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Zimmer expected to interview with Dolphins Tuesday

In 2003 the Nebraska Cornhuskers were looking for a head coach and decided Mike Zimmer should be that man. For reasons I'm not completely clear about, Zimmer turned the job down.

He continued working with the Dallas Cowboys under then coach Bill Parcells and showed himself a versatile coach. He always ran the 4-3 defense, most notably under previous Dallas coach Dave Campo, but when Parcells came aboard, he wanted to run the 3-4.

And Zimmer did that with little trouble. Parcells retained him as the defensive coordinator which says something of Zimmer's versatility and the respect he commanded. When Parcells departed Dallas in 2007, Zimmer also left.

He went to Atlanta under Bobby Petrino. Yeah, that didn't last. Petrino literally quit on the team before the season was over and the entire coaching staff was left hanging.

The Bengals hired Zimmer in 2008 to be their defensive coordinator.

To sum up how Cincinnati players feel about Zimmer, all I have to say is that players gave him the game ball when he coached the week his wife passed in October of 2009. The Bengals beat the Ravens 17-14 that week.

Zimmer backs his players and he doesn't mind doing it in the face of apparent pressure. In the preseason after the Bengals' defense laid an egg against Detroit in a 34-3 loss, Zimmer was disappointed and upset. But a day after the game, after watching film, he was put on the spot by owner Mike Brown about the unit.

In that tough moment Zimmer put himself on the line and told the owner something he probably didn't expect to hear: He told Brown he believed in his players and promised they'd be pretty good in 2011, which hardly seemed possible at the time.

The Bengals, despite the defection of cornerback Jonathan Joseph, did just fine. They were ninth in the NFL in points allowed this season. (The Dolphins were tied for sixth, which makes you wonder why Mike Nolan isn't being interviewed but that's another matter.)

So now Zimmer, at age 55, is on the head coaching radar. He's reportedly interviewing with the Dolphins on Tuesday and is also expected to interview other places this week. His dream to become a head coach is alive.

"It's still alive, but sometimes you get frustrated over the course of time,'' Zimmer told Sports Illustrated recently. ""I go back and think about what they said about Tony Dungy and guys like that. You kind of wonder sometimes, like what else can I do? What does it take? You wonder why some guys get interviewed or get a job over you, but you just end up going with it, and still keep hoping for that opportunity to run your own team.

"All I can do is say, 'Here's what I've done, this is my track record, and this is my reputation as a coach.' I'm a coach who can get a good nucleus of guys and make them into a good team, I think."


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I hate Fisher....

As someone living in Nebraska, I can give you two reasons why Zimmer didn't want that job.

1-The last guy won nine games (10 if you count the bowl they won without him) and Zimmer probably figured he'd suffer the same fate if he only won nine games.

2-The AD at the time (Steve Pedersen) has to be considered one of the biggest idiots in college history. He settled for Bill Callahan after he ran out of options. Needless to say, they both got fired four years later.

The fact Zimmer didn't take that job only reinforces my belief he is a very sharp individual who understands what's a good situation and what isn't.

Zimmer is a good candidate, wouldn't mind if he was the choice at all.

Just please don't hire an old retread with no energy left.

Totally agree with Mando that Mike Nolan should be interviewed. He is sharp, put together a very good defense here, and is still very hungry.


Kris still hates Fisher!

If your luck is anything like mine Kris, we'll be signing him by morning.

The best candidate out there in my opinion is Eric Mangini (I would prefer him more than even Fisher). But Ross would never hire him because the fan base would revolt.


If that is true.....many believe this is a BAD situation.....

Not me....

but many do....


* Cowboys dump Dave Campo secondary coach *

I'm sure Armando is drooling all over his TypePad as he is going to do a full page about the Cowboy / Dolphin connection with Zimmer and Campo and how freaking good he would be as our STAR HC.

Jeff the Scout is having the plane fueled up to bring in more job saving Cowboy rejects.

Parcells is sitting in his Big Boy lounge chair Smokin his BIG Fatties as he counts his millions and laughs at Ireland the Scout interviews.

It's desperation in South Fla folks...

Please stop with the pictures of this fraud Fisher - he's a pu**y - he needs to go lose in obscurity in St. Louis (what state is St. Louis in?) - he'll be fired in three years. Meanwhile, the Dolphins and Todd Bowles will making their 2nd trip to the Super Bowl.

Oh my God - now Campo is going to be our coach - it sucks that our team sucks so bad.

No matter what happens...the Dolphins will look foolish when:
1. Jay Gruden is a great NFL head coach.
2. The Dolphins did not do their due diligence and, at least, interview him.
3. They don't try to package their 2012 #1 pick & Jake Long (and a 3rd next year) for the Indy's #1 overall pick.

Uh oh - now Campo is going to be our next coach. Can this get any worse - it sux that our team sux so bad.

