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The troubling connection of Jeff Fisher to the Rams

When a Miami Herald reporter called agent Marvin Demoff's home Tuesday, he was told by Demoff's wife that her husband is in St. Louis.


St. Louis is where Kevin Demoff works as the Rams chief operating officer. St. Louis is where Kevin Demoff will have an opportunity to visit with his father, Marvin Demoff. Marvin Demoff represents Jeff Fisher. St. Louis is where Fisher is scheduled to interview for the head coach vacancy between now and Friday.

I am not saying the fact the Rams are currently run by a Demoff and Fisher is represented by a Demoff means Fisher is a slam dunk in St. Louis. I'm certain Fisher, who basically has a choice where he will coach in 2012, will make his decision based on a handful of critical factors important to him.

But I am saying that St. Louis undoubtedly has an advantage in the chase for Demoff. To deny that is to look past obvious truths and the undeniable connections driving the situation.

And that has to make any Dolphins fan hoping the team hires Fisher a bit uncomfortable. Fisher has rock solid connections that can point him to St. Louis. He has no connections of similar strength in Miami.

The elder Demoff is obviously a professional and will work toward serving his client as best he can. The younger Demoff is similarly going to work on his team's behalf. But who are we kidding here? Fisher is going to to St. Louis pretty much knowing the pictch and situation he's about to face.

Interestingly, the Kevin Demoff denied this is the case during his availability on Monday. 

"Everybody assumes that because my father represents Jeff Fisher, there's a natural fit," the younger Demoff said. "His job is to represent Jeff Fisher; our job is to find the right head coach for the Rams, I don't think it's a foregone conclusion that because I know someone who happens to know Jeff well, that I know Jeff well, that Jeff's going to be our head coach.

"I know that makes for great conjecture, great internet fodder...but it's completely unfounded," Demoff said.

OK, let me put it another way then:

If Kevin Demoff knows his team wants Fisher enough to interview him first in this process and doesn't use whatever advantage he has at his disposal -- his father's ties to Fisher -- then he's pulling punches. Simple as that.

And I cannot say in 21 years of covering the NFL I've heard of an instance when a Demoff pulled a punch. 


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My point exactly!

Pete Carroll coached the Pats! Hello?

and he coached the jets

We have to have experience at least on one level. We can't have the inexperienced Ireland and hire a college coach or a coordinator. With Ireland here, we need a strong personality that's been there before.

If we dumped Ireland for a Polian type, we could possibly afford to take a chance on an up and comer.

So, as long as Ireland remains, the only credible canidates I see are either Fisher or Billick.

Peterson probably will be brought in to babysit Ireland and provide a buffer with whomever we hire.

Just for the record, I think not officially hiring Peterson YET, is NOT a sign of being unorganized. I think it's a stroke of genius. OK, maybe not genius, but you know what I mean. Ross has got an operator circumventing all kinds of NFL rules at the moment. Whats wrong with that.

PS: If it meant canning Ireland, I'd hire Polian and let him bring in Peyton Manning as Head Coach/Quarterback! And I don't even like Manning. But I dislike Ireland that much.

billick will take the job in a second, nobody outside miami wants him. hes looked at as a joke. fisher would be a homerun

"and nick everyone in the nfl circle right now knows the rams job is better than here. u walk into a bad div, dont go against brady and bill twice a year, have bradford, have the number 2 pick, much better owner, get your pick of gm. on and on and on"

I complete disagree...

-Bad division? The only good team is the Patriots. The 49ers are pretty damn good too. So that part looks equal to me.

-Going against Brady and Belichick? People are in this business for several reasons. Money dominates, but people are competitive. They want to beat the best.

-Have Bradford? Again, I don't understand this logic. Bradford has proved nothing in this league.

-Have the number 2 pick? This should count against them, they were the worst team in the league this year.

-Better owner? I don't know much about the Rams owner. But I know Ross is willing to do whatever it takes to win, even if he is a little dumb.

-Get your pick of GM? You still need to fill that weak roster.

Even if I take my bias out of the equation, I'm still taking the Dolphins job over the Rams job.

To think we passed on Mike Tomlin & Mike McCarthy during the Cam Cameron debacle sickens my stomach.

I mean, Cam was the hottest offensive coordinator in the game at the time...his Chargers team was putting up 30+ per game and Rivers was having a pro-bowl year under his game planning.

Just because you can draw up a well designed play does not mean you can lead men into battle.

It takes a special blend of talent, bravado, experience and intelligence to earn the respect of 53 men.

the one thing I learned in the military is this:

Posted by: NHFINSFAN | January 04, 2012 at 09:24 AM

I agree with your post. But I believe Carroll did have a stint as an NFL head Coach.

