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Which elite free agent should the Dolphins sign?

Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland declined to share information on the Dolphins salary cap situation when he met with the media Tuesday. Doesn't matter because lack of specifics aside, it is clear the Dolphins cannot be full-blown buyers in free agency when it begins in March.

The Dolphins will not be able to address all of their issues in free agency. Thank God for the draft.

But the Dolphins might be able to address one major issue in free angency. One.

So which one should it be?

Do they sign quarterback Peyton Manning if he's available?

Do they sign defensive end Mario Williams, who is scheduld to hit free agency?

Or do they sign guard Carl Nicks, who NFL people are saying will not be back in New Orleans based on that team's other priorities?

All are elite players when healthy. All could be available. Which one do you sign and why? Please take into account how much demand will address the availability of each player in your answer.


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NY G, a good pass rush makes your corners look a lot better. Even good corners can only cover a guy for so long. Even with Blackmon (assuming he'd still be on the board, which is highly unlikely), we don't want to get into a shootout with New England. They have Hernandez, Gronkowski, Welker, etc...+ one of the best QBs to ever play the game. You're a Giants fan, you SAW how they defeated New England in that SB game. That's how you beat him.

Miami Dolphins executive Brian Gaine to interview with St. Louis Rams about GM job - South Florida Sun-Sentinel.com


I didn't predict the playoffs dusty.....

I was the guy that said that it was impossible to assess if we a 5-11...or 11-5......

it turns out we were the former....

nyg sign flynn, take best player at 9.

It's amazing how sportswriters and fans in Miami don't ever learn. Look at the past few Super Bowl winners. Green Bay, The Saints, the Colts and the Steelers. What do they do? They build thru the draft. They don't over spend or make a big splash in free agency. They sign their own players and work thru the DRAFT. Maybe someday people down here will learn.

#1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal,

That's true on the pass rush and corners. We need help all around both O and D.

Also, I am a lifer Fin fan and the G-men 2nd and would choose the Fins over G men when they play each other.


Free agency will greatly effect the direction we go in the 2012 draft. Until we see how fa pans out we hold a pile of of dog dong in our hands as fans.

There are so many different directions this offseason could go. We're all a little bit right. However, as we seen in the past, even having all of the information in hand there's entirely no predicting what Jeff Ireland will do. This we can be sure of.

Thx guys, Im out! LOL


1. Andrew Luck* QB

2. Matt Kalil OT

3. Robert Griffin III* QB

4. Trent Richardson* RB

5. Quinton Coples DE

6. Morris Claiborne* CB

7. Riley Reiff* OT

8. Justin Blackmon* WR

9. Dre Kirkpatrick*n CB

10. Luke Kuechly* ILB

ONLY posted top 10 out of 32.

sign flynn, then let the rest fall in place. would love mario but doubtful

You sign Nicks. I know we need pass rushers, but Nicks would solidify the O-line and then you do whatever it takes to get RG3. Not sold on Flynn and Manning is too old (reminds me of when the Jets went for Favre). I know it would mean giving up a lot, but we need a guy who can lead us for the next 12-15 years. We don't have the picks that Cleveland does, so we may have to pkg some players. Can't tell me the Rams wouldn't love 2 1st round pics and Brandon Marshall for Bradford to throw to.

Mario Williams

The draft is full of offensive linemen, and we can get Weeden for quarterback.


Coach Philbin speaks to management that Matt Flynn is the real deal and we need to sign him.

1. Matt Flynn is signed.
2. Rams pass on Blackmon. Falls to Miami, or Miami trades up with the Rams to get him.

**Home watching this unfold on TV- Bird in hand immediately.

3. Rest of the draft is for TE, DE, OL.


I'm IN.

We're in the best position of any team as far as Flynn goes. Philbin knows him as well as anyone. If he tells Ireland to get him he's going to be hinging his entire Dolphins coaching future on Flynn being a franchise QB. If he has any doubts there's no way he does it because it will ruin him here. I am all in on the trade up for RGIII bandwagon. Ireland can get this done if he really wants to. We may have to throw in a stud player along with picks to jump ahead of Cleveland, but we need a young QB to build around. I want to win for the next 10-15 years not just have one or two seasons where we might make the playoffs, and then start over again (i.e. Manning).

Philbin's clipboard....

Keep resume ready for when I'm fired in November after starting 1-10

Rubbing out Ireland to try and avoid the above

Doing whatever it takes to get a qb because literally nothing else matters.


Let's look at backup QB's traded to become starters.

Matt Schaub - Been good
Matt Cassell - Not good
Kevin Kolb - Jury is still out. Can't stay healthy.

This doesn't happen often.

all of them

Desean Jackson instantly makes our offense better. He can score from anywhere on the field , he takes the pressure of Marshall and opens the run game.

