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... And another thing that makes Manning wrong choice

A couple of days ago I made the case why I'm not too fond of the idea of the Dolphins signing Peyton Manning to be their starting quarterback in 2012.

I'm not done.

Moving on from Manning's health questions, his age question, his eventual decline, his being a short-term fix at best when the quarterback problem requires a long-term solution, I've come up with annother issue to ponder as I continue to swim upstream on an idea the Dolphins apparently are intent on developing.

I was reminded by a former coach yesterday that adding Peyton Manning to your team can become a royal pain in the posterior.

The point was made to me that whatever team Manning joins will have to make concessions for him. The team will have to run an offense he's familiar with to maximize his talent immediately because, after all, he's going to be 36 years old and time is short. No time for him to learn a new system and get comfy in the system and start to produce maybe late in the year and maybe next year.

In the Dolphins case, that would likely mean new coach Joe Philbin and offfensive coordinator Mike Sherman learning a system Manning is comfortable with rather than the other way around.

So let me get this straight: The Dolphins hire Philbin because they admire his work in Green Bay. They like the Green Bay model. They like the Green Bay system. And he hires buddy Mike Sherman, who was at Green Bay and feels a kinship with Philbin and the system he wants to run.

And having all that familiarity available to them, the Dolphins would scrap it all to make Manning comfortable with a system similar to the one he's run the past 14 years? They would make Manning the de-facto offensive coordinator?

One of the advantages everyone assumed the Dolphins would enjoy by hiring Philbin was expertise on soon-to-be free agent quarterback Matt Flynn, who played under Philbin in Green Bay and is obviously familiar with that system. Assuming Philbin wanted to make some tweaks to the system, the foundation was still going to remain and Flynn was going to enjoy a head start if he joined the Dolphins because he is very familiar with that foundation.

And the Dolphins are simply going to turn their back on that?

That would be better?

I have to say this: The reason everyone knows the Dolphins are enamored with the idea of signing Peyton Manning if he becomes available is because owner Stephen Ross loves the idea. And he's the boss. He is apparently going to make this call come heck or high water.

Everyone knows this as fact because Ross has let his feelings be known on the subject.

But no one knows how Philbin feels about it. Nobody knows general manager Jeff Ireland's opinion on the subject. Don't they get a vote?

Do Miami's football men have the ability to say 'No' to the owner if all their football wisdom tells them to go in a different direction away from Manning?

Now, I suppose it is possible Ross spouted his opinion on chasing Manning after careful consideration and conversation with both Ireland and Philbin. (For Miami's sake, I hope that's the case.) But knowing the Dolphins as I do, my guess is no such conversation took place before Ross indirectly made his desires known.

Despite my worst fear, perhaps such a conversation eventually takes place and Philbin and Ireland are all in on Manning. (Something that will cause me to wonder about both men, but that's another story). At that point it won't be an issue that Philbin might have to subjugate his system for one that fits Manning. At that point it won't be an issue that ownership is dictating which quarterback the team must chase first before checking with, you know, the football experts. Those points would be moot.

But it still raises the question: Why have such a logical connection to a young quarterback after hiring his coach and then going in a totally different direction with an old quarterback? Is that fair to Philbin?

And will it work?


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Home! Home! Where are you?

Home is correct on Manning. Of course we want Manning.

Everyone who wants Manning is correct, and incontrovertibly so.

Everyone who is against trying to get Manning is wrong.

There is no disputing this conclusion.

That is all.

If Philbin doesn't like Manning's offense, we should fire Philbin and let Manning be a player-coach like Pete Rose once was in baseball. Manning is *that good*.

mando, dont you mess with the best left handed Qb of all time!

You will recall that Manning was Tom Brady when Tom Brady wasn't cool. Manning was the first to 48 TDs after Marino. He was unstoppable and can be that again. Dude for a few years the Colts' average halftime score was 48-3, colts up at half time.

Patton? Are we going to war-literally?

Plus, we only have a few good years left w/ Bush and Marshall. We're close. We get Manning now. God, why am I smarter than a professional NFL beat writer when that's not my day job? We don't bring in unproven rookies or Flynn. If anything we keep Moore or Henne if we don't get a healthy Manning.

Manning was 0-4 against the Florida Gators.

Katie Perry is HOT

Henne has to go. The grass dies where walks on it.

doug williams is a black man who won the super bowl for the redskins

The pertinent question is whether Ronnie Brown will also retire or be cut. He's no longer an NFL running back.

Home you POS of a person, refering to a Black person as "BLACKEY" is down right digusting. I hope you rot in hell you racist pig.

