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Agent: Paul Soliai return not likely

Yesterday I shared the unofficial list of Dolphins free agents and what their status with the Dolphins is for the coming season. What I said about Paul Soliai is that I have doubts he'll return to the team.

Now we hear that his agent David Canter also has doubts he'll be on the team in 2012.

Canter was on my radio show, Armando and Perkins on 640-sports (640-AM in South Florida) and painted a great picture for Soliai. But that picture does not necessarily include Soliai in a Miami uniform.

"The future looks fantastic for him," Canter said. "Whether that future ends up being here, that's obviously not up to me.  It's never been up to me. And I've never felt like the Dolphins have made a very fair push to try to get a multi-year deal done. And I wouldn't anticipate them doing so now with the rumors that they're going to be moving to a 4-3/3-4 hybrid. The reality of it is Paul can play in any defense, but the question is if the Dolphins are gearing up to go try to get Peyton Manning when he gets released ... and whether they're going to try to do some other things in free agency and whether the dollars equate.

"I've had good conversations with [Dolphins general manager] Jeff [Ireland] in the past. We have a very good relationship. I now represent a coach on the staff and it's always been very friendly and cordial. But I also think at some point in time, teams say, 'Hey, we've got to move in a different direction and we've got to go spend our resources somewhere else.' and I imagine that's what's going to happen with the Dolphins since I've had no communications with them regarding contract proposals or extensions or even minimal discussions about the future, as of today. But with that said there's still a lot of time left. We could get a deal done with Paul Soliai in 15 minutes if the Dolphins were willing to go where we're willing to go to get it done."

Let me think for a moment ...

The club and Canter have been trying to figure out a multi-year contract for Soliai since 2010. And they haven't been able to get it done in those 16 months or so. And the sides are suddenly going to get a deal done in 15 minutes because one side -- ostensibly Miami -- is going to completely cave?

I love Canter. He is truly an optimist. But is also a very good bulldog agent. So I asked him, gun to his head, if Soliai is back in 2012 or not.

"No," he said. "You don't need to put a gun to my head. But listen it's not the kind of thing that can't rapidly change. I was all doom and gloom last year at this time that we wouldn't be able to get a multi-year deal done and I still feel that way that a multi-year extension is not something the Dolphins ever really wanted to do ... But it's a very easy deal to do. They know where I am. They know where my numbers are ..."

Check out the full Canter interview below (Scroll to the middle portion of the hour because he had Florida Panthers defenseman Brian Campbell early in the hour). And listen for the offer Canter made to Soliai so that he would not play in the Pro Bowl, a game in which Soliai risked his future payday for a chance to play:



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Good riddance....he will eat himself out of the league inside of 3 years.....

He is less than solid....and shos flashes of average....


Soliai isnt worth top money so cut your losses with this fat b*stard and move on

Not exactly breaking news Armando...I like Paul Soliai and he has improved tremendously, but having said that, we need to start spending big bucks on QBs, WRs, Pass Rushers and Defensive backs...Odrick, Starks and McDaniel can play DT...I prefer Starks in the middle anyway...Not as productive playing DE imo...

..Soliai is a good player for the 3-4 system. You have to have a NT to play in the 3-4. Fact is. He has yet to become a pass rush threat. He plays on limited downs, and in a 4-3 that requires more gap responsibility, and relies on stunts, and movement for confusion. We would be able to be formidable without his presance.

Sure we will run some 3-4, and yes Soliai will be missed(If indeed we cannot come to terms) But a player that has only been affective on running downs does not deserve a huge contract. Especially if our base is going to be a 4-3 defense.

I don't remember portraying this as breaking news, #1 in Montreal ... Where did I write it was?

But having said that, better to know the information that not, I believe.

Armando, since your here what would be the ideal situation foer the Dolphin to improve QB? Would you resign Henne?

Armando, what I meant was most people didn't expect Soliai to be back anyway. Didn't mean any disrespect. Like you said, the fact they have been trying to agree on a multi year contract since 2010 tells you everything you need to know. Soliai will get his money somewhere, and good for him. But for Miami, like I said in my earlier post, it's time to spend the big bucks on other positions, such as QB, WR, a Pass Rusher and Playmaking Defensive Backs...

