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The troubling connection of Jeff Fisher to the Rams

When a Miami Herald reporter called agent Marvin Demoff's home Tuesday, he was told by Demoff's wife that her husband is in St. Louis.


St. Louis is where Kevin Demoff works as the Rams chief operating officer. St. Louis is where Kevin Demoff will have an opportunity to visit with his father, Marvin Demoff. Marvin Demoff represents Jeff Fisher. St. Louis is where Fisher is scheduled to interview for the head coach vacancy between now and Friday.

I am not saying the fact the Rams are currently run by a Demoff and Fisher is represented by a Demoff means Fisher is a slam dunk in St. Louis. I'm certain Fisher, who basically has a choice where he will coach in 2012, will make his decision based on a handful of critical factors important to him.

But I am saying that St. Louis undoubtedly has an advantage in the chase for Demoff. To deny that is to look past obvious truths and the undeniable connections driving the situation.

And that has to make any Dolphins fan hoping the team hires Fisher a bit uncomfortable. Fisher has rock solid connections that can point him to St. Louis. He has no connections of similar strength in Miami.

The elder Demoff is obviously a professional and will work toward serving his client as best he can. The younger Demoff is similarly going to work on his team's behalf. But who are we kidding here? Fisher is going to to St. Louis pretty much knowing the pictch and situation he's about to face.

Interestingly, the Kevin Demoff denied this is the case during his availability on Monday. 

"Everybody assumes that because my father represents Jeff Fisher, there's a natural fit," the younger Demoff said. "His job is to represent Jeff Fisher; our job is to find the right head coach for the Rams, I don't think it's a foregone conclusion that because I know someone who happens to know Jeff well, that I know Jeff well, that Jeff's going to be our head coach.

"I know that makes for great conjecture, great internet fodder...but it's completely unfounded," Demoff said.

OK, let me put it another way then:

If Kevin Demoff knows his team wants Fisher enough to interview him first in this process and doesn't use whatever advantage he has at his disposal -- his father's ties to Fisher -- then he's pulling punches. Simple as that.

And I cannot say in 21 years of covering the NFL I've heard of an instance when a Demoff pulled a punch. 


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the rams are a freaking joke a mess bradford always injury prone miami is a much better team and closer than the rams to contend for an nfl title i say fisher ends up here in the end.

Mmmm sounds troubling; but regardless of whoever Miami gets i just hope it's not Mangini.

Who cares? Billick is the better choice.

it's fisher or billick or bust for dolphins end of story!

If Jeff Fisher takes the job in St Louis it would be in my opinion because he lacks confidence in himself. It is clear that Miami is the better choice. St Louis would be the easiest of the two jobs.

Billick is a ground chuck coach. I would rather have Mangini than Billick. But I dont want anyone of them.

hey fisher the dolphins are a team that needs a future quarterback and has everything else better than the lambs while the lambs have a injury prone quarterback and nothing else especially a terrible defense!

Ross is in a predicament with Ireland for many reasons. One is simply based on the fact Ireland is so young. How many of you want a boss half your age? Imagine how it was for Fisher coming here to interview. He knows Ireland is a kid with not even half of his own experience. Then who greats him, Peterson, a guy not officially a member of the Dolphins. That does not induce confidence in the structure of the organization, and it shows clearly that Ross doesn't think Ireland can handle the top candidates on his own.

I see this as another blunder by Ross in his latest coaching search. I fully understand the reasoning in bringing the wiser, older, Peterson into the mix. I don't understand why he didn't first hire Peterson in an official capacity. The situation as it is does not instill confidence in prospective coaches.

My guess is Ross intentionally left Peterson off the payroll so he could go out and speak to Cowher and Gruden (which has been confirmed) without breaking any NFL rules. Fine. But that was done in the past. Peterson should have been officially hired before the Fisher interview took place.



How about some info on upcoming interviews the Phins are holding? We know about Dave Toub, anyone else?

JFC Mando everybody else already knew this.