Ronnie Brown is a goofball of a RB, who rather smile than hit the hole hard. What happened to ROnnie from his Auburn days?

He also called white people "whitey" why no retaliation for that?

Well, calling white people whitey is just as digusting. We all bleed the same blood. If everyone on earth was made the same it would be weird.


I swear to god taht this is true: I noticed a long time ago that Peyton's neck was crooked. What were his doctors doing? Look at photos of him and you could see it a few years ago when he was in all those commercials with jsutin timberlake.

First off mando your speculating a bit too much with the Peyton manning situation it wouldn't be all that disastrous even if he isnt what he used to be truth is I would bet my bottom dollar Flynn is not our answer the way I see it is either we trade up for rg3 or take a chance on Peyton (whom throughout his career has been a great proffesional player and will fit into our system if he believes in it not act like a brat who wants it his way or not at all) and hope for the best Moore really is not a bad quarterback with a few nice additions to our secondary... Janoris Jenkins or maybe a pass rusher weare a team that can win quite a few games if not make the playoffs especially with the right coaching and for the record Kyle orton would be a great signing for the phins he's accurate and has chemistry with marshall (21 catch chemistry to be exact) I would be on board for signing him

The one thing no one is thinking about is if Flynn is so great do you really think Green Bay is just going to let him go. So that will let you know what type of a QB he is. If GB doesn't want him he isn't good enough, Plain & simple. It gets back to it doesn't matter who you have at QB if your WR doesn't catch the ball your QB is not going to win many games. Just ask Tom Brady about why they didn't win the Super Bowl. Was it the QB or the dropped passes.

Why can we NOT get Manning and Flynn exactly?

Marc, Brees was the bigger risk, he had a throwing shoulder injury. Daunte had a knee injury the thought was even if Daunte had reduced mobility he could still throw. Nobody knew if Brees would be able to throw again. Obviously he still can. But Culpepper seemed to be the safer pick at the time

Jason, at that time Miami should of known that Brees was the better QB. Culpepper had Moss only, even I could of thrown a couple of passess to Moss and thrown for 3000 yards with him

Like a guy wrote earlier we scerwed up the Brees, Culpepper decsion, well prob screw up the Manning, Flynn. Its either Flynn will be a star or manning regains his old firm. And well have the guy that sucks. Just our luck..

why is it important to get flynn for 50 million?

Manning makes sense.
IMHO we snatch manning as soon as he becomes a FA, draft the best RT we can find, and then pick up a diamond in the rough QB later.
IE Weedan, Kellen Moore( who lost a total of I think 3 college games) or an incredibly underrated Case Keenum who rewrote the NCAA record books.

Tanne-who? Don't waste your time.
And I'm sorry but I would take any one of very proven college QBs over Flynn who had one good NFL game!!

Manning and the Fins = AFC championship game contenders in the least!!


I own a liquor store, so I work for 12 hours, can be online as long as the boss does not know. he he


I said it for the past 3 months... We aren't in the mix for Luck or RGIII. With THAT in mind.. I said to trade up if necessary as all the other teams are drooling over these two QB's and pick WR Justin Blackmon.

We walk away from this draft knowing that we have made the right move and have an INSTANT PLAY MAKER.

Blackmon by far and as far as my memory serves me is the BEST WR that I have seen come out in many, many, many years.

This kid is exactly what we need. He will be the reason why our current BEAST will immediately get the urge to keep his title with a young athletic kid like Blackmon.

Go out in FA and get a QB. Flynn is not a lock as I first need to see how Philbin feels about the kid. If Philbin feels he is worth it, TAKE HIM!

I for one am sick and freaking tired of being the team who walks away with no top talent or playmakers.

I do NOT want the Pats, Jets to pick Blackmon. Just remember that Belichick has a ton of picks in the first and second and beyond. Rex from the Jets is in a desperate year and will need to do whatever he can to prove that his move up to take Sanchez was worth it. Look for Rex and the jets to be aggressive in the draft as well as FA.

We need Blackmon and he will take the pressure off the QB, O line, and D as well. Blackmon lined up with Marshall, Bush in play action and a tight end and we will look like we are back in the mid 1980's with our O.




