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Free agents could bring right age, salary to Miami

Dolphins general manager Armando Salguero would not make Peyton Manning his No. 1 free agency priority in 2012. If this were 2002 and we were talking about 25-year-old Peyton Manning and not 35-year-old Peyton Manning, that would be different. But Dolphins GM Armando Salguero wants to build a team that can compete in the AFC East for the next decade rather than next year and then so he's not putting his money on any old, old, old players. He wants to use his elite free agent money on an elite free agent that isn't past his prime. Dolphins GM Armando Salguero spends his pennies (hundreds of millions of them) on someone who is more likely to rip a quarterback's arm off than a free agent whose throwing arm is already hanging by a thread.

GM Salguero wants Tom Brady to pay attention to his signing and think of the event as bad news.

He wants to strike fear into the heart of Mark Sanchez.

Dolphins GM Armando Salguero's chief priority in unrestricted free agency is .... Mario Williams.

Not Manning. Not Matt Flynn, although I have a serious sit-down with coach Joe Philbin and if Flynn is a guy the coach believes is a franchise QB in waiting, I also try to sign Flynn if I can.

But if you restrict me to one move, one addition, one big-time free agency signing?

Mario Williams, whose resume includes 48.5 sacks in the past 66 games, is my guy. That's the guy I team with Cameron Wake and turn the Miami pass-rush into a balanced nightmare.

But alas, Armando Salguero is but a know-nothing hack columnist. So I will sit and watch as the Dolphins weave their work starting March 13 when the free agency signing period begins. The Dolphins are expected to chase Peyton Manning, assuming he is an unrestricted free agent at the time.

So what other options other than Manning might the Dolphins pursue? It's hard to know now because last year the Dolphins went a little off the free agency reservation. They broke their own rules. They violated some time-honored Bill Parcells tenets.

To begin, they signed a starting running back in free agency, something I'd try not to do because I don't like paying running backs unless they are extremely special -- and Reggie Bush is good but not special.

They signed Jason Taylor, something I didn't think they would do because he was 36 years old at the time and previously the Dolphins had made the point of building with free agents that were about to hit their prime rather than free agents past their primes.

So the Dolphins did some things in free agency that were beyond the parameters of the approach they themselves had set down in previous years. That makes predicting what they do going forward more difficult.

If they sign Manning, it signals they're in win-now mode and will look at everyone and anyone as a possibility. The signings in that case won't be limited to younger players that can become cornerstones. The signings may take on an all-hands-on-deck approach, hitting young and older players alike -- in a rush to be good before Manning because really, really bad.

That is the likely approach the Dolphins will take if Manning is the guy. That's not how I'd do it. I want young guys. I want bargain guys, if I can get them. I want up-and-coming, not down-and-fading, I'm fine with less recognizeable names about to be bigtime over household names that no longer play up to their reputations.

The Dolphins need a quarterback. They must get a pass-rusher. They must get a right tackle or a guard, depending on their plans for John Jerry. Here are some possibilities:

Williams, DE/OLB Texans: He will not be franchised because that number is $22.9 million and the Texans have other issues to address, namely re-signing Arian Foster. So Williams will likely test the market and he will be expensive. What else do you expect of a player who has experience at both a 3-4 rush outside linebacker and a 4-3 DE and is elite?

Cliff Avril DE, Detroit Lions: He is not Mario Williams, but he fills the same need at a more reasonable price. He has 19 1/2 sacks the past two seasons, including 11 last season. He turns 26 in April, which suggests he's going to get better. Dominant? No. Very good? Yes.

Jared Gaither, OT, San Diego Chargers: I watched Gaither sign with the Chargers on a Thursday and start for them on a Sunday against the Oakland Raiders and Richard Seymour. And he got the better of Seymour. Sold! The Ravens gave up on this kid way too early. So did the Chiefs, who cut him ostensibly because he had a costly offside penalty in a game. He is not a break-the-bank guy. He is 25 years old.

Laurent Robinson, WR, Dallas: I know, I know, he's a Cowboy and we've done this before. But Robinson was actually productive with Dallas last year in scoring 11 TDs and he did this in replacing Miles Austin rather than in benefitting from coverage dedicated to Austin. This guy, a former third-round pick in Atlanta, seems ready to take the step toward being a full-time starter.

