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Free agents could bring right age, salary to Miami

Dolphins general manager Armando Salguero would not make Peyton Manning his No. 1 free agency priority in 2012. If this were 2002 and we were talking about 25-year-old Peyton Manning and not 35-year-old Peyton Manning, that would be different. But Dolphins GM Armando Salguero wants to build a team that can compete in the AFC East for the next decade rather than next year and then so he's not putting his money on any old, old, old players. He wants to use his elite free agent money on an elite free agent that isn't past his prime. Dolphins GM Armando Salguero spends his pennies (hundreds of millions of them) on someone who is more likely to rip a quarterback's arm off than a free agent whose throwing arm is already hanging by a thread.

GM Salguero wants Tom Brady to pay attention to his signing and think of the event as bad news.

He wants to strike fear into the heart of Mark Sanchez.

Dolphins GM Armando Salguero's chief priority in unrestricted free agency is .... Mario Williams.

Not Manning. Not Matt Flynn, although I have a serious sit-down with coach Joe Philbin and if Flynn is a guy the coach believes is a franchise QB in waiting, I also try to sign Flynn if I can.

But if you restrict me to one move, one addition, one big-time free agency signing?

Mario Williams, whose resume includes 48.5 sacks in the past 66 games, is my guy. That's the guy I team with Cameron Wake and turn the Miami pass-rush into a balanced nightmare.

But alas, Armando Salguero is but a know-nothing hack columnist. So I will sit and watch as the Dolphins weave their work starting March 13 when the free agency signing period begins. The Dolphins are expected to chase Peyton Manning, assuming he is an unrestricted free agent at the time.

So what other options other than Manning might the Dolphins pursue? It's hard to know now because last year the Dolphins went a little off the free agency reservation. They broke their own rules. They violated some time-honored Bill Parcells tenets.

To begin, they signed a starting running back in free agency, something I'd try not to do because I don't like paying running backs unless they are extremely special -- and Reggie Bush is good but not special.

They signed Jason Taylor, something I didn't think they would do because he was 36 years old at the time and previously the Dolphins had made the point of building with free agents that were about to hit their prime rather than free agents past their primes.

So the Dolphins did some things in free agency that were beyond the parameters of the approach they themselves had set down in previous years. That makes predicting what they do going forward more difficult.

If they sign Manning, it signals they're in win-now mode and will look at everyone and anyone as a possibility. The signings in that case won't be limited to younger players that can become cornerstones. The signings may take on an all-hands-on-deck approach, hitting young and older players alike -- in a rush to be good before Manning because really, really bad.

That is the likely approach the Dolphins will take if Manning is the guy. That's not how I'd do it. I want young guys. I want bargain guys, if I can get them. I want up-and-coming, not down-and-fading, I'm fine with less recognizeable names about to be bigtime over household names that no longer play up to their reputations.

The Dolphins need a quarterback. They must get a pass-rusher. They must get a right tackle or a guard, depending on their plans for John Jerry. Here are some possibilities:

Williams, DE/OLB Texans: He will not be franchised because that number is $22.9 million and the Texans have other issues to address, namely re-signing Arian Foster. So Williams will likely test the market and he will be expensive. What else do you expect of a player who has experience at both a 3-4 rush outside linebacker and a 4-3 DE and is elite?

Cliff Avril DE, Detroit Lions: He is not Mario Williams, but he fills the same need at a more reasonable price. He has 19 1/2 sacks the past two seasons, including 11 last season. He turns 26 in April, which suggests he's going to get better. Dominant? No. Very good? Yes.

Jared Gaither, OT, San Diego Chargers: I watched Gaither sign with the Chargers on a Thursday and start for them on a Sunday against the Oakland Raiders and Richard Seymour. And he got the better of Seymour. Sold! The Ravens gave up on this kid way too early. So did the Chiefs, who cut him ostensibly because he had a costly offside penalty in a game. He is not a break-the-bank guy. He is 25 years old.

