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Why Marshall's MVP award in Pro Bowl matters

Brandon Marshall was ballin' late Sunday afternoon.

The Dolphins wide receiver took over the Pro Bowl and scored four touchdowns -- on catches of 74, 29, 47 and 3 yards -- and set a record with six catches for 176 yards.

No biggie, right? It's only the Pro Bowl, right? Nobody cares about the Pro Bowl, right? Do that during the season when it counts, right?

Well, right ... and wrong.

Look, Marshall obviously did his best work in a game that doesn't count, winning the MVP award and making the Dolphins organization look good. And, yes, we all wish he would do this kind of work in games the Dolphins are playing.

But the point I'm making here is this game gave you a view of the possibilities. It showed you what Marshall might look like if he had a Pro Bowl quarterback throwing him the ball every game. Argue all you want that players were going only half-speed, but in that game of players going half-speed, Marshall was still the best player.

Argue he had a Pro Bowl receiver on the other side, helping him, but you must still admit he was the best receiver on the field. And you cannot dismiss the fact every receiver was working against a Pro Bowl secondary. Every one of them.

And in that venue, in that sitiuation, Marshall was still be best receiver in the game.

So I submit that if the Dolphins someday, perhaps in 2012, give Marshall a Pro Bowl quarterback to work with, his work definitely would look better.

How do I know this?

Irving Fryar was mediocre in New England for years and years and he came to Miami to play with Dan Marino and suddenly he was a 1,000-yard receiver. Nat Moore's career was left for dead when he played with Don Strock and David Woodley.

When Marino came on the scene, Moore's career was suddenly revived.

The point I'm making is simple: A better quarterback makes the receiver better. Even Marshall admitted that after the game.

"Since Jay Cutler I've had a few different quarterbacks and being in the Pro Bowl you have these elite quarterbacks and it's all them," he said. "They put [the ball] in the right spots and make it easy for me to make the catch. It's all the quarterbacks."


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I agree clue,

when marshall decides to play, he's a monster, but in all honesty if i were to describe his performance since being here even with hobo-henne,moore,thigpen and others, I still would rate him with inconsistency, and as much as people want to blame the qb position like he did after the game, he needs to look himself in the mirror at all of his missed opportunities as well....Just Sayin!!!

9/11 was an INSIDE JOB | January 30, 2012 at 02:07 PM

I'm not saying that Marino didn't carry the organization through out his career and will take it a step further bu saying it was Shula the G.M. who for some reason was a lousy judge of talent that Marino wasn't a multiple S.B. winner. I am saying though that the 3 complimented each other in such a way that it permitted Marino alot of his early success. Why don't you look up the stats between 88-91 and you'll see that when Duper's speed was gone and Clayton began to fade Marino had his worst career stats, look it up!! The trade for K.Jackson while bringing in Fryar start to get him back on track in 92, the before mentioned time frame was also the only time Marino would miss the playoffs in consecutive seasons, see a pattern here??

It is the fact that I am a FIN FAN that was there that I know that in 83 when we played sandlot Football (Marino only ran 5 offensive plays that year, true fact) given Marino didn't know the playbook that without the speed of M.Duper to stretch the field Dan might not have had such a successful rookie outting. Could alot of other speed WR's of the era done the same for Marino, more than likely (Cliff Branch, Vance Johnson ect..) I am not debating this point but they did there lifting for him as well.

I don't know what Duper's yards per catch was that season but can recall of the top of my head no less than 4 TD's that year that were well over 50 yards on a simple fly route given the speed Duper could get down the field and the speed Marino could matriculate the ball to him, also worth noting is that Duper caught 1,007 yards rec. that year in a 10 game season for him, look it up, he did it the last game of the season that year Vs. the Jets becoming the 1st Fin to break the barrier since the Warfield era. In Clayton you had a little guy who was fearless in going over the middle of the field, there is no stat for it but I'll bet if there were he'd be on it for the punishment he took for Marino in going up for the tough catch for him time and again. To say that these two weren't big for Marino's career especially early is in my book crazy!