Kris - GOOD POINTS AS WELL. But just saying, compared to what the phins have had he compares favorably. Plus, the guy dealt with injuries some years. the phins have been dealing with stupidity.
I say you have to interview Nolan and give him a second shot BEFORE REACHING FOR ANOTHER UNKNOWN! And, consider V Young again or J Campbell if they MISS ON A QB AGAIN.

No name coach or player wants to come here because of Ireland & to a lesser degree, Ross.

The last 3-4 years have been about incompetence, no loyalty & dysfunction. Sounds like an ideal place to work right? NOT

Fisher is no prize. He's simply the biggest name. The fact that he is going to pass us up when Miami likely has more money to offer speaks volumes.

Enjoy your next acorn coach. Hired because no one else would take the job & work with Dumbo Ireland. He should mesh well with the acorn filled roster.

dusty bottoms,

Sure, it would cost $$$. He will be a free agent so hopefully it wouldn't cost us any draft picks. Get a WR with our first round pick. Then work on the OL. A better line, beter recievers and enough money would be hard to turn down - playing QB for Miami must still have some kudos despite the recent incumbents of the position. Surely better than the Redksins, seahawks or vikings...


Good point on Tomlin, Harbaugh etc, I mean good coaches have to come from some where and all the top coaches outside of Belichick were first time heach coaches, Tomlin, Harbaugh(s), Sean Payton and McCarthy but I guess I just see how we have struck and it makes me uneasy.

The whole argument of the Rams being more appealing because they play in a weak division is about as ignorant as it gets.

Winning the division is great and all but, it ain't the prize. You still have to beat the playoff teams to win the big one.

The AFC East is a great division to Coach in. By the time you win this division, you're ready for the rest.

Who wants to be champs of a scrub division? I mean, unless being perrenially one and done is your thing.


Not many people remember this but Sean Payton had his play calling duties stripped by bill parcells in Dallas before being named the saints coach.

Remember this when calling philbin a puppet.

pete the guy still has to want to play here

Posted by: NHFINSFAN | January 04, 2012 at 09:24 AM

"These represent new, young (except Pete Carroll) who never coached an NFL team prior to this."

I realized Carroll coached in the NFL and tried to say this (unsuccessfully) in my post above.

I'm not 100% sold on the Fisher move. He needs to show me some motivation...some excitement that he still has the fire in the belly to get this team into the playoffs on a consistent basis.

Can we please stop this Toub thing? The guy is a Special Teams coach with the best return man ever o play the game, even I can be a good ST coach with Hester!

I agree with no more retreads especially Fisher that guy was a dinosaur before he got fired!!! He's a fossil now. Billick may be ok since his TV gig has helped him stay in touch with the game and in fact may have opened his eyes to new schemes, etc.

At the end I am more in favor to bring someone like Chudzinski and Shula and go all in to get RG3.

everyones a question mark, but id love fisher to be here


what makes the rams job appealing is that fisher wont have to work under jeff ireland! please get rid of ireland so we can hire a quality coach.

The Phins need to keep Todd Bowles as Head Coach....If they can't obtain Andrew Luck or RG3 then build around Matt Moore...DO NOT and I repeat...DO NOT go after Matt Flynn!!!...He's a charlatan..fools gold!

greg z so many things appeal more about the rams. and yes being able to pick your own gm is hugeeeeeeeeee ireland is known as a joke in the nfl

I'd hire Nolan or Brady Hoke before Chudzinski.

I'm not knocking Chudzinski, if it came down to that, but a there's a few out there that instills a lot more confidence for me.

I'm out. I have to go explain to my Doctor how I fell off my deck. She thought the Trampoline Accident was bad enough, she's going to love this.


dusty bottoms

Yes of course, I suggest someone at the Dolphins asks him...

My point is that Flynn won't be QB at the Packers, Saints, Patriots etc. Where could he go? If Ross wants a winning team he MUST CONVINCE the right people to represent the Dolphins. Starting with the Coach and QB. Offer more money and support to get the right people. Convince them that Miami is the best place for them because this team is going places.

How did we ever get to the point of drooling over Fisher? Because he's a star Coach? Hardly! Because he was average for such a long period of time?

How is he so much better than Sparano or Bowles?

dusty, agreed. ireland had his chances and is considered a joke. ross needs to wake up to that fact or we are doomed.


I agree Flynn could easily be fool's gold. We have seen it too many times around the league to not be cautious BUT "build around Matt Moore", dude you must have lost your mind!

Moore is a serviceable, nice back up and nothing more!

