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Zimmer expected to interview with Dolphins Tuesday

In 2003 the Nebraska Cornhuskers were looking for a head coach and decided Mike Zimmer should be that man. For reasons I'm not completely clear about, Zimmer turned the job down.

He continued working with the Dallas Cowboys under then coach Bill Parcells and showed himself a versatile coach. He always ran the 4-3 defense, most notably under previous Dallas coach Dave Campo, but when Parcells came aboard, he wanted to run the 3-4.

And Zimmer did that with little trouble. Parcells retained him as the defensive coordinator which says something of Zimmer's versatility and the respect he commanded. When Parcells departed Dallas in 2007, Zimmer also left.

He went to Atlanta under Bobby Petrino. Yeah, that didn't last. Petrino literally quit on the team before the season was over and the entire coaching staff was left hanging.

The Bengals hired Zimmer in 2008 to be their defensive coordinator.

To sum up how Cincinnati players feel about Zimmer, all I have to say is that players gave him the game ball when he coached the week his wife passed in October of 2009. The Bengals beat the Ravens 17-14 that week.

Zimmer backs his players and he doesn't mind doing it in the face of apparent pressure. In the preseason after the Bengals' defense laid an egg against Detroit in a 34-3 loss, Zimmer was disappointed and upset. But a day after the game, after watching film, he was put on the spot by owner Mike Brown about the unit.

In that tough moment Zimmer put himself on the line and told the owner something he probably didn't expect to hear: He told Brown he believed in his players and promised they'd be pretty good in 2011, which hardly seemed possible at the time.

The Bengals, despite the defection of cornerback Jonathan Joseph, did just fine. They were ninth in the NFL in points allowed this season. (The Dolphins were tied for sixth, which makes you wonder why Mike Nolan isn't being interviewed but that's another matter.)

So now Zimmer, at age 55, is on the head coaching radar. He's reportedly interviewing with the Dolphins on Tuesday and is also expected to interview other places this week. His dream to become a head coach is alive.

"It's still alive, but sometimes you get frustrated over the course of time,'' Zimmer told Sports Illustrated recently. ""I go back and think about what they said about Tony Dungy and guys like that. You kind of wonder sometimes, like what else can I do? What does it take? You wonder why some guys get interviewed or get a job over you, but you just end up going with it, and still keep hoping for that opportunity to run your own team.

"All I can do is say, 'Here's what I've done, this is my track record, and this is my reputation as a coach.' I'm a coach who can get a good nucleus of guys and make them into a good team, I think."


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Has 21-0 ever been so uneventful....

so drama free.....

What's up retards?

If we got the top player on the Nat'l C'ship team he would suck as soon as he was drafted into our fine organization.

That Bama QB McCarron would be a huge upgrade to Moore. We should grab him in the 7th round if he is still around.

Philbins kid forcibly raped one 16 year old while she was intoxicated.

He doinked the other one after she passed with near alcohol poisoning.

Apparently, he broke through the ice and drowned. Police recieved a call with reports of someone screaming for help.


Of course NE always grabs the best QB of all time in the 6th round. With the exception of Matt Flynn. Flynn lasted until the 7th round and then he became the best QB of all time. If we sign Matt Flynn he will leapfrog Pennington into 2nd place all-time Phins QB behind Griese.

nothing like the warm fuzzy feeling i get when i see nick saban celebrating....anything...

god i hate the effin guy

We need to clear this and move on: When was young Philbin in State College, Pa? Syracuse, NY?

Green Bay -- Michael Philbin, the 18-year-old son of Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin, was sentenced Thursday morning to 6 months in jail for having non-consensual sex with two girls who had been drinking heavily at a party he threw while his parents were out of town last summer.

Both terms will be served concurrently, meaning Philbin could be out in 4 months. After that, Philbin will have to comply with a strict probation term of 30 months that will include counseling. He will not be able to leave the state during that time.

The sentence was a result of a joint recommendation by both the defense and prosecuting attorneys. Brown County Circuit Judge Sue Bischel followed the recommendations after Philbin changed his not-guilty pleas to each of the four counts. Philbin pled no contest to each of the four counts on Thursday.

Both Joe Philbin and his wife, Diane, were present in the courtroom during sentencing. Neither spoke during the session, but both broke down into tears on several occasions. Joe Philbin declined to comment after the sentence was handed down.

Stephen Glynn, one of Michael Philbin's attorneys, said the Philbin household has been a perpetual "house of sorrow" since the assaults took place.