Pierre Garcon, WR, Indianapolis Colts: Well, if you cannot beat them, join them. I am in the minority arguing against signing Peyton Manning. But if you must sign the guy, give him a receiver he's familiar with ... And give him the young receiver he's familiar with, not 34-year-old Reggie Wayne. Garcon is big (6-foot and 210 pounds) and very fast. He's 25 years old. He is from West Palm Beach and his parent are from Haiti. So maybe he'll give the Dolphins some sort of discount?

Broderick Bunkley, DT, Denver Broncos: If Paul Soliai becomes too expensive, I think Bunkley would be a nice alternative and probably a cheaper one. He is coming off his best season, he's got playoff experience and he's actually younger than Soliai by several months.

Reggie Nelson, S, Cincinnati Bengals: The Dolphins just hired Kevin Coyle as their defensive coordinator after he served as the Bengals secondary coach fpr nearly a decade. That means he knows a little something about the Bengals secondary. And he somehow got Nelson, an early-round draft bust in Jacksonville, to play well in Cincinnati. Maybe Nelson might be the answer to getting some plays out of the Miami free safety spot.

Pat Sims DT, Cincinnati Bengals: Read the above and understand that Coyle saw Sims in practice every day. He has started 23 games in four seasons for the Bengals. He is mostly an anchor inside against the run. He is another, cheaper option to Paul Soliai. In fact, he's a cheaper option to both Soliai and Bunkley and he's only 26. Sims is from Fort Lauderdale so maybe he'd like to come home.


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RG3 will be the first pick.

Sign em up

Lets Win!

Let's have some fun!

There is no tomorrow!

RB/WR Bush, QB Manning,WR Moss,WR Marshall in 2012

Go Phins!

Ozkar he is worth the risk. Look at Eli he was pricey too. It ended up working out. The only player left on the roster from that trade is Phillip Rivers. They got 5 picks and only hit on one. Being a Dolfan you should know we screw up draft picks all the time. So how can you say its too pricey for a franchise QB when we likely won't take a huge set back if its a bust

....Henne going to New York would actually do wonders for this team. For one, Henne would be gone. I'm sure the cult of his followers will sacrifice a sheep in his honor, the warn of the apocolipse. Thinking about realisticaly. He couldn't beat out Sanchez anyway..So I'm not sure it helps our chances to win these games...No doubt gimmies if he was behind center..Can you imagine? Henne throws for like 300 yards...but the jets score 3 points, and Henne chucks the crucial INT in the 4th quarter after a qb rating of 13...Henne cult followers quickly blame it on Sparano the ol' punching bag..Blaming the playcalling...Henne to the jets is like an extra draft pick for us..A high one..Not that we would be compensated by this move(we should actually pay the jets) But just the riddance of the baggage frees the team to move forward...Sorry Henne cult..No more excuses.

I'm the only one talking about possible FA's of all types here. The rest talk only about QB's, again. Hmm..

Shut up oscar canosa!

Sparano got fired for wasting 4 years with Henne.

Jimbo when a high draft choice is a bust it most certainly is detrimental to a franchise.Especially if much was given to acquire him.

Jeez ozkar so much hate

Listen, all the quality FA's in the world cannot help the Dolphins as long as Stevie Ross hires some nobody to be our head coach. Ross finds the only offensive coordinator in history who never called a play in his life, never made a game decision, never had to hire anyone...and he makes him our head coach. Brilliant. To make matters worse, Rossie allowed Philbin to hire his own staff, no questions asked. So who do we get? Washed up elderly hack Mike Sherman and his son-in-law. Plus a bunch of other old men who are all cronies of Philbin.

It's not hate, Jimbo, is Fear.

dude SD got 5 high picks in that trade and hit on 1 and theyre still talked bout as a playoff team and super bowl contender so clearly it aint that bad as long as u hit on a franchise QB

Shut up oscar canosa.You still think RG3 is a poor African-American with his hand out.Dumb ass!

henne has no touch on the ball. once a reciever gets more than 15 feet downfield henne is lost. when he does throw the long ball the results are usually not good. cant thread the needle well either. throws the ball hard and well 5 or 6 yars downfield when the reciever is wide open. thats about it. very robotic. hard worker but just cant see him being a starting qb in the future. look what moore did in the second half of the season. not saying that moore was the only reason for the big turnaround but he was a big part of it dont kid yourself. keep him and bring on the qb competition. may the best man win. as far as manning? very risky!

