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... And another thing that makes Manning wrong choice

A couple of days ago I made the case why I'm not too fond of the idea of the Dolphins signing Peyton Manning to be their starting quarterback in 2012.

I'm not done.

Moving on from Manning's health questions, his age question, his eventual decline, his being a short-term fix at best when the quarterback problem requires a long-term solution, I've come up with annother issue to ponder as I continue to swim upstream on an idea the Dolphins apparently are intent on developing.

I was reminded by a former coach yesterday that adding Peyton Manning to your team can become a royal pain in the posterior.

The point was made to me that whatever team Manning joins will have to make concessions for him. The team will have to run an offense he's familiar with to maximize his talent immediately because, after all, he's going to be 36 years old and time is short. No time for him to learn a new system and get comfy in the system and start to produce maybe late in the year and maybe next year.

In the Dolphins case, that would likely mean new coach Joe Philbin and offfensive coordinator Mike Sherman learning a system Manning is comfortable with rather than the other way around.

So let me get this straight: The Dolphins hire Philbin because they admire his work in Green Bay. They like the Green Bay model. They like the Green Bay system. And he hires buddy Mike Sherman, who was at Green Bay and feels a kinship with Philbin and the system he wants to run.

And having all that familiarity available to them, the Dolphins would scrap it all to make Manning comfortable with a system similar to the one he's run the past 14 years? They would make Manning the de-facto offensive coordinator?

One of the advantages everyone assumed the Dolphins would enjoy by hiring Philbin was expertise on soon-to-be free agent quarterback Matt Flynn, who played under Philbin in Green Bay and is obviously familiar with that system. Assuming Philbin wanted to make some tweaks to the system, the foundation was still going to remain and Flynn was going to enjoy a head start if he joined the Dolphins because he is very familiar with that foundation.

And the Dolphins are simply going to turn their back on that?

That would be better?

I have to say this: The reason everyone knows the Dolphins are enamored with the idea of signing Peyton Manning if he becomes available is because owner Stephen Ross loves the idea. And he's the boss. He is apparently going to make this call come heck or high water.

Everyone knows this as fact because Ross has let his feelings be known on the subject.

But no one knows how Philbin feels about it. Nobody knows general manager Jeff Ireland's opinion on the subject. Don't they get a vote?

Do Miami's football men have the ability to say 'No' to the owner if all their football wisdom tells them to go in a different direction away from Manning?

Now, I suppose it is possible Ross spouted his opinion on chasing Manning after careful consideration and conversation with both Ireland and Philbin. (For Miami's sake, I hope that's the case.) But knowing the Dolphins as I do, my guess is no such conversation took place before Ross indirectly made his desires known.

Despite my worst fear, perhaps such a conversation eventually takes place and Philbin and Ireland are all in on Manning. (Something that will cause me to wonder about both men, but that's another story). At that point it won't be an issue that Philbin might have to subjugate his system for one that fits Manning. At that point it won't be an issue that ownership is dictating which quarterback the team must chase first before checking with, you know, the football experts. Those points would be moot.

But it still raises the question: Why have such a logical connection to a young quarterback after hiring his coach and then going in a totally different direction with an old quarterback? Is that fair to Philbin?

And will it work?


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TGH, did you watch the Stanford-Oklahoma State game??? Brandon Weeden had better stats, had a better game than Andrew Luck. Does that mean you draft Weeden before Luck? Moot point if you ask me...

R U Phucking kidding me !!!

Home 4 Christ's Sake ;)

Home on the Herald | February 09, 2012 at 02:47 PM

Is Home on the Herald terminological for you live under the bridge in back of the Paper? In Miami many YMCA homes, please get off the street. As a Miami native living home on the Herald behind Biscayne Blvd. is dangerous.

I used to post there regularly, odin. But I felt constricted, like I couldn't use bad words and stuff. So, I have become more selective.

Four time league MVP

Super Bowl MVP

Smartest QB in the NFL = Peyton Manning

Drunken,skid row bearded scrub Qb Flynn that got lucky one game in a real good system and threw 3 Interceptions in his only other 2nd game now wants $50 MILLION CONTACT

R U Phucken Kidding me

Remember Patriots scrub QB Matt Cassle also put up the same numbers in New England as Brady for one game IN THAT SYSTEM.
KC then got suckered buying a "stellar franchise QB" for insane money and the next year was a BUST for KC and Cassle (and since have only marginally improved)

U dont go w the Phucken unproven scrub bum that has 3 INTs and a fumble in 2 games over QB Peyton Manning

R U Phucking kidding me !!!