So jason lacanfora says there are two coaching searches taking place on two separate tracks.

1. Ireland & Ross interviewing young, no-name coaches like Toub
2. Carl Peterson interviewing Fisher & Jeff Haslett (Skins D-Coordinator).

End Result (1): if one of Peterson's guys gets the job, then Carl has a VP role with the team.

End Result (2): if Peterson fails to land eiter Fisher or Haslett, then Ireland's top pick becomes the new head coach and Peterson goes back to KC.....game over.

Very odd set of circumstances, but if Peterson does succeed, the Ireland's days are numbered.

WOW...Ross does have some balls!

Since when is "Fisher King" these god of a coach

Man o man,

I was never a Fisher fan but the Dolphins need a decent coach. I had no doubts (and still don't) that Fisher would go anywhere else but Miami if given the chance. No big deal though because there were several other candidates (Philbin) whom I thought were better.

Miami had already identified it was interested in Philbin but we have seen nothing of him yet. Now, I read that KC will interview Philbin tonight (weds).

That is just great. KC is interviewing the guy who put together Green Bays offense, and we, we are interviewing Taub.

This team really can't do anything right. I fully expect in a couple weeks to learn we have a new head coach that makes Sparano look like a HoF coach.



I'd perfer Brian Billick, and trade for Manning now don't be cheap and waite and lose him. You do that and it's playoffs next year maybe Super Bowel.

Who wants to be champs of a scrub division? I mean, unless being perrenially one and done is your thing.

Posted by: odinseye | January 04, 2012 at 09:45 AM

Answer: Jim Harbaugh

You have to MAKE the playoffs to even have a shot. Winning your division & getting a home game is goal #1. It doesn't have to be the hardest division.

He knew that & picked the NFC West. Smart move. I guess you'd call him a chicken sh*t for takin the easy route? He looks like a genius!

Tthe last I looked, he's being viewed as a savior & have 1 of the happiest fan bases in the NFL today.

Then take a look at your team.

For all those who want to see Ireland get the boot...then you better be pulling for Peterson to hire Fisher.

If Peterson succeeds and Fisher is the HC...then Peterson becomes VP and brings his men from KC...leaving Jeffy without a chair and he walks away.

....very, very exciting stuff my friends!

I have the solution.

Time for Ross to do what Robbie did back in the day with Shula.

Contact Belichick through back doors. Give him a boatload of money and the keys to the kingdom to leave New England and take over Miami. It would be worth losing their number 1 draft pick for tampering just like the Dolphins did to snatch Shula.

Belichick would turn this franchise around and set us up for the future.


Thanks for the article. Yeah the article did say Ireland's future could be in doubt if Peterson gets a HC to committ. Haslett? I don't know much about him. I remember when he was in New Orleans they went to the playoffs I think once or twice. I do remember he is a no non-sense guy. He slapped a candy bar out of Richie Incognito's hand when he was an interim in St. Louis. He also has played the game before in the NFL which may not mean much but it tells me knows the game and players even if the new age players are divas.

Who knows what will happen with this bunch?

Folks, all the points being made about Rams vs Dolphins team status are moot. No established NFL head coaches (including Fisher) are going to want to work for Ross/Ireland. Get over it.

We will get a first time HC just looking for a shot. All we can do is hope for the best. Likely to be guy like Sparano or Bowles, though.
Here we go again....

Interesting in that Peterson hired Ireland back in KC...gave him is first job as a junior scout.

Maybe Peterson has watched him evolve (or not) over time and is not happy with his lack of growth?

In any case...for all the Ireland Haters out there, and I know there are plenty, this could be the beginning of the end for Ireland in Miami.

Who would you rather have as the quarterback of your team? Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees?
When the Colts fans saw what Peyton Manning could do as the quarterback of the franchise they probably thought the same thing Miami fans thought when Dan Marino was playing,i.e., the Colts would be in numerous Superbowls and be a dyanasty like Pittsburgh, Dallas, etc.
But, it never happened. The Colts went to two Superbowls with Manning as the quarterback and are 1-1.
Manning came into the league in 1998 and made it to his first Superbowl in 2006, beating the Bears and 2nd Superbowl in 2009, losing to the Saints.
It didn't take Manning that long to be one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the NFL but it did take that long for the Colts to put together a team around him that would give the Colts a chance to win a Superbowl.
So, football is a TEAM sport. You need a team to win championships. Marino and Manning are, arguably, two of the best to ever play the game and they have one Superbowl win between them.

Call Billick!