Sorry, to me, that's a day late and a dollar short.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | February 14, 2012 at 09:08 AM

DC, read any good books lately? No?

To busy writing em huh-lol?

I especially liked the part about liking Henne for 32 games, but then not liking him afer his last 3 pretty damn good games. Nice catch!

PS: Is that coming out in Paper back? Maybe some Special Addition Autographed copies-LOL?

we've been stock piling picks every year and it hasnt gotten us any better. 2nd round picks wasted on players like phillip merling, pat white and chad henne. So your saying those weren't set backs? Come on man.

I believe Shawn Merriman was part of that deal Jimbo.

yes he was and like i said hes no longer with the team and proved to be not that great of a player in the long run. he has 3 good years there and was done. In that span how many super bowls did the chargers win??? I still say that trading those picks for Manning was worth it. You treat these draft picks like there gold the more we have of them the better but dude for the good of the franchise sometimes you got get rid of them. Giving away this draft for RG3 is worth it.

Sign em up

Lets Win!

Let's have some fun!

There is no tomorrow!

RB/WR Bush, QB Manning,WR Moss,WR Marshall in 2012

Go Phins!

Doing that Jimbo is like buying expensive rims and tires for a dilapitated car.Not so sure that's the right choice.

Interception Henne stinks. Let him go. Sign Flynn and Mario and call it a day. You still have the draft to sign OL and safety or maybe one of the "on the edge QB's drops in your lap.

What, are you, ozcar?

Cam Newton is a magnificent QB.

Great article. I agree 100%. Our real problem is that we going into our 3rd offense playbook in 5 years. We need some consistancy to get better. Manning cant help that but maybe Flynn (knowing the playbook). It will take the rest of the team some time. We lose several games in the fourth quarter with mistakes on offense due to new offensive systems.

Although Brady was not selected in the last round, I think he was a 6th rounder.

Drafting period is like that!!! 1st Round picks arent even a guarentee. So stop using lame arguments and actually come up with a legit reason why not to trade up for him. I mean what do you want to use all these picks on since your so desperate to keep them?

Another short post by DC

I normally agree with signing young upstart free agents but one position where you need to think outside ofset rules is QB - especially when you don't have one.

This same regime signed an older Chad Pennington who had bigger problems than Peyton and it worked. Why wouldn't they do it now?

Think Mando. One more pass rusher will not make a big difference but a capable Peyton Manning would make a huge difference.

Spend 15 mill a year on Mario or 20 mill a year on a shorter deal for Peyton??? Hmm, doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out Peyton would be the shrewder buy.

Jimbo,did you are my ??? about heritage? Cause it seems to me that the only reason you want to mortgage Our franchise for RG3 is that.I would be willing to draft RG3 but only if he was able when We drafted.

I for once actually agree with Aramando, how many times was it 3rd and something and we couldnt get any pressure on the QB. They stood there foreever. Sign Williams, draft RG3 or sign Flynn. Stick a fork in Manning, his arm will be weaker than Pennington and we all know he couldnt throw an out route if his life depended on it.

As far as Henne goes...in 3 years with the team, there are only TWO good plays anyone remembers. He hit Ginn on a nice bomb vs the Jets on MNF, and he had a nice QB keeper on MNF this year vs. the Pats. In all his playing time, he had TWO career highlights. Brady and Manning have those highlights like once per drive.


Thinks something happened to Peyton's throwing arm




Giving away this draft for RG111 like I've posted many times is worth it but the key IS this draft. We won't accomplish that with Cleveland ahead of Miami sitting on two 1st Rd. picks, period! They aren't sold on McCoy as the answer and Griffin fits the mold of what Holgram likes (athletic, rocket armed and can make those inside slants with accuracy while placing them on a dime) a white Favre of sorts.

You can't really given the new CBA mortgage any further into the future with a rookie CAP making those picks more valuable because you can have those players at a 1/3 of the price. To much premium on those picks now. Take the highest rated player at a position of need or trade down because after Luck and Griffin the pickings at QB get slim IMO. Unless a player like Coples, Backmon or Kalil fall here.

The wild card for me is if the Rams keep pick two and take RG111 (Fisher loved McNair and the game of the two mirrors) who will cost under the rook CAP about 25 Mil over 5 Yrs. while looking to trade Bradford and his 50 Mil guarantee with an overall total of 86 Mil in 6 Yrs.

