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... And another thing that makes Manning wrong choice

A couple of days ago I made the case why I'm not too fond of the idea of the Dolphins signing Peyton Manning to be their starting quarterback in 2012.

I'm not done.

Moving on from Manning's health questions, his age question, his eventual decline, his being a short-term fix at best when the quarterback problem requires a long-term solution, I've come up with annother issue to ponder as I continue to swim upstream on an idea the Dolphins apparently are intent on developing.

I was reminded by a former coach yesterday that adding Peyton Manning to your team can become a royal pain in the posterior.

The point was made to me that whatever team Manning joins will have to make concessions for him. The team will have to run an offense he's familiar with to maximize his talent immediately because, after all, he's going to be 36 years old and time is short. No time for him to learn a new system and get comfy in the system and start to produce maybe late in the year and maybe next year.

In the Dolphins case, that would likely mean new coach Joe Philbin and offfensive coordinator Mike Sherman learning a system Manning is comfortable with rather than the other way around.

So let me get this straight: The Dolphins hire Philbin because they admire his work in Green Bay. They like the Green Bay model. They like the Green Bay system. And he hires buddy Mike Sherman, who was at Green Bay and feels a kinship with Philbin and the system he wants to run.

And having all that familiarity available to them, the Dolphins would scrap it all to make Manning comfortable with a system similar to the one he's run the past 14 years? They would make Manning the de-facto offensive coordinator?

One of the advantages everyone assumed the Dolphins would enjoy by hiring Philbin was expertise on soon-to-be free agent quarterback Matt Flynn, who played under Philbin in Green Bay and is obviously familiar with that system. Assuming Philbin wanted to make some tweaks to the system, the foundation was still going to remain and Flynn was going to enjoy a head start if he joined the Dolphins because he is very familiar with that foundation.

And the Dolphins are simply going to turn their back on that?

That would be better?

I have to say this: The reason everyone knows the Dolphins are enamored with the idea of signing Peyton Manning if he becomes available is because owner Stephen Ross loves the idea. And he's the boss. He is apparently going to make this call come heck or high water.

Everyone knows this as fact because Ross has let his feelings be known on the subject.

But no one knows how Philbin feels about it. Nobody knows general manager Jeff Ireland's opinion on the subject. Don't they get a vote?

Do Miami's football men have the ability to say 'No' to the owner if all their football wisdom tells them to go in a different direction away from Manning?

Now, I suppose it is possible Ross spouted his opinion on chasing Manning after careful consideration and conversation with both Ireland and Philbin. (For Miami's sake, I hope that's the case.) But knowing the Dolphins as I do, my guess is no such conversation took place before Ross indirectly made his desires known.

Despite my worst fear, perhaps such a conversation eventually takes place and Philbin and Ireland are all in on Manning. (Something that will cause me to wonder about both men, but that's another story). At that point it won't be an issue that Philbin might have to subjugate his system for one that fits Manning. At that point it won't be an issue that ownership is dictating which quarterback the team must chase first before checking with, you know, the football experts. Those points would be moot.

But it still raises the question: Why have such a logical connection to a young quarterback after hiring his coach and then going in a totally different direction with an old quarterback? Is that fair to Philbin?

And will it work?


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Jajajaja! with a capital J you just don't quit pushing your a agenda!

it's like saying if we had Marino for three more years we would pass cause he is too old? Not a chance! This can be the steal of the decade!

if Manning becomes a FA He will be a Dolphin!

Deal with it!

:..( so cry me a river!

Manning should have to compete with Moore for the job. (Payton would lose)

Jajajajajaj you've lost your mind!

well least im glad to see the manning thing die, everyone with any smarts knew he was done but now everyone knows. imagine some team signing a guy who cant throw a pass to the left side or across his body, hilarious. please jets sign him. ok now to reality,lets sign flynn and trade up and draft luck or griffin

OMG! I have said all along... DON'T SIGN MANNING ~~~ Set the offense around what he did in Green Bay. That means signing Flynn now and getting it done and move forward. Sign another above average wide-out or draft one to go with marshall.