Laurent Robinson, WR, Dallas: I know, I know, he's a Cowboy and we've done this before. But Robinson was actually productive with Dallas last year in scoring 11 TDs and he did this in replacing Miles Austin rather than in benefitting from coverage dedicated to Austin. This guy, a former third-round pick in Atlanta, seems ready to take the step toward being a full-time starter.

Pierre Garcon, WR, Indianapolis Colts: Well, if you cannot beat them, join them. I am in the minority arguing against signing Peyton Manning. But if you must sign the guy, give him a receiver he's familiar with ... And give him the young receiver he's familiar with, not 34-year-old Reggie Wayne. Garcon is big (6-foot and 210 pounds) and very fast. He's 25 years old. He is from West Palm Beach and his parent are from Haiti. So maybe he'll give the Dolphins some sort of discount?

Broderick Bunkley, DT, Denver Broncos: If Paul Soliai becomes too expensive, I think Bunkley would be a nice alternative and probably a cheaper one. He is coming off his best season, he's got playoff experience and he's actually younger than Soliai by several months.

Reggie Nelson, S, Cincinnati Bengals: The Dolphins just hired Kevin Coyle as their defensive coordinator after he served as the Bengals secondary coach fpr nearly a decade. That means he knows a little something about the Bengals secondary. And he somehow got Nelson, an early-round draft bust in Jacksonville, to play well in Cincinnati. Maybe Nelson might be the answer to getting some plays out of the Miami free safety spot.

Pat Sims DT, Cincinnati Bengals: Read the above and understand that Coyle saw Sims in practice every day. He has started 23 games in four seasons for the Bengals. He is mostly an anchor inside against the run. He is another, cheaper option to Paul Soliai. In fact, he's a cheaper option to both Soliai and Bunkley and he's only 26. Sims is from Fort Lauderdale so maybe he'd like to come home.


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Trent Dilfer won a super bowl, and E. Manning has won 2, so that proves all one needs is a mediocre QB to win multiple super bowls.

I think if you can't get one of those 2 QBs, Flynn or RG3, you stick with Moore instead of spending on an Orton or some one of that ilk. Then you get a dominant pass rusher, you get a better right side of the oline and you get a couple weapons at TE. I do think Moore can be a 27 points a game QB with a running game, TEs to go with Marshall, Bush, Bess, Hartline and clay. The other thing that would help in getting on the field more. Upgrade an already good defense. Tilt the T.O.P. get closer to 37:00 a game and get more turnovers. Of course if you can get one of those QBs your shopping list changes. If you sign Flynn you have less cap but more draft picks. If you get RG3 you'll have no high draft picks the next two years but some cap room. But picking a QB second is still gonna cost. Contrary to what dropsy, I mean Marshall thinks, Moore throws a pretty good pass. Good enough for 90% to be caught by Marshall. 6-3 in his last 9 with a pretty crappy oline down the stretch. No Long, Colombo sucks and Carey was serviceable at best. Only one TE who all I hear is complaints about. Bush was the only truly healthy back. Moore finished a season in which he was signed late, never got starting reps until Henne went down and all the above team shortcomings ranked the 11th QB. Call me crazy but 11th under those circumstances is deserving of better than being called no better than a backup!!

Jaison is correct. Thank you for letting me know that I'm not the only person here with a brain.

Moore beat the Jets in the last game when it was meaningless for us and they were playing for a playoff berth!!!

Then again, that doesn't show much because last year's Jets were actually the worst team ever put on an NFL field, even weaker and more pathetic than the 1980s Tampa Bay Bucs teams, even though they lucked into a few wins so they were the worst team in history disguised as a mediocre team.

but in any event, Moore is a good QB.

Right on Armando. I have been on the Mario Williams bandwagon every since I heard he'd become available. Him and Wake would make a sick combo. Look at how solid pass rushers helped the Giants win the Super Bowl.

Instead of Manning, lets go for the Flynns of the world and grab a flyer or two QB in the draft.

Raid the CFL for "Accorns"

We need to get RG3 or Flynn... if not them stick with Moore fill what holes we can and next year trade the draft for Landry Jones, Matt Barkley, or w/e is the best QB available in the draft. Moore is serviceable and he did better than I'm sure all of us expected. He's no where near the answer though and he can hold that fort down until we find the future

DUDE!!!!!! Would you shut the hell up about Peyton Manning already, you're starting to sound like a freekin broken record.