Home 4 Christ's Sake ;)

Only 2 negro QBs for Miami Dolphins

Cam Newton
Mike Vick (2 yrs ago)

The rest are all Lemons!

Bobby Griffin is an NFL QB bust

Pat White 2.0

Swat! Swat! I got that comment. Swat!

phony wanna be negro college QB

w a cute lil name for the dumbed down sheeple to follow

Gold toothed shucking & jiving lil Joke QB Bobby Griffin can kiss Home's black arse!


I think the KKK is being represented here.

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ohh boy nothing like a skin head to add to the conversation.

Why isn't anyone saying the real reason Peyton Manning wouldn't be a good fit in Miami? To my mind, it's because he is totally and completely and for all time identified solely with the Indianapolis Colts. What are we if we sign Manning? The Miami Coltphins? There's no identity for us if we hire some old guy famous for another team as our quarterback. We need our own guy, homegrown, someone WE discovered. Even if Manning leads us to a Super Bowl, whose reputation does that add to? Not ours! His, for sure, but there would always be an asterick next to our name.

Channing Crowder has a radio show in Miami.

Crowder has come forward repeatedly and said, "the Dolphins need a young black head coach"

"and NOT an old white coach"

this is exactly what Crowder said on the air, live twice!

Yet no firing and not even a slap on the wrist

and now lets take a look at what happens when a white man says something of the sort like,
"Imus in the morning"

Home is Tired of BLACK RACISM in the USA!!!

Maybe Ross is just trying to drive up the price. The Jets are built to win sooner than later, plus only so much rope will be provided to Rex, so maybe this strong interest is to force the Jets to swoop in and make a big splash of an offer to secure Manning. They can't wait for anyone to develop like RGIII, and obviously, they are not confident Sanchez will be the one to bring them a championship..

Channing Crowder has a radio show in Miami.

Crowder has come forward repeatedly and said, "the Dolphins need a young black head coach"

"and NOT an old white coach"

this is exactly what Crowder said on the air, live twice!

Yet no firing and not even a slap on the wrist

and now lets take a look at what happens when a white man says something of the sort like,
"Imus in the morning"

Home is Tired of BLACK RACISM in the USA!!!

Posted by: Home on the Herald

Heck, in Cuba we used to call, Negro o Negra to dear friends, even though they were white.

Is Home black or white? I'm confused



Peyton Manning is the best QB and FA in the history of the NFL to go on the market w at least 2- 3 more years of play

Manning will be protected by the 0-line and certainly the refs

home.... run for president then, and get off this blog,no-one cares about crowder or his thoughts.

Home could be black or white or yellow, but


Yeah, Home, and my pocket is tired of Women favoritism. But...

Crowder has a big mouth...All rah-rah-rah- but nothing to back it up...Should talk a little less and start making plays...

home.... run for president then, and get off this blog,no-one cares about crowder or his thoughts.

Posted by: ctphins | February 09, 2012 at 03:13 PM

That's what ALL U DARKIES SAY!!!

All right for a black man to spout racism and hate in the USA media but

Hang whitey if he dare make the slightest comments about black criminals!

I dont care if he was orange, I am not drinking the RG3 kool-aid.

Best you can get out of him will be a wanna-be Randall Cunningham. How many SB's did Cunningham win again?

I have my doubts about Barkley next year as well. Barkley just screams Tim Couch.

Anyway, just like when Brees was passed up due to his shoulder....we'll problably pass up on Manning and the dude will play until he's 40 and blow away his critics now. Once again we'll be left wondering what if. Typical Dolphins.

Home saw Patriots lineman Matt Light shut up that Shucking and Jiving ALL mouth ebonics no play racist Black Panther White people Hating Crowder

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Another wasted Saban draft pick...Just like Jason Allen, Derek Hagan, and the rest of them...

Jeff Ireland did a good job firing the Black Racist Crowder and eliminating the Black Racist Hating on white people cancerous stationary bike riding negro

You can call them Crackers? Now I know when next I go deer hunting in the Carolinas...

Anyway, later guys...When the boneheads show up, I'm out. See you all tomorrow...

What happened to a good coach using the skills of their players to get the most out of them. That's what Harbaugh did in San Fran. A great coach uses the players the best way they can. Haven't we had enough of coaches trying to fit current players into their system?

Home is not a racist!

In fact Home owns 6 colored televisions (one is HD 65 inches)

You just repeat the same drivel over and over again, Montreal. We tire of it.

These kind of jokes have no place.

How do u bankrupt a black man?

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65 inches and then superimposed to look like 80 inches is a good way to watch the NFL :)

I'm not sure if racism=xenophobia. I experienced the latter when I came to this Country. But I think they are different.