Marty Shotty is a STAR and Jeff the POS SCOUT occupying the GM's office wont interview him because Shotty would come right out and tell Ross that ireland is a complete butt hole and if you want me you have to start by whacking ireland.

Ireland in self preservation mode with these rejects he's interviewing.

I hear that George the Animal Steele is interested in the HC job.

NOOOOO... This Zimmer was in Dallas. No more Dallas rejects.

The Dolphins Couldent SUCK enough for LUCK BUT they are doing a perfect job at SUCKING for anyone but a STAR HC.

Mcrunner34 - Indy would laugh in our faces - its going to take at least 3 number ones to get Luck 9at least two number ones and a couple twos). Way too high of a price to pay. Put it this way, some team is going to win the Super Bowl this year without Andrew Luck - it can be done.

Mcrunner..How is that a good deal for Indy?? If you are going to propose a trade you have to at least make it feasable. Remember. Indy picked a left tackle in the first round last year(Castanzo) Also Jake is great, but showing some signs of wear. That would be robbery for the Phins. Gotta up the anti a little bit if we are to be serious about courting Indy for the number one pick. They have the gun, we have the butter knife.

NY G - exactly, the Dolphins had to get those HUGE wins over the Bills, the Jets and the Redskins. Anyone can win once the pressure is off. Just that stupid win over the Jets (which I can't believe I'm complaining about)cost us 4 slots in the draft.

Mike Zimmer would be a great hire. He's been high on my list for a long time. Hard-working, good communicator, well-respected, fair. Love it!!

My only question would be who would come with him as a coaching staff. I don't know that part. Mike Zimmer is ready to be a Head Coach in the NFL and you guys wanting potentially the next Tomlin, say hi to Mike Zimmer. My only question....is he a better hire than Jay Gruden and Winston Moss and Philbin? I don't know the answer to that. But he's a quality guy who will get the most out of his team. If he does up HC, I hope guys like Daboll and Bowles stick around.

That's IT!!!!

I'm stressed out and now I'm heading out for a 40 ounce steak.

I'll catch up with you all later with perhaps some more breaking news that I cant digest yet.

NYG enjoy that steak! I'm salivating!

Pittsburgh Jim,

Exactly PJ... Ireland is going to be whacked real soon by Peterson.

I'm off to dinner.

Mularkey was too conservative with that great offense and didnt even compete in that playoff game! NO MULARKEY, he's a chicken S#IT! Once Fisher turns us down, Ireland will probably recommend against Philbin since his troubled son is missing and probably dead. Scratch off another viable candidate!

Oye Vay!!! Another candidate wo any NFL head coaching experience...Im too old to watch another Fins head coach try to learn on the job and wind up getting fired due to some of those lessons learned on the job.

God bless the Philbins if that's the case!

Craig M,

Before I leave for my steak..

Just remember.. It takes a STAR HC to have the connections to bring in a (hopefully) star staff. Star HC can attract the best. We wont attract anything with the crap in the GM office except crap fly.


Thanks bro.

NY "G",

Yeah I got it man....loud and clear. You don't like Ireland and Cowher is coming....got it!

Enjoy your steak brother...


Have to AGREE! No more NOTHING out of FVCKING Dallas! I don't care what it is, if it has the Cowboy Stench to it, JUST SAY NO!

Except the Cheer Leaders! If any of the Cheer Leaders want to come over to the Phins, I'd be OK with that.

But THAT's IT!!!!


Mike Zimmer.

The best candidate out there in my opinion is Eric Mangini (I would prefer him more than even Fisher). But Ross would never hire him because the fan base would revolt.

Posted by: Fake GM | January 09, 2012 at 06:50 PM

I probably would revolt. Mangini is a bad coach, the players don't like playing for the guy, may be a good football mind but not someone you want running your team. Coordinator, fine, but not HC


I wouldn't want him for a coach.

He sounds Italian though, maybe we can hire him as a hitman to whack Ireland.

come on fisher!!!!!!!!

jeff fisher is coming to miami!

Breaking News????

we need fisher!!!!!!

Zimmer would do this team Justice!!

Zimmer dude you need more then yourself to think your good!!!
This search is seriously pissing me off!!

Wrong coach from Greenbay! No Mike Nolan!! No offensive minded guys. Keep The interim. We were 3 pts from going 3-0 with him an beating New England. An Reggie Bush had a 200 yard game under him!!

Front office is messing it up again!!

bowles,lol no way. hire fisher and watch this franchise turn around

Keep Todd Bowles!!

F you dusty. Fisher is a damn scrub. Bowles is a winner.

dusty is such a f-ing loser following the turd media

The questions that we should be asking are Who's the next Sean Payton? Or who is the next John Harbaugh? Who is young to middle aged and has the pizazz, the know how, and the make up to lead people, coaches and players alike.