WE get it... You don't want them to sign Manning. This is what??? The third? Fourth? Article in which you've stated that.

I know this is a blog and all. But it's a blog on a news paper, in the sports section. Maybe some note worthy news on Jerome Messam? You know... Reporter stuff.

Only thing I agree with is Pierre Garçon, though 6 foot and 210 is not by any means 'big' for WR. Mario Williams would break the bank and would make it impossible to re-sign Wake next season. Same think for Averal. Reggie Nelson had 1 above average year. If you can get him cheap, fine. Otherwise, go for Laron Landry or Griffin. There is a reason Gaither has been cut by a few teams now, so again only on the cheap or pass.

Once again We find Ourselves reading redundant post about how ineffectual henne hasn't been given enough time or hasn't had great players or a coaching staff.HOGWASH!!!
Chump chad sat for a year.Started three.His winning percentage is awful and his td to int ratio is pathetic.Come on fellow Dolphans,chad is fools' gold.That means he F U C K I N G SUCKS!


I think the whole idea of building a team for the next decade is a complete myth. For example, look at the Giants and Pats: only 15 and 7 of their players from SB42 were playing in last week's SB46 - and that was only 4 years ago!

My point is there's a ton of turnover in every team's roster over the span of just a few years. So the idea of building for the next 10 years, when in fact 4 years from now the roster will be 60-70% different, is BS.

I think there's one exception to the "build for the future" myth - and that is QB. You want a QB that you can rely on for a good 10-15 years. But if one isn't available, in FA (if they have doubts about Flynn, for example) or the draft, I'll take the aging superstar. Because in reality, you're building a roster for the next 4 years, not 10.

Decent read. I'd like to sign williams as well, wake and williams would indeed be horrifying.
Posted by: derek | February 14, 2012 at 07:23 AM

So would watching the offense of a franchise that continues to ignore the QB & TE positions.

Jon I know Garcon isn't big but I think were more in need of someone to stretch the field and Garcon can do that for us. I like Nelson for the familiarity with the system and the likely continuity of his above average year hopefully by following his former DB coach. Incognito had the same problems as Gaither and the risk we took on him actually has seemed to work out. I'm not saying that the results with Gaither will be the same but its prolly worth the risk especially if it allows us to fill other holes in the draft. But I agree with you on I don't want to over spend for these guys. Plus Melvin Ingram/Quenton Coples probably would work out just as well as breaking the bank on Williams.

Trent Dilfer won a super bowl, and E. Manning has won 2, so that proves all one needs is a mediocre QB to win multiple super bowls.

Posted by: Winner | February 14, 2012 at 09:58 AM

So Eli Manning is just a mediocre QB. For a second there, I thought I was on a comedic blog!

72, you're so right about Armando"just cashing a check"Salgueros' blogs.We come to the Miami Herald to read about Our franchise not to read some resentful reporter's whines.
Cover the Miami Dolphins Salguero.Keep the 2cents!


You LOVE dragging this thing out don't you.

Where have I said I don't 'think Ireland's sh*t stinks?'. I have NEVER said that? What I have said is he's made mistakes like everybody else, but I've said I'll gladly put his record up against what Bellichick has done the last two years in the draft and FA. YOu've yet to address that.

He hasn't found the QB we need yet but in his defence Henne needed the time to show whether he had it or not. What changed in the three games last year? DID YOU WATCH THIS TEAM LAST YEAR? Totally different team under Moore than under Henne. 'Henne showed improvement'. He did? Are we talking the first game of the year against New England?....the 32rd ranked defence in the NFL? The team that just about everybody carved up during the season New England defence? Yeah great game to gauge his progress. How did he do in the other 2-3 games he played? How did he do in the games against Houston and Cleveland? Same indecisiveness. Same lack of execution in the red zone. But mostly importantly, I saw a team that played much harder with Moore at QB than Henne. That's the clincher for me. It's Moore's team, unless they add someone else or he shows he can't get it done. Even you became a believer that Moore was a better QB than what you thought.