Some will argue they would have to eat the prorated part of his signing bonus but I remind that unless restructured Bradford will cost more than 20 Mil on the books annually, so eating 10 from his bonus and dealing him on draft day before the training camp bonus is due does make sense and then he becomes the intriguing guy because I expect Shanahan to put the full on press for Peyton now sick and tired of the rebuilding project in Wash., IMHO.

Mark don't get it twisted I love Chad and what he did for the Dolphins but our success that year was based on one of the easiest schedules in the league and the gimmick of the wildcat that took some time for teams to adjust to. We cant have faith in retread Manning doing the same magic as that season and he still not answer our LONG TERM needs! I've seen all morning the argument that you build teams for 3 or 4 years. But you can't honestly say that when you see teams like New England and Pittsburgh that seem to have made the playoffs on a yearly basis.


I think Armando is getting it twisted in shuffle. All the names and possibilities are blurring the vision.

If you're going to be shrewd in making a purchase, you have to focus on your cold hard options.

Luck and RGIII - It ain't happening.

Tannehill - Couldn't win the starting job in MORE than 3 seasons. When it was finally HANDED to him, he only had 7 starts, followed by the Head Coach getting fired-Nuff Said.

That leaves Matt Moore.

Matt Flynn.

Peyton Manning.

DE's, LB's, TE's and Safties. We need all that. But I think biggest, most important need is QB. You have to focus on your options!

PS: Fire Ireland and Salguero!


There's a story out there that Manning has thoughts about going to the Texans. Who knows if it's legit or made up. If it's true though, where would you put Matt Schaub in your guest for a starting QB. I like the guy but he's been banged up a bit along the way.

Spend 15 mill a year on Mario or 20 mill a year on a shorter deal for Peyton??? Hmm, doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out Peyton would be the shrewder buy.

Mark in Toronto | February 14, 2012 at 12:20 PM

I would save the 20 Mil and sign Calais Campbell who we should have drafted instead of Merling in 08 out of UM. IN 4 Seasons he's picked up 22 sacks while only starting the last 2 as a 3/4 DE. His whole career at UM he was a demon in the 4/3. He slipped because he played on some really BAD Larry Cocker teams which did nothing but still put up the #'s

Ozkar sounds like the only reason you don't want to draft RG3 is because of his heritage. Do you actually know anything about him outside of that?

If Philbin likes Flynn..........
Then Flynn , Mario , Laurent Robinson!
No mention of Redskin TE FredDavis?
The Reggie Nelson thing I can see happening , intresting point on Coyle and bengal connect!

then draft RT( REIFF) or LB/TE

Jimbo, yes the schedule was easy. however, Chad played excellent ball. Chad Henne or anyonje else we've had post Marino would not have done as well. Easy schedule or not, we haven't had any qb who tied league records for fewest turnovers and passed for almost 4,000 yards. And that was a bad Miami supporting cast too.

Meanwhile Henne keeps losing to the Browns, Lions without Stafford, etc, etc. I knew Chad wasn't the long term answer but he was pretty darn good that year.


PFT has smashed the Manning to the Texans rumor.........for now anyway.

Craig, I don't see him going to the Texans. The Texans would've made the super bowl with Schaub in there - he's pretty good.

He's about the ceiling of where Matt Flynn could possibly be.

If the Texans want Peyton, I say, forget all the rest and grab Schaub.

But I don't see them wanting Peyton. Schaub is their answer there for the next 8 years or so. You don't give up on that.

I think the rumour started in the Houston media because Peyton had their number for all those years.

i agree fin4 i love Campbell. But I think you make my point on how over valued draft picks are theyre only valuable if you hit on them and lets face it the Dolphins haven't had a great draft history over the last 10 years. So why cherrish them so much when us using them has made the team we are today. The FO needs to grow a pair and gamble on RG3 he will not disappoint

Odin, exactly right. You don't go spending premium dollars on defensive ends and safeties when you don't have an answer or potential answer at QB.

Like one of the very first posters said, what good is it holding teams to lower points when you can't score.

I like the answer of RG3 first and foremost but I would also love Peyton. get him under centre for three years or so and then figure it out down the line.

Your country hires a President for four years, surely finding a QB for a similar term is enough time to make a difference too.

