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Agent: Paul Soliai return not likely

Yesterday I shared the unofficial list of Dolphins free agents and what their status with the Dolphins is for the coming season. What I said about Paul Soliai is that I have doubts he'll return to the team.

Now we hear that his agent David Canter also has doubts he'll be on the team in 2012.

Canter was on my radio show, Armando and Perkins on 640-sports (640-AM in South Florida) and painted a great picture for Soliai. But that picture does not necessarily include Soliai in a Miami uniform.

"The future looks fantastic for him," Canter said. "Whether that future ends up being here, that's obviously not up to me.  It's never been up to me. And I've never felt like the Dolphins have made a very fair push to try to get a multi-year deal done. And I wouldn't anticipate them doing so now with the rumors that they're going to be moving to a 4-3/3-4 hybrid. The reality of it is Paul can play in any defense, but the question is if the Dolphins are gearing up to go try to get Peyton Manning when he gets released ... and whether they're going to try to do some other things in free agency and whether the dollars equate.

"I've had good conversations with [Dolphins general manager] Jeff [Ireland] in the past. We have a very good relationship. I now represent a coach on the staff and it's always been very friendly and cordial. But I also think at some point in time, teams say, 'Hey, we've got to move in a different direction and we've got to go spend our resources somewhere else.' and I imagine that's what's going to happen with the Dolphins since I've had no communications with them regarding contract proposals or extensions or even minimal discussions about the future, as of today. But with that said there's still a lot of time left. We could get a deal done with Paul Soliai in 15 minutes if the Dolphins were willing to go where we're willing to go to get it done."

Let me think for a moment ...

The club and Canter have been trying to figure out a multi-year contract for Soliai since 2010. And they haven't been able to get it done in those 16 months or so. And the sides are suddenly going to get a deal done in 15 minutes because one side -- ostensibly Miami -- is going to completely cave?

I love Canter. He is truly an optimist. But is also a very good bulldog agent. So I asked him, gun to his head, if Soliai is back in 2012 or not.

"No," he said. "You don't need to put a gun to my head. But listen it's not the kind of thing that can't rapidly change. I was all doom and gloom last year at this time that we wouldn't be able to get a multi-year deal done and I still feel that way that a multi-year extension is not something the Dolphins ever really wanted to do ... But it's a very easy deal to do. They know where I am. They know where my numbers are ..."

Check out the full Canter interview below (Scroll to the middle portion of the hour because he had Florida Panthers defenseman Brian Campbell early in the hour). And listen for the offer Canter made to Soliai so that he would not play in the Pro Bowl, a game in which Soliai risked his future payday for a chance to play:



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Canter is an ass wipe...

He says the Dolphins and him can get a deal done as long as they are willing to meet his demands,
what a moron.

Good riddance.

Soliai is like most of the new-breed NFL player: They play lights out when on a 1 year contract, or in the last year of their contract. If I was an owner, I would push for a 1 - 2 year max deal term limit. Problem with that is that it would promote player movement. The upside from the fan perspective is that you would see max effort from rich, over-paid, young, coddled millionaires. I realize there are some players who are wide-open all the time, but the majority of these "millionaires" are lazy and coddled. I prefer to think that the owners could have ANY player for a $1 million per year max salary if the platyer's alternative was to get a construction, or truck-driving "real" job. Think about that. 100% true statement.

canter isn't a moron. Consider your staement. You must be an hourly, paid drone. Canter is doing what the system allows: getting top-dollar for "his" player, which equals more money in his pocket. Why is it that a guy being smart to make more money for himself and his client is a "moron". We, the "fans", are the morons, because we pay to see the games, whether by putting up with commercials every 2 mins. on TV, or for paying out the ass at the stadium. We pay for $7 beers, $6 hotdogs, $25 hats and $20 parking spots. No, the players, agents and owners are not the morons, the fans are the morons. Think about that.

I don't think Soliai is that type of so-called new-breed NFL player.Most of the players you're referring to are mainland type atheletes.Continental U S born players.Paul wants appreciation from Our franchise.And all We give is a cold shoulder and a hush and play type attitude.I appreciate you Soliai.I wish My beloved franchise would also.May the Sun shine upon you and your family.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Quotes by Paul Soliai through out his Dolphins career.

At Bill Parcells : Of course I'm not happy! Look at me, I'm a big fat slob.
I've got bigger ti-tties than you do.