Now you are changing what you said. You originally said;

"Alot of people would argue it was the other way around or more of a 50-50 proposition." That means you are saying Alot of people think Marino's success had more to do with the Marks brothers being great than Danny being great, 'or more of a 50-50 proposition'.

Now, you are saying that these two were big for Danny's career. that is a big difference. Off course, the Marks bros were big for Marino's career! No question, but to say that Danny's success had more to do with the Marks bros or 50/50 is just wrong.

The Dolphins are not 1 or 2 players away...They need all their draft picks...I'd be for trading down if anything...Unless by some divine miracle Luck, Griffin, Blackmon or Coples would still be on the board...Trade down and get an extra pick if you can find a trading partner of course...

Put Victor Cruz, Wes Welker, Gronkowski, Hernandez with a Dolphins QB over the last decade and they are average in performance. With a stud QB, you are talking probowl! and probably championship.

Why are we never in the playoffs? NO stud QB.

I'm kind of sick of trading down. just take the best player available.

We are one player away if that one player is a franchise QB.

Ohio, it would help the Dolphins a lot if they could trade down...Especially since our cap situation won't allow us to spend a lot in free agency...I'd rather see the team get more draft picks any way possible than spending huge amounts of $$$ in free agency...Just my opinion of course...We have a lot of needs...QB,WR,TE,RG,RT,Pass Rusher (DE or LB), CB and FS. That's quite a lot...

How the hell do teh Dolphins have a cap issure and we were 6 and 10?

9/11, you think we're one franchise QB away? I don't think so. If this team allows a milion sacks like it did last year, it won't matter who the QB is...

9/11 was an INSIDE JOB | January 30, 2012 at 02:54 PM

Maybe I miss spoke or miss typed but my point about the 50-50 proposition was in the way the 3 complimented each other. I would never assume to say that Marino owed his career to the Marks just that they were great compliments to his talents and helped him early on achieve some of his success.

I see your point #1,

I just feel like we haven't had the best drafts the past few years and have passed some players up.

I do see your logic though

Nice CLUE,

This subject is so stupid!! I'm tired of the idiots on this blog who know nothing about football.

Who specifically are you talking about Clipboard?

If we goto a 4-3 we need a MLB more than anything else

Sure Marshall is our best WR.

Sure he had a Great Pro-Bowl.

Still, bottom line, whether it was Hobo-Henne, Thigpen or Moore: Marshall is Underacheiveing!

For whatever reasons, If I had to sum up his time in Miami: Underacheiever.

I hate the fact, I love the potential. Still not going to read to much into yesterdays performance.

Clue, they're about 15 million under the salary cap. It's not great, it's not that bad either. Teams start cutting players to give themselves more breathing room all the time. Someone like Yeremiah Bell could be a cap casualty and by cutting him would give us a bit more money to spend. 15 million under the cap when you think they might make a run at Flynn, ideally another free agent, maybe someone like Carl Nicks is not that much. You also have to sign your draft picks. 15 million gets spent very quickly in the NFL...That number can also change in a hurry by cutting some players or restructuring some contracts...That's why every NFL team has a "capologist", football is now a business more than it is a game...Our "capologist" is Dawn Aponte...I don't know if that name rings a bell to you...

#1 Montreal,

We have been a Franchise QB away from being a contender for over a decade; great running game, great defense. Unless you have a Ray Lewis & Ed Reed, defense for the ages, the only way you are winning a championship is with a stud QB.

To focus on other positions every year, which is exactly what we have done, without doing whatever you can to get a potential all pro QB, is completely futile and making all of us die-hard Dolfans depressed.

If you really want a championship, QB is a #1 priority and it is a huge gap to #2.

Dawn Aponte?

It does ring a bell.

Makes me think of Joey Porter for some reason.....................

