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Free agents could bring right age, salary to Miami

Dolphins general manager Armando Salguero would not make Peyton Manning his No. 1 free agency priority in 2012. If this were 2002 and we were talking about 25-year-old Peyton Manning and not 35-year-old Peyton Manning, that would be different. But Dolphins GM Armando Salguero wants to build a team that can compete in the AFC East for the next decade rather than next year and then so he's not putting his money on any old, old, old players. He wants to use his elite free agent money on an elite free agent that isn't past his prime. Dolphins GM Armando Salguero spends his pennies (hundreds of millions of them) on someone who is more likely to rip a quarterback's arm off than a free agent whose throwing arm is already hanging by a thread.

GM Salguero wants Tom Brady to pay attention to his signing and think of the event as bad news.

He wants to strike fear into the heart of Mark Sanchez.

Dolphins GM Armando Salguero's chief priority in unrestricted free agency is .... Mario Williams.

Not Manning. Not Matt Flynn, although I have a serious sit-down with coach Joe Philbin and if Flynn is a guy the coach believes is a franchise QB in waiting, I also try to sign Flynn if I can.

But if you restrict me to one move, one addition, one big-time free agency signing?

Mario Williams, whose resume includes 48.5 sacks in the past 66 games, is my guy. That's the guy I team with Cameron Wake and turn the Miami pass-rush into a balanced nightmare.

But alas, Armando Salguero is but a know-nothing hack columnist. So I will sit and watch as the Dolphins weave their work starting March 13 when the free agency signing period begins. The Dolphins are expected to chase Peyton Manning, assuming he is an unrestricted free agent at the time.

So what other options other than Manning might the Dolphins pursue? It's hard to know now because last year the Dolphins went a little off the free agency reservation. They broke their own rules. They violated some time-honored Bill Parcells tenets.

To begin, they signed a starting running back in free agency, something I'd try not to do because I don't like paying running backs unless they are extremely special -- and Reggie Bush is good but not special.

They signed Jason Taylor, something I didn't think they would do because he was 36 years old at the time and previously the Dolphins had made the point of building with free agents that were about to hit their prime rather than free agents past their primes.

So the Dolphins did some things in free agency that were beyond the parameters of the approach they themselves had set down in previous years. That makes predicting what they do going forward more difficult.

If they sign Manning, it signals they're in win-now mode and will look at everyone and anyone as a possibility. The signings in that case won't be limited to younger players that can become cornerstones. The signings may take on an all-hands-on-deck approach, hitting young and older players alike -- in a rush to be good before Manning because really, really bad.

That is the likely approach the Dolphins will take if Manning is the guy. That's not how I'd do it. I want young guys. I want bargain guys, if I can get them. I want up-and-coming, not down-and-fading, I'm fine with less recognizeable names about to be bigtime over household names that no longer play up to their reputations.

The Dolphins need a quarterback. They must get a pass-rusher. They must get a right tackle or a guard, depending on their plans for John Jerry. Here are some possibilities:

Williams, DE/OLB Texans: He will not be franchised because that number is $22.9 million and the Texans have other issues to address, namely re-signing Arian Foster. So Williams will likely test the market and he will be expensive. What else do you expect of a player who has experience at both a 3-4 rush outside linebacker and a 4-3 DE and is elite?

Cliff Avril DE, Detroit Lions: He is not Mario Williams, but he fills the same need at a more reasonable price. He has 19 1/2 sacks the past two seasons, including 11 last season. He turns 26 in April, which suggests he's going to get better. Dominant? No. Very good? Yes.

Jared Gaither, OT, San Diego Chargers: I watched Gaither sign with the Chargers on a Thursday and start for them on a Sunday against the Oakland Raiders and Richard Seymour. And he got the better of Seymour. Sold! The Ravens gave up on this kid way too early. So did the Chiefs, who cut him ostensibly because he had a costly offside penalty in a game. He is not a break-the-bank guy. He is 25 years old.

