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Why Marshall's MVP award in Pro Bowl matters

Brandon Marshall was ballin' late Sunday afternoon.

The Dolphins wide receiver took over the Pro Bowl and scored four touchdowns -- on catches of 74, 29, 47 and 3 yards -- and set a record with six catches for 176 yards.

No biggie, right? It's only the Pro Bowl, right? Nobody cares about the Pro Bowl, right? Do that during the season when it counts, right?

Well, right ... and wrong.

Look, Marshall obviously did his best work in a game that doesn't count, winning the MVP award and making the Dolphins organization look good. And, yes, we all wish he would do this kind of work in games the Dolphins are playing.

But the point I'm making here is this game gave you a view of the possibilities. It showed you what Marshall might look like if he had a Pro Bowl quarterback throwing him the ball every game. Argue all you want that players were going only half-speed, but in that game of players going half-speed, Marshall was still the best player.

Argue he had a Pro Bowl receiver on the other side, helping him, but you must still admit he was the best receiver on the field. And you cannot dismiss the fact every receiver was working against a Pro Bowl secondary. Every one of them.

And in that venue, in that sitiuation, Marshall was still be best receiver in the game.

So I submit that if the Dolphins someday, perhaps in 2012, give Marshall a Pro Bowl quarterback to work with, his work definitely would look better.

How do I know this?

Irving Fryar was mediocre in New England for years and years and he came to Miami to play with Dan Marino and suddenly he was a 1,000-yard receiver. Nat Moore's career was left for dead when he played with Don Strock and David Woodley.

When Marino came on the scene, Moore's career was suddenly revived.

The point I'm making is simple: A better quarterback makes the receiver better. Even Marshall admitted that after the game.

"Since Jay Cutler I've had a few different quarterbacks and being in the Pro Bowl you have these elite quarterbacks and it's all them," he said. "They put [the ball] in the right spots and make it easy for me to make the catch. It's all the quarterbacks."


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FIRST! (from Italy)

Nice take on this Armando and I agree with you. It was cool to see him represent the Miami Dolphins in such a dominating fashion.

Hopefully that continues so good hype going into the off season and gets a QB to come to Miami to throw him the ball!

So you are saying a better QB makes the receivers better too? Genius!

Ross is on CNBC now. They asked him why he has a new coach, didn't he like the other guy? He chuckled and said lets just say I like the guy I have now. Sparano was dead man walking since last year.

Funny but when the average QB's for Miami put the ball right on his hands 5 times for TD's he dropped them all. How does an elite QB make him catch those perfectly thrown balls?? Marshall excelled because he was actually trying and most of the other players were not even tackling. Sure he looked great in a game that makes your normal exhibition game look like the Super Bowl but it means NOTHING. Marshall needs to produce with whoever is throwing him the ball, ok he hated Henne and that is fine but Moore got him alot of passes and still he dropped many of them. What are you Marshall's PR guy now Mando??? LOL.

Perhaps if he would stop dropping the ball when it counts...

BM dropped WAY too many easily catchable balls, quite a few (6?) of which would have been TDs.

I want to hear no whining from him. He needs to learn to quit blaming everyone else for his issues and stop throwing his QBs under the bus.

Glad to see Brandon get the MVP...it does give the Dolphins organization a positive mark in the press.
But I agree with other posters today, Brandon had way too many dropped passes last year...especially when the mattered most.
He became a better receiver when Henne went down as he connected better with Moore on an emotional level.
Marshall has talent...but IMO if Justin Blackmon is on the board when we pick, you grab him!

Mondo, Homer, get real. I disagree with extreeeeme prejudis. Marshalls numbers only count in games that,,you know, count. No body wants to get injured in the Pro-Bowl so no one plays, you know, defense. 57-41, come on man.
Wheres the pro-bowl defense? Watching WRs run by them, thats where.
I do agree that Marshall did drop tons of passes that had a resulted in a poor outcome.

