and too nice to his players, etc. LOL LOL LOL. In 4 years, has Tony ever NOT been nice to anyone? He is the softest coach in NFL history and allowed Chad Henne to throw the ball to the wrong team for 3 years because he didn't wanna bench him and hurt his feelings.

HAHAHAHA thank you Jets suck suck suck
THANK YOU!! We don't really have to make a big deal on TS because it's hilarious!!

Write this down....Henne will be a Jet.

He's a good coach ... didn't deserve having Ireland as his G.M. ... I wish him the best !

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