Philbin apologized to the victims in a short prepared statement, saying he was "sorry for his actions" and "for what I put them through."

Bischel said from the pre-sentencing reports she was given, Philbin was a good person who came from a good family, but one who "did a horrible thing."

Despite pleas from the parents of both victims, Bischel declined to have Michael Philbin listed as a sex offender. She left it open for his record to be expunged if he successfully completes his probation.

I need to slow down.
Matt Flynn is not only the greatest QB of all time in a game he is College FB Champ at LSU also about 4 years ago.
Other than Bob Griese (and his son Brien Griese) 2 time SB winner, no one has actually won a championship on Miami. (Brien Griese did it twice: he was Nat'l chapionship in '98 for Mich beating out Peyton and he was backup for Broncos as rookie behind Elway in '99).
In fact Manning father/son combo never won c'ships Griese father/son did. How did the press miss that?

NFL players get arrested for crimes all the time. So do their parents.
So Do their children.
And they fail, and they become homeless; and they become incarcerated; and they give birth to crack/heroin addicted infants;
Do we care all of a sudden?

The Philbin kid evaluated everything and realized that by offing himself now his father could get on with his coaching life.
Let's honor the kid's manliness and move on.

Care about what?

I guess if it was your 16 year old daughter getting banged while passed out drunk, you'd have no problems?

Care about what?

If was your daughter hooking for Crack or your son stealing for Heroin, you'd be fine?

I'm not sure what you mean by "Caring"?

Let's face it: Miami is a filthy city of filthy people living filthy lives.
If a coaches son from another city dies while living a filthy life how much do we really care?
Other than skin color what makes him better than us?

As a white person I can admit that white people are better than non-white people. But sometimes, on a case by case basis, a person of color is achieving more than a correspondibng White person.
Those white people need to go work on a loading dock and eat egg & cheese sandwiches with extra butter.

10 years ago I was horrified by what people were saying in chat rooms like this.
Now it is business as usual
And my business is calling it out.
Let's get it on negroes!

Buenas nochas motherfuckers


This is funny video of Fat Tony. It makes him look like a predator...

Lol Negroes... Por Favor signs that ticket.

I have been re-educated and now I can admit that black people are better than white people.
Black people dominate music, sports and movie insdustries.
Black people also dominate shipping/receiving docks that sometimes have fans to cool it off.

Nachos Bell Grande...

That was dinner, good stuff w hot sauce...

coolin it off boss


Philbin is out because too much family trauma.

It will be Manginininininini or Tood Bowel Movement.

i'm on the Bowles band wagon.
Keep Daboll and Nolan. Keep Ireland too.
I'm not sure what Ireland has done to get folks so fired up. His first draft by himself was the best of all the years he's been involved.

Mike Nolan has a .327 win record as a head coach. That's why!

So, we have the owner of the dolphins following the advice of sports writers who wanted Sparano gone.

We will end up with another trainee as head coach, and he will continue the program Sparano started.

Of all the candidates I think Zimmer may be the best choice. I remember the Bengals had a terrible defense last year.

Zimmer will make the least amount of changes, which is a good thing. I am concerned he lacks game experience as a head coach and his clock management may not be up to par.

I like Daboel and Nolan, and hope they are in the plans for this year.

the thing to like about zimmer is he is a hard nosed coach who takes no crap. That is a plus with our Dolphins.

Bad news is he comes from the Dallas tree again so you would probably get a bunch of coaches who served in Dallas maybe even Campo. Start the screaming now.

I like Zimmmer anyone who can make Cincy playoff caliber could take our team to the playoffs.

I still would love to play Marty Ball. Think he would be able to rebuild the coaching tree in Miami and so does the Don. Enough said, Shula the man who breaths the Miami Dolphins would pick Marty and that should be good enough for any true Miami Dolphin Fan.

Here is an Idea how about doing a story that asks the Don who he would choose out of these candidates.

Go Dolphins!! Guess we will see Marty when we scrimage Tampa this Aug.

brian billick should at least get an interview....it's ridiculous to even think that brian loosing to the 1-15 fins in 2007 would make him less desirable just because ross had to pay an extra 40mil for the team....come on now an owner should put his personal likes and dislikes aside for the greater good...plus brian would most likely keep mike nolan aboard and the defense can continue getting better rather than having to start over....the guy knows how to win a superbowl and in blow out fashion i might add

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