Definitely dropped too many passes and Brandon better put the onus on himself because unless the dolphins get peyton, there isn't a pro bowl qb in the next year or two. Even if they get rg3 or Flynn, there will be some growing pains most likely and no pro bowls until these guys are in year 3 or so. And how old will Brandon be by that time? 30? Not too old but not prime.

Ohhh Ohio, bro, my man, do you actually believe that? First off, Marshall's playing in a meaningless game, no stress. Stress effects how players react. Many believe Moore was aided this Season because he had zero stress coming in after and 0-4 showing, when the Season had seemingly slipped away.

Second, it's no small point to say the defense was lax. Who cares if they were ProBowl-caliber (and everyone else was playing against the same defense). Everyone who commented on the game (in my office and on talk radio) said the game was unwatchable due to the lack of effort. These guys were making catches as if no one was on the field. That's much easier than making a catch with a defender in your face, on your back, etc.

Third, you HAVE actual proof that Marshall is not THAT effective when it counts. How many 4 TD games does he have for the Miami Dolphins? How about 3 TD games? 2 TD games?

I'm not saying I'm happy Marshall had a good day. I am. Thrilled.

I'm just saying it's meaningless to anyone but a reporter trying to figure out what to write as a blog topic on the Monday before the SB.

Yeah Brandon throw the Dolphins Q.B's under the bus! Those nine T.D drops were their fault! Hilarious! Trade stock for this Bi Polar scapegoat looking diva's never been higher!

I will say that a QB with great ball placement CAN get more out of a receiver.

However, many of the dropped passes Marshall had this year were perfectly thrown balls (whether from Henne or Moore). I don't know how Rivers or Dalton could have thrown those balls any better.

And I'm a Marshall fan. Just pointing out the obvious. I'd think as a true professional even HE would say he should have made many of those catches.

you shut your mouth armando
this doesn't mean a goddam thing
and everyone knows it
go suck some dick in private instead of all over your blog

Trade Marshall for draft picks and take Justin Blackmon in the draft...he is the next coming of Calvin Johnson!

I agree with you. he dropped balls last year that were right in his hands. The reason marshall drops balls during the season is mental and has nothing to do with the QB.
You know why he had a great game? because the game didn't count.
I say trade BM right now for a 1st rounder and draft blackmon.

we may be able to trade marshall for multiple draft picks to fill positions of need. it would also free up cap space if we sign a franchise qb.

Please. He tried harder in a game where no one tries, you can't blitz, you can't press.

This is like someone scoring a hat trick in the NHL All-Star game. It matters for nothing!

I understand its the Pro Bowl game but so many of your were sceraming to trade B Marsh. HELLO! He's the best WR we have! Yea lets trade him and make Hartline the number 1....

I'd hate for us to drop Marshall, and he goes to the Pats and Jets and kills us twice a year for the next 5-7 years. Also not sure how smart it is to drop your best offensive player (on a team with mediocre offense year in and out).

And Blackmon most likely will be gone by our pick in the Draft too.

Agreed Spiderman. Also, a lot of these folks wouldn't even entertain trading Jake Long, though he allowed the most sacks on the team this year.

So, somehow, it's fine to trade your best WR, Marshall, with the yardage he's amassed (and few TDs he had), but it's sacrilege to even mention trading your best OL, who doesn't score TDs and allowed the most sacks (stalling drives, preventing TDs). Even though you'd get more in a trade of Long than Marshall (if adding talent is your real goal).

Sounds suspect if you ask me. The goal is to ADD playmakers to your team, not take them away.

NOOO noo noo spiderman what you do is trade him for a second rounder and draft blackmon at number 8...Makes perfect sense exept we will have the same team we had this year. See people the idea in football is to add good/great players to your team in areas you DONT have them. We have a pro bowl wide receiver, tackle and DT. We will already probably lose our pb DT so lets not lose all pbs in the offseason.

I don't know. Moore is young, has good legs that buy him time, a good arm to put the ball where "it is easy to catch" too bad the ball landed in butter fingers (Probowl MVP) and dropped on to the nicley painted dolphin endzone. Those were the pointed that may have put us in position to go the playoffs with a less then 10 win season. Well, at least we kept the Jets out... haaa haaa.