I personally do not care whether Fisher becomes coach or not. I think the rest of Dolphin fans should not either. After being sold Jimmy Johnson and Nick Saban as saviors I know better. Fisher is a good coach, no doubt. Great? No. There are other good coaches out there. More important is getting the franchise QB. If I were Ireland I would trade up to get Luck or RG3. I think the Redskins will pursue Flynn and get him..that is their track record plus Shanahan isn't going to want to wait for a rookie to develop. As for Cleveland, I think they will sit where they are and see who falls to them. They have too many holes to be bold. Forget about Manning...Colts will keep him as long as he is healthy.

The thing about Manning is that the neck injury has to be considered as a liability. as far as The ongoing QB B.S., I have to agree with Omar @Sun. Moore/Devlin/Weeden. Billick for Coach. IMO

Chip Kelly FTW!

Can someone, anyone, tell me why Jeff Fisher is so damned good? If he was so good why did Bud Adams let him walk and hire another coach? Mando, me thinks you gotta small man crush going on here dude. Not that theres anything wrong with that.
Billick is still out there. Why isnt he on the list of potential HC hires? Ireland, are you listening, or maybe we should be whinning to Carl Peterson? Ross what harm are you doing to my beloved Dolphins?

Thoughts on QB (in draft order).

1 Colt - Luck
2 Rams - Bradford
3 Vikings - Ponder/Manning
4 Browns - RGIII don't even need to move up in draft
5 Buccineers - Stick with Freeman
6 Redskins - move up for RGII or go for Flynn or Manning
7 Jaguars - Stick with Gabbert (go for Blackmon in draft)
8. Panthers - Newton, draft defense
9. Dolphins - Can't draft a QB here, probably can't move into 3rd. Hope Blackmon is free or draft down for picks next year to draft Mat Barkly if we can't sign Flynn.

Big if but Flynn, Marshall and Blackmon could be special.


Without a QB it doesn't matter who the coach is.

Ross' past behavior has given Miami the look of a girl who's desperate to be asked to dance.

The Dolphins are not the worst but definitely not considered an elite head coaching opportunity and Miami itself is not a very desirable place for a family despite sunny weather.

Wayne Huizenga Memorial Chopper.

What's the fascination with Fisher??? He's a worthless hack of a coach. The Dolphins are better than Jeff Fisher.

Come on Ross..act like a owner..fire IRELAND,

Wow you are an idiot. BTW can you please remove completely, or at least make smaller, your stupid picture. Due to being a Dolphins fan, yes I admit that I often read the Herald, and therefore end up reading your drivel. ("Look what I said, me, me, me, me, I told you so, I told you so, nanee-nanee boo-boo..")
But please, PLEASE stop making us look at your big face with that picture you took at Glamour Shots at 163rd Street Mall.

What a bunch of BS!

Several reasons why many throughout the football world believe Fischer will not coach in Miami. Besides ties to the Rams. You need only look at his personality, his personal life. Ok one he enjoyed living in Tenn. Miami is a far cry from anything like Tenn. He owns a home in Montana ( dont need to discuss the comparison between Montana and Miami). Fischer is not about glitz and glam, south beach and babes. He enjoys flying under the radar, private life, rural life. Just taking his personal life you can see why Miami is no fit. As an HC, he wants a GM he can work with, or one of his choosing, he wants final say on all personel, he does not want to be given players and told to make it work. He does not want to be the person searching for the talent. This is the most troubling, because Ireland is the exact opposit of what Fischer would like in a GM. And Ross is standing by his GM. Of course Ireland is no longer the only thing standing in the way of bringing in a top coach, the situation here is. It has nothing to do with win records, QB's, draft position etc. The whole FO is just screwed up and everyone knowes it, its a watch your back atmosphere, and all in all has become a joke in the eyes of many.

Fisher named St Louis coach by Friday afternoon.

Dolphins loaded with 3-4 personnel. Fisher has always run a 4-3 defense.

Dolphins have no potential franchise QB. Say what you want but Sam Bradford is a potential franchise QB.

Fisher's always had a run first type of offense. Reggie Bush vs. Steven Jackson???

Fisher is going to play a role in the selection of a GM in St. Louis. Ireland already here.

NFC West is an easier division to compete and turn things around faster than the AFC East.

Fisher's agent is the son of the Rams COO.

Why on earth does anyone really think that he's coming to Miami?? Money??

The Rams new owner is loaded, too and his wife is one of the Walmart heirs.

Time to move on to the next coach.

They need to be flying around the owners of the Rams and Vikings finding out what it's gonna take to trade up for Griffin III. Maybe that's what they are chatting with Jeff about LOL. Seriously, just somehow get RGIII and I'll coach the damn team, for free.

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