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Jeff Ireland's position with Dolphins stronger than ever

Jeff Fisher is going to coach the Rams now. Fine. So the Dolphins lose in that chase. Owner Stephen Ross is left with a black eye because it's the second time he tries to land a coach and fails. So he loses, too. Dolphins fans wanting the certainty of having a tried and experienced head coach also lose.

So the winner in all this?

Jeff Ireland.

Ireland has emerged from a 6-10 season and a coach search in which the team's leading candidate went elsewhere more powerful than ever. Ross picked Ireland while dispatching Tony Sparano. He picked Ireland over Carl Peterson -- because he said Peterson would not join the team to oversee it and Ireland. And Ross picked Ireland over Fisher, keeping the GM as the unquestioned decision-maker over the club while stiff-arming Fisher's desire to have that power.

Jeff Ireland won.

Recognizing this, I asked Ross about Ireland Friday and the owner's words were glowing:

“I think he’s done an outstanding job of creating the team we’ve put on the field the last four years. We’ve got a lot of capability going forward, and I believe we will win moving forward. He has a passion about it. I enjoy working with him. He’s ambitious. He’s bright. He’s a very good GM.”

Ireland's foundation is stronger now than it has ever been. He is stronger than when he answered to Bill Parcells. He is stronger than when he and Sparano were in the proverbial cone of uncertainty after the 2010 season. He is even stronger now than he was in the spring of 2011 when he got a contract extension.  I've been telling you for some time that Ross truly does appreciate Ireland. But now there's tangible proof Ross prefers Ireland to a star head coach wanting power over personnel.

Ireland wins.


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Where will the Do;phins be playing in 2016? LOS ANGELES

Alcoo its not polite to answer a question with another question. Are you ashamed of being from Africa?

I thought football was a macho sport. How come so many bloggers here are obsessed with gay innuendos?
Posted by: Riley | January 14, 2012 at 08:38 PM


That's 4 posts in a row from you mentioning GAY!


PS: Leave me out cha posts, I'll slap my name out'cha mouf QUEENIE!

Chad Henne & Matt Moore both need to look at Alex Smith's career.
How many times has Smith been benched, criticized, ridiculed, laughed at etc.
Anyone remember the turning point?
To me it was not Harbaugh.
To me it was when they drafted lupati and that other lineman 1 & 2.
If they can do it we can do it.

Time to throw is king.


Poster with no pride and no shame. Needs to advertise such grime on a blog.

.@MiamiDolphins will interview @Denver_Broncos OC Mike McCoy; will also look at @Official_Saints OC Carmichael & @Ravens DC Pagano

Still under consideration for @MiamiDolphins HC position is @Packers OC Joe Philbin if he chooses to stay in the running



For all your Crazy Henne talk, I think you might be onto something with that laast one.

Brady looks awfully ordinary when he doesn't get protection.

PS: WTF, nobody live blogging the playoff games here?

Screw thanking Jesus Tebags, you cab thank Brady for that one!

Pretty terrible throw!

Haven't made the playoffs in 3 of the last years.. The standard of success is really low in Miami!

I'm here

Watching the game

Odin's Bottom....are we related some how ?

Soiled :)

Poster with no pride and no shame. Needs to advertise such grime on a blog.
Posted by: Riley | January 14, 2012 at 08:55 PM

Ah Riley, you were the one coming in all sideways about being gay. You mentioned it first, you brought it up.

Is that how you guys do it? Is that how you make your pick ups? Always leaving yourself an out, just in case you misjudge someone an offend the GUY?

Why do most of your type come at it side ways?

Sounds to me like your the one that's ashamed of............well............you know ;)

Peace truce. Drop thwe gay talk and lets live blog the game? Huh? Sound good?

To whoever is posting with my ID:

I've been posting in here for 4 years. I've always supported Henne. I called the wildcat BACKDOOR football in this post starting with the first time we ran it in 2008 game 3 against NE. I've threatened to murder other posters. I've pointed out your inabilities to make money. Every year at this time I say, "look at the depth chart" because that dictates where will draft.

