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Zimmer expected to interview with Dolphins Tuesday

In 2003 the Nebraska Cornhuskers were looking for a head coach and decided Mike Zimmer should be that man. For reasons I'm not completely clear about, Zimmer turned the job down.

He continued working with the Dallas Cowboys under then coach Bill Parcells and showed himself a versatile coach. He always ran the 4-3 defense, most notably under previous Dallas coach Dave Campo, but when Parcells came aboard, he wanted to run the 3-4.

And Zimmer did that with little trouble. Parcells retained him as the defensive coordinator which says something of Zimmer's versatility and the respect he commanded. When Parcells departed Dallas in 2007, Zimmer also left.

He went to Atlanta under Bobby Petrino. Yeah, that didn't last. Petrino literally quit on the team before the season was over and the entire coaching staff was left hanging.

The Bengals hired Zimmer in 2008 to be their defensive coordinator.

To sum up how Cincinnati players feel about Zimmer, all I have to say is that players gave him the game ball when he coached the week his wife passed in October of 2009. The Bengals beat the Ravens 17-14 that week.

Zimmer backs his players and he doesn't mind doing it in the face of apparent pressure. In the preseason after the Bengals' defense laid an egg against Detroit in a 34-3 loss, Zimmer was disappointed and upset. But a day after the game, after watching film, he was put on the spot by owner Mike Brown about the unit.

In that tough moment Zimmer put himself on the line and told the owner something he probably didn't expect to hear: He told Brown he believed in his players and promised they'd be pretty good in 2011, which hardly seemed possible at the time.

The Bengals, despite the defection of cornerback Jonathan Joseph, did just fine. They were ninth in the NFL in points allowed this season. (The Dolphins were tied for sixth, which makes you wonder why Mike Nolan isn't being interviewed but that's another matter.)

So now Zimmer, at age 55, is on the head coaching radar. He's reportedly interviewing with the Dolphins on Tuesday and is also expected to interview other places this week. His dream to become a head coach is alive.

"It's still alive, but sometimes you get frustrated over the course of time,'' Zimmer told Sports Illustrated recently. ""I go back and think about what they said about Tony Dungy and guys like that. You kind of wonder sometimes, like what else can I do? What does it take? You wonder why some guys get interviewed or get a job over you, but you just end up going with it, and still keep hoping for that opportunity to run your own team.

"All I can do is say, 'Here's what I've done, this is my track record, and this is my reputation as a coach.' I'm a coach who can get a good nucleus of guys and make them into a good team, I think."


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Richardson will go top 5 but that guy Mathews the LSU corner could be productive for us.

Please post a photograph of this alleged character. I need to see if he has a mustache.

If Alabama has a Sr lineman that has started at least 3 years then that would work also.

Tim Tebow and the Broncos just won a playoff game. B Marshall who came from Denver did now. When was the last playoff win for the Finsters?

The last Dolphins postseason victory took place when Bob Griese was QB.


Do you have a beard down below? Or shaved?

If you want to talk about the last Phins postseason game it was the masterpiece painted by NoodleArm: you remember the 4 picks against B'more.

Cream pies in the winter, I love them.

That LSU offensive unit has to settle down. Don't complicate things, just run your plays.

Thoughts are with Philbin family......football is football a Game thats it.

Dude WTF? I have not insulted anyone in here this evening. Other than Mando I have not put anyone down. Now get of my ass I'm warning you.
You definitely don't want to get me started on your s h i t t y career, fat wife, failing children or disgusting house.
Back the f u c k off.

Any one of those Alabana D linemen or linebackers will make fine NFL players.

I never knew genital warts were contagious. He is still pissed at me.

I don't get it. College ball is really boring. Who cares.

Funny, very few posts here about the Game. Apparently, bloggers here are in protective mode, don't want their intelligence violated.


I want to be violated. What are you doing now?

You cannot escape it, Armando and the amigos. Even if you are in the spotlight, there are People in this blog that are light years ahead of you Football wise and otherwise. You cannot run away from it; accept it, and it will be a beautiful World.

Rams interviewing Bronco's D-Coordinator this week.....HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

Whoever is imitating me needs to go f u c k themself.

The last Dolphins postseason victory took place when Bob Griese was QB.

Posted by: PriceMaster | January 09, 2012 at 09:43 PM



Wrong answer - we beat the Colts under Waandshyt.

Fake me @10:08

You guys know me better than that.

Thoughts and prayers to the Philiban family.

Posters are using bad words in here h omo is a bad word too

Meant Plilibin.

I think it's time for special children to go to bed now.

I'm special I go to bed now Matt Moore is my favorite QB he throws the ball far with his eyes closed I saw his picture

Moore you seem like a very nice man.

Mcrunner34, don't you think Indy might want to know what position the Dolphins will be drafting. We won't know until the combine. Indy has already said they will be keeping the choice. How if they don't keep it it don't you think some other teams might have better pieces. Do you think Indy wants to do us a favor.

Price master,
Your better than this.
Always follow your comments and yes Griese so the last playoff game.
Do not play this game with them.

I'm a nice man I'm not a h omo dusty buttons is

Tampa you are really sweet. Thanks.

Not sweet.
But BS.
Looking for info, not cheap.

Name your Price, and the Master will consider.

dusty buttons mouth sucks very hard kris a sshole sucks very hard also

This is why Internet has become such a problem throughout the World. You write your Blog, and all of a sudden some guy/gal comes up and lays the Truth on you. And, if you don't like It and as the Truth admits no arguments, you neither can go home and hide, as this is your very transparent Home. Big time problem worldwide as most People rather die than accept they are wrong.

Management finally springs for the new fan on the loading dock and all of a sudden it's like, "get off you ass your 8 minute break time is over".


You give me GOOSE bumps.

Just because they thier wife and kids don't eat hot dogs for breakfast and dinner everyday they think they're better than everyone else.

kris do you enjoy whipped cream?

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LSU should change QB's.

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whenever the announcer says 'Smelly' it makes me think of kris' wife.


Boxers or briefs? :-p

Sure, big Alabama should run them down now.

Why not interview GB asst. HC Winston Moss, how about Jim Haslet and Mike Sherman? Just saying....

That QB from LSU sure looks lost as all hell.

This game is exactly why most didnt want to see a LSU-Bama rematch. Been watching the game for 3 hours, but have only actually watch about 20 minutes of it.

What a snore fest, neither team has a real qb nor wr's.

Im not sure LSU nor Bama would beat Baylor and RGIII tonight.

I respect both teams have great defenses. Still both teams have lousy qb's, LSU's qb just stinks worse tonight.

Now, now, we could use some of those defenders from Alabama. Still, yes, no offensive masterpiece on either side.

TD? Wow, there must be an offensive god!

I was again wrong. This was a lousy Game.

I'm gone. GN.


Are there any GM's out there looking for jobs that you think is better than Ireland?

It just seems Ross thinks Ireland is the best GM in the world. I just don't get it. They put all their eggs in one basket with Fisher and now they are scrabbling YET AGAIN to find someone.

Let's say we get someone else to coach besides Fisher. Let's say we finish sub .500 again for the next 3 years. HOW IS THAT NOT IRELAND'S FAULT at that point?

one of the most forgetable championships i have ever witnessed.

Oklahoma State should have been playing tonight.

I see Oscar Canosa has been impersonating me all night.....

I would be flattered....but the post were lame....

What about Rob Chudzinski????
If the dolphins don't get Rob Chudzinski or
Mike Shula

That could have been the most boring game ever....

Like watching the FINS and the Browns....when Henning was the OC.....

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