As for Ireland, I'm the first to criticize him for not adding a pass catching TE over the last two years. I didn't like the Misi pick and I still don't. They should have done better than Colombo at RT. But I also think it's fair to give him credit for some of the moves he's made over the last two years. Moore, Bush, Dansby, Burnett, Marshall, Pouncey, Odrick.

So again, please don't twist my words about Ireland. I'll judge him based on what I see, not because talking heads tell me he's not doing a good job. As I said, I count 4-5 games each of the last two years that the team SHOULD have won. That I blame on Sparano and the coaching staff. Ireland provides the talent and Sparano and staff coach them up. When the team crumbles late in games it's shows they either aren't prepared, aren't in good enough shape or the coaching strategy is flawed. Regardless, that falls on the coaching staff.

I hope we can start looking ahead, instead of constantly looking behind....


What about trading for Kaepenick in San Fran. Why is no one talking about this. If they resign Smith he is expendable and Ireland expressed an interest last year.

Alot of opinions one way or the other regarding who stays and who goes, some give opinions (which I respect) some only criticize while offering none. I'll drop my two cents!

G.M. fin4life!

On our FA players:

M.Mitchell is an adequate back-up with ST's value, I put a premium on this and remind all of the ST TD's scored in 96/97 (one was a doozy fake punt Vs. Houston Oilers) when Westhoff was still here and Larry Izzo was the Capt. when they both walked that aspect of the Fins has been a ???

Don't agree with letting Solia walk but get the math and YES that's all on Ireland who balked on the 30 Mil/5 Yr. deal he could have signed him to at the end of 2010.

Merling is a slacker and he stays only because of the fact you try and see what you can squeeze out of him in a 4/3 rotation.I would replace Langford with Arz. DE Calais Campbell whom we should have taken with the 1st pick of Rd.2 in 08 out of UM instead of Merling.

The rest are NFL SCRAPHEAP! Henne could be a serviceable back-up but not in Miami were anything short of great play at QB will have some NUT out there screaming to get him on the field, GOOD BYE and GOOD RIDDANCE!!

On potential FA acquisitions:

Before everybody screams OG Carl Nicks I'll remind he's looking for the deal N.O. teamate Jahri Evans got which was a 7 Yr. 58 Mil. deal and over 9 Mil. a Yr. on an OG isn't what I want to see.

I like as OL in FA ( I know out of the box) Houston Center Chris Myers moving M.Pouncey back to his more natural left OG spot next to J.Long. I then move Incognito back to his natural RG spot (always played either there or at Center before Sparano) while giving J.Jerry a shot at RT were he played at Miss.St. in the SEC adding some stop gap FA help with Carey and Murtha in the mix. If not grab OT Demetrius Bell (Buff) and give J.Jerry another shot at RG, DON'T INVEST A MINT HERE THESE GUYS ARE ADEQUATE IF PROPERLY USED!!!

At RB we need a dependable Bulldozer to go with R.Bush and I hope it can be D.Thomas but given the injury history with these two I'll toss another couple of names on my list of wants, Micheal Bush (Oak) and Mike Tolbert (S.D.) these 2 will be my most targeted at the position and should come at a reasonable price

WR isn't a priority but if you want one Laurent Robinson (Dall) made plays and can run. I for one LOVE J.Blackmon and if by some miracle he is there he would be my pick Rd.1

T.E. Jermicheal Finley, PLEASE!!!PLEASE!!!

LB's Ahmad Brooks and Rocky McIntosh are interesting because they can play the 4/3 and at a high level I believe.

At Safety you've got Leron Landry (FS) AND Micheal Griffin (SS) on the market but for my money I would add Deshon Goldson (SS), you remember him the S.F. player who was knocking out his own teamates in the NFC Champ. game!

You target these players but can't possibly sign the entire wish list, so it's simple I wait FA out then give my opinion on the draft after I fill out via FA because like in the game of Domino's the one move will dictate the next!