Clue...I know your question was directed at Armando..IMO. for the good of our team, and Henne. I think it is time to move on. Unlike Alex Smith who was in a similar spot(unpopular, new HC)..Philbin has not come out saying that Henne is our guy. Harbaugh did this right away last year. It probably wasn't recieved well. But he did show support for his QB..For Henne, this has not been the case.

Thanks Darryl at least someone can answer..

Bye Bye to Soliai, 90% of the time he was invisible, reason the Run D is so good is because Dansby is a top 10 LB and Burnett is a good compliment. Move Starks to DT and move Wake opposite of Odrick and pick up a vet and draft a DT in later rounds

Starks is too little to play NT in a 3-4. We'll miss Soliai if he leaves, remember his main responsibility was to consume blocks which he did.

Ross is too cheap to have good players.....SELL THE TEAM PLEASE!

Soliai deserves to be on a better team.

fat weak useless overpaid

Soliai was terrible at the start of last season. Ciao!

Losing Nolan and Solai off the D? YIKES!

The Fins should try and move into the new Marlins stadium. I'm hearing the Canes want to play there too.

MJ, are you some sort of dummy?

If it's more than $5mill a year, it's way too much for a one dimensional player that doesn't even play money downs. In a 4-3 system, you can get a mighty fine dt that is a force against the run for $5mill a year.

It's a shame Ireland didn't ahve the foresight to get a long term deal done with this guy when he first started to emerge. Now it is probably too late but hey, anything can happen. If Manning isn't coming to Miami, I can still see Big Paul back next year.

Go get Mario Williams or Avril with the defense the Dolphins are going to play with 1 of them and Wake as the ends that's pretty good considering they are both young and can rush the passer.

Clue, I would not re-sign Henne. And if the Dolphins somehow, through a bolt of fate, end up re-signing Henne, something went terribly wrong this offseason.

The fact is they need to bring in one QB to start or compete with Matt Moore to start. His name will not be Chad Henne. And once you have those two guys, they'll probably add a development QB of some sort -- A No. 3 QB, either by keeping Devlin or somebody else.

Thanks Mando, I dont care what anyone thinks, your the best beat writer in Miami. Ciao ppl! I'm out

Mando isn't the beat writer. Just saying.

Okay let's get it out there cause I'm sure a reminder would be good for us all. Paul played his ass off in 2010 (a contract year for him), so he got the franchise tag in 2011 (again another contract year). Nobody should give this guy a long term contract unless it's an incentive based contract with no guaranteed cash. He will take the money and turn back into his lazy, poor work ethic self. That's why the Dolphins didn't give him it last year and that's why they won't do it this year. The problem with the Dolphins is they KNOW him, and they know what he was like before he was playing for a payday. Sorry Paul but it's the truth and until you can prove otherwise that will be your tag.

Soliai is an over-hyped DT.

The dude is just average but because 3-4 DT s are hard to find right now, he's over-priced. Jesus it isn't even my money and I cant believe we tagged him last year.

Let him go and good riddance.

He's been here since '07 and is barely a solid player.


I read your last post from the last blog....brilliant!! I think you've put things EXACTLY as they should be.

The two places I would differ:

I would be looking at Manning first instead of Flynn. If Manning looks like he'll be healthy and can play next year, that's the guy I want. I don't care if he's 36, it's Peyton friggin' Manning and nobody works harder and preapres better. I remember reading about him when he was coming out. He couldn't wait to get his hands on the Colts playbook and start preparing LONG before camps opened. I think he'll have an axe to grind with everyone and will want his legacy to end on a high note. As some have said, we made the mistake of veering away from Brees....I don't want to see the same say thing with Manning. If he's healthy, I think Manning has a good 3-4 years left in him minimum.

The other guy you didn't include that I'm intrigued by is Tannehill. Don't know an awful lot about him but if people have him mid to late first, I want the team to look at him closely. I know there are haters on here towards this guy but I'm not looking for his guy to start right away. More like 2-3 years down the road. If he's all that (and Sherman will know), I want him as part of this team.