Laurent Robinson, WR, Dallas: I know, I know, he's a Cowboy and we've done this before. But Robinson was actually productive with Dallas last year in scoring 11 TDs and he did this in replacing Miles Austin rather than in benefitting from coverage dedicated to Austin. This guy, a former third-round pick in Atlanta, seems ready to take the step toward being a full-time starter.

Pierre Garcon, WR, Indianapolis Colts: Well, if you cannot beat them, join them. I am in the minority arguing against signing Peyton Manning. But if you must sign the guy, give him a receiver he's familiar with ... And give him the young receiver he's familiar with, not 34-year-old Reggie Wayne. Garcon is big (6-foot and 210 pounds) and very fast. He's 25 years old. He is from West Palm Beach and his parent are from Haiti. So maybe he'll give the Dolphins some sort of discount?

Broderick Bunkley, DT, Denver Broncos: If Paul Soliai becomes too expensive, I think Bunkley would be a nice alternative and probably a cheaper one. He is coming off his best season, he's got playoff experience and he's actually younger than Soliai by several months.

Reggie Nelson, S, Cincinnati Bengals: The Dolphins just hired Kevin Coyle as their defensive coordinator after he served as the Bengals secondary coach fpr nearly a decade. That means he knows a little something about the Bengals secondary. And he somehow got Nelson, an early-round draft bust in Jacksonville, to play well in Cincinnati. Maybe Nelson might be the answer to getting some plays out of the Miami free safety spot.

Pat Sims DT, Cincinnati Bengals: Read the above and understand that Coyle saw Sims in practice every day. He has started 23 games in four seasons for the Bengals. He is mostly an anchor inside against the run. He is another, cheaper option to Paul Soliai. In fact, he's a cheaper option to both Soliai and Bunkley and he's only 26. Sims is from Fort Lauderdale so maybe he'd like to come home.


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fin4life, I read your post from this morning but had to go, that's why I never answered you. Had to bring the kids to school and had a bunch of stuff to do. Just got back. Would of been fun though...

#1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal | February 14, 2012 at 02:14 PM

I actually called in and told him it was me or the handle fin4life and we went off on a rant about his GM post. He was cool about it later Soiled Bottom showed up and we started grilling on the sign in part which he reads on air, check it out sometime his show ain't bad

Aloco, I'm on paternal leave. Just had my 3rd kid. Baby girl. I'm going back to work next monday if you care that much. LOL!

The players I posted are all in the 5 Mil range with the RB's more like 4 to 4.5 we are OVER 15 under the cap and will also have SOME of Solia's 12 to work with . I would keep slashing at the old guard like Y.Bell (5.6) who is horrible in coverage and give his money to Goldson. The one guy up there that could command big bucks is Finley and I'm sure Coach Phibin has him on the radar having Coached him in G.B.

Kate Upton pictured when you go to CNNSI.com...Man what a piece...If Mark Sanchez really did this girl, why in the world would he care if he never wins a SB?? LOL!

#1, Congrats, I just had a baby girl oct 2011. She's my world. Cherish it until they turn 16 and want to date boys. NOOOOOOO!

Thanks Spiderman...I hear you brother...My wife was asking me the other day why that bothers me so much...My answer was: "Cause I am a man...I know how they think!" LOL!!

#1, that link you just sent of that chick. WHoooo I would love to suck on her tatas. :0

Spiderman, you had never heard of Kate Upton? She's the real deal. Imagine, 19 years old...I wish 19 year olds would of looked like that back in the 80's...LOL!!!!!

So D Thomas will now be the 3rd RB? Good job Ireland.

Ive never heard of this chick. Wow 19! Imagine if this chick came on to you your big head would be telling you think about your wifey and your little head would be saying YES! YES DO IT!

Apparently this Devon Still guy is a beast...Some scouts claim he could be the next Ndamukong Suh...A DT that is not only a wall against the run but is very disruptive against the pass...Can rack up the sacks...

new coach wanted is exactly correct, as is bart.

ozkar is very very very stupid

Fun Facts, how do you explain Moore's record in Carolina?
Posted by: Poizen | February 14, 2012 at 02:17 PM

You mean 6-2 his 1st 2 years? Offense rookie of the month? Or are you just fixated on his last year, on the worst team, concussed wk 1 & on injuried reserve after 4 or 5 games?

