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Zimmer expected to interview with Dolphins Tuesday

In 2003 the Nebraska Cornhuskers were looking for a head coach and decided Mike Zimmer should be that man. For reasons I'm not completely clear about, Zimmer turned the job down.

He continued working with the Dallas Cowboys under then coach Bill Parcells and showed himself a versatile coach. He always ran the 4-3 defense, most notably under previous Dallas coach Dave Campo, but when Parcells came aboard, he wanted to run the 3-4.

And Zimmer did that with little trouble. Parcells retained him as the defensive coordinator which says something of Zimmer's versatility and the respect he commanded. When Parcells departed Dallas in 2007, Zimmer also left.

He went to Atlanta under Bobby Petrino. Yeah, that didn't last. Petrino literally quit on the team before the season was over and the entire coaching staff was left hanging.

The Bengals hired Zimmer in 2008 to be their defensive coordinator.

To sum up how Cincinnati players feel about Zimmer, all I have to say is that players gave him the game ball when he coached the week his wife passed in October of 2009. The Bengals beat the Ravens 17-14 that week.

Zimmer backs his players and he doesn't mind doing it in the face of apparent pressure. In the preseason after the Bengals' defense laid an egg against Detroit in a 34-3 loss, Zimmer was disappointed and upset. But a day after the game, after watching film, he was put on the spot by owner Mike Brown about the unit.

In that tough moment Zimmer put himself on the line and told the owner something he probably didn't expect to hear: He told Brown he believed in his players and promised they'd be pretty good in 2011, which hardly seemed possible at the time.

The Bengals, despite the defection of cornerback Jonathan Joseph, did just fine. They were ninth in the NFL in points allowed this season. (The Dolphins were tied for sixth, which makes you wonder why Mike Nolan isn't being interviewed but that's another matter.)

So now Zimmer, at age 55, is on the head coaching radar. He's reportedly interviewing with the Dolphins on Tuesday and is also expected to interview other places this week. His dream to become a head coach is alive.

"It's still alive, but sometimes you get frustrated over the course of time,'' Zimmer told Sports Illustrated recently. ""I go back and think about what they said about Tony Dungy and guys like that. You kind of wonder sometimes, like what else can I do? What does it take? You wonder why some guys get interviewed or get a job over you, but you just end up going with it, and still keep hoping for that opportunity to run your own team.

"All I can do is say, 'Here's what I've done, this is my track record, and this is my reputation as a coach.' I'm a coach who can get a good nucleus of guys and make them into a good team, I think."


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No more of dallas trash please. If fisher takes the rams job and they end up in the playoffs and the dolphins are sitting at home once again, all of you who dont want fisher will be crying all over again!

nobody cares about jay gruden, not a candiate anywhere

Sad to hear they've found Philbin's son in a river.

That's another one that killed our National Anthem.

Since they interviewed Bowles they can't also interview Nolan.
If Nolan got the job they would have a huge discrimination lawsuit that could cost Ross money in his other businesses.


I hope we hire a good coach and get a good draft pick.

Chatrooming is fun because everyone is nice and smart and funny.

duty buttons,
Who do you think we should draft?

I don't understand the Schotty talk. 10 years ago maybe. I'm not the first one here to point out he is an old man and we'd only be looking for a new coach 3-4 years down the line. Doesn't make sense. We have a young team, we need a coach for the long haul for a change.

I meant dusty buttons not duty buttons

deviled avocado,
You sound smart too, who do you think we should draft?

we should try and trade up for a qb. but if not take the best player avail, but im guessing this current fin team would take a rt

I had a chip with deviled avocado one time I liked it.

We already have a QB his name is Matt Moore. We have a RT also his name is Columbus.


Mando, update us on Philbin's son! Tragic!

Thought this might be of interest to those that have posted about trading up for a top pick this upcoming draft.


Now this just deals with what the teams use for trade value for picks. So the top pick is 3000 pts. the Dolphins pick is worth $1400 if they get #8, 1350 if #9...

