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Why Marshall's MVP award in Pro Bowl matters

Brandon Marshall was ballin' late Sunday afternoon.

The Dolphins wide receiver took over the Pro Bowl and scored four touchdowns -- on catches of 74, 29, 47 and 3 yards -- and set a record with six catches for 176 yards.

No biggie, right? It's only the Pro Bowl, right? Nobody cares about the Pro Bowl, right? Do that during the season when it counts, right?

Well, right ... and wrong.

Look, Marshall obviously did his best work in a game that doesn't count, winning the MVP award and making the Dolphins organization look good. And, yes, we all wish he would do this kind of work in games the Dolphins are playing.

But the point I'm making here is this game gave you a view of the possibilities. It showed you what Marshall might look like if he had a Pro Bowl quarterback throwing him the ball every game. Argue all you want that players were going only half-speed, but in that game of players going half-speed, Marshall was still the best player.

Argue he had a Pro Bowl receiver on the other side, helping him, but you must still admit he was the best receiver on the field. And you cannot dismiss the fact every receiver was working against a Pro Bowl secondary. Every one of them.

And in that venue, in that sitiuation, Marshall was still be best receiver in the game.

So I submit that if the Dolphins someday, perhaps in 2012, give Marshall a Pro Bowl quarterback to work with, his work definitely would look better.

How do I know this?

Irving Fryar was mediocre in New England for years and years and he came to Miami to play with Dan Marino and suddenly he was a 1,000-yard receiver. Nat Moore's career was left for dead when he played with Don Strock and David Woodley.

When Marino came on the scene, Moore's career was suddenly revived.

The point I'm making is simple: A better quarterback makes the receiver better. Even Marshall admitted that after the game.

"Since Jay Cutler I've had a few different quarterbacks and being in the Pro Bowl you have these elite quarterbacks and it's all them," he said. "They put [the ball] in the right spots and make it easy for me to make the catch. It's all the quarterbacks."


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Did you just placetake a bet about who perfomed worse this year @ they're postion....

Did you just pick Marc Columbo over Jake Long....

Did you take your meds this morning....

Why do the Press invent such garbage, "Marshall takes a shot at QB Matt Moore", David Hyde today in the SS. He never named names.

Yeah, lets take a shot at a potential franchise QB by trading Marshal and moving up in the draft.

Duper and Clayton do not happen without Marino. No doubt, the whole team is better with a stud QB. We have had great over teams, especially defense, in the last decade only to go 8-8 with an average QB. Marino would have us in the championship game with most of our past teams.

Who has the potential to be a franchise QB? Flynn, RG3, other?

From what the experts are saying, RG3 has the best potential.

DC.....did you "watch the tape"....

Manning is going to retire or take a year off. No chance to the Dolphins.

We have to get very bold or we are starting Matt Moore again.

Although it was telling the concentration Marshall showed on the TD that was deflected by Earl Thomas that he kicked in the air on his back and caught. To bad we've seen very little of it with his time in a Dolphin uniform. I believe though if we have ZERO shot at either Luck or RG111 WE SHOULD VERY SERIOUSLY consider Justin Blackmon who automatically makes any QB better given he is hands down the best WR coming out that I believe I've ever seen, period!

Imagine him opposite Marshall permitting him to work the center of the field and underneath routes which made his career in Denver, let's face it the man is a glorified T.E. and has in essence been very miss-used in his time with the Fins.

You then I guess role the dice that M.Flynn is more hit than miss while drafting either Foles, Tannehill Round 2 or Weeden round 4-5 were he should land given his age while bringing Moore back and hoping it pans out with one of the 3. We need to either draft a T.E. or pick one up but it goes without saying along with either a RT or RG in FA.

Armado will you look at the post at 9:12am and just ban this idiot already. Come on man, enough is enough with this idiot.

It's beginning to look we are getting closer to Flynn. Manning is iffy and old. After Luck, there is no sure shot starting QB in the Draft.


how doyou purpose they make that happen....and still be able to compete in the comming years....

I just don't see it...you don't get better by not drafting....you only get moderatly better by signing signing BIG NAME FA...see US and PHILLY...as examples....

I'm not being sarcastic....i'm just asking you to show me a way to trade up for RG3...and not blow up our future for the next 3 years....

a way that is feasible...and the other side would see as a win-win...

Is Flynn better than Matt Moore? Philbin should know.