I've never posted anything that indicates that I have an interest in men.

kris cut the bulls hit. Or I promise that after I assist your suicide I will not dispose of your corpse in the hotel laudry chute, I will write a suicide note and sign your name and the M.E. will find my urine in your mouth and it will be up to your fat, ugly, poor, disgusting survivors to try and live that down.

"I think he’s done an outstanding job of creating the team we’ve put on the field the last four years."

You mean the one that's won about 20 games in last 3 years?

Odin's Bottom

Watching the game and just trying to learn the Stevie Winwood acoustic version of "Can't find my way home"

Soiled :)

Odin's Bottom


Just a great version....just him and a martin guitar

Soiled :)

Soiled Bottom,

You know, I was wondering the very same thing.

We could be. Are you any relations to a young kid that hangs out around here named Dusty?

Yeah, I just recently found out him and I are "Kindred Cousins".

Here we'd been talking and hanging out for over a year and neither one of us knew.

Like they say, it's a Small World Mr. Bottom's, A SMALL WORLD......................

PS: You got any Kin Folk in Mayfield Kentucky?

WTF is with these idiotic PriceMaster posts. Murder, assisted suicide, gay innuendos... we can only hope that the authorities monitor this blog and take action. Its just one felony after another...

How bout that franchise qb SF has.........................

Price master.....

Go play with someone in your else....

It's old and tired....

Miami Herald staff......

You guys sensor the dumbest stuff....but you let the post @ 9:04 by the mentally challenged tard get thru......

He post nonsense....claims it wasn't him....then threatens me.....

Real classy herald staff.....real classy....

Try blind faith yo In the Cover of The Lord

That's Blind faith

New Coach Wanted.....

Thanks for speaking up.....the "regulars" on this blog see this crap on here all the time.....

And stay quiet as a church mouse.....

That song will be with me for 2 weeks now. I don't know where the CD is.
At my ex's I think.

In watching the games this morning it confirms what most have been chanting as a background mantra for a LONNNNNNG time... We HAVE TO get a dynamic TE.

Jimmy Graham
Vernan Davis

All the Top Offenses have a studly stretch the field type TE. In the liberal P.I. no contact downfield world the NFL has become you need that lanky, long limbed TE that has the speed to match up vs DBs. Splitting seams and bodying out lesser athletes for the ball is the recipe. It's just a damn shame that the Fins didn't correctly judge the value other teams would have on TE J. Graham. We could have had him instead of the mediocre Koa Misi.

This year doesn't seem to be to deep in stud TE's but they need to start sifting hard now for the right one.

As of right now, I would be fine if they don't trade the moon to get RGIII or Luck and snag the BPA. This would allow Moore another year to develop and move his needle upwards. Grab QB Case Keenum a little later on in the draft as a groomer QB.

I could be just fine with a tough guy OLB like Upshaw to create havoc opposite Wake and shut down the run to his side. He is stout, relentless and gets wicked leverage on the taller OLs in his pass rush.



I know its a Blind Faith song.....just find stevie Winwood doing it solo to be beautiful...I've robly watched every version of the song on You Tube

Soiled :)

Just a great version....just him and a martin guitar
Soiled :)

Posted by: SoiledBottom | January 14, 2012 at 09:10 PM

That's all a MAN really needs :)

Well, that and a Local Brothel for the occasional "bender".............

Every Pats player on offense is a very good pass blocker. That's how they make the team. Not speed or agility or skin color.
That's why Brady always has 5 secs to throw.

Time to throw is King!

Odin's Bottom

Nobody in Kentucky...relatives in N.Y. and Florida

Soiled :)

The option....lol

Brady scores here....and it's over.... Tebow ain't no Brees.....

im in favor of getting a RT in free agency and then using the first 2 picks on defense and then the 3rd getting a TE and 4th getting a gaurd

ooo and getting jason campbell in free agency also

11-5,7-9,7-9,and 6-10.So,how's that for a four year record Rossie?And yet you insist that you are happy with little Jeffie.

Todd Bowles played john Jerry at LT and he did well enough so why not RT or RG?
I say highest rated player with the first pick and highest rated OL with the 2nd.
(RG3 is a great athlete but I like Logan Thomas of VT better because he's 6'6").
Henne is a gambler, Moore is careful, I prefer a gambler.
Sign Henne and trade Moore to the Jets.
Devlin can cover the backup duties and we need players.
Trade Brandon Marshall for a NT or FS.
If the QB has time to throw then Marlon Moore, Roberto Wallace and Clyde Gates are all capable of putting up 1500 yards.

