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Jeff Ireland's position with Dolphins stronger than ever

Jeff Fisher is going to coach the Rams now. Fine. So the Dolphins lose in that chase. Owner Stephen Ross is left with a black eye because it's the second time he tries to land a coach and fails. So he loses, too. Dolphins fans wanting the certainty of having a tried and experienced head coach also lose.

So the winner in all this?

Jeff Ireland.

Ireland has emerged from a 6-10 season and a coach search in which the team's leading candidate went elsewhere more powerful than ever. Ross picked Ireland while dispatching Tony Sparano. He picked Ireland over Carl Peterson -- because he said Peterson would not join the team to oversee it and Ireland. And Ross picked Ireland over Fisher, keeping the GM as the unquestioned decision-maker over the club while stiff-arming Fisher's desire to have that power.

Jeff Ireland won.

Recognizing this, I asked Ross about Ireland Friday and the owner's words were glowing:

“I think he’s done an outstanding job of creating the team we’ve put on the field the last four years. We’ve got a lot of capability going forward, and I believe we will win moving forward. He has a passion about it. I enjoy working with him. He’s ambitious. He’s bright. He’s a very good GM.”

Ireland's foundation is stronger now than it has ever been. He is stronger than when he answered to Bill Parcells. He is stronger than when he and Sparano were in the proverbial cone of uncertainty after the 2010 season. He is even stronger now than he was in the spring of 2011 when he got a contract extension.  I've been telling you for some time that Ross truly does appreciate Ireland. But now there's tangible proof Ross prefers Ireland to a star head coach wanting power over personnel.

Ireland wins.


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In other words Jeff Ireland hit the jackpot!

ireland cant be trusted. he has proven to be a sniper from within. just ask sparano or mike nolan.

How about some blame for Mike Dee this guy is the one that brought the celebs and is the guy that when he came here the orange carpet came..and he's great friends with Ireland too!

“I think he’s done an outstanding job of creating the team we’ve put on the field the last four years.



these 2 clowns destroying our franchise

les miles,lol guy is retarded

Sorry pricemaster, henne is done, I wll let you use my pistol so you can get it over with now.

Good coaches know not to get involved with Ireland/Ross

And the refs start to dictate the game.

Pass interference?

My A SS!!!!

Smack Down!


Sparano said Henne wont be on the Jets roster but may he wouldnt rule out him being signed to the practice squad to let him "develop" LOL


these San Franc. def. are HIT_MAN-

The refs initially TRIED to call him down by contact.

ROTFLMAO-I'll bet Goodell hates the replay review as much as anyone.

The WWE hasn't instituted replay review!

Oh, the sad state of affairs!

Saints just got a bad call, I think. Looks like they held onto the ball, to me.

I'd rather see Ireland go only because he's part of the Trifecta. You come together, you leave together. But he trusts Ireland. I'll admit though, that the team upgraded some spots and I'm sure Ireland is getting credit for that. Maybe he deserves it, who knows. Next season will be telling.

Gee, I onder if that was illegal contact AND pass interference?

Well, at least we know if the "WWE-NFL" has their way, the Saints will win this one.

(Big Sigh)........................

Yeah,we upgraded to 6-10 in year 4 of Irescum.

Welcome to the PLAYOFFS Alex Smith

Broder!, some kind of up-tempo Game. We'll see.

Good Luck with my team for over 35 years, these two buffoons have forced me to give up my season tickets. I'll watch the games on T.V. but Ross you will never again get a dime from me until you sell the team. I might be one season ticket holder for over 20 years and I'm done. Jeff Ireland and Parcells have ruined a once proud franchise. When the lowly St. Louis Rams go 2-14 and get the coach the Dolphins target over " organizational structure " (ie: personnel power) and Ross picks Jeff Ireland to determine the Dolphins personnel guru, I'm DONE !!!!!!!!!!

You might, if you have not already. check out Cole's comments on yahoo sports. In case you do not know who cole is, he was a former beat writer for the Herald, and ran this blog at one time. i always liked him, did not always agree. Not that I dont like Mando, but it does give a little more insight. I was not jumping up and down for Fischer, but coaches and player are no different realy than we are. if your looking for a new job, do you not talk with friends who might have info on the company for which you are applying? That to me is the problem now with the Dolphins. Players and Coaches are going to see this FO as Disfunctional, and steer away from coming here. To me, that is the most important out come from all of this, this Franchise looks worse than before.

wow losing graham already huge blow to saints

If it continues like this, it will belong to the Electric Man.

Ross is an idiot, and as long as he owns our team we are DOOMED. Welcome to last place.

The joke is on us.

Harbaugh and Ginn in the playoffs.

Us, losing Fisher to the Rams.

All in the name of Ireland.

That's a very well coached D.

Told you it's those naked pictures of Ross. Ross just doesn't know football. He's not an idiot. Just not a football mind he said on radio he doesn't care what fans say. He cares when we won't buy tickets. That's all we can do

How is it a fumble when your forward progress is stopped and your leg is in a vice?