And it's not the father-son connection. The Rams have Bradford AND the number 2 pick.

We have Matt Moore and 7 departing free agents.

Who are the next candidates interviews! I hope Jeffy and the scouts are hard at work!!

So, we won't get Cowherd or Fisher, its another good day!

Like Mike Lombardi said this morning, St. Louis is an expansion team with a QB and Miami is a solid team without a QB. Plus the QB is not even established yet. If Miami drafts one in the first round, we then have a better QB situation then St. Louis. At least our vet that ended the season as a starter is not AJ Feeley or whoever else they have. All this is pure speculation and every coach takes a job for the following 5 reasons (in order) 1) Money 2) Money 3) Money 4) Money and 5) A winning situation. In that respect Miami has huge advantage because St. Louis is one of the cheapest teams in the NFL.

the talent evaluator is most important...look at Dungy do you think he really coached the colts...come on...Peyton coached that team, yet everyone thinks dungy is a guru....please

Who cares...

I hope he staysin STL....

Lets get the next canidate in....

Geesh Armando....stop telling everybody on here that Fisher is the next coaching GOD.....17 years...ZERO Championships....give it a rest already.....

Good morning guys,

I prefer an offensive mind first but a nice consolation would be Jeff Fisher. He has a great reputation and even when his teams had down years they were always tough, physical and well coached.

With that being said it won't be the end of the world if Fisher is not the hire. Sure, it would be nice to get someone who has experience for a change because Cam Cameron and Sparano were CLEARLY over their heads! Hiring an assistant to be the head guys seems a little dangerous given the past 2 coaches that rolled through but in the end guys it is what it is.

This situation in Miami won't get fixed under any circumstances if they don't get a FRANCHISE caliber QB. I don't care if Miami becomes a run first team you still need a QB capable of stepping up and winning games for you and Matt Moore did nothing more then win meaningless games when the team was already 0-7 and in the end screwed the fans of any shot of Luck or RG3 barring some miraculous trade (not happening).

So I sat here yesterday and argued for Fisher and made the case I feel he would be a great fit but if he isn't the hire then so be it. Ireland better find a way to get a QB or in the end the next guy whether he is applauded or not will be on his way out too.

You guys are kidding yourselves. Ross will hire Dave Toub. You all know that Special Teams are the reason we lost 10 games in 2011.

The are other facts that will not play in our favor in order to sign Fisher:

1) we have no QB
2) we have 0 (zero) game-changing player
3) our average paid attendance must be around 35000
4) our owner has already the reputation of being dishonnest, and our GM is notoriously inept

Conclusion: get ready for a no-name as HC next year (which is not necessarily a bad thing)

Brian the Dolfan from St. Louis. St. Louis media has been reporting this since last week and all indications point to Fisher being hired.

Dis you guys noticed Martz rsigned yesterday as OC for the Bears? He is an offensive guru and has HC experience. A possibility?

I asked it yesterday and I'll ask it again:

Other than Dick Vermil, name a head coach who went to the Superbowl, either retired or got fired...
....then came back into the NFL and took his new team to the Superbowl.

It just NEVER happens folks, so stop the man crush on Fisher.

I'd rather have a no-name like Toub, so long as he's smart and has connections.

Let me just say this, the Rams job is not a better job than the Dolphins. They won 2 games this year! I can't deny the connection, but they have much less talent than the Dolphins. And what exactly has Sam Bradford proved in this league? Why would you want to be handcuffed to that QB? Last time I checked, Matt Moore had a better season than Sam Bradford. Plus the owner of the Dolphins is going to bat for you and use every resource to get the QB you need. Yea, there aren't many options, but there are options if you use the right tools. Go down the rest of the roster and it's not even close. If the Rams played the Dolphins today, who do you think would win? Enough said...


I'm not exactly high on Fisher, I'm not exactly against him. I've stated before I prefer fresh blood and believe there are an abundance of quality candidates outside the old boys club.