Mondo: When was the last time an AFC East team got to the playoffs with less then 10 wins?

dc dolfan

your an idiot. Marc Colombo allowed 3 times as many sacks as jake long so please get your facts right. Jake Long dominated 2 pro bowlers this year. Obviously Marshall is going nowhere though his contract means hes pretty much LOCKED into Miami and we won't trade him so stop dumb talking fans

I always thought that Marshall was a 10 to 20 yard catch guy but he can def get down the field for 50, 60 yard bombs. IF the O line can give Moore 3 more sec we might of had longer TD catches by him. Henne would of threw a laser over everybody heard. Just Garbage.

Congratulations to anyone who managed to watch that game!

Half-speed? More like full-bore!

hmm. greg. do it. he is hot now. maybe spielman will fall for it.lol


I agree...

I watched last year Pro Bowl...and vowed I would NEVER allow myself to watch such a sham again....Thats not football...not even close...

The worst part of the pro bowl is the defensive line play.

While I'll agree to the need for a franchise QB,I'd also like to add that the Fins need a #1 WR who doesn't drop easy TD passes in the endzone(not to mention any names--I'll just say his initials B.M.).


I didn't see the game...but I do understand the comments...it has to do with what many of us have said on here before....

it has to do with POINTS that i have tried to make to Poizen...and others....

It has to do with a CATCHABLE BALL....

Its hard to catch a ball when you NEVER know how it is gonna come out of the QBs hand....when you see the QB release the ball in your direction... the first thought in your mind is...."is it gonna be low..high...behind me...do i need to dive"....

ALL of those needles thoughts take away from the concentration of the reciever...and therefore the execution of the catch....every mili-second counts....any wasted motion..is wasted effort...

Marshall bay be an @ss in many peoples eyes....but he is a proven WR to the rest of the NFL minds...


I agree the Pro Bowl is a joke and means nothing in reality for the regular NFL season. I guess I was just expecting a negative spin from Armando and was glad to see him give props to our guy.

I do think Marshall is more effective than you give him credit for. Without him our offense is half of what it was those last 7 games.

But I also just had my first coffee of the morning, so my thinking isn't completing spot on yet. :)

a lot of u guys want to trade Brandon Marshall...one of the only bright spots of the Miami Dolphins offense...one of the few ELITE players we have on the team...for draft picks that may or may not be good, great, ELITE, or even half-way decent... yeah thats real smart.

Listen Up Mr. Ireland. Just get this guy a Pro-Bowl QB.

Clue: Henne could throw a laser over ever everyone's head, but most likely he would have checked down cuz that is what scared clueless losers do. I am glad that Character is gone. I am also glad that Sparano is gone too. Mr. I am happy running down the clock that has over a minute to play before the half and not try to score some damn points. Scared clueless losers that infect and crated a loser environment for the team.

I must admit, I was sreaming for a trade or even to drop Marshall. His complainging and throwing his hands in the air got ridiculous. then DC mentioned it, he dropped perfectly placed balls in big situations.

That was my frustration talking. Look I see the value Marshall has. but i he can not ramp it up for game time every week what's the point.

Marshall opening his mouth about a pro bowl QB putting the ball in the right spot??? Just another example that maybe he does not get it.

I am cool with him calling out other players, AFTER he calls himself out for playing half arse. that should be the progression.

Again, I SEE the value, just not at the right times. hopefully he can figure it out this year! No matter who the QB... GO PHINS

When he had Jay Cutler throwing to him he led the league in dropped TD passes.

Put another way if he held on to the TD passes we would have been a playoff team in 2010 and he would he have had an elite QB throwing to him.

The Pro-Bowl is a joke!!!

jordan, sounds like you're the idiot. I'm going off an analysis by a game commentator (I can't remember exactly when, but a later game in the Season), which mentioned Long had given up the most sacks this year by a Dolphins olineman.

I tell you what, I will try to uncover that statistic, and you find me one that says Colombo actually ended the Season giving up more stats, and we'll see who's right.