Matt Flynn = A.J. Feeley


i aint indian... sorry i shower everyday. NO FLYNN


"Manning> RGIII> Tannehill> Moore-> Henne > Flynn

Posted by: beerphin | February 09, 2012 at 08:10 AM

NEARLY perfect!...except...IMHO, reverse Tannehill (erratic, unproven) with Moore, erratic but PROVEN. LOL

Folks keep referring to Manning's "system"
WHAT system.
Peyton's/Colts plays are the same as EVERY TEAM in the NFL.
It's the MAN's BRAIN, expertise, and ability to call the CORRECT 1 of 3 OPTIONS before the defense is set. THAT'S the system.
Give him Philbin's nomenclature, 2 options per call, and let Peyton be Peyton.
In the old days, QB's called their OWN plays.
As we don't have a deep threat, run the west coast, which DOES have a deep option.
Peyton with 75% of his arm strength is better than all but 3 QB's in the league.

Posted by: NY "G" | February 09, 2012 at 05:15 PM

"G"...excellent post. It never ceases to amaze me why teams on the outside looking in continue to do business with the Pats?
Why? So they can REMAIN on the outside looking in?

Pats have 2 1st rounders, and 2 2nd round picks. Tell me who they gave up that was so outstanding to get that?
Richard Seymour?
He was great IN THE PATS SYSTEM, good but not great with the Raiders.

The Lakers have feasted on other clubs stupidity for years, getting Wilt, Abdul-Jabbar, Kobe, then Pau...all for peanuts in comparison.
Same with the Patriots.

BTW, is there a way to shut of the spell check in here?

off...that one's MY bad. LOL

Posted by: Doug Johnson | February 09, 2012 at 04:12 PM

Yes, Doug Williams had statistically the best 1st half in the HISTORY of the Super Bowl.


Great points and thanks. Also, what spell check? I didn't know Armando had a spell check on here.

Flynn>RG3>Tannehill>Moore>Henne>Noodle Arm

Noodle Arm > Peyton Manning

Fu#k manning. Rg3 is going to light sh#t up in the nfl. Bottom line!

I say "NO" to Manning!! After this report from the sun-sentinel: “He can't throw the ball,” Lombardi said. “I've talked to people who've caught the ball for him. He can't throw the ball to his left. He can't throw the ball across his body, because he doesn't feel it. People that catch the ball for him say he doesn't really have velocity on the ball yet.”

I don't want to wait till September to see if he can throw. OTA's are starting in late March after the free agency period and I would rather have Flynn here getting the timing with our receivers than waiting on Peyton to gain his arm strength back and have excuses for not winning in September and October. Also I don't want to deviate from Philbin's/Sherman's offense to accomodate Peyton. So for our QB situation, I say we need someone in for OTA's, whether it be Flynn, another free agent, and Moore to start learning our new Offense.


rick your a smart one.

If Manning were coming into this healthy and Philbin believes that Flynn isn't all that, I could understand going after Manning. But who knows what Philbin's opinion is on Flynn and we know that even if we were to get Manning, he could really be bad given his current bill of health...I say even if we do not land Flynn, that it is safer to pass on going after Manning.

sign manning you have moore as insurance, flynn only if cheap.


Posted by: CA_Dolfan | February 09, 2012 at 06:35 P

I like it- we should adopt this as the official slogan of the blog!


Funny trying to watch you convince others to pass up on a future HOF qb whos only ever missed games this season in his career, over a guy who was a 7th round pick with 2 good meaningless games to his name?


"Brees wasn't damn near 40yrs old either.

Well, is it age then? Because of its just age Manning had an incredible season in 2010. Hes only ever missed games in his career in 2011.

Not sure why peeps are trying to write him off as if his last name is culpepper.

agree corners

Dolphins QBs of 2012:

Starter- Peyton Manning / Matt Flynn
Backup- Matt Moore
Rookie- Ryan Tannehill / Brandon Weeden
Practice Squad- Pat Devlin

hate the flynn as starter if he costs a lot

Its funny how the clear RIGHT choice is a young talent ... u don't get Luck but RG3 is out there... its steep but isn't it worth it?


All the QB talk is scaring me.

Manning can't throw across his body/no velocity/no feeling.

Flynn won a national champ. but wasn't drafted until late/only two games to date.

Moore can be a Jekyl Hyde.

Tannehill couldn't get the starting job until part way through his senior season. After finally getting the nod, he got his Coach Canned!

Maybe we should resign Ronnie Brown and go back to the wildcat.

RG3 is such a good choice, I hate to allow myself to even think it's possible. It will surely lead to disappointment.

The next best scenario (and WAY more likely)is for Manning to get completely healthy and come to Miami and we draft Tannehill who becomes a star when he takes over for Manning in 2-3 years.

A healthy Manning followed by a young star and we're contenders for the next 10-12 years.

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