With that being said, I still am disappointed with Ross's approach. Once again, per my post above, his approach is just disorganized, too many loose ends with Ireland and Peterson. Sure he can tell the prospective coaches what the plan for them will be, but leaving the situation dangling and unresolved does not inspire confidence or leadership.

Any remote chance of chudzinski or jay gruden OC of the bengals..... We need a guy who can develop a young qb...... Both have ties to FLA...... Kinda remind me of Sean Payton. Jay even has HC experience, granted at lower levels of competition......

unreal, least u tried ross. we were close to getting a legit coach again. now what?? why are we interviewing the bears special teams coach??? are u kidding me

and nick everyone in the nfl circle right now knows the rams job is better than here. u walk into a bad div, dont go against brady and bill twice a year, have bradford, have the number 2 pick, much better owner, get your pick of gm. on and on and on

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I agree! With Peterson not on the staff officially but being involved in the coaching search is very odd to say the least. Miami seems very dysfunctional as usual in the offseason. I don't knock and hate Ross as much as others. I think he is willing to throw around his money when many owners can be penny pinchers but he has no etiquette at all when dealing with football matters.

You say you want fresh blood but Miami's last 2 coaches were fresh blood and both guys were over their heads as head coaches. Who do you want, anyone specifically?

Regardless of who coaches this team, we are going to do unspeakable things to the Rams in 2012.

In this hell of a season, give me more than a reason to stay with you.

I'd rather read ALoco's stuff.

You can TELL he doesn't copy/paste.

I don't care what the name of the coach is as long as he is smart, in tune with today's NFL, and hungry. I don't want to convince anyone to take this job. If fisher wants to go to St. Louis, go to piece of shite St. Louis then.

I want the guy that would do anything to take this job and make the dolphins what they used to be.

Ross is no dumb as some of you may think. Here goes again "unemployed" Carl Peterson to talk to Bill Polian about GM job. And since Peterson is not employed by the Dolphins, he can talk off the record and off Ireland. Not a bad move, I may say... And Peterson will be used as a "scout", as he did with Gruden & Cowher, whenever Ross wants to reach to someone.

and the green bay ocord is a puppet, why are we interviewing him. mccarthy runs that offese

Fisher belongs in a hillbilly state! He's missing teeth as well as some chromosomes!

If ireland would have gotten the phins a REAL QB by now the team would have been more attractive.
if the team would have just sat on 0-7, their draft status would have been better and more attractive.

This blog is weak. The type of man Jeff Fisher is (or more than likely is). I would personally belive he would be LESS inclined to take an offer because of these facts. But I do completely believe that in no way would it sway him to make his decision.

When Fisher left without a contract yesterday. That was it!! lets move on

andynj...and that's the conundrum were in right now.
"we want a young & hungry coach, but at the same time we want experience as well".

Last thing anyone wants is a repeat of the Cam Cameron experience.

So how does one grab that young coach who can turn your team around in a season

e.g. Sean Peyton & Jim Harbaugh

Or send you into a deeper tailspin

e.g. Cam Cameron or Todd Haley

Thx for the constant updating Mando! My daily fix that is this mess we need to fix!

And F.Y.I !!! This blog and all of Mando's blogs are killer! I'm 3000 miles from Miami! You think they talk Dolphins in bandwagon Lakerville? I wouldn't know anything without these blogs!

Mando only wants us to hire fisher is so when fisher becomes the coach in st louis he can write a dolphins FO bashing blog to get hits. I have never seen a reporter that hates the team he reports on more than mando.

People keep saying fisher isn't all that - WHO HAVE THE PHINS HAD THAT WAS BETTER IN THE PAST 10 YEARS? Andy Reid doesnt have a COACHING ring EITHER in 13 years at Philly. BUT HIS TEAMS ARE COMPETITIVE MOST YEARS JUST LIKE FISHER'S WERE. SHULA HADN'T WON A RING SINCE THE 70s BUT HE'S THE ALL TIME BEST and the Phins were ALWAYS around 11-5 or so.

Now that Fisher is gone, Ireland will be up to old tricks.

