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Why Marshall's MVP award in Pro Bowl matters

Brandon Marshall was ballin' late Sunday afternoon.

The Dolphins wide receiver took over the Pro Bowl and scored four touchdowns -- on catches of 74, 29, 47 and 3 yards -- and set a record with six catches for 176 yards.

No biggie, right? It's only the Pro Bowl, right? Nobody cares about the Pro Bowl, right? Do that during the season when it counts, right?

Well, right ... and wrong.

Look, Marshall obviously did his best work in a game that doesn't count, winning the MVP award and making the Dolphins organization look good. And, yes, we all wish he would do this kind of work in games the Dolphins are playing.

But the point I'm making here is this game gave you a view of the possibilities. It showed you what Marshall might look like if he had a Pro Bowl quarterback throwing him the ball every game. Argue all you want that players were going only half-speed, but in that game of players going half-speed, Marshall was still the best player.

Argue he had a Pro Bowl receiver on the other side, helping him, but you must still admit he was the best receiver on the field. And you cannot dismiss the fact every receiver was working against a Pro Bowl secondary. Every one of them.

And in that venue, in that sitiuation, Marshall was still be best receiver in the game.

So I submit that if the Dolphins someday, perhaps in 2012, give Marshall a Pro Bowl quarterback to work with, his work definitely would look better.

How do I know this?

Irving Fryar was mediocre in New England for years and years and he came to Miami to play with Dan Marino and suddenly he was a 1,000-yard receiver. Nat Moore's career was left for dead when he played with Don Strock and David Woodley.

When Marino came on the scene, Moore's career was suddenly revived.

The point I'm making is simple: A better quarterback makes the receiver better. Even Marshall admitted that after the game.

"Since Jay Cutler I've had a few different quarterbacks and being in the Pro Bowl you have these elite quarterbacks and it's all them," he said. "They put [the ball] in the right spots and make it easy for me to make the catch. It's all the quarterbacks."


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My mock offseason now that a coach is in place

Sign QB Matt Flynn
Re-Sign DL Kendall Langford
Sign SS Leron Landry
Sign RB Ryan Grant
Sign OT Eric Pears

Cut SS Bell
try to find other salary cutting moves


Trade down in the 1st rd to get an extra 2nd rd pick and a extra forth. This should put our pick in the early 20's

1st rd- TE Clemson Dewayne Allen- It might be early for him but it definitely helps the offense.

2nd- T Mike Adams Ohio State- This should help round out the offensive line

2nd- DE/OLB- Vinny Curry Marshall- Gets our pass rusher needed

3rd- CB/PR- Bernard Boykin Georgia

4th- WR- Ryan Broyles- Ok

Rest is BPA and in the 7th rd Im gonna take Wis QB Russell Wilson. For some reason the guy has caught my eye.

By the way Landry would be my SS and Jimmy Wilson would have the shot at FS

fin4life - it was Brees' 4th season that he finally showed signs. He road the pine season 1, started season 2, started season 3 only to be benched in favor of Flutie because he was screwing the pooch.

SD subsequently (going into Brees' 4th season) made it a point to draft Rivers; Brees beat out Rivers for season 4, where yes, he did start to look like the QB they thought they were drafting going to the pro bowl. Also at this time, LT and Gates were also coming on and many thought those two had much to do with it as anything else.

Brees suffered the injury in his 5th season in the NFL (4th as a starter). SD offered him a meager contract in which Brees took offense and wouldn't sign.....ultimately signing with New Orleans for a long term deal in the range of $60M. Many at the time thought New Orleans was taking quite a gamble on a guy who had one really good season and one pretty good season (with injury to his throwing shoulder).

I lived in SD during the Brees years.....it was pretty much a Brees bashing session those first three years. When he showed promise in year 4, most simply called it a fluke. When he injured his shoulder in year 5, everyone calling into the radio station, etc was saying...."see, he's a wuss and a one hit wonder. He never had any love from the franchise or fans in SD....stop fooling yourself.