I hope that with the off season he will get with the QB and coaches and work out any issues, with new coaches I hope things are on the up swing. Bill

poizen, I agree. trade marshall for a 1st. Draft floyd or blackmon and bring in vincent jackson.

You do realize that the corners were allowing free releases from the line, right? And that had way more to do with how open Marshall was than the QBs throwing the ball. And this guy has no one to blame but himself. He caught 6 TDs this year, and dropped 7.

Do you see Larry Fitzgerald complaining about his QB's?

Yeah, we gotta get one of those qb's who can put the ball where two db's have a shot at it before Marshall has a crazy shot at it after it bounces off his leg...while he's on the ground.

I understand its the Pro Bowl game but so many of your were sceraming to trade B Marsh. HELLO! He's the best WR we have! Yea lets trade him and make Hartline the number 1....

Posted by: Spiderman | January 30, 2012 at 09:22 AM

Spiderman, EXACTLY. Thank God some of these posters aren't GMs...LOL!

Speaking of Vincent Jackson, heard rumblings that the bills are very interested. Sounds like the bills have had enough of Steve Johnson.

Guys the bottom line (sorry if I am stating the obvious) is that we need one more stud receiver on the other side to help free up Marshall. That is the main reson he was open yesterday (along with the lax rules etc) A good qb with two top tier WR will get this offense going.

we may be able to trade marshall for multiple draft picks to fill positions of need. it would also free up cap space if we sign a franchise qb.

Posted by: greg z. | January 30, 2012 at 09:16 AM

Huuh...Hello? This is a position of need greg z. It will be even a BIGGER need if you trade the only decent one we have. You want your weapons on offense to be Hartline, Bess, Gates and Moore??? You've been critical of Ireland and you want to trade Marshall?? That makes me believe you wouldn't be much better than him...

Mark in Toronto, heard the same thing. Not sure if VJ would want to go in Buffalo though...

So all of his drops in the end zone this year were the QBs fault?

Why is everyone so offended about what Marshall said? He just told the truth...About our sad QB situation for the last 10 years...It's what the fans have been saying as well...Hopefully someone in management is paying attention...

Ed, no it wasn't the Qb's fault...But despite his drops, he still topped 1000 yards receiveing and despite his drops he's still a Pro Bowler and a beast of a WR...He's had great numbers his entire career and the best QB he's ever had was...Jay freakin Cutler. So imagine what kind of numbers he'd put up if he would have an elite QB...Pretty scary...

Montreal, I wouldn't blame him. I live two hours away and I only want to go there when the dolphins or leafs play there. Otherwise, forget it. What a dump.

Marshall looked good, give the man a QB to throw to him. Our essentials on offense went from everything to ROL and QB. I'll gladly keep a Clay/Fasano (though Fasano upgrade preferred) at TE and Bush/Thomas at RB. And if we just get the QB i'll accept anyone better than Columbo at RT (John Jerry included), we're a young team too on O. Though the pro bowl sucks in general it got me excited for what's possible (tip toe catch the best of all skill wise; 76 yarder would have had better coverage in a real game)


Mark, did you get to watch the Senior Bowl this weekend?

One very important fact to take into consideration regarding the Pro Bowl are the rules.

1) No Zone or Double coverage permitted, strictly one on one.

2) No Blitzing permitted either of any kind.

So while Marshall looked awfully good it is basically a glorified scrimmage between the best players in the League with NOBODY looking to have an Injury like the one sustained by Robert Edwards of the Pats back in 98 which ended his career in a flag game on the beach the day before the Pro Bowl that Season.

Common Mando you know this about Pro Bowl rules of the game or didn't you??


Two things on this.

1. It nice to see Miami is a positive light. I think we all know Brandon's ability. Let's hope we see more of this next year.

2. He didn't get hurt.

The people yelling to trade BM, are the same people begging for a #1 receiver 3 years ago.

Trade him now! Maybe a GM is as "in love" with marshall as this writer. marshall is a crybaby and always will be.


It looks like Todd Bowles will be the defensive backs coach in Philadelphia...That's not even an upgrade from the job he had here...For a guy who was such in high demand...Makes you wonder...

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