Interesting list. Some real intriguing guys on that list.

I like Mario Williams a whole lot, but I think I'd rather see the team draft a guy like Coples. Williams is 27 years old and while that's not old at all, he does have a little bit of wear on him. Is he one of the best in the league? No question. How serious was the injury that cost him a lot of games last year? The biggest thing for me is he's going to command TOP dollar. Are you really going to pay this guy $15-18 million a year? Does that fit into the team's cap structure? There will be huge demand for his services. I'd rather see a guy like Coples or Upshaw, as examples. Younger and cheaper. Avril is an interesting option too.

I don't have any issue with the guys on that list. The only guy I'm not sure about is Gauthier. Ozzie Newsome is among the smartest in the game. He doesn't make many mistakes. How is that a 25 year old RT gets released from a team like the Ravens? What are missing here? Like I said, I've always liked Gauthier and he has to be an upgrade over Colombo, I just also know Newsome knows a Hell of a lot more about this than me. What does he know that we don't?

LOL, I don't want Henne here either, but I am smart enough to know he is better than Matt Moore.

Posted by: Poizen | February 13, 2012 at 04:35 PM

Apparently not very smart. To keep spewing, at nasuem, this nonsense about Henne being better than Moore, shows how out of touch you are.

Repeating yourself over n over won't make you right. Henne's an NFL backup. And you know what, so is Moore. But, Moore has shown more, in less playing time, than Henne.

If Henne was so talented he'd have NO problem getting a starting job, right? We'll see next year when he's holding a clip board waiting for a Qb to get injured to touch the field.

There's a story out there that Manning would welcome going to the Texans. Now I realize that this is just a story and there are going to be lots of these going around over the next little while. But if it's true, what an intriguing option Matt Schaub would be and I don't think it would break the bank to get him.

Personally I don't believe this story but if it's true add Schaub's name to the mix at QB.

Matt Schaub is injury prone and has let the Texans' down on several critical plays.NO Schaub.Yes to Flynn.

Posted by: Slam | February 14, 2012 at 09:50 AM

Why don't you try answering my question instead of spouting off a bunch of stuff that evades my question?

Of the QB's available, which could come to this team and realistically perform better than Henne in 2012.


Everyone be ready to start singing He-He-He-Henne and the Jets! Maybe he'll beat out Sanchise to be the starter and our defense will look good when we play them twice a year.

His name is Matt Moore Bart.In a few games,Moore posted a better winning % and better td to int ratio.MATT MOORE Bart. By the way Bart,both are serviceable clipboard holders.

If the fans on this blog had their way, if the following played on the Dolphins: Eli would have been jettisoned after the first season, Peyton would have been jettisoned after the first season, Brett Favre would never have been signed and if he were, the fans would have demanded he be fired after his third season. Of course, these same fans would have proclaimed Mark Sanchez a franchise QB until the latter part of last season.

Chad Henne has completed 50% more passes than Moore, thrown for 2000 more yards than Moore, averages double the number of yards per scramble, fumbles half as much as Moore, has given up less yardage in sacks than Moore, completes a higher percentage of passes than Moore, and has thrown far more 300 yard games than Moore.

In short, Henne has done far more with less than Moore. Moore had receivers who caught the ball, Moore had a line that blocked better, and Moore had a running game. With all that, Moore couldn't get us into the endzone with any regularity.

Better QB? Henne. No doubt about it.

Bart RG3 can out do Henne simply because of the duel threat option. I think he'll have a better rookie season than Cam Newton depending where he lands because I think he's a better decision maker than Cam out of college. he started this year throwing 24 tds to 2 ints and completing over 75% of his passes. His football IQ cant be under estimated

RG3 competed against inferior competition.His stats are misleading.Plus obtaining him would mean giving up too much for a ?? prospect.

Never in your Wildest dreams....

Okl is not an inferior opponent and he pretty dismantled them himself accounting for nearly 600 yd of total offense and 5 td's

I don't know most of the Players from that list, man. You'd BETTER be right!