Home good too hear from ya again,missed your insight. I'm with you on Peyton and the racism. Racism is still racism regardless of the direction it is pointed. Let's put everyone on level ground. And as good as this staff has been at grooming Flynn, I am sure they can find another project QB.

Wow, is this where this blog has gone too! Stupid racist remarks!!

Seriously, let's talk Dolphin football! I couldn't care less what Channing Crowder thinks!! The guy was an average player!!

How about is RG3 the real deal. How do the scouts think of him. I hope he is at the combine! We need to see his work outs!

JH12 is the Pick in the 1st Round. Franchise QB!!!

It is a good experience when members of a Team act together for discrimination disappears.

Has nothing to do with color Home.

I liked Cunningham back in the day. He was a decent QB.

But a decent QB will only take you so far. People want a decent QB, then start Matt Moore for an entire season and there you go.

This past SB has proven (once again) you need an ELITE QB.

Sure, you can now and then go deep into a season with an decent QB. But 90% of the time you need an ELITE QB to win it all and to have a team that stays on top for awhile.

Even if Manning only plays for 3 years.....SO WHAT? We'll go to the playoffs for three years and anything can happen there.

In the meantime we can go ahead and screw around with trying to bring in a rook and get him up to speed. Doesn't matter if Manning helps, thats what the QB coach is for. Manning just needs to get us back to respectability so when he does leave the rook can take over and keep us there.

I love it how you people would rather bring in a rook and throw him to the wolves right off the bat or get a QB that has played a whole 2 games and say almost for sure that they will play at an elite level for the next 10 years when you dont really have thr slightest clue how'd they play.

MANNING on the other hand has been there and done that. He's proven himself time and again. All he needs to be is healthy and you'll get the production. Will there ever be a drop off? Maybe, but Manning at 90% of what he was is still 110% better than ANY QB we've had in the last 11 years. So even if he drops off 10% every year for the next three years, he's still better than the fools we've had here and will produce better results from the QB position than they did. I dont need to back that up, if he's healthy, Manning will do it for me on the field LIKE HE HAS FOR YEARS.

let the Badger out | February 09, 2012 at 03:32 PM

NFL's 4 time MVP QB Mannnig is soooooo the obv choice!

Hope the brainstems dont outsmart themselves and go w the 2 game guy w the grizzly beard and the 3 INTS & a fumble

R U kidding me?

Home can go down the street to the Irish pub and grab three guys like the Flynn project on Friday nite. lol

You think Mike Pouncey will remain at C next year, or will he be moved to G. He seemed at times weak last year.

New Dolphin billboard

trio in this order

Reggie, Peyton, Marshall

Now that's an excellent start to a NFL offense!

Go Phins!

Pouncey stays @ center

thats what Pouncey's do, play center! :)

It is imperative that we have solid pass protection next Season, specially if Manning is going to be here.


There's speculation that if Manning does come here, he may try and get management to bring in Jeff Saturday (his C from the Colts) and then they'd switch Pouncey to RG.

We'd still need to take care of RT though.

Racism softens with familiarity.

I think Flynn can run the GB system, but are you kidding me, we are talking about Peyton Manning and working on a production basis. It is a no loose situation. We get to keep our draft picks to give him a good to great OL and any receivers we can land also. Where is the problem????

Mando, as a pro, you should know that a super bowl is a super bowl. It's no better to have a young QB that will be with us 12 years now as opposed to 3 years from now if Manning gives us 3 good years first. What we want, everyone would admit, is the "next" Manning, who's now 21 years old. That's the best anyone could ever hope Luck or RGIII (yeah right) would be. But even the original Manning only won one Super Bowl in his 13 or so years. But the Colts would take that. So if Manning can be Penningtonlike but get us a ring, of course we'd take that even if it means we wait for the "Luck" of the 2015 draft or whatever. Same with Favre--1 ring. Each year is a new year in today's NFL. You don't get bonus points for having the same QB for 12 years that you drafted and developed.

It was a good move on the Old World Order's part to introduce all these Negro characters into American TV. Don't you think, Home? And now Latinos.

Edds is correct

If Ross really wants to sell jerseys RGIII is the man. You'll see entire gangs in Miami wearing RGIII and Marshall jerseys. It'll be like the Vick jersey phenomenon when he was in Atlanta.

Give it a rest Armando. I would take a quick fix even if it was for only 2 years. We've had nothing for so long. Maybe Patton could establish a winning tradition again. Draft a QB in the 2nd or 3rd round to learn from Patton. I want to be excited about my team!

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2012/02/-and-another-thing-that-makes-manning-wrong-choice.html#storylink=cpy

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