Aloco disappeared. I guess that means he is from Africa. I could tell. My girlfriend is from Africa. I don't know why he is ashamed to say so.

Teballboy has 20 yards passing lmao

Aloco is Latino.
He is also know as Cuban Menace, oscar canosa and Armando Salguero

To bad that by the time we reach the 4th quarter (TEBOW TIME).....NE will have put 50 points on the board....

This game is getting out of hand fast

Somebody call Ace Ventura....somebody kidnapped Jesus

NE will be in the SB. But they will lose.

Belicheat will not let up......

This is a great game....

I wonder how the press will spin this whooping....

Tom Brady for President!!

Brady MVP!!!

Anybody know if New England used any of there draft picks on a hidden cameranman to film denver practices ?

Kris is a gay name. just sayin

You're accusing Bellicheat and the Patriots of spying on there opponents?

Well, you're supposed to be Peaking during the playoffs.

WHAAAANH, WHAaaaanh.........whaaaaaaaanh.........


PS: Tebow is a big tough guy, but if he keeps running out of the pocket like he does, he ain't gonna last long. Nobody does...........

Brady is looking better than he ever has!


That is why I am not a big fan of RG3.
He is a great athlete.
He will have an NFL career no doubt.
But QB's that do the most damage outside the pocket suffer a lot of concussions and spend a lot of time on IR. (See Steve Young & Mike Vick).
Also they require smaller faster lineman and we have big, immobile lineman).
That means your backup needs to have the same skill set or your screwed id the starter goes down.
Steve Young won 2 SB's with SF I agree. He also had the worst record when he was on TB.
And he was the highest payed athlete when he was QB of the LA Express, $40 mil lifetime contract in 1983. I lived in SoCal at the time I remember.

Tebow and the Broncos are who we thought they were. They are what their record says they are. They..........they...........man, they just SUCK!

This one's a laugher, I'm heading out to have a drink with a new Blonde!

PS: Don't anyone here tell the Brunette ;)

Life is GOOD(at the Momment)


PriceMster you are a weirdo. Go plug someones butt and leave me alone.

They're going for 50......

PriceMster you are a weirdo. Go plug someones butt and leave me alone.

Posted by: Odin's Bottom | January 14, 2012 at 10:09 PM

Fake Odin's Bottom!

You sound more like an a ss!

Impersonate someone else please. I don't talk like that..........well........you know.......unless it's deserved!

**** YOU ROSS.

The team we’ve put on the field the last four years sucked.


Brady already set one record, I think he's trying for more!

DAMN! The Blonde just showed up at my house. Great, I'm in TROUBLE NOW!

Gotta GO!!!!

Jeff suckland you are a moron Eli manning is a great quarterback, if you watched and knew anything about the game of football you would know that but your probably one of the morons that just listens to the announcers and they don't like Eli cause he's not the celebrity type QB, if Brady doesn't see a wide open receiver the announcer says it wasn't part of the read if Eli doesn't see it they say how can he miss a wide open guy like that lol it's called tv favoritism and you slurp it right up

Pats up by 35....still running the NO HUDDLE.....

The rook fumbled.....

But I still LOVE the NE mentality......

If only Ross and Ireland could learn how to get the FANS on their side.

This is laughable, Ross says Ireland is doing a great job and he is responsible for the team the Dolphins have fielded over the last 4 years, hey Mr. Ross you might have been to busy hanging out with Fergie, J Lo & Marc Anthony to notice but that team has missed the playoffs in 3 of those 4 years.

There are TWO teams that feel worse than the tebows @ss kicking going on right now in NE...

That would be Pittsburgh and Oakland.....

What a EMBARASSMENT *lmao*

Belicheat is smart.... He mad ALL the adjustments the Steelers refused to make....

He didn't let pride force him to play his D one way.....

Last week.....I said make Tebow beat you with his arm....and he did....dumb statement by me....and stubbornness by the Steelers.....

Belicheat is the master of adjustments.....

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