New Coach Wanted,when chump henne gets tossed in trash pile you're more than welcome to trade in your Miami Dolphins paraphernilia for whatever team scrapes him off.chad henne has been ineffectual for three years as stater for the Dolphins.Adios chump!

All I know is that I've seen John Jerry get to that 2nd level real quickly. Don't know about his straight ahead blocking.

Moore beat the Jets in the last game when it was meaningless

Posted by: Winner | February 14, 2012 at 10:03 AM

Beating the Jets is never a meaningless event.

We need an elite RT. Any available?

Transfer to the CFL.

Did you see Matt Flynn's stats after his start?
Pretty damn good weren't they?

Moore won 2 games WITHOUT Jake Long. He was a very pleaant surprise for sure.

Hey Jimbo Flynn threw for like 5 or 6 tds against professionals.In the NFL.

I want Henne to go to the Jets. I want to see him beat us twice a year for the next decade. I want to see the Jets win multiple Superbowls with Henne at QB. Not because I like the Jets but because I despise the stupidity some here display with regards to judging QB's. I won't mention the stats prove these morons are wrong because the morons don't understand facts anyway.

Posted by: New Coach Wanted | February 14, 2012 at 12:47 AM

Facts you say? You mean like the fact Henne ended his season on the NFL's longest losing streak? Henne was on the team 4 years, Moore in a few weeks posted a better record than Henne ever did.

We would've gotten Andrew Luck if Henne stayed healthy....

Nothing wrong with Daniel Thomas' physical ability. He just dimmer than 2 watts.

Let's not get confused.Matt Moore is a backup qb.He only started because ineffectual henne broke down.
We desperately need a real starting qb.Not serviceable backups as chump chad and Moore are.Pretenders.

yea Ozkar but as state earlier 4 of them were 6 yd dump offs that got taken to the house. Not a walk of TD thrown perfectly over the double coverage. I see more upside in RG3 than Flynn

henne will be lucky to get a second string qb job this season. he will never be an elite qb. no way

Armando happy with all these inane commentaries here(and short)?

I agree MJ.Ineffectual henne would have gotten Us a higher draft pick. chad henne SUCKED.chad henne SUCKS.chad henne will always SUCK!


U R a complete idiot

teams dont stay together for 10 phucken years anymore

U Moron!

Lucky if key players can stay together even 3 yrs w Free Agency, Injuries, Trades and Retirement

No wonder why the entire Dolphins organization and retired players laughs at your pathetic inept intuition of this team

U Suck!

Hey Jimbo what heritage are you?

New Coach Wanted,

So what you are saying is it's more important for you to be RIGHT than for the Dolphins to win? OK.....thanks for the clarification. At least we know where you stand.

Sign Peyton Manning

He wins at least 10 games every year for over a decade straight

Mando is a complete idiot, please keep him out of the Dolphins locker room

Home thinks Mando is only in the locker room to get a looksee at some naked men

Obv he knows nothing about one of the NFLs best QBs

These Henne fans would rather have a QB that throws for 400 yards and loses than a QB that throws for 200 yards and wins.

Freakin Stupid!

Sorry but tannehill is going to be the biggest draft bust. Only 20 games started as a qb. He will not be ready for the speed of the nfl. Rg 3 is the most nfl ready other than luck. Rg3 should be their top priority.

Amen Vladimar!

What does heritage have to do with anything?

RG3 is THEIR top priority.By their top priority I mean other NFL teams.RG3 is suspect and too pricey.

Answer the ??? Jimbo and I'll tell you!


If u wait a few more years of Snorefest Losing Record Dolphin football to develop another QB

Marshall, Bush and Bess will be out of their prime

Long will be retired injured

Bell will be gone

Dansby & Burnett will be out of their prime or traded

and we start all over again, rebuilding

This is it

Put the product on the field now


Now stop staring at the naked male playas, get ur head outta ur asssss and encourage the signing of 4 time league MVP, Super Bowl MVP QB Peyton Manning

and have a HAARPy day :(

It's sad that the very first comment is someone defending Chad Henne. I cannot believe that people still support Henne, even though he threw the ball to thew wrong team for 3 straight years.

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