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Jeff Ireland's position with Dolphins stronger than ever

Jeff Fisher is going to coach the Rams now. Fine. So the Dolphins lose in that chase. Owner Stephen Ross is left with a black eye because it's the second time he tries to land a coach and fails. So he loses, too. Dolphins fans wanting the certainty of having a tried and experienced head coach also lose.

So the winner in all this?

Jeff Ireland.

Ireland has emerged from a 6-10 season and a coach search in which the team's leading candidate went elsewhere more powerful than ever. Ross picked Ireland while dispatching Tony Sparano. He picked Ireland over Carl Peterson -- because he said Peterson would not join the team to oversee it and Ireland. And Ross picked Ireland over Fisher, keeping the GM as the unquestioned decision-maker over the club while stiff-arming Fisher's desire to have that power.

Jeff Ireland won.

Recognizing this, I asked Ross about Ireland Friday and the owner's words were glowing:

“I think he’s done an outstanding job of creating the team we’ve put on the field the last four years. We’ve got a lot of capability going forward, and I believe we will win moving forward. He has a passion about it. I enjoy working with him. He’s ambitious. He’s bright. He’s a very good GM.”

Ireland's foundation is stronger now than it has ever been. He is stronger than when he answered to Bill Parcells. He is stronger than when he and Sparano were in the proverbial cone of uncertainty after the 2010 season. He is even stronger now than he was in the spring of 2011 when he got a contract extension.  I've been telling you for some time that Ross truly does appreciate Ireland. But now there's tangible proof Ross prefers Ireland to a star head coach wanting power over personnel.

Ireland wins.


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Tonight there will be a changing of the guard as it's Denver vs Pats

Denver 30
Patriots 20

The NFL has made $$$ hundreds of $$$ millions off of the Tebow. The NFL wants Denver in the Superbowl as they will make $ Billion in advertising and pimping the tebow.

The back channel marching orders was given to the officials to make sure to help the Tebow as much as possible.. including utilizing the late flag, holding calls, ruffing the passer, unsportsmanship conduct and ruffing the punter or kicker.

So it shall be written, so it shall be done.

Guess what retards?
It's saturday night - drinking night

It's gonna get nasty and violent up in this piece tonight.

Aloco/Cuban Menace/oscar canosa/Mando I may re-tell the story later on of what I woke up to discover one evening in 1983 just after I got out of the suck.


Fin Ta Die Like a Soldier!

It is spelled 'Roughing'.
But rock on yo.

What about your sources which said Ross was positively going to get a star coach?

NO gave up 5 turnovers and are now in the lead. SF , fine effort. They are not in the same league yet.

This is not a put down of Matt Moore, he is what he is.

Anyone notice that Matt Moore and Alex Smith play the same game. Careful and by the book but they don't take chances because it is not in their nature.


Hahahaha, man there are some truly uneducated people here. Did anyone here go to school????

ruffing? hahahahah

That is beyond a typo, that is just PLAIN DUMB.

It's no wonder we have such incompetent politicians. Idiot heads like this are voting.

Here is where the coach needs to win the game, manage the clock. Kick the FG and leave no time for the Brees Ego Aints to win.

Good for you Alex Smith.


Fin Ta Die Like A SOLDIER!

This is the changing of the GUARD!

NO gave up 5 turnovers and are now in the lead. SF , fine effort. They are not in the same league yet.

Posted by: Bottom Line | January 14, 2012 at 07:46 PM

We don't here from you all game. Then you put your foot in your mouth!

Trying to call the obvious and STILL got it wrong!

I told ya, Fin Ta Die Like a SOLDIER!

A changing of the GUARD!

Ireland is a good GM

Thoae kind lick their chops.


To think we could have dad brees

We don't here from you all game. Then you put your foot in your mouth!

Trying to call the obvious and STILL got it wrong!

I told ya, Fin Ta Die Like a SOLDIER!

A changing of the GUARD!

Posted by: Odin's Bottom | January 14, 2012 at 08:00 PM

Say what? Go poke yourself

WHAT A GAME,,,,,,,,, NOT LIKE OUR DOLPHINS,.............THE CELLAR,,,,,,,

I think I spoke to soon as well.

Ha Ha!

a minute and a half! Lets GO!

PS: Glad Ireland passed on that Graham, he SUCKS!!!!

Say what? Go poke yourself
Posted by: Bottom Line | January 14, 2012 at 08:06 PM

I knew that was coming, but honestly, for you wait the whiole game, then come in with a codescending tone when you think it's over?

Bhwaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

We got yo Number!!!!

The dolphins could have had Graham but our genius GM didn't think we needed a TE

This is not Sparano ball.

Best thing that can happen is a saints loss.....


Now. I eat my words.

I meant 49ers loss....


I here ya Kris!

What up NOW Bottom Line!!!!!

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Ok, then Kris, I can't here you?

A bleet, a bleet a bleet, THAT's ALL FOLKS!!!!

Odins Bottom

I know 3 year olds more mature than you. I owned up. Now go get your bottom plugged.

Tojour le audace

Mr. Ross

Still think Ireland > Harbaugh?

I'm immature for sure. Been that way for 40 years.

But ah, you are talking about butt plugging, you do realize that.....RIGHT!

Seriously man, it's all in good fun. Great Freaking Game!

This does not bode well for those wanting a dynamic offense.....


Great game. And I am glad to see NO go down. They were getting just too in love with themselves.

When teams like the 49ers and ravens win..... It could make Ireland think he is on the right track.....

Them refs ain't giving up so east now are they.

Goodell's WWE-NFL is pathetic!

If Brees would've had a TD on that, they would've said the time out was called too late.

Alex Smith went from boring to sexy to mouth watering!

Our best hope to get a dynamic offense....is for a Pats....GB Super Bowl......

Pray we don't get a ravens/49ers one......

If that happens....we will be drafting guard from west Appalachian state.....in the 1st round....

When teams like the 49ers and ravens win..... It could make Ireland think he is on the right track.....
Posted by: Kris | January 14, 2012 at 08:17 PM

Sad to say Kris, but again, I think you're on the money with that observation.

I still enjoyed seeing the Niners stick it too em! I just love an underdog!

Kris, Brady just threw a TD, you think Tebow can keep up tonight?

Odin's Bottom.....no way....

Does fisher still take Williams as dc...

BTW....for those keeping track......

Of the 7 playoff teams left......

5 have 1st RD QBs.....don't.....

Yeah, you like my new name?

It a self imposed punishment because of Ross keeping Ireland.

Well, Tebow's job just got a little more difficult. He won't survive 5 turnovers Fo SHO!

But..but..Ross/Ireland just missed this guy, it must mean something...

Why punish yourself.....

Ireland is the right man for the job.....

I hope Tebow dies on the field tonight. Well we all pray for something I guess.



It is a guarantee that if the Miami Dolphins win a SB, then the next year, if they fail, Miami Fans are going to complain. See, over here, we are perfect.

I thought football was a macho sport. How come so many bloggers here are obsessed with gay innuendos?

2 DRIVES= 2 TD'S=BRADY.........

This place is a party for queers.

Aloco what kind of name is that? Is that a game that Odins Bottom plays?

The funny thing about these Miami Fans, they were not close to being alive during the Perfect Season, they just follow hear-say. If something is not close to perfect, they will complain, not because they understand it, but because of hear-say.


Tebow will retire and become Gov. then Senator, then President of the United States(he'll get laid once he becomes a politician)!

Of course, I think he's the Anti-Christ!


Ross wishes he had Tebow...

Aloco are you from Africa?


8 for 8 and two TD's?


(I like Matt Moore, BUT........SIGH............)

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