Ryan Tannehill or Case Keenum. Which QB do you guys like? Both of them are good. What do you guys think. I was impressed with both QBs. Your vote.

Do you think that many QB's would like to come to a team that has a receiver that makes these types of comments? BM is poison and he doesn't have a clue about what makes a collection of individuals into a well functioning team.

fin4live you say you don't agree but you do. jj was more than ten years ago. its been downhill since. take away jj's leftovers and in the 10 years since ireland has done the best job regardless of the hits and misses.

wolfman13 | January 30, 2012 at 09:02 PM

If you were in S.D. you know that he wasn't all that BAD year two but seemed to regress when Flutie took over for him year 3. LT was a great addition but remember he was a can't miss coming in, the next Barry Sanders alot of people were saying and Gates was a fluke at the time even though since you got every team in the League watching Basketball Power Forwards for that next T.E.

Brees was franchised after 04 with Rivers already on the team and remember distinctly there was alot of talk about who would be kept and who would be sent packing. The injury was pretty vicious and rendered the point mute, I remember the way he awkwardly fell on his shoulder and you knew he was hurt bad. If the Fans hated him that's something you would know from living there but that isn't the point and we will never know 100% what would have happened if not for the injury.

bill conners | January 30, 2012 at 09:17 PM

Your right! It doesn't take alot to out do the likes of Wannstedt, Rick Speilman, Saban and Cameron. The last 2 with Speilman as either GM or Assistant GM.

BK...Great list of players..The list of free agents at least on paper look attractive as possible Phins.

I like your college prospects. I just think IMO they are a little off as far as where they may go come draft day..Again this is just my opinion. I could be totaly off base. There is still a lot time between now and draft day.

Adams IMo was the MVP of the Senior Bowl. I don't think he will be around come earl in round 2. If he is will we be able to wiggle our way up into the area where teams ahead of us looking for offensive line help may take him. I think it is unlikely we get a shot at him. Curry on the other hand may be available in either slot(in your trade scenario where we have 2 seconds he could fit into a pick...good player)

As far as tight end. I'm not sure that any of the guys at this point have first round grades. This may change. If we do indeed trade down to the later part of round 1. A tight end would be a good, if not great choice should he be on our board in that area. Again IMO tight end must be addressed before reciver. Reciever. like running back can be found deep through the draft, and at this point priority is finding a atheletic pass catching mismatch tight end..We address reciever in the later round should we decide to go that route.

Broyels is an interesting prospect. He would have been a first or early second day pick if he had not been injured. We will have to see where he is in his rehabilitation before knowing his status..He could go as high as round 3..low as 7??

Boykin was a guy Mayock loved...He had him as a nickel corner, and return specialist..I don't know much about him..In fact nothing. I respect Mayocks opinion on players. IMO he is the best anaylist on tv when it comes to breaking down prospects..

Again great list..

there is a reason Maycockola doesn't work for any nfl team. He is a hot air balloon for espn.

its funny how some of you knock ireland and praise maycock. two multimillionairs, jones and ross felt ireland was worth a nice paycheck, neither hired maycock to even wash toilets.

Brandon Marshall is the best player on the team. he just needs a good QB. Its unfair to judge Marshall on his days with Henne.

I've realized Ireland will never win.

bill conners...The huge difference is that Mayock is just offering an educated opinion..That is his job..He does it well. Ireland on the other hand doesn't have the luxury of being wrong...

As an anti Ireland guy..I swore off ripping him for the time being..It does no good now. And in the best interest of the team. I want him to succeed. To prove guys like me wrong. I have no stake in this, just as Mayock has no stake in propping up a prospect..He unlike me is qualified to breakdown these players and give an opinion of them that you cannot find here, or any other fan blog. If you don't like his opinions fine. Who do you trust as an evaluator for the draft?

The huge difference is that Mayock is just offering an educated opinion..That is his job..He does it well.

Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | January 30, 2012 at 10:57 PM

what does that mean? he gives good opinion? any jackoff has an opinion. not one of the 32 teams is paying maycock for his opinion. i'm sure he'd rather be a gm than website blowhard...but...no team that pays money for evaluations see his as worth paying for. i guess you like his personality and salesmanship.

I'm confident Ireland can find us another check down Chad or Pat White in the draft...

Ross should hire Mel Kiper or someone to do the Dolphin draft.

bill connors..You obviously missed what I said in my original post..I said it was my opinion that he was the best TV ANAYLIST...That's it. I Never campaigned for him to be a GM, or did I say he was more qualified then any of the current NFL GM's..when current GM's come on a telecast and give their opinions of players in an all star game we can discuss the merits of those opinions at that time..I do not understand the disconnect..I didn't bash Ireland, never mentioned him. If you don't like Mayocks breakdowns, or find him F.O.S. great..I'm not going to try and change your mine. He had an opinion about a player another blogger here fancies..I pointed this out.Deal with it.

some bloggers apparently need an enema.

Every time I hear Mayock talk, e.g., during the Senior Bowl, I feel like he is audtioning to be a GM for and NFL team. It's almost like he thinks that someone in the league is going to hear what he says and have an epiphany and hire him to run their team.

Even if I'm not a big fan of his, I prefer to tradeup to #2 and draft RG3 than to draft an OT or other such nonsense.

Every time I hear Mayock talk, e.g., during the Senior Bowl, I feel like he is audtioning to be a GM for and NFL team. It's almost like he thinks that someone in the league is going to hear what he says and have an epiphany and hire him to run their team.

Professor Lou | January 30, 2012 at 11:25 PM

I don't get that vibe at all he competes without any real pressure with Bucky Brooks, Wyche and the other in house experts on NFL Net. collecting his nice check and has been pretty on in some assesments over the last few years when I started giving any attention to his opinion.

The one who's so called expert advise I don't get is Mel Kiper Jr. over on ESPN I've seen this guy over the years be so incredibly out of left field wrong that I don't get how the original Sports Network still has him on their draft day coverage team.

Shula to Philbin, "You need to fix the quarterback".

I mean, who can question Shula's knowledge of great QB's? He not only worked with one but with 3 HOF QB's. Lord!

some bloggers apparently need an enema.

Posted by: bill conners | January 30, 2012 at 11:15 PM

Physician heal thyself.

I mean, who can question Shula's knowledge of great QB's? He not only worked with one but with 3 HOF QB's. Lord!

Posted by: oscar canosa

He also made some lesser talented guys look a whole lot better, like Strock, Woodley, and Earl Morrall.


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I vote Keenum as the QB I get.

Tannehill is MUCH, more highly rated and that is precisely why I would take QB Keenum.

Keenum has a very live arm and surveys the field well. I also think he REALLY understands the tempo game. One of the best things about Keenum is you will be able to get him late. If the Fins go after Flynn getting late round value in a drafted QB will be key. He is not a tall QB or he would be getting more love.

Tannehill looks the part more and some feel he will develop. Even though it has been vs some lesser competition Keenum has put up some insane stats. I like the fact that he has done it already instead of just being a projection.


getting late round value in a drafted QB will be key.

Posted by: Rob in OC | January 31, 2012 at 03:58 AM

Tell me when have we ever gotten later round value in a qb? It's a rare fluke, and a good bet a waste of time. You get what you pay for.


Like Darryl Dunphy I like your list of FAs and draft picks for the most part.

I would NOT go after Ryan Grant at RB. He is aging fast it seems and coming off an injury. He never has been a special back to me.

Flynn and Pears would be my two favs off your FA list.

As for the draft I am not high on the TEs in this class and especially spending a first round pick on one.

In that 1st round spot I would take a shot at ILB Vontaze Burifect. The guy is totally active and psycho to tackle people. Definitely the leap over the pile to stuff the RB taking the handoff type player. I would take Vontaze hands down over ILB Kuechly (sorry beerphin and other). Kuechly is not agile enough of a defender to me. He is not comfortable playing backwards imho.