Manning with one eye and an arm tied behind his back would read and move the ball up and down the field while Moore would go 3 and Out! FG unit please!

This is the same thinking that keep us from Mr Brees!

That hilarious dusty....if they sign Flynn...no chance they trad up....hilarious....

Awful post....

Guys wanting a 2 game QB....over a proven HOF....awful....hilarious......not a chance....

Manning will be read to play when the season start this rehab takes time but he will recover fully and have a chip on his shoulder he will go through the D in the NFL with a vengeance!

you will see

your right kris, i forgot we are run by retards

Hilarious....it's not even funny when you write it......

kris is acting how i was with marino in 99, i couldnt face the fact that he was done. sorry kris your dead wrong on this issue. manning is a shell of his once dominate self

Just messing with you dusty.....I know...I'm awful....

No hard feelings man...all in fun....hilarious fun....


At least you have a distinct style....I respect that....I wouldn't mess with you if I didn't....

Wow your one of those that ran Dan the Man out of town! Blasphemy!

lol its cool either way, both fin fans

True Dusty....true....

I'm stopping now....

Marino was not done in 99.. Wanny made him done. He was still better than Fiedler.


I don't want another situation like this past season. No OTA's (because of lockout) = slow start. We need a QB that will be able to chuck the ball around this coming March and get the timing down with the receivers when Coach Philbin installs the Offense. If we sign Peyton he maybe sitting on the sidelines until August or September. I want a QB who will be there at the beginning, not sitting on the sidelines in March. Then we'll be hearing excuses like "Peyton is still learning the Offense" "Peyton still needs his timing down with the receivers" I guarantee you that's the excuses we'll be hearing if we do Sign Manning. He can't throw accross his body, he doesn't feel it and there is no zip in his passes. Are you willing to wait till September to see if he can actually play? Or would you rather have someone in now to start learning the Offense in March?

I am willing to wait, draft a qb, and have Moore step in. Let's do it!! Flynndoes not equal a franchise QB and will not put butts in seats.

Can't you People talk about something other than QB's? Or is somebody paying you to do it?

Hey Oscar, go somewhere else partner.

oscar qb is all that matters, have to get that to start us up again

I can't believe it, finally a column I agree with. The only positive Manning brings to Miami would be putting butts in the seats and bringing short term notoriety to the area via the sports media. He does nothing for the long term health of a struggling franchise, and could actually prolong the suffering.

How about, which you prefer, a 3-4 or a 4-3 defensive alignment? Which you think the best, to put pressure on Brady(he is our major roadblock to win the Division).

Defence wins Championships. The Giants proved it.

Hey, Armando, have you changed the heading of your Blog, no subject is taboo, etc.

You all expect another Marino to come in and throw 6 TD's and we win 42-40. Ain't gonna happen, Folks. That was then, this is now. We don't want to win more. We want to win them all.

For those of you permanently in denial:

Two days after Indianapolis Star columnist Bob Kravitz said Peyton Manning "is not throwing like an NFL quarterback," NFL Network's Mike Lombardi also raised concerns.

Lombardi told ESPN's Bill Simmons: "He can't throw the ball. I've talked to people who have caught the ball from him. He can't throw the ball to his left. He can't throw the ball across his body because he doesn't feel it. People that catch the ball from him say he doesn't really have velocity on the ball yet.''

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/2012/02/cameras-rolling-for-cespedes-plus-heat-crowder-um.html#storylink=cpy

Shula was too caught up in Marino's talent and he neglected his D. No way is that going to happen again(even if we find another Marino hmm..).

How about, which you prefer, a 3-4 or a 4-3 defensive alignment? Which you think the best, to put pressure on Brady(he is our major roadblock to win the Division).
Posted by: oscar canosa | February 09, 2012 at 08:18 PM

If you can get pressure on the quarterback with your front four in a 4-3 you're way ahead of the game.
If you need to blitz using a 3-4 sometimes you leave yourself exposed and could end up giving up a big play.
Having 7 guys to defend the rest of the field is a big plus. But, you've got to have four guys up front who could get the job done.
That's my round about way of saying I would personally have the 4-3 defense if you've got the guys who can play on the line. Miami has a good core of guys who can man the four-man front. The question arises with who would play the linebacker positions.