I've got more chins than a Chinese phonebook. I've not seen my willie in two years, which is long enough to declare it legally dead.

I can't stop eating. I eat because I'm unhappy, and I'm unhappy because I eat.

It's a vicious cycle. Now, if you'll excuse me, there's someone I'd like to get in touch with and forgive... myself.

Meeting Jeff Ireland : I'm Dead Sexy. You Are Crap.

Jesus Christ, he's tiny! I've had bigger chunks of corn in my crap.

I'm bigger than you and higher up the food chain. Get in my belly.

In the Huddle : Sorry. I farted. It's a long road ahead.

First exchange with Mr. Ross in his office : First things first, WHERE'S YOUR SHI-TTER? I've got a turtle-head poking out.

Mr. Ross : Charming

Paul Soliai : I'm not kiddin'. I've got a crap on deck that could choke a donkey. Aww, it's SQUIDGY. Christ, I'm gettin' all emotional from it, ya know?

All true

Soiled :)

I think Paul has done a fabulous job.... of getting to the point where someone will give him a obscene contract... But for 3 years, Paul had the motivation of a land slug. Yes, he earned a "Franchise Tag" when Miami's back was against the wall in a 3-4 scheme that is simply being riddled by great passing games in New England. It is my feeling (and I believe Miami's also) that Paul will give a great year when he enters his first year somewhere else... then will get fat, really dumb and VERY happy and revert back to Coconut Cream Pies and Cherry Soda Lunches...
Miami has REAL issues to solve in FA. QB, RT,RG, TE, CB, WR.... any one (or two) of these MUST be addressed. Miami was twice the defense it is now between 1997 and 2004 when they ran a 4-3 with athletic players and great CB's.... A hybrid 4-3/3-4 takes a ton of pressure of the safeties and allows 4 down linemen to attack the QB... (Think New York Giants).... Solia COULD NOT operate in an athletic defense because he is a BULL RUSH player... he is about the slowest player on Defense. Great work here Paul, Glad you got Rich last year.... hope you get your money... please don't screw your next team TOO bad.... Good Luck.

Well done SoiledBottom.Whey to be the epitome of a disgraceful Miami Dolphins fan.What's next LOSER? Your thesis on why chump henne should be franchised? Save your carpal tunnel degenerate!

we can't pay top dollar for a player that's not on the field part of the time. Wilfork and those guys are on the field almost every snap. Solia the last couple of years is on only on the run downs. He can't rush the passer worth crap.

So now We're sinking so long as to belittle Our own player to Albert Haynesworth's level? We're the morons as was commented by another Dolphan.S H I T T Y POSTS as these are the reason why We languish in M E D I O C R I T Y year in year out LADIES!
Remember some of you were also ??? Pouncey's talents. FU CKING LOSERS!





OZKAR IS DRUNK ,,,,,,,,,

Dear Mr. ozkar

"Well done SoiledBottom"....Thanks for the compliment :)

"What's next LOSER? Your thesis on why chump henne should be franchised?"

Hmmmm a thesis on why Henne should be franchised...that may take a while..I'll see what I can come up with.

I support your right to post your opinions about our beloved Dolphins.

I am sorry if my post about Paul Soliai caused you any harm may it be mentally or physicaly.

I some times forget the keyboard is mightier then the sword.

To make up for my transgression I now grant you the ability to not read any of my posts (waves hand, says mumbo jumbo) but still grant you the power to criticize me at your will.

We don't have to sit next to each other at Joe Robbie Stadium but we are both cheering for the same team.

Soiled :)

P.S. Should I be looking over my shoulders from here on out ?

ozkar what the heck do you know about Flynn? For all we know Philbin does not think he can be a franchise QB. You are just drunk with stupidity. Flynn is an unknown until we here what Philbin thinks about him.

7th round pick Flynn is not going to be a franchise QB for any team.

WoW! When has this team gotten good enough to l;et a pro bowler walk. I dont care if he did make the pro bowl as an alternate.

This is the kind of crap that's made this franchise a little less revelant each and every passing year. Bellichick move3d exclusively to the 4-3, yet you didnt see him trying to off Wilfork.

Yeah, we maybe going to the 4-3, but I dont see a Tim Bowens and Darryl Gardener on our defensive roster. Soliai walks and we're lucky to finish 15th against the run at best.