I'm sure you're just picking & choosing what suits your argument. Either way = Fail. If Henne was better, you'd think we'd hear SOMETHING about him getting resigned & in the plans for 2012?? Not a peep.

But, yea, Henne is better cause you say so LMAO
Utterly ridiculous!

I can't decide who is more stupid -- fun facts or ozkar

RG3 and Mario Williams will make us a playoff team instantly! And for a long time to come. Throw the draft at who ever you must to move up and get RG3 - pull a Ditka... put the BIG pieces in place, and file holes next year.

Benny v so your the only one that knows football LOL your probaley a suck for luck fantasy football fan nothing else need be said, you sad little petty man


I haven't been contributing much lately but have been reading some posts. The one thing that sticks out to me, and it has been repeated by a few including Armando, is that people somehow feel that if we sign Manning we will be right back to where we were in 2008 and I have a few thoughts on that.

First off I disagree. In 2008 this team had been gutted and we were starting from scratch. Not the case this time as we have a good core to work with.

If the contention is that we will be right back to where we were after Penny left (meaning when Manning leaves we will have no one) than I completely disagree. The reason we didn't have anyone to take over is because Parcells and Sparano were all about running first. They put very little emphasis on finding and identifying qbs of the future. They were all about finding care takers. And if someone thinks Ireland had any real say in those early drafts you're a fool. As a matter of fact it is known that Ireland fought tooth and nail over the White draft pick and obviously lost to the "big ego". So why can't the Dolphins sign Manning and also draft a project? No reason they can't. And then draft another next year, and the year after and so on. It's how Ron Wolfe did business and helped the Pack to grab Favre,Hassleback, and Rodgers.

We are getting no where close to Rg3 so everyone needs to give up on that fantasy. Teams ahead of us who are in more desperate need of a QB have much more to offer in a trade than we do. They are also in a better position to trade up. It's just not happening for us. And I don't want to give up our entire draft for a kid who will then have no RT,RG, OR TE to work with. Talk about handcuffing a young QB.

My opinion? I want Flynn if Philbin wants Flynn. If he doesn't, we have to take a shot at Manning. Weeden is a damned good qb and will be available to us in the 2nd rnd. Who cares if he's older, he can sit behind Manning for a year or two and then have a great 7 year career. That gives us stability at the qb position for almost the next decade.

How is that starting all over again like in 2008?

Armando might be washed up @ 50 yrs old

but Peyton Manning is one of the best and the Dolphins would prob be 12-4 in 2012

w QB Peyton Manning & drafting a rookie DE like DE Coples

then throw Randy Moss 1 million for a year and let's play some football

Go Phins!

RB/WR Reggie Bush

QB Peyton Manning

WR Brandon Marshall

WR Randy Moss

Slot Receiver - Simply The Bess

** Let's toss the rock! **

Go Phins!

If Manning healthy, take him. Dolphins fans would be pissed if he goes somewhere else and does work.

Randy Moss and B Marsh, even though Moss is half the player he was in 1997.

Itcontinues to amaze me how many ignorant people comment on this pathetic excuse for a blog in FL history. allwe here is QB, QB, QB wake up it's a total crap shoot. Henne had the worst OC and QB coach ever his first 2 starting seasons which set him back 2 years of his career. Know one is saying he should be the starter, but we spent a 2nd round pick on him. To not give him an opportunity to compete would be moronic. Case and point Alex Smith was horrible going through OC's every year. He finally got a chance with a good coaching staff and takes his team to the playoffs. Some of you say see the big picture well use those pea brains most of you have and get off the P. Manning crap his career is over and actually invest sometime in one of our draft picks. Most of you are just arm chair QB cry babies go rute for the JETS and piss off

Our#1 Wr keep the dolphins together this year as well. After Marshall got into V. Davis about coming to practice drunk, the team played better.