The glaring issue I have with Ireland is his fondness for Cowboy castoff & not being dynamic enough in the draft. I would honestly give him a c+ grade thus far. He has to find a way to get more leverage in the draft like philly & NE does.

saints are awful outside, was an easy game to pick with plus 4 on your side

I know it's not Sean Payton's style, but you have to slow down the tempo. You are being outmatched.

Really, dusty? It's not over yet.

No longer a season ticket holder. Steve HOW did YOU ever get RICH ? Because being stupid never gets RICH . You fooled everybody.


Harbaugh is going to take it to the Saints!

You remember Harbaugh, he's that Coach that wouldn't work under a hand me down Ball Boy!

"Harbaugh and Ginn in the playoffs."

Are you kidding? We crucified Ginn on these blogs. But as bad as he was, there was no point in letting him go when we had no wideout other than Marshall.

I can't believe the 49ers.

That last one looked to EASY!!!!

Replay THAT!


oscar easy cover either way, saints even lost to tampa outdoors. brees had 39=8 tds at home. 9td on the road

38 tds

Why are they giving the 49ers all these calls? They're really playing tough, but that was no fumble. The guy was tackled, his knee was down, he landed on his shoulder, he had the ball control, then rolled over and lost it. If that's a fumble then I'm Brady Quinn.

Why don't they just declare every tackle a fumble and let New Orleans go home.

Ginn's last season with us he put up 1200 return tds and 600 rec'g yds.
1800 yds total
We still have not replaced that.

Every year we lose more talent than we gain and that is why we get worse every year.

Saints will come back and win this game.

All 49ers right now.

atta boy graham, the u!

Ireland won but they LOST and lost my money too. I WILL NOT SUPPORT THIS TEAM.

You all can have fun and troll me all you want while this 'thing' Ross has crashes and burns and then you can say "Yeah I was a good whittle paying customer" during those times.

F- THAT mess.

When Judas gets his pink slip I will be back with my wallet in hand and gear being worn. Until then it goes into the closet and my wallet is safe.

All of you ask how he got to be a billionaire by being such an idiot. If you are so smart, how come you aren't a billionaire?

I think they decided Fisher was a mistake so later decided to take the loss of his services by reneging on the power share. Coaches are crappy GM's!

I fully support Ireland as GM. It takes years to be a solid team for more than just a year. And completely cleaning house always adds years to it.

Wow, see Graham spread those legs on the fall? Got me juiced!

ginn is horrible, stop the nonsense

teddy going run this one back.

Yeah, you get into those Exotics, they will have your as-, dusty. You bet only to Win, man.

Those 49'ers can sure hit.

I agree. Losing talent vs gaining it is a balancing act. Player management is more than just draft. It's the total package, aquisitions and releases. But I also have to admit that part of this franchise's problem is a revolving door in management/coaching. So in that sense keeping Ireland means some philosphy continuity, whatever it is. If we lose Nolan it's going to be bad. And Daboll has done a great job and now the team has to learn yet another playbook. Has to be done, but it's a lot of work.

Stephen Ross and you do not have the same goals. Your goal is a winning team you can look forward to.
Stephen Ross' goal is money. Not the crappy gate that comes with a sold out stadium.
Real Money.
What is real money? How about a new $1 billion stadium funded by the taxpayers that Ross and his partners can depreciate. When Ross has that it means the next $1bil that his partners and he makes is tax free. That's a $half billion. That's real money.
Why would the tax payers of Florida fund that?
To keep the team from leaving for lack of attendance.
Get it?

Got it jerk offs? :p

How is it a fumble when your forward progress is stopped and your leg is in a vice?
Posted by: Samantha | January 14, 2012 at 05:18 PM

The guy got popped and dropped the ball.

If we did it your way, who needs to tackle anyone? If your forward progress stops then your down. That's one thing.

But, how many times did we see guys like Barry and Emmit bounce off of shots like that to make a 50 yard TD run?


Anyone remember the last Dolphins playoff win over a decade ago? They used to make the playoffs nearly every year: under Shula anything less was a crushing disappointment. In fact, for you younger fans who don't remember it clearly if at all, Shula was run out of town for not winning enough playoff games. Seems amazing now, doesn't it, that such a problem even existed?

Now, twenty-seven years after they last made it to the SB (and thirty nine since they won), here we are. No coach...again. No QB...again. No really compelling reason to buy a ticket or even watch them on TV. Rarely awful enough for a top five pick yet nowhere close to being a playoff team, much less a playoff game winner. Zero identity, zero philosophy. Always running in place or scrambling for a "plan B". I cannot believe it's been going on for this long with no end in sight and I feel bad for those fans too young to remember what it used to be like.

I've been saying in here for years:
How do we keep losing our 2nd & 3rd rounders and getting nothing in return?
Roth, Turner, White, Henne, Carey, Langford, Crowder, Solai etc etc etc.

The talent Miami has at this time will be wasted.Take Philbin or Moss and bring Flynn with you.So much will be lost trading the farm to move up to get RG3...

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