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... And another thing that makes Manning wrong choice

A couple of days ago I made the case why I'm not too fond of the idea of the Dolphins signing Peyton Manning to be their starting quarterback in 2012.

I'm not done.

Moving on from Manning's health questions, his age question, his eventual decline, his being a short-term fix at best when the quarterback problem requires a long-term solution, I've come up with annother issue to ponder as I continue to swim upstream on an idea the Dolphins apparently are intent on developing.

I was reminded by a former coach yesterday that adding Peyton Manning to your team can become a royal pain in the posterior.

The point was made to me that whatever team Manning joins will have to make concessions for him. The team will have to run an offense he's familiar with to maximize his talent immediately because, after all, he's going to be 36 years old and time is short. No time for him to learn a new system and get comfy in the system and start to produce maybe late in the year and maybe next year.

In the Dolphins case, that would likely mean new coach Joe Philbin and offfensive coordinator Mike Sherman learning a system Manning is comfortable with rather than the other way around.

So let me get this straight: The Dolphins hire Philbin because they admire his work in Green Bay. They like the Green Bay model. They like the Green Bay system. And he hires buddy Mike Sherman, who was at Green Bay and feels a kinship with Philbin and the system he wants to run.

And having all that familiarity available to them, the Dolphins would scrap it all to make Manning comfortable with a system similar to the one he's run the past 14 years? They would make Manning the de-facto offensive coordinator?

One of the advantages everyone assumed the Dolphins would enjoy by hiring Philbin was expertise on soon-to-be free agent quarterback Matt Flynn, who played under Philbin in Green Bay and is obviously familiar with that system. Assuming Philbin wanted to make some tweaks to the system, the foundation was still going to remain and Flynn was going to enjoy a head start if he joined the Dolphins because he is very familiar with that foundation.

And the Dolphins are simply going to turn their back on that?

That would be better?

I have to say this: The reason everyone knows the Dolphins are enamored with the idea of signing Peyton Manning if he becomes available is because owner Stephen Ross loves the idea. And he's the boss. He is apparently going to make this call come heck or high water.

Everyone knows this as fact because Ross has let his feelings be known on the subject.

But no one knows how Philbin feels about it. Nobody knows general manager Jeff Ireland's opinion on the subject. Don't they get a vote?

Do Miami's football men have the ability to say 'No' to the owner if all their football wisdom tells them to go in a different direction away from Manning?

Now, I suppose it is possible Ross spouted his opinion on chasing Manning after careful consideration and conversation with both Ireland and Philbin. (For Miami's sake, I hope that's the case.) But knowing the Dolphins as I do, my guess is no such conversation took place before Ross indirectly made his desires known.

Despite my worst fear, perhaps such a conversation eventually takes place and Philbin and Ireland are all in on Manning. (Something that will cause me to wonder about both men, but that's another story). At that point it won't be an issue that Philbin might have to subjugate his system for one that fits Manning. At that point it won't be an issue that ownership is dictating which quarterback the team must chase first before checking with, you know, the football experts. Those points would be moot.

But it still raises the question: Why have such a logical connection to a young quarterback after hiring his coach and then going in a totally different direction with an old quarterback? Is that fair to Philbin?

And will it work?


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Rest assured Irescum will make the wrong decisions.

I am having a hard time seeing which of all the qb's being talked about would actually perform better in 2012 than Henne. I don't see it (assuming Manning is not in top shape which is unlikely)

Unfortunately Henne may be the best option to back up Moore. I certainly don't want to see Losman in a fins uniform next season.

..Again apologies to the blog for the off topic posts today..It is a slow day, and the back and forth is all good natured..

This said. Soiled...I am a huge fan of Forest Gump.. I did have an objection to the movie taking best picture in 94' as I thought Pulp Fiction was a masterpiece, and deserving of the honor..I do find myself using quotes from the Gump movie quite a bit..Especially when I am around buddies from Bama'

Pisco is excellent!

Tonight though, I will be enjoying some Bulliet Bourbon with a couple rocks.

wolfman13 | February 10, 2012 at 04:10 PM

Crack addiction is serious stuff!!

Pisco is excellent!
Tonight though, I will be enjoying some Bulliet Bourbon with a couple rocks.
wolfman13 | February 10, 2012 at 04:10 PM
Crack addiction is serious stuff!!
Posted by: fin4life | February 10, 2012 at 05:59 PM


LOL......no, not those kind of rocks. I like a good 4oz poor and two ice cubes.

Dear Mr. fin4life

Turtleing in the form of Capital F to lower case f is understandable with climate change.

I'm always telling the old lady I just took a cold shower, she's says I must take cold showers 10 times a day everyday....I think she's on to me.

I agree to all your methods to get better performance from our team no matter how extreme.

The Patriots are getting lax with there disciplne and are internaly exploding via Gisele Bunhdchan

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Stevie Ray Vaughn's helicopter crashed mysteriously just after Gisele was seen looking over the rotor blades.