Phins78, you are missed around here. Don't be a stranger and post more often.

I like Paul Soliai but it sounds like his agent has big plans for this guy and I don't see it being the way to go. I could totally see a time like the Steelers signing him to a long term contract, as they have a need. It's not the Steeler way but I don't think the market will materialize for him the way his agent thinks. My guess would be $5-6 mil a year is wjhat he'll end up with and I expect the Dolphins will have moved on by then.

Incidentally, if it's not a guy like Coples in the first, I'd be all in on a guy like Avril in Detroit. Solves a need and the team has shown interest in this guy before.

I happen to think Solia would be a great DT with McDaniel or Starks next to him in a 4/3 scheme. Everybody forgets that the responsibility of the 3/4 NT is to occupy space.

In the occasion Solia has been in on pass downs he has shown explosion up the gut and has recorded sacks with his poga poga dance. The reason were even discussing it is because everybody wants to give themselves a reason to feel like the loss is insignificant and you're all fooling yourselves.

He is quicker than Haynsworth was while possessing more HEART and has the size and ability to throw a Guard into the backfield or did everybody forget the game in 09 when he was placed over Nick Mangold of the Jets one on one and Solia through S.Green for a loss causing a fumble that JT would score on in the Ted Ginn two TD Kickoff return game!


Why haven't you done an investigative report on the useless Dolphin SCOUTS???

I been asking you this for around a year now. Nobody wants to talk about the SCOUTS. NOT 'THE SCOUT" Jeff Ireland, the SCOUTS.

Jeff THE SCOUT SUCKS which most of us agree with (not putting any words in anyone's mouth).

I would like to see how these Dolphin SCOUTS have been somewhat responsible for the miserable 10 -15 years of recommendations.

Yes.. I fully know that the scouts dont pull the trigger on picks BUT, why are we pulling the triger on useless players?? Oh, for the last 4 years Jeff THE SCOUT Ireland is at fault with Tuna.

Compare the last 4 drafts Miami compared to New England. They almost ALWAYS pick great players and we get Pat White.

The Pats Scouts are 95% a plus and the Dolphin scouts are in my opinion, 30% +/- and I'm being kind.

Before the Dolphins start splashing money around in free agency they need to take care of Cameron Wake - the guys is grossly underpaid. I would try to add Cliff Avril as a compliment to Wake.

I wouldn't read too much into what the agent says. It could be his way of working the situation.

Remember, brand new FO, THEY need some time to figure out who is who and what they want to do.

NY "G',

You need to do a bit of homework and actually look at the Pats last four drafts before making a comment like that. Seriously, go back and look at them and tell me what they've got on the roster that's productive right now.

Hey.....any word on Cowher yet? When is this happening?

not a big loss, move on!

Hmm.. you don't find guys that large with the speed that Paul has. Just saying.

Canter's a con man!! No team stays awake figuring how to stop Soliai!! He's average at best.. Don't let the door hit ya on the way out!!

..I can't say that New England has done a better job of scouting players then the Phins. I would say 100 percent they have done a better job coaching their guys..I don't think there is any argument there. The 2 tight ends stick out as tremendous finds. The thing is, they have Tom Brady to run the offense. Think about it. The Pats have nobody on the outside to throw to..Their receivers are all undesized possession guys. They get it done without the benifit of a limited running game..

Defensivley, they piece together guys wherever needed. Think about Rob Ninkampoop. An outcast here in Miami..A serviceable starter for the Pats.. With the exception of Wilfork on the D-line..There isn't a spot on the Pat D that is miles better then their counterparts on the Phins..Hardly Genius drafting..Great system, great coaching.

Canter calls himself a top agent based on what? Asking his fat client to try and squeeze my franchise? Ask the silly Cantor to find me 3 Football GM's who will say Paul is worth pay equivalent to the top 5 guys at his position. He cannot!