I agree Bill. I think D Jax would be a great complement to Marshall - completely different styles. As long as we don't have to pay a fortune for him I'd love to have him stretch the field for us.

i think it's too early to tell what miami will do. they haven't decided what kind of defense they will run, so it's tough to say whether they would go after a mario williams, who is much better as a 4-3 end than a 3-4 hybrid. also, philbin ran a zone-blocking scheme in green bay with smaller, more atheletic lineman. that means there's no place for carey or columbo (thankfully) in the lineup, and it's a question whether incognito would fit the mold.

assuming for a moment that miami sticks with the 3-4, this is my shot in the dark of what they should do, offense and defense.

- keep matt moore
- draft a qb in the 1st/2nd rounds (someone will rise up to be 3rd/4th qb on the board in those rounds
- plug jerry in at rt/rg
- draft an ol in one of the first 5 rounds
- add either another te or wr option

- resign solai
- draft pass rusher in 1st/2nd round (qb then rusher or vice-versa)
- let langford & merling go unless there's a good hometown discount
- invest picks and fa's in secondary

more interested with who our coordinaters are gonna be. still can't believe nolan is gone and the disrespect he received from this organisation not to mention the change in formation. 1 step forward 5 steps back

Super Mario all the way. We need to start building the New York Giants 4-3 model in South Florida. For a reference on the NYG D Line watch Brady run for his life in the superbowl in two weeks. Mario Williams will be Pierre Paul and Wake will be Osi. Odrick IS Tuck. It's gonna be great. I know the Oline needs to be fixed but if we trade up for Griffin I don't think we need a megastar right tackle just not frickin Columbo. If we don't trade up we can draft O Line.

Mwilliams will be resigned and Fin will get the Franchised tag, Nicks would be a great get, Were stuck with Solia he is not awesome but he is not bad. Ross will go after Peyton, I like Desean but having two head case receivers will not work. Peyton your a class act dont want to see ya in a wheel chair for the rest of your life

All this talk about Matt Flynn...a guy who had one great game. This is the same city that wanted to replace Dan Marino with Scott Mitchell??? Anyone who wants Flynn is a moron.

Run Ricky Run

The only high price free agent that the Dolphins should sign is Mario Williams to complement Wake to give us a pass rush. Our major task is to work a deal to trade up and draft Robert Griffin III. This is a quarterback league. Enough of the foolishness from the organization and some of our naive fans who think that Manning (bad neck) and Flynn (second coming of A.J. Feeley)are our future. Our franchise quarterback is waiting on us at pick #2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As a fan NFL expert, I would first get DE Mario Williams, These good DE guys are too hard to find. I would say no to QB Manning, too much of a risk. Last time we took this risk on older QB was Trent Green from KC, and we know how that turned out. Let us go after young QB Matt Flynn. If we can also get the guard Nicks, why not. In the draft, I would take thye best available player in the 1st round (RT or DE if we don't get Mario Williams. 2nd round TE, 3rd round a safety.

Reggie Wayne.

maybe Williams. But if his price tag is through the roof then let him walk on by. I would rather have two very good players for the price of one "elite" player that could be a bust with a new team. DO NOT sign Manning. We want a QB to build a team around and that will be elite. Not an elite QB on the downside of his career coming off a serious neck injury that could go down in the first game and then we again have no QB and huge cap hit. Do this right people and avoid the attempt at a quick fix.

henne, period. 72 knows nothing and next year he ll change his name. mando s afaid to make a proclamation so he offers up open ended questions when all along he and many other reporters and fans have called for hennes head while maligning his game . thats fine everyone s got there opp/ just say it so when he s gone and lightin up the fins 2 times a year i can remind u all

Phin4Life said:

"From what I heard this morning Manning won't be coming back anythime soon. The Colts are going to try and get him to retire."

So i guess you were having breakfast with Peyton this morning and he confided to you he doesn't want to plat anymore? LMFAO!!!! If you want to dream up something, make it a threesome with the current Playboy and Hustler chicks of the month! LMFAO!!!


The only thing henne will be lighting up is joints when he's "living in a a van down by the river!!!!"

I apologize for being a smartass, but you have to admit, that is a stretch of a comment. I read several excerpts of his recent interviews and I think he is still hungry, if not because of sibling rivalry more than anything else. Think about it.

Mario Williams. He's a workhorse.

Manning in a Dolphin Uniform? NEVER. NEVER in my life. Even if he were healthy (something tht won't happen).

Drew Brees!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like 7 years ago.......

But you know what I agree with siding with someone who hurt his knee than his bread and butter, arm/shoulder.

Sad we could have showed dominance for last 4 years and be toe to toe with New england.

Ireland will screw up both the draft and free agency..Forget about the Fins getting anyone good in FA and Will not get a franchise QB

i would get matt flynn ben grubbs Fred davis michael griffen anthony spencer brent grimes

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