Also lets not forget how Gisele blamed Steve Bartman for The Chicago Cubs problems.

Probly rambled some but all I said is true....I've seen the tapes.

Soiled :)

Alrighty then wolfman13 was getting a little worried about you there partner. I myself have never tried Bulliet Bourban but will be on the look out during my local liquor store visits this weekend!

SoiledBottom | February 10, 2012 at 06:07 PM

Dear Soiled,

I follow and concur with your line of thinking here!

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I believe the theory I proposed earlier regarding the Dolphins and their QB position is something the EVIL Belichik is now conspiring to hatch on Mrs. Brady as we speak down in his homes basement were he apparently spends large portions of his time listening to Bon Jovi's Slippery when Wet and spinning Black Sabbath's Paranoid backwards for the hidden messages!

I see I missed the booze talk. My liquor store is a bit busy. I am a Jack Daniels man myself also. Just brought home the 100 proof 2011 holiday select, as smooth as can be. i also indulge in JW blue, as I get it at a nice price. :-)

I personally love a good Scotch but when I get the evil eye have been known to indulge in Barcardi's 151.

Drinking Rule:

1) Liquor before Beer never fear

2) Beer before Liquor never sicker!

Words to live by for the novice.

Dear Mr. fin4life

Other Gisele connections

The Death of John Belushi

The popularity of Kevin Bacon

Gisele dating Ted Kazinski before Marrying Ms Brady

Before plastic surgury Gisele was actually Alice from the Brady bunch...always going on about Sam the butcher and that dam meatloaf she was always making.

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Soiled :)

arm of luck? no big deal. how bout the brains of luck? no he doesnt

Dear Soiled,

The connections don't cease there!

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And now of course her evil scheme to take over the NFL's Head Offices, were will it all end?!

Ahh yes.. I sell the 192 proof grain here, it is banned in all of the other New England states, I always start with beer then end with liquor. Must be an old pro. :)

The Dolphins are an Arena team. Nobody cares about them anymore.

She may well be the Anti christ we hear so much about.

Soiled :)

SoiledBottom | February 10, 2012 at 06:42 PM

Her child with Tom Brady may very well be a Demon seed she spawned on the World!!!!

ctphins | February 10, 2012 at 06:54 PM

I do not live by the rules either but us crafty Old Vets need to properly break in the Rooks for the life long transition!

Dear Soiled,

I also heard Gisele is actually the love child of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun who was secretly taken out of Germany and raised in Brazil by Dr. Joseph Mengela. She is the original Boys from Brazil (did you see the movie if you did you understand)

Gotta go fellow phin fans

See ya's in the next article

Soiled :)

For some reason, I can't picture Giselle Bundchen's Poosy.

Hey, what happened to my comment about David de Castro vs all the FA Guards?


I always hear the talk about her being one of the most beautiful woman in the World, blah, blah, blah and really don't see it when I look at the face she has on her nose.

Well, f4l, I may be partial. I like the Black Bush.

She good looking, though. Tom is too. Nice couple.

jessica alba,pinnacle

kate beckinsale is the bomb

giselle has saggy boobs. she is photogenic for modeling but i don't think she is that hot. i've been to brazil and she is not nearly as hot as whats strutting around on the beaches there.

What Women need from a Man is to feel protected by him. And in these Times specially, psychological protection. They are very vulnerable that way.

Ufff, Brazil....

being an american in brazil was kind of like being a rock star in new york city. you get your fair share without even trying. just be a normal gentleman and you are good to go because the brazilian men are not very respectful. they meet a girl and immediately start talking sex or start grabbing them. also there seem to be more women there, so they don't play hard to get, if they like you they let you know it fast, leave no doubt. the heck with american women.

Northern Iowa and St Anselm College that is where the newest additions to the coaching staff hail from.

That hapenned to me, kizo, when I studied in DR. Just looking at girls passing by, they would smile and giggle at you. No sweat. Here you look at most girls, and they think you are trying to rape them. I don't know...

In reply to oscar canosa at 7:32

You gotta go back door!

Backdoor? Which backdoor, SMK?

kizo | February 10, 2012 at 07:55 PM

Venezuela is exactly the same way, if they like you take them out to have a few rounds of Black Label and that night your knee deep in it, very aggressive types down there, loved every minute of the nearly 5 yrs. I spent there.

Nothing better than to touch the G Point on a woman. Many don't know if they urinated or had and orgasm. Sometimes both.

oscar, definitely a more open culture in brasil. you can stop by a little juice stand by the beach and if the girl working there is cute, you can hang out and chat with her for awhile and she won't think you are a stalker, its normal, whoever shows up talks to everyone else like they already know them.

the cool thing is in the bars, its totally opposite. if two girls are at a table and you are on your own, they want you to come say hello, they are actually offended if you don't, they are their to meet someone even if its just for conversation. in the states just saying hello they take as a pick up line, they are afraid that if they smile at you its an invitation to attack them. very snooty most of them, not all thankfully.