Without alienating people, without being stubborn and by being creative and having a sense of urgency every game. Not just when their job is on the line.

I wish i knew the answer. Better yet, i wish Ross and Ireland knew the answer.

I was rooting for Cincy to lose b/c I wanted to see Zimmer get an interview, so I'm pumped to see his name in there. This guy is a legit HC in waiting. The only question I have is who would be on his staff. And as much as he runs a pretty good defense, he needs to delegate that side of the ball as a HC. I also think Daboll has shown enough to stay on another year, unless Zimmer has an OC in mind.

I don't think Chudzinski will get a sniff because Ireland said they would be looking for experience. Not necessarily HC experience, but Chud hasn't been in the grind all that long to be considered "experieced".

Attention: Mr Ross . Mike Shula the young Don. OC, HC, QB coach he's got cred. Bring him in.

"The fact Zimmer didn't take that job only reinforces my belief he is a very sharp individual who understands what's a good situation and what isn't"

Oh, hell, we're screwed.

I remember watching Zimmer on Hard Knocks and took a liking to him then. Parcells also liked him and talked him out of taking the position at Nebraska. I think this would be a decent hire. We still need a QB!

LOL @JC @ 7:43

mike shula,loooooooooooool

zimmer is solid. but fisher is a homerun fingers still crossed

Jeff Fisher agrees to coach Miami Dolphins - Sources have told us at MiamiSportsBuzz that Jeff Fisher will accept the position as the new coach of the Miami Dolphins and an announcement will come later this week. Fisher will accept what is widely believed to be a 5 year deal worth over 6 million a year.

Sometimes its best to just stick with what you got if nothing clearly superior is available.

I'm not one to know if Bowles is qualified. All I know is other teams have interviewed him for HC in the past. Unless someone blows him away in the interviews, then I say keep the continuity.


I think they could do a lot worse than hiring Todd Bowles. This guy's time is coming. He's bright and hard-working and seems to have the respect of the players. What's the worst that could happen? We'd replace him in two years? Big deal....

I was never a huge fan of Fisher. I was sort of getting into it because he is the biggest name out there who still wants to coach.

I would have rather have went the up and coming coach way to begin with.

Now i just don't want us to end up with egg in our faces...again.

It has to end sometime..doesn't it?


Zimmer is impressive! I agree, Nolan should at least garner an interview....This FIsher saga is taking WAY too long; geez, make your mind up already...starting to get pi**ed off with this waiting game...I wouldn't be surprised if Fisher choosed neither team and instead waits it out another year...ZImmer sounds good and hopefully he'd strongly consider keeping both Nolan & Daboll...


Whether you like Fisher or not, any GM would be foolish to not interview him considering the options available. We don't get the benefit of knowing how that interview went. We don't know HIS story from his point of view with the Titans.

I can't say I am overly excited about him, but then again, maybe had I been present at the interviews I'd be higher on him.

Ireland is not the most likable guy.
Ireland has made lots of mistakes.

Still, Ireland and Ross are no idiots. I trust they will evaluate the interviews as well as any of us, if not better.


It may have been out of their hands with Fisher before they evern started, kind of like it was with Harbaugh last year. Fisher's been out of work for a year and he's no dummy. He's been sizing things up from afar or a long time now. He's gone through the process but there's not much Ireland and Ross do about St. Louis' cap room, the fact they have Bradford and the second overall pick. I'm sure they gave it their best, regardless of the outcome.
If it's not Fisher and someone else, then so-be it. No biggie....I'm looking forward to seeing what the new guy can bring, whoever he might be.

come on fisher

I don't know any of these coaching prospects well, do any of us really? All I know is I want a coach that is the MAN of the team. He's the mouthpiece, the guy that takes one for the team, the guy who can make us forget about Jeff Ireland (never heard of a GM who gets more pub than him and he's done JACK to earn it). More importantly, I want a coach that can put together a strong staff, scream at a QB when he wastes a timeout due to the play clock running out (again) and fixes the red zone issues so I don't have to KNOW for a fact that an f'n FG is looming after a sweep right on first down for no gain, a drop by fasano on 2nd down and a weak fade to Marshall on 3rd down fails (again). IS that so much to ask?

There hasn't been enough written about Jay Gruden, Chudzinksi, Philbin or Brian Shottenheimer. I'm not blaming Armando but these are some of the names that should be discussed further. Like why is Chudzinski a btter fit than Gruden or vice versa. I'm not sold on Schottenheimer by any means but he should be part of the discussion too.

Mando, Instead of rhetorically asking why Mike Nolan isn't getting any consideration even after his defense has finished in the top ten in the league two years in a row can you ask somebody with the Dolphins that question?

It's ridiculous that they're off chasing all these guys who run a 4-3 and not talking to Nolan.

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