Your core group :
2nd- T Mike Adams Ohio State- This should help round out the offensive line

2nd- DE/OLB- Vinny Curry Marshall- Gets our pass rusher needed

3rd- CB/PR- Bernard Boykin Georgia

I like this group and if the draft ended with the Fins having just these three players off your list I would be quite stoked as I think they all have great NFL potential.

Thanks for the post. Just thought I would bust out my 2 cents.


PS I could just see the maketing now... Dolphins t-shirts saying "Don't Von-TAZE me bro!" :)


No guarantees on the early round QBs either.

I personally don't care for this QB class. I would of gladly taken a shot at Barclay but he went back.

Besides RGIII and Luck I am not a huge fan of any of the quote "second tier" guys. I know for sure that just because we take a QB early doesn't ensure anything either.

In taking that little snipet of a post of mine you are missing the main element of what I was saying.

I was saying that since I was promoting going after Flynn that drafting a QB later and getting decent value (I.E. a guy with some stats/credentials that has a shot at being a good player but in the later rounds) would be key.

It makes little sense to put all the eggs you would need to put in the Flynn basket to land him and then subsequently give up a high draft pick on another QB. I say this from a personal view of not really being too enamored with any QBs that would go in the 2nd or 3rd round. Keenum may be a 5th rounder?? That would be my guess as of now.



Also, I would rather take a late round stab at a QB than not to draft one at all like Ireland did in the previous draft while "lining up competition for Henne".

Devlin was an after draft thought and Moore came way late in the process after the Orton discussions flamed out.

To Irelands credit...Moore played tons better than most thought he was capable of.


G'nite all and thanks for the football chat. Duty calls early.



I don't think I missed what you were saying. Let the Pats Steelers Pack Saints go fish for a qb deep, they can afford to. This franchise has wasted far too much time with fools gold. It's time to let go of that strategy. If there is no #1 value QB available, move on and take a different position instead of wasting one on a Beck, White, Henne.

Matt Flynn and build in the draft. That is the best way to turn it around. I like the coach and the offense he is bringing to the Dolphins. I am willing to bet Reggie Bush has a great year with someone like Flynn running the offense. Can't wait for the season to start. Things looking up. Playoffs next year.......


The exact same thing happened with Randy Moss on the Probowl, now we all know that the QB's weren't to blame for his demise.


To further expand on what we are discussing...

If it is humanly possible to find a starting level QB in the late rounds (and because of Brady we know it is possible) the FO owes it to itself and the fans to take shots at QBs they deem talent worthy.

The guys you mention White, Henne and Beck were all 2nd round guys. I am NOT impressed with the second tier QB talent in this draft.

Therefore, the widest QB net possible is:

Keep Moore. He showed some promise and can grow as he is still young.

Philbin has the ultimate, a bird's eye view of what could be a crown jewel for him in a potential quality starting QB. Part of his career will be banked on this decision but since he has worked with Flynn over a long period, I will take his best guess on Flynn. Everyone, including Philbin, has to be cautious with a small starting sample size and the weapons in GB being pretty awesome.

Third phase or my "Plan C" would be to draft a QB that has shown talent and the ability to get it done in college... Enter Keenum for me. He will probably go in rounds 5-6-7 and has a pretty awesome college resume. He is a bit short and may be a "system QB" but there is no denying his arm strength and quicker release. He understands tempo as well as they ran that uptempo Offense all the time in Houston.

This strategy allows for the most QB lotto tickets to unearth or discover the next Drew Brees or Tom Brady.

You can save your 5-6 or 7th round pick for a shot at another OL or a Safety or something...I want to keep sifting like crazy to find a real gem of a QB.

That is what I feel the Fins need to do. That would find the QB we desperately need the fastest. Who knows, maybe he's already on the roster? Moore has some talent no doubt and if he can further develop he could be a playoff QB.


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