Philbin better be CONVINCED Flynn has what it takes...Cause spending 50 million bucks on a guy who won 2 games is a HUGE risk...We don't even have a lot of cap space to begin with...This will probably be the BIGGEST decision Miami makes this offseason...Don't screw it up...

kris, I was as surprised to hear that stat as anyone else bro. I'm not trying to be an ignoramus here (you know I try to have my facts correct). Look, maybe the announcer was wrong (I heard it more than once though), maybe I misheard.

Purely on sight, yes, I'd say Colombo had way more sacks. Also, this doesn't include hurries, etc. But, Long was hurt much (if not all) year. This was probably his worst year as a Dolphin. And I'm almost 100% positive I heard on multiple occasions the stat that Long had the most sacks on the oline (through like mid-to-late Season).

That's why I'd like confirmation. I don't want to trust myself any more than anyone else. Hopefully someone can come up with the factual info. I've looked, but couldn't find individual stats on the oline (all I found was as a team, we gave up 52 sacks), which was like 4th worst in the league.

Help a brother out. Try to find the individual stats and we'll put this issue to rest for good (and I'll call myself an idiot if I'm wrong, how's that?).

hosted.stats.com attributes 5.5 sacks to Long and 10.5 sacks to Columbo. They also report that Columbo was flagged 2 times for 10 yards, Long flagged 4 times for 30.

2 things to keep in mind...sacks allowed is a somewhat subjective stat unless you have direct knowledge of the blocking scheme (only miami's coaches know for sure) and Long is always going to face more pressure than the RT.

I agree with the homies on this one....

Marshall dropped at least three TDs last year, and that's the fault the catcher....NOT the pitcher. He can't control the passes that don't hit his hands, but he's being paid good coin to catch the ones that do.

No doubt, I'd like to see him with a pro-bowl QB, but he's still got a lot of maturing to do on his own, if he wants to have multi TD games against a secondary thats actually playing for their jobs.

i think the last pro bowl i watched dan marino played in. and he didn't actually play in very many. he was voted in a lot but played in maybe 5 or 6?

Interesting on the SS they're saying Marshall wasn't the only player to complain about Moore. Here many of us on here thought he had a good year (of course, we're jaded from all the horrible QB play in the recent past). I mean, I concur (you don't go 6-6 and be an elite QB). But, I would have thought the WRs (especially Marshall) would have preferred Moore to what they had since he's more of a risk-taker, gunslinger.

While that may be so, it sounded as if they wanted better than Moore. What's surprising is that it leaked (usually that stuff stays within the team). Looks like Moore won't have a leg up on the starting position next year after all (all good with me, as long as there's a definite UPGRADE at the position).

DC...i looked as well...i coudn't find anything definitive....

I'm just messing with you man....i knew you be able to take it...

Oscar, I don't like the Sun-Sentinel simply because they talk about the Miami Heat way TOO MUCH... It's like, who gives a fu** about the Heat???

Marshall had WAY better games once Moore took over

Blog Fodder...thanks...

DC...the floor is yours...lol...

blog fodder, I believe you, but could you point me to where you found that (I went on the team page and couldn't find individual stats for sacks given up).

For you kris (and jason earlier): I MUST BE AN IDIOT!!!

50M for Flynn? Hmm..

Montreal, didn't catch the senior bowl. I'm not really in love with any of the qbs there so I skipped it.

Anyone have anything to say about the senior bowl?

Ohio, agreed. So what do you think is behind this slap to Moore? Does Marshall think Moore CAN'T improve? Or won't ever be good enough to lead the team? Is he trying to tell Philbin something? And how does this affect the chemistry if Moore remains the starter?

I mean, I have my doubts (as all who read my posts know) about Moore. But it's interesting when those doubts are confirmed by an actual offensive player (who's seen it all much closer than us).

Duper and Clayton do not happen without Marino. No doubt, the whole team is better with a stud QB. We have had great over teams, especially defense, in the last decade only to go 8-8 with an average QB. Marino would have us in the championship game with most of our past teams.

Who has the potential to be a franchise QB? Flynn, RG3, other?

From what the experts are saying, RG3 has the best potential.

9/11 was an INSIDE JOB | January 30, 2012 at 11:09 AM

Alot of people would argue it was the other way around or more of a 50-50 proposition. In Marino's 1st few outings in 83, the 1st being a Monday nighter Vs. the L.A. Raiders he didn't exactly impress with Natt Moore and Joe Rose as primary targets.