I can't believe all the mediocre and crap QBs we have had to watch guide our teams the last 13 years...what a waste.

9/11, agreed, But you'll also agree with me that this "franchise QB", no matter who it will be, needs a better o-line. Did you ever notice how much time Tom Brady has in the pocket? Drew Brees? Ask Dan Marino how many times he brought his o-linemen for lunch...Trok Aikman... The list goes on and on. Yes, a franchise QB is priority #1. We also have other weaknesses that must be addressed imo...

What did Marshall win for getting the game MVP award? a Car?

#1, Well get rid of Bell and the other scrubs who didnt play up to their contract. Bell played more like a LB than a SS, coverage skills were terrible. We should have plenty of cap space with a 6 and 10 team.

Bell is a great safety i hope they resign him first

We need a good FS next to bell that will be ballhawking.

I'd get Stephen Gilmore and have him move to FS

beerphin, have you been drinking again, there nothing great about getting burned. Plus Bell hands are worst than Crowdere who couldnt catch a pick if you underhand threw the ball to him

Yea Marshall won a car for being MVP.........he gave it to his mom

what kind of car?

Some sort of GMC truck or SUV or something I think

How is he gonna get it back to So Fla?

Some guys here are dumping on Marshall for his statement that it is easy to catch a ball when playing with a Pro Bowl qb. I think he was giving a lot of credit to Dalton. To me that shows maturity. He didn't start by saying I wish I had a pro bowl because my guys stink.

Secondly the only guy I know that plays football as a receiver that can catch any ball when he is traveling at full speed is Welker. He was our stud and we traded him for shite.

Not dumping on Marshall, he really started playing well towards the end of the season. But Welker would have been a great stud to keep. We got a 2nd for him and I don't even know if the guy is still playin ball.

I hate when you guys bring up Welker arguement. He wasn't the pro bowl receiver here, Tom Brady made him who he is now. we got a 2nd round pick, which wasnt such a bad deal except we havent had any GM who know how to draft.

Philbin making some moves signed eight players today

oldenglish..........your source?

Ohio, your mom.


Just joking dude. Love ya

klandry, I don't get it. Henne did not have success with touch passes, he was to robotic... according to many hee. That is OK to get on him...

Jake Long missed many blocks this year due to injury, it is OK for people to get on his case. He had a down year still made the pro bowl.

Marshall LED THE LEAGUE in drops, yet you have to get off his case??? What am I missing here. A weakness is a weakness no matter WHO the player is, and if you get paid to catch the damn ball, then you bet your mamma's milk jugs your gonna hear about it when you LEAD THE LEAGUE IN DROPS AND TD DROPS.

How is it that people should not dump on this guy if he leads the league in a bad stat?

911@323, well said. A lot of these elite teams have one thing in common, top 10 qbs. When you compare the rest of the roster, we are very comparable. For example, if we had a top ten qb, we would've won at least 4 more games. Enough to get in the playoffs then who knows ...

I'm cool :) Believe me, thick skin is a must i here

just wondering if you read it somewhere

No just talking out of my ass. Poizen Roddy White led the leagues, check your facts buddy

Mark, 10 wins wouldnt have got us in the playoffs guy.

Oh, Marshall missed the lead by 1, maybe? And led the league in TD drops, that I am sure of.

DANG IT! the point was there, and I got to say "your mamma's milk jugs". that was fun.

It looks like Todd Bowles will be the defensive backs coach in Philadelphia...That's not even an upgrade from the job he had here...For a guy who was such in high demand...Makes you wonder...
Posted by: #1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal | January 30, 2012 at 11:05 AM

High demand, says who? Let's be real. Teams have used him for 2 years to satisfy the stupid Rooney Rule.

He's a minority coach from the Parcells tree. That's why he gets interviews. That's not trying to be mean, it's just how it is.

Still not convinced? How about a half dozen interviews in 2 years & 0 HC gigs. Either he's just being used to comply with the process or he has no idea how to interview.