Sign Flynn and Reggie Nelson in Free Agency. Then draft Quinton Coples if he is there in the first round. We are not in win-now mode as we have too many other glaring needs. We are not one player away from a title. If we sign Manning we will have to change our whole offense to suit him or he will have to learn a new offense for the first time in his career.

Worst in league in the redzone
Worst in league on 3rd down conversions
Worst in league in the 4th quarter.

This was true for Henne under Dabol too.

Let me get this right Manning One SB over ten plus years on a team built around him and after 3 major neck operations witch left him with unhealed and turning 36 years old hes going to a new team with a new system and lead them to a SB the first year because thats about all he will last. Im sorry I couldnt sell that to a newborn,Think dont dream!!
GO FINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did anybody here watch a S.F. game at all this Yr.???????? Am I the only one that sees the value in Strong Safety Deshon Goldson???? Reggie Nelson, really??? Is everybody here HIGH??? There is NO comparison, his contract could end up costing us really $400,000.00 given we dump Bell's 5.6 and hand this kid tomorrow a 6 per Yr. deal.

His #'s last Yr.


Hits that blew people out of there shoes plenty on Sportscenter!

DUDE! I said nothing about Henne... I just wonder if you looked at Moore's whole body of work... the funny thing is you made excuses as you call them for his tough times. I was not even making an argument for Henne, just asked your opinion. Obviiously you are the one a little to sensitive about the subject.

Manning and Garcon yes!!! would love Mario Williams but he will be expensive.

Spencer from Dallas might work.

Like the DT mentioned as free agents.

Need to draft Tannehill to learn behind Manning.

I meant I said nothing about Henne on the post asking about Matt Moore's rough times. Just to clear it up.

I quite frankly could give 2 craps the name of the QB on the roster as long as we win. But your accusations an crap comments about me thinking Henne is better, is no different than yours about Moore.

The Manning issue with his arm reminds me of Chad Pennington 4 years ago. He had a Noodle Arm and after shoulder surgury they said he couldn't throw hard, but he is a smart player, can read defenses and is very accurate and has great timing on his throws. guess what we won 11 games that year after going 1-15 the year before. I think you can say the same for Manning.

Well Armando; keep your day job because sports GM you are not. LOL

I would take Peyton in a New York minute. There is plenty left in the tank and would give the Dolphins time to groom another longer term QB.

Go Phins!!

RG3 and Mario Williams; agree with Fireland

RG3 not sold on this guy at all.
Matt Flynn not sold on him either. No body of work. I watched that 6 TD game again, a ton of rack yards.

I would honestly sign Henne back for another year to battle Moore. If Payton becomes healthy, then you consider the move.

Build through the draft and FA.

We are talking about a coach with a great Offensive mind and can build QB's. Let's see what he can do.

Sign avril sign nelson sign nicks sign finley or desean jackson fill ur needs through freeagency then set urself up to give 2first and a second maybe a third to st louis draft griffin let him compete with moore n let da best man win

Matt Flynn is as risky as RG3.And I would rather acquire Flynn over RG3 cause Matt will only cost Mr.Ross' money.Trying to obtain RG3 would cost draft picks We can't afford or have to offer to out bid other qb need franchise.
Mustache Man,your post about stupidity are the reflection you see in the mirror when you wear that bum culpepper Miami Dolphins jersey while brushing your teeth.

Ozcar, I agree, good comment, Mario Williams would be a great addition.

Mando, if I'm Williams, and SERIOUS about wanting to win NOW, I take a few million less and stay where I am...in Houston.
We would HAVE to sign a QB like Manning to even entice him to come to Miami.
However, if he lacks the character that so many of today's athletes do, he'll take the $$$ from the highest bidder. Unfortunately, that won't be us, but the Rams, who, I believe have something like 10 million more in cap space.
This will be an entertaining, perhaps frustrating off season.

dolphins 2012 peyton manning throwing to marshall moss or wayne!

no way we trade up and get RG, there is just no way people need to get that out of there head.

All right. Weeden will be available and ready to play now. Mario would be a great fix and throw in Nelson and the Diego guard and whoosh!!!!

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