Then on a 4:00 P.M. game in N.O. Shula finally put his project speed player Duper on the field out of Louisiana Lafayette who was primarily a Track guy and the 2 hooked up for a score which prompted Shula to start them both week 6 at home Vs. Buffalo and while we lost Marino threw for over 300 and 3 TD's with 2 going to Duper. That year Rookie 8th Rd. pick M.Clayton was a punt returner and after thought until blowing it up in 84, so you can make your case as well that all 3 completed a perfect storm early in their careers and none might have been so outstanding without the other. Duper and Clayton gave Marino 2 of the fastest WR of there era to go chace down the long ball and I know this because I was there for all of it!!

Yes, Mark, I do. RG3 (that's what I have to say about the Senior Bowl).

Anyone not on Marshall's side on this is an idiot.
He doesn't have a qb to throw to him, and when he does, he may be the best in the league. I think it's time for the Marshall haters to either leave or recognize.
The best always have the most drops. Why do we complain? To, braylon
Edwards, santonio Holmes, I could go on. And he's working on it. He is a star, a playmaker, last night proved that.

DC, what were the other players complaining about? he did a better job than Henne.

DC...lol...ionly laugh because you crazy enough to belive that when thrown out there by random announcer guy....

our own announcer's routinely mis-pronounce our player's names...surely an outside source can not be trusted....


Its all in good fun....and you were a good sport...

Nothing against the SS, Montreal, just some of these devious reporters.....

fin4Life=Rain man....

I'm still trying to figure out how columbo got paid for an entire year to play football. He was so obviously bad.


6'8...320LBS...thats how...

i love BM, but he needs to be more consistent in the regular season.

Hey, man, don't call People idiots here.What would happen if for any reason Matt Moore has to start next year? You think there will be good chemistry between him and Marshall? I

Yea I don't know DC,

I'm a fan of Marshall's on the field, I think a lot of people take what he does on the field for granted, and forgot how bad our offense looked when our receivers consisted of Ginn, Camarillo, and Bess.

But I will say one thing, there have been more than once occasion i have no idea what Brandon is talking about when talking to the Press. I guess it could be the Personality Disorder or whatever.

I don't think what he said was all that bad, although I think he could have worded it a bit better without throwing Moore under the bus.

I'm still trying to figure out how columbo got paid for an entire year to play football. He was so obviously bad.

Mark in Toronto | January 30, 2012 at 11:50 AM

It's real simple Columbo who had been a 1st Rd. pick by Chicago but was always hurt got picked up by Dallas on waivers who were looking to replace Larry Allen who had left via FA to S.F. and made the successfull move to RT for Parcells and OL Coach Sparano and he thought he could pull another one of those Seasons out of Columbo.

That one was completely on Sparano and his hard head. I get the feeling that we will look for a RG in FA and give J.Jerry every chance to take the RT spot, position he played while at Miss. St. Vs. SEC speed rushers. Don't be surprised to see a flirtation with moving M.Pouncey as well back to his old LG spot were he was a beast in Fla. I forsee tweaking on the OL but with alot of the personnel on the roster already after the OL guru Sparano was exposed for the fraud he was at mixing and matching his talent at the position.


With all the Columbo talk in the blog today I'm surprised you have chimed in :) :)

Got enough of your venting out during the season? lol

* haven't chimed in I meant

This type of conflictive(and conflicted) Player, you keep for a while and then trade him, like Belichick did with Randy Moss.

yeah, but was his mam a crack ho?

yeah, but was his mam a crack ho?

Jeff I. | January 30, 2012 at 12:06 PM

Let's just hope that isn't the case with Justin Blackmon!

New Coach, New OC. Its time to maximize BMarsh! Trade him for a 2nd rounder and move up in the draft and get yourself a receiver or tight end who is a team player.

Not this joke who goes at 100% speed while the other players are only going at 50.

The game last night was a complete joke, it was pee wee football caliber some one forgot to tell BMarsh.

When Marshall was interviewed on the side line by the NBC bimbo he mentioned something about this being the Super Bowl or something and that he wanted to be the MVP.

What fantasy world does this nut job live in? The Super Bowl is next week and the only way he is going to be in it is if he buys a ticket and runs naked on the field.

..I tried to make some comments last night..Boy what a doozie. Anyone read the stuff after 11 pm? WTF.