This is the best free agent QB option since Brees. let's not miss twice by being too cute and settling for a 7th round pick who may be it or not.

I think Pennington was THIRD in MVP voting that year, losing to Peyton. Not sure the voters looked at it and said 'Easy schedule. Helped by the Wildcat'. He played good, efficient football and was full marks for his year. I'd take that from any of our QBs any and all years.

Pennington was getting blown out of games, it was the gimmick Wild Cat that caught everybody of guard forcing the LB's to respect the run lanes along with a Safety opening up his 20 Yard pass game in between the #'s. That is until the Ravens in the Wild Card round blitz the lanes and dropped the Safeties back with Ed Reed playing Center field (Ravens DC Rex Ryan beat it)

The rest of the league copied what he did and the Cat died! Please before somebody posts that as NY Coach we beat them at home using it. I remind the circumstances changed because Henne was going vertical forcing the Safeties deep when on a blown assignment T.Ginn actually got behind everybody. If Pennington is still our QB in 09 we would have been off to one of those 0-4 or 0-5 starts.

I agree Jimbo, pay the price for RG3. What's the worst that can happen? he flops and in three years, we are drafting in the top 10 again looking for a qb. IN other words, things can't get any worse than they are now.

What's the difference between winning one game and 7 games? Not much in my opinion - they both suck and are a waste of my Sunday afternoons.

Yea Mark it was one year and in the playoffs we had an "They are who we thought we were" and that season was just a mirage. All we got to say after that is well were not a 1-15 team but we are also still not a better than 7-9 team either. If anything that 2008 season was more of set back to us in the rebuilding phase than anything. Were still fixing the same needs that we had when we entered that season.


Wouldn't Calais Campbell be almost as expensive as Williams and more than Manning?

Ohio and Mark,

Yeah I don't see the Manning to the Texans happening either. Sounds like something made up by the Houston media.

I don't see any way the Luck or RGIII things happen. So now it's Flynn, Manning, Moore or someone to push Moore.

If Manning can play, he's the guy I want. I'd put my money in him and draft pass rush.

Why does anybody like Matt Flynn. He's played in like 3 games and is a nobody 7th rounder.

Why would anyone stake their franchise in an unproven seventh rounder and give up on a fifth rounder who put his WR in the pro bowl despite getting the starting nod well into the season? Someone may be willing to move up. If the Phins can't move up to get RGIII, move down and select Tannehill or Osweiler and use the acquired pick for a ball hawking Safety!

I know if Chad Henne were real deal, and his fellow players thought he was the real deal; I'd expect to be hearing more from them in the media on his behalf.

I want the kid to do well, I just don't think he is going to get that chance here. Cleveland perhaps to compete with McCoy.

Jimbo I posted that I would advocate drafting RG3 if he was still on the board when We draft.The heritage ? arise from comments by Tony Dungy implying that he would draft RG3 over Andruw Luck.That's bias cause Luck is the real deal.

Exactly Mark! We went a stretch were from like 2000 to 2006 or 2007 where we only had 2 players that we had drafted on the roster. they were Chris Chambers and Eddie Moore. The picks only worth it if you hit on them.

Are you guys serious? Manning???? If he's healthy, and that's a big if, we will be right back to square one in two years, tops. That's assuming he's healthy. In signing him, the team will most likely be getting a diminished player at the end of his career. He will be Culpepper all over again. An injury riddled star of the past. Either sign Flynn and take a shot on him or draft a QB by either trading up or down. Manning is done or else the Colts would pick up the option to try and win for a couple of years, all while grooming Luck. They can't lose either way. The Dolphins? Lose big time by once again becoming enamored with another team's scraps.

From Roto World:

Some players are averse to the tag because it limits their rights, but it sounds like Campbell would be okay with it. "If that’s the worst-case scenario, it’s not too bad," he said. "The only thing that kind of sucks is that you don’t have security for the future. But I am one of those guys who kind of takes it as it comes." The Cardinals will not let Campbell test the market.

I think the Cardinals have offered him 30 mil. for 5 years.

Well put Mark.

Lol ozkar heritage has nothing to do with this. Watching RG3 i honestly think hes a better QB than Cam Newton was coming out of college. I mean he won the heismen trophy for crying out loud. Andrew Luck didn't win it so i wouldn't rule out of the realm of possibility that maybe this kid is a better quarterback than Andrew Luck.

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