So obviously there's got to be more picks involved to balance the value...

Play around with that for a while, gets very different if there are players involved, but I think its much more likely to be picks because of contractual obligations and finances involved.

That LSU D is very active.

It never ceases to amaze me. Some people think armando is always making fun of the team. It doesn't matter how neutral the statement, some people in here apparently hate the team so much that they see it as an attack and jump right behind the perception to show support. Armando said they werent interviewing Nolan and it was a seperate issue. He didnt say they were making a mistake you nitwits. Did you ever think that perhaps the reason they're not interviewing him is because he doesn't want a head coaching position at this time? Have you noticed that no other teams have asked for permission to interview him for a head coaching position? Stop being haters.

oscar is funny he said the LSD is active

I can see now that till the Dolphins get rid of Ireland we will never be rid of Parcells style football, run the ball first and play defense. Every coachs name that comes up is a defensive run the ball coach. Which is odd since " ROSS " promised that he would give Dolphin fans a wide open passing style football like we had with Dan Marino. We have been a running football team since Shula and Marino left, and where has that gotten us. If you like going 8-8 or 10-6 and drafting in the middle of the pack then stay with running the ball like the last 20 years.


You're wasting your time bud. It's what some of these guys live for. The regime can do nothing right and you watch, whoever eventually replaces Ireland will be getting it too. No hope...

Matt Moore is a good QB he throws the ball far and Brandon Marshall catches it but sometimes he drops it so Denver used him to swindle 2 2nd round picks from us and replaced him with Demarius Thomas and they beat the Steelers in the playoffs and we just beat our meat.

That Alabama D is big as hell.

We should trade Brandon Marshall back to Denver and get our 2 2nd round picks back and then draft Demarius Thomas with one of those 2nd round picks and then we can be in the playoffs also.

I believe Fisher values power more than he does a big payday.

The Rams will give him the power to select the GM. He could draft Blackmon or possibly trade Bradford and get RGIII and someone's 1st pick (and maybe more).

How bad does Ross want Fisher?

Is he willing to fire Ireland to get Fisher?

See, these very active D's you have to make them go where you ain't.

oscar wrote hell that is a bad word h omo is a bad word also

a h omo is a man that puts his mouth on another man's peepee

be huge to get fisher and get rid of ireland, ill take least fisher

Matt Moore is our qb I call myself Moore Is Less because I like Matt Moore he throws the ball far with his eyes closed I saw his picture.

dusty buttons wants to go to Ireland to go fishing

That offensive up tempo is the right way to go vs a big, physical D.

The sears commercial is having an MLk sale MLK is a street where violence is going down not a washing machine

tell the truth now, which one of you studs wants my eager mouth?

Denver dealt their other top receiver right after they decided to go with Tebow as well...
Guess they figured that without a QB with a dynamic passing game, why keep'em?
Anyway, they should have some pretty good pieces to improve their team in the draft.

sSomeone else is named Moore Is Less so I will change my name to Less Is Moore so no one will get us mixed up

oscar are you ready for me?

They got the good matchup.

oscar likes it when I coat his throat so does dusty buttons

negro por favor

Tojour le audace, ah?

What's up losers?

You touch the ball, you have to catch it, bro.

Mando still stalking Fisher?
JFC Mando show some dignity.

We agreed on no impersonations, yes?

That Alabama QB really suks.

I could roll with it if got that LSU corner with the first pick.
We still haven't replaced Ginn's return yards.

A week ago Mando claimed that all of Dolphins nation was desperate for Fisher.
Now everybody with the exception of Mando has moved on.

Both QB's really suk. Or they are nervous.

I wish someone would pay attention to me and stroke my worthlessness.

The downer with cell phones is there is no more phone booths I can stroke in while I watch the construction workers.



Does he have a stache?


Trent Richardson will make a fine NFL RB.

MOORE IS LESS is hilarious. he gets it. rock on brother.

Trent Richardson will make a fine Phins rb as long as he runs to the left side.

Trent has a nice huge bulge to the right, so he should run left for balance.

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