I don't know if many remember when Marshall was aquired here.The comments were. He was the piece Chad Henne needed to get over the top. He was the game changing reciever we have been waiting for...Our offense is complete now..Unstoppable.

It didn't work out that way. Now I'm reading he is a really a tight end? that he should be traded, He is a bad teamate, a bunch of hooey.
Marshall is as much to blame as our quarterbacks for his lapses in efficiency. No doubt. But take a deeper look for one second.

Marshall has to play a little bit different then your normal reciever. he has to alter his routes a bit because he faces tons of different coverages. When your quarterback cannot account for this..The trust factor is gone. For instance.yesterdays first touchdown was a simple deep out. Marshall read the corner was beat, no help over the top. Ben Saw it, and they adjusted the route to a 9 and he hit him deep...Ben commented on this on the sideline that he wasn't sure if Marshall was going to stop on the route. They made eye contact for a split second, and Marshall adjusted accordingly.

This seemed to be difficult for Henne. He was so afraid to make the mistake, or the wrong read..It hampered his ability to play with Marshall..He is the type of reciever you have to throw open, he is also the type of guy that is open a lot of the times when he is covered. Henne because of his accuracy issues, and lack of confidence in improvisation...Could only hit Marshall when he was schemed open, when it was his primary read, and usually to the right side of the field under 10 yards..Sweet.

Better trade Marshall while he's worth something. We already know all the other pro bowlers are gone. Ross is too cheap to keep them, and Marshal is worth something now.

PS. I wonder if the pretend tackling had anything to do with his success. lol


Great Post....Great read....loved it....

I hear you DC, I'm all about RG3. Too bad Barkley didn't declare and Landry's season went awful. If those two guys are in the draft, we would be sitting pretty. Now we need to mortgage but if that's what it takes, do it.

Now I know the guy who posted under Omar Kelly isnt the SS Omar Kelly because the SS Kelly wouldnt dare say something crtical of Marshall

Mark...we are both on the QB train....but I got to ask...just like I asked 911...and he hasn't answered....

What does the deal look like...

How do you build for thefuture with NO draft picks....

Teams do not normally win with other teams FA....see MIAMI, DC, and PHILLY for ,most recent examples of failure....

So who do you trade with...and how does the deal look....

What can you realistically offer....and then hope to put weapons around your young QB....cause if he doesn't WIN...then what is the point....

BM, 4 TD'S ? I wonder if S. Smith wasn't playing as CB for the NFC .
Salguero, you're right, the time we all dolphans see BM catching the same amount of TD's in a regular season that will be another story. Very likely we'll never see it.

I agree Kris, great post by Darryl.

I think Moore had a little bit better feel of throwing Marshal open than Henne, thus having a bit more success with him.

All we need now is RGIII and we will never make the playoffs. RG(pat white) will get a concussion that ends his career before it starts.

I beat the QB DRUM harder than anybody last year...but thats because the time was right....

The QBs were there....some have already had some success in the NFL...others will get better as they are allowed to play....

in the end...we didn't have to give up ANYTHING extra for Mallett....if he turned out to be a bust...well @ least we tried...and he cost us nothing more than a pick....

Not the case this year....unless LUCK or RG3 fall...its not worth it IMO....

We talking about Practice??????????????

Certainly a pro-bowl calibre, franchise QB helps...that's pretty much a no brainer....but c'mon, the DBs weren't even leaping for balls. They weren't covering the way they do in a real game.

On that note....I tried to watch....made it through about an hour and had to do something else. The NFL should really just do away with the game and just name a Pro-bowl roster. Maybe do a ceremony during half time of the SB or something. The game is ridiculous....and how many stinkin' alternates were there? The pro-bowl is absurd!

Maybe we can get somebody from the CamNewton camp to start rumors that RG3 is a drug addict...and therefore not a good QB....


I'm just wondering if we can get someone from that camp to start the rumor....thats all...

RG3 = Pat White

What cush jobs you all have, blogging all day every day. I guess they don't pay much and I guess you will be outsourced or replaced by a computer in time.

It's interesting....

I go to the article on NFL.com about Marshall's performance in the pro bowl, and I see a bunch of other team's fans praising Marshall and wishing he would come to their team to be a threat, even Jets fans praising him for how well he can do against Revis.

Then you come to our own Dolphins blog, and they are blasting him for sucking and be worthless as a receiver for the Fins. Something doesn't add up

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