Good, Professor. How about that, we think alike!

4-3 D here also, Dansby is active on TE's and he can help slow down the Pats Ends. We need a big boy in the middle and a solid DE opposite Wake. The big issue is a solid Safety and one more Serious cover corner.

:defense wins championships:

This is an old wives tale.

In today's NFL, Franchise QBs win championships. The Giants won because of Eli, not defense.

Defense helps, but a franchise Qb is the main ingredient in a championship team. The evidence is overwhelming!

Agree with 4-3, solid NT and cover corners. The way I see to beat brady ( I watch all pats games up here when they dont conflict with fins) is ball control and a good QB how can take time off the clock yet more importantly finish drives!!

yeah everyone knows it takes a franchise qb to win sbs 90 percent of the time, now go get one

sign manning and wait and see he wont cost a lot up front.

only 6 current starting qbs have won a sb. brees, manning, manning, brady, rodgers, rothleisberger. all big time franchise qbs.

I would add, yes a solid mlb, one more DE, one more shutdown corner, a Ronnie Lott type safety, a real TE that can block, catch - a big target with speed, one more wideout to compliment Marshall and then from there just two more RB's because the two we have will be injured often.

ct manning is finished

is that it skoles,lol

It's the grocery list

says whom dusty... gonna take a few months to see

says every report on him. if he cant even throw a football harder than a 12 year old right now its not gonna get alot better

Jerry should be able to handle RG or RT, he was a victim of Sparanos inner confusion. Then, if they do go OL with the first pick, we would have a top 5 oline in the league. That right there makes our QB, backs and receivers instantly better.

I still sign him you or I are not a dr nor are the nitwit writers.

Agree, Manning, forget it. He may make it through half a season tops. Don't waste time with an incentive laden contract. That buys you only more uncertainty over the position. It's a young team. Get someone in here for the long haul.

If Manning is not good to go today, he isn't leading any team anywhere next season.

As I said all along, Manning is not healthy and is too big of a risk. This team is more than one future hall of fame qb away from the super bowl. That's why we need a young, smart, talented qb (RG3)to lead this team for years to come.

In my opinion getting Manning might be the best of both worlds. If he can play you have a player who ranks up with Dan "Mr. Miami". If he cant make it through the season then you have Moore who probably should be the starter next year for no other reason than he made Miami win.

Flynn looks a lot like Kolb last year. We are going to be putting in a whole new O next season. Manning could be the biggest piece of luck since Pennington fell into our laps.

For some crazy reason Moore looks like a winner let Manning rub off on him and you may have the next long term QB solution all ready on the team.

You save the draft picks and use them to shore up weak spots and you are forced to build a strong line to protect Manning. Its a win win. Flynn could be a great QB, but in the NFL you have to have all the stars line up.

The football gods may finally be on our side. Over paying for this years Kolb is a mistake and reaks of Feeley all over again.

Plus Philbin will be able to disconect himself from Manning and Moore much better than Flynn. And giving Philbin time to create stability is a must.

Go Dolphins!!Heal Manning Heal.

If Peyton is healthy enough to even start, and then hold up, will be the ongoing questions. It's not a good plan, going into a season saying well we'll try this guy and if he can't hack it will put in the other guy. No, its too much change. It takes time away from the plan B guy. Start the season with someone you know can make it through, barring injury of course.

The great Peyton can't beat Father Time. Age and injury together is a fearsome foe.



I agree with drake. Mando's position comes from the idea manning is broken. Based on odds, RG3 will take at least a couple of seasons to be really ready to play well. Eli took longer than that, so did Rodgers, Elway, etc. Would it not be reasonable to think the team that sign's Peyton will work him out first? Assuming this, the team that does sign him will know enough. Plus, a healthy manning and keeping those three first round picks RG3 will cost seems like a no brainier to me. Hate to see the fins spend a boat load on RG3 and then lose to manning and the jets for three years waiting for him to mature. If the dolphins had a higher draft pick to trade, maybe but the cost seems too much. My order would be manning (if healthy), Flynn, then the draft.

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