This time, when he gets out the dart board and puts on the blindfold, Ross should sucker punch Momma's Little Ho!


Yeah it's a tough spot. I want an offensive guy first but one with experience and that seems tough to come by considering you can't usually have both.

So does Miami go the hot assistant coordinator route like Joe Philbin in Green Bay? Or do they go the retread experienced route with Billick or Mike Sherman? Neither has been interviewed yet by just an example.

I hate to say it because I hate to be a knee jerk reaction guy but Joe Philbin has been in one of the best if not the best offensive system in the league. Now he is a offensive line coach by trade and doesn't call the plays on Sundays but has to play a key part in the preparation of that offense. Now here goes the knee jerk part of it, it would give Miami a leg up, at least you would think on Matt Flynn. I argued Flynn could be the next Feelry or Kolb but he could also be the next very good once back up to become a FRANCHISE QB.

I'd rather we go for Billick. I'm reading 'Next Man up' by John Feinstein and Billick is well represented in that book.

He's obviously won a SB despite not being a head coach for as long as Fisher. He's had some time out to recoup and the only question of importance will be: "is Billick still hungry? Does he want another ring?"

Get Billick in, roll the dice with flyn and Moore, draft well, fill gaps in FA and the Dolphins are contenders in a division with the Bills and Jets in disarray.

philbin will be interviewed here after kc does. no interest in him, hes a puppet

It's not troubling to me...Fisher is PROVEN mediocrity of old school football. Is that what we are looking for in a new Fins coach...


at least Reid spends his Post Season's playing football games....10 of 13 years IN the playoffs.....

Fisher spends his the same way the FINS do now....watching the Wild Card games....hasn't been to the post season since 2004....

pete u cant just assume we have flynn, even if we did go after him what makes u think he wants to sign here

dusty bottoms,

A puppet? And what extensive research do you have that makes that statement even close to true?

I guess Andy Reid was a puppet to Holmgren? I guess Holmgren was a puppet to Bill Walsh?

Jim Schwartz (Detroit Lions)
Jim Harbaugh (San Francisco 49ers)
Mike Smith (Atlanta Falcons)
Gary Kubiak (Houston Texans)

With the exception of Gary Kubiak, these are new, young coaches who have turned their teams into playoff contenders.

I can also add:
Ken Whisenhunt (Arizona Cardinals)
Pete Carroll (Seattle Seahawks)
Ron Rivera (Carolina Panthers)
Rex Ryan (New York Jets)
Mike McCarthy (Green Bay Packers)

These to represent new, young (except Pete Carroll) who never coached an NFL team prior to this...and these are strong teams who will have them in the playoffs for years to come (this year is an exception).

Point is....if we do not land Fisher, all is not lost as there are many, quality men ready to lead Miami to the playoffs again, we just need to not pull a "Cameron" and get it wrong again.

Even if we get the Fisher had to offer what does that mean? 1 Superbowl appearance, wasted division tittles, squandered playoff appearances? Oh, and then there are the sub 500 seasons.

My point is that it's not the end of the world if we don't land Fisher. On the other hand I don't have the warm and fuzzies that the owner and management can pick the right first time coach. Maybe that is why Mando is so hot and heavy for Fisher. He has no faith in the current administrations ability to evaluate raw talent.

andy he doesnt even call the plays, its 2012 not the 80's


I hear you, but just as many former HC's don't do any better on their next teams. I'm not the one with the resources to really name candidates, but I have to believe there are no shortage of able coaches in among the NFL and college ranks.

Rebutting your argument, these guys were fresh blood too before being promoted to HC:

Mike McCarthy, Mike Tomlin, John Harbaugh, Mike Smith, and Sean Payton

Some of you bash Mando for being honest about this teams decade o incompetence and what a joke we have become at times! You guys should come listen to the brown nosing Kobe reporters out here! So fake! Mando's honest! I might not agree with everything he says but it's honest!

nhfin pete carrol coached 2 other nfl teams before this

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