Poizen, there no such stat as dropped TD's so therefore your point is no good.

There is no stat on my good or not good posts, so your point is no good.

#1 Montreal,

We have been a Franchise QB away from being a contender for over a decade; great running game, great defense. Unless you have a Ray Lewis & Ed Reed, defense for the ages, the only way you are winning a championship is with a stud QB.

9/11 was an INSIDE JOB | January 30, 2012 at 03:23 P.M.

Funny thing is we could have had those players mentioned including Drew Brees and Randy Moss and passed on all. Ray Lewis was passed on with pick #26 in 96 for (DT) Darryl Gardner. Then the Ricky Williams (2002) trade which was supposed to be the missing piece and we would not see the playoffs with him in Miami till 2008 took us out of the Ed Reed sweepstakes who in 2002 slipped to pick #24 and ours was pick #25 needing a FS desperately because Brock Marion was pretty much done and allowed to leave for Detroit.

The others are really unforgivable, I mean passing on Drew Brees in 2001 for Nickle corner Jamar Fletcher or passing on Randy Moss in 98 for smallish scat RB John Avery, yikes!! You see these moves and can't help but wonder about these NO BRAINER picks which we inexplicably passed on and would have made us a very special Football team over the last decade.

Oldenglish, cincy got in with 9. How do you figure ten wouldn't have made it? Wtf??!?!?

ooppsie I made a boobie MArk.

Lets get something straight, The Pro Bowl is suppose to have the best players at their positions. That means the O-Line can block longer than 2 seconds giving the QB more time to find a receiver. Plus you have a group of Great Receivers to cover.(not many double coverage).You said if the Dolphins someday, perhaps in 2012, give Marshall a Pro Bowl quarterback to work with, his work definitely would look better. Lets look at some Stats : Andy Dalton PTC-58.1 QB Rating : 80.4 Then we have Matt Moore PTC - 60.5 and QB Rating : 87.1. It looks like Marshall has a better QB throwing to him than the one that was in the Pro Bowl. Maybe if he would shut up and catch the balls that are thrown to him he would do better. A franchise QB is not going to make a difference if there is no blocking. You can't throw the ball when your on your ass. Let's get some blocking for the QB we have.

So now KLC is saying Matt Moore should of been in the pro bowl

Ohio this is oldenglish some how someone is using my username. http://www.miamidolphins.com/news/article-1/Dolphins-Sign-Eight-Players/899ed34f-5e11-4298-a4bf-5cf14cfc520a

Id have to agree on bowles not getting a HC gig himself, look im sure he's a nice guy and a good motivator but the guy looked emotionless when he took over and hardly anyone that some owner was gonna trust his franchise with even if it falls from the parcells tree....thats why no one came barking down miamis door to get him(Or sparano for that matter,except the wets)*lmao*......

It was the right decision to parlay with him, out with the old...in with the semi-new



NT Isaako Aaitui (6-4, 315, 1/25/87, UNLV)
CB Vincent Agnew (5-10, 192, 12/28/87, Central Michigan)
CB Marcus Brown(6-1, 195, 1/27/87, Arkansas State)
LB Jonathan Freeny (6-2, 242, 6/15/89, Rutgers)
WR Chris Hogan (6-1, 220 , 10/24/88, Monmouth)
DB Anderson Russell (6-0, 205, 5/30/87, Ohio State)
RB Marcus Thigpe (5-9, 193, 5/15/86, Indiana)
DB Jonathan Wade (5-11, 200, 3/24/84, Tennessee)

So now KLC is saying Matt Moore should of been in the pro bowl

Posted by: oldenglish | January 30, 2012 at 04:53 PM

I know one qb thats wishing he wasnt an alternate fill in selection after sunday......


Cam did stink the place up, but I wouldn't be to Hard on the Rookie.

I think he said something like: I learned Blah, blah, blah!

I wish we had Cam now.

Klndry we got a 3rd rd pick used on samson satele

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