Totally agree. Their coaching and how they execute their system has beat by a long shot. But their drafting has been pretty dismal. I went back and looked at their draft since 2007, and with the exception of guys like Spikes, Gronkowski, Hernandez, Mayo, Chung and Edelman, nobody else is left. If that's any other team we'd be lucky to give them a passing grade.

As you've said they have Brady and BB to run the show and they are two of the best at what they do. Add to that a good OL and some good play from a guy like Wilfork and that's where they've had their success. But I don't consider it a great roster by any means.

Ross is a cheap SOB and a pathetic owner. He wonders why the team stinks?

Craig M..Obviously I agree. I don't know if you read my post the other day. But for a guy(me) who has ripped Ireland. I sure find myself in his corner more times then I realized. I alreay called a personal truce for the remainder of the offseason as he is our GM, and nothing I say is going to change this. I may as well except it, and wish for the best.

If you look at the Pats roster closely. It becomes remarkable what Bellichek did this year.


I heartely agree with your last point. And Brady too....remarkable really. Talked to a good friend of mine on the weekend who is a big Pats fan and we both agreed that the roster isn't good enough.

Come over to the dark side, DD. There's not many of us but it's a hearty battle we'll fight....LOL.

If you look at the Pats roster closely. It becomes remarkable what Bellichek did this year.

Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | February 14, 2012 at 06:17 PM


Its ALL about the QB. Something the Dolphins idiots dont seem to understand.

I'm glad I have no Woman now. I'm not at all great in pleasing Them and if you don't, they will leave you.

And just why is Soliai worth a lot of $$$?!!!
The guy is an average talent and not much more. Some team will be foolish and overpay the overrated fatboy.

I'm glad I have no Woman now. I'm not at all great in pleasing Them and if you don't, they will leave you.

Posted by: oscar canosa | February 14, 2012 at 06:32 PM

What a barrel of fun you are. Why would they stay otherwise?

Idiots-are-all-over, Ron-son.

I don't know, earl. Can you tell me?

Now you got me thinking, Earl. Pleasing has to go both ways. That is a fact for our Contentness. In my very particular case, she might start pleasing me by aknowledging I'm not a pleasing Man.(but very caring).

Of course, you have no idea what I'm talking about. Well,la-di-da...

I miss no Woman I ever met. But, man, do I miss their Poossys.

Oscar not even You know what you are talking about.

For a squirt and fly, that's what ho's are for.

I know we don't have the cap room to play with, but I would franchise him, and then trade him for a couple of second rounders or various picks. I hate seeing us let players go without getting anything in return. New England is always parlaying players into more picks and that is the model that we need to move too.

Perhaps Our disrespect to Our own players is the reason why We've become a woe-be-me of a franchise.
Solai has played very well for Us.Has even given Us a hometown chance.Our defense needs him.Every player on Our current roster could play harder.Sacrifice more.If We foresee a better player @ that position then let Us pursuit him.But don't be a lukewarm fan and kick in the a s s as he seeks wants HE thinks is fair to him. The best to you Paul Soliai. S H I T T Y DOLPHINS' FANS SUCK!

I read somewhere that the rookie NT we drafted last year was released, and started 7 games for Carolina Panthers lasted year.

... and now we are losing Solai.

Who's in charge of personel around here???

I read somewhere something and now I forgot what it was.

Barring unforeseen events, Chad Henne will be the most talented QB we can acquire for 2012.

Solai isn't bad, but the Dolphins are notorious for not being loyal to some deserving people. Just ask Jim Bates (all the players begged H. Wayne to retain Bates, but H. went with the better option: Nick Saban). They'll let Solai go and keep Columbo and Henne. Sad but true.

If We're going to commence to smell the henne turd again,then I'll be back here @ the start of free agency.
Chump chad is ineffectual and NOT wanted as Our starting qb.I realise Henne was hard working and diligent as a Miami Dolphin.However it is in the best intererst of Our team to wave an adieu!

But maybe with Philbin and Sherman, they can see Henne's potential and turn him into our Franchise QB. Let's hope so.

Nice ozkar!But the real ozkar doesn't wear rosy-colored lenses.

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