We had damn sure better be able to put points on the scoreboard a mile minute now. If not it will ground hogs day for every offense that faces our defense.

I havent even mentioned mlb. Right now I would trust having na end of his career Ray Lewis over "I've played a little mlb in my career before" Dansby.

Lets not mention we'll have a green horn inexperienced dc this year to boot. I can easily see another 6-10 season peeping over the coming horizon.

Diabetus, liberty, alien spores, hard on. Think about it.

Maybe we can trade Soliai for Wilfork?

Irescum couldnt find a franchise QB if one sat in his lap.

I love how Armando pats himself on the back first for this hard hitting story.

Dear Mr. thavafin

(In the voice of Alex Trebek) "Diabetus, liberty, alien spores, hard on. Think about it."

Who is Wilford Brimley

Soiled :)

I dont think Peyton Manning is dumb enough to join the Dolphins. 49ers would make sense.

Tell u what. Omar at the SS copies Armando's stories but a day or 2 later.

TGH you mean Irescrotum!

Damn I love this blog,you guy's{and I am guessing all are guy's}are damn funny.Thank You after a long night of work I need this.

PA yuengs, we try to please!

redsky you are one of my favs and trust me I work at the same company chad hennes dad works and he is not sayin anything yet.There a couple of us that are phin fans and he talks to us,but,he dose not tell all.

I posted a couple of months ago he was wearing a NYG t-shirt for what that means.

If it was up to me I would get rid of almost all of the current roster. They have a losing mentality. Hopefully no more Dallas retreads, I hope Philbin can get us some playmakers in the next three years. Next year will prob be average, it takes a couple years to jell a new roster and new regime. Get rid of Ireland asap, he is a toxin to the new dolphins. Lets rock and roll,Superbowl win in 2015 realistically.

bell and langford

P.A yuengs-n-wings @ 01:54 AM

Wasssup P.A!

That NYG on his shirt was for "Not Yet Good". Fact is Henne will not lead any team anywhere. Marginal talent and will go the way of John Beck.

Henne is an average QB and will be an average back up on any team he goes to. They will ship him out of town as its been long enough so Ireland won't look as bad for drafting him and Philbin can be the new Coach pushing for QB change.



I gotta run.

I actually like Mando's FA post...some interesting thoughts.

I know some are charged up for Peyton but I just think that band aid fix would be too brief. He has injuries issues, is battling age and learning a new teams system and players. After seeing Alex Smith transform I know a guy like Peyton can win games if healthy...I just have doubts he can get and 100% back to snuff and stay there. I don't want Chad Penny 2.0.

I would be totally fine netting Mario Williams or Cliff Avril to improve the pass rush. Best way to beat ANY QB including Brady, Sanchez and whoever Buffalo trots out there.


Rg3, rg3, rg3, rg3! Bottom line!

I like him and would love to see what he could do being on the field more, but not sure 12 million a year is thatright price.

Mando is getting played again.
Miami will franchise either Henne or Solai.
Solai can not be made into a scapegoat so he is not as valuable.
Solai is easier to replace through the draft.
So Canter is posturing.
If Solai goes FA and gets $5mil per year then Canter gets only half the pay he would if Solai were franchised for $10mil.
And Mando falls for it everytime.

Soliai has become a very good player. You do not improve a team by getting rid of the very good players. You build on them. I think he would be fine in a 4-3 and it is crystal clear he is fine in a 3-4. Make a deal and keep him.

I've seen many other teams in the past Franchise a player only to turn around and trade him to a team that signed him to a new deal. If Soliai will be in that great of demand shouldn't the Phins be able to get at least a 4th rounder for him?

I've seen many other teams in the past Franchise a player only to turn around and trade him to a team that signed him to a new deal. If Soliai will be in that great of demand shouldn't the Phins be able to get at least a 4th rounder for him?

I would love to keep Soliai , however we should spend on a qb we have to,Soliai is good but we need another Qb besides Moore who I did like what he did last year, so if it comes down to money then we have to let Soliai go!

Soliai is a lazy fat lazy b@stard, who wants money without sweatig... Canter is a dirty b@stard as well.. .

Bah-bye-bye Soliai... you're not worth the $$, dude...

I think the Fins should a QB in Free Agency, an then draft a NT in the draft, if a OL is not available.. They can even move down for additional picks, and then select Devon Still, from Penn State... That dude, is humongous!! Watch his highlights.. NOw, that's a NT!

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