When I refer to psychological vulnerability in Women I'm referring to their self-steem. If the comment by kizo at 7:50 PM is read by Giselle, she would be devastated.

By the way guys agreed on Jessica Alba and Kate Beckinsale and if you want to see a Venezuelan hot piece then youtube Diosa Canales and sit back and take that monument of a woman in for a minute

good to know fin4life. i hear venezuela is pretty dangerous though. not from typical frightened americans but from other south americans.

Yup, kizo. But don't tell me either they don't want to get picked up. Women here go looking for it, specially New Jersey girls.

Ross screwed up this team when he fired Sparano.

oscar, they want it for sure. the problem is very ordinary american women are waiting for james bond to walk in the bar. they don't realize if he did arrive he wouldn't be choosing them.

You people have very ordinary taste. Nothing wrong with that, just saying...
Posted by: david n | February 10, 2012 at 02:53 PM
Yeah, you wouldn't be saying that if you seen some of the Women I've brought home ;)
Posted by: odinseye | February 10, 2012 at 02:55 PM

First Off, No To Manning, Second OffI See Odin still posts his BS even after Armando banned him for two days. OOOOOH My,Even a trip to the Betty Ford Clinic has'nt helped him.


You guys sound like you could write for the Rolling Stones.

Pleased to meet you, hope ya guess my name...

Nah, just kidding, NJ. I heard all these stories from a VERY solid, Mulatto American med rep, about how she and her friends would go to Atlantic City to pick up men...

Nothing better than to touch the G Point on a woman. Many don't know if they urinated or had and orgasm. Sometimes both.
Posted by: oscar canosa | February 10, 2012 at 08:08 PM

How do you make a women Orgasm?

Who cares.

women want it just as bad as we do, in the states they feel like they have to pretend they don't, play hard to get, they don't want to appear too easy. in south america, they let you know they want it. simple as that.

Actually, most Negroes in the USA are not pure African ethnic group, but Mulattos, mixture of Black and White. Great Women from that mix. For sure.

i can go dark as long as they don't speak ebonics. that turns me off.

Leave us alone, Armando. We's having fun and learning something.

good to know fin4life. i hear venezuela is pretty dangerous though. not from typical frightened americans but from other south americans.

kizo | February 10, 2012 at 08:14 PM

I work for an Imp./Exp. company that sends alot of frozen foods down there. I had a contract to work down there which I kept renewing easily year in and year out because of people thinking this way. The only reason I don't have a 2012 contract is because of all the restrictions regarding a fixed exchange control which my Bosses finally got sick of. All you really need to know about Venezuela is you don't put yourself out there on any radar by being to flashy.

I generally kept to myself and thought I'd died and gone to Heaven I for the life of me don't know how many woman I had while down there I really just lost count, right up until I flipped over one married her and brought her back home with me. If your ever in Caracas ask the cab driver to take you to DIVAS for starters.

It's a strip bar which in actuality is a brothel and you will flip out in there it's like you walked into the Playboy Mansion in it's HEY DAY! If you see something worth your appetite then the 2,000 Bolivares (roughly $220.00) is quite cheap when you consider the monuments in that joint.

On the weekends you head down to the Beach (La Guiara) and scam on chicks and if you don't get some that night it's cause your gay, seriously dude, that "I thought I was a movie star" reference you made sounded very familiar!

Well, in pure African ladies, what turns me off is the Brillo pad they have between their legs. It hurts.

OHHHHHH, My, What has happend to this blog?

Just keep stroking, Coalition.

Where are my Boots?, The BS here is getting deep.

How do you make a women Orgasm?
Who cares.

Posted by: Coalition To Ban Ireland. | February 10, 2012 at 08:25 PM

Coalition only cares about making men orgasm. That how he pay for his habit.

fin4life, sounds familiar, but i'm going to one up you. i got out of the bigger cities in brazil and ventured off inland and also to smaller coastal towns. some of the bars are seriously 3 to 1 women to men, sometimes more and not exaggerating. they are very very friendly. and if by some chance that doesn't work out some evening, the girlie bars are incredible, no so much a strip club but like regular bars, only all the girls are available, and some have really good live bands, tropical music. you can buy them drinks, chat, fondle, hang out, and if you want to go all the way, i paid like 100 reals, which in the day a few years back was like 30 bucks american! not only that, its not a quickie...they love their work, it would be like a good 4 hours and some would stay the night if you wanted. too good to be true.

That's it. Except to say, I wanted to bring this girl home from DR, but there were Major objections around here. Later. Tomorrow?

mr oscar, objections from who and who cares? those who object would probably do what you wanted to do given the opportunity.

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