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Current Dolphins philosophy is win NOW

Usually, when NFL teams hire a new head coach and staff there's a honeymoon period. There's a year or so when ownership and fans and the media accept that something is being built and this is going to take time and patience is the order of the day.

Joe Philbin apparently doesn't get that.

That's because in discussing the current Miami philosophy on quarterbacks, general manager Jeff Ireland made it very clear he's in win-now mode and that Philbin's responsibility is to both "win right now" and in the future.

That's how it is when the coach is new and the GM has been around four years before him and they're under different pressures and expectations.

In this case, the Ireland agenda wins out, as is understandable, because he is higher in the Dolphins hierarchy than Philbin. And since he's higher, his view of things is the club view.

And because the club believes it is in win-now mode, the kind of player it seeks, the kind of approach it uses it might be different than a team that is in full rebuilding mode. Suddenly, older players are OK. Suddenly, patching the ship at sea is viewed as just as useful as sailing into dock for repairs.

That is most evident in Miami's approach to the looming chase for a starting quarterback. While most teams in full rebuild mode are searching for a young QB that can grow and learn with the new staff and revamped roster, the Dolphins are going to be just fine with a bridge quarterback, thank you very much.

"I don't think it has to be a long-term solution," Ireland said today during his media availability in Indianapolis. "I think you can look at a short-term solution. Obviously, you like a long-term solution, but you can try to make sure that ... or you can try to get both. You can certaintly try to get both in that regard.

"You've got to try to help this football team win today. And you have to look to the future. That's my job, you know, build a team for today and the future. Joe's responsibility is to try to win right now with the mind on continuing for the future as well."

In saying this, Ireland is clearing the way for a chase of a veteran quarterback. Let me see ... what veteran quarterback might be available on the market in the next two or three weeks, by say, March 9th?


Obviously, Ireland is insulating against criticism that Peyton Manning is soon 36 years old and he's, at best, a solution for a year or two before his age diminishes his once amazing skills.

So the door for a Manning addition is officially open. And this had to happen if the team was going to chase Manning. It could not philosophically claim that it was building for the future and still chase a veteran of 14 NFL seasons. The two don't match.

So Miami is officially in win-now mode.

By the way, previously I told you that a chase of Manning would put Miami in win-now mode. And, if Manning is released by Indianapolis and signed by Miami, I warned you that win-now mode meant commiting resources to that win-now effort.

That means signing older players in free agency. That means diverting resources that one might use for other needs or wants to help Manning succeed immediately because his window of opportunity is small.

It is clearly not the long-range view of things. It is, by definition, a now effort.


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Where's yeah?

What about the legal ramification of the Packers tagging Flynn? Is there not something in the new CBA that would preclude a team from tagging a player with the expectation of dealing him?

Uhhhh,aren't all the teams in the NFL in the win now mode? You can turn a team around in one year(see the 49ers) and that's what every fan expects. With parity in the NFL you can win with a rookie QB(bengals) or with a veteran QB. No matter what the circumstances would of been in Miami, a new coach or staff is expected to win right away. Great insight...geez.

toad, all teams are clearly NOT in win-now mode. The Panthers picked their QB for the next decade last year and expected him to grow and learn the first year. The coach wasn't under pressure to win now because everyone knew he wouldn't. This year they'll add more pieces around Cam Newton and there will be more expectations.

If the Dolphins get Payton Manning, they have to be good right away because he might not be good in three or four years. Open your eyes. Geez.

Craig M..I replied to an earlier post on the last page.

Ironically. I was going to add on to my response. My thinking is exactly what this particular blog is about. So my timing is spot on.

It certainly depends on what the priority of our team is. It is becoming very clear that the team is interested in Manning. If this happens. We can most likely forget any other huge free agent aquisition. I do not think Flynn(another option) is going to be anywhere near the amount some believe.

If we do in fact aquire Manning. Does this take pass rusher out of the equation in round 1? Do we have to go offensive lineman by default if we do sign Manning? This is really the only reason that I would hesitate if I were GM..I think signing Manning limits our options come draft day, and free agency.

Of course I could have it all backwards. And Mannings price could be a performance based contract that allows the team more space to operate come free agency. I could also be dead wrong that the team automatically has to draft a right guard. I just think a guy like Manning is used to playing upright. That protecting him would be priority number 1..We will see.

This is screwy. We needed a fresh start with a new coach and new GM. We're doing things half-a$$.


No way they do both as Ireland said. They add Peyton Manning, they're all in for getting him the best talent around. They're not going to draft a QB.

That's the reason he's leaving Indy, because he wants them to use the first pick on other talent and not another QB.

If we sign Manning we'll be looking for a QB again next year.

Never ends around here.

Ireland is garbage.

Matt Barkley is available next year.

Hypno is right. I've been meaning to --well, I did comment on this. Every year there is a 2011 49ers or a 2008 Dolphins.

Every team is a new team, each year.

parity is the NFL's offiical policy.

I understand that the fans here are morons but I'm surprised that Mando gets this one wrong.

OF COURSE we would take Manning if we were given a crystal ball and knew he'd win a super bowl but be done in 3 years. in 3 years whoever our backup is might be the next brady or rodgers.

you win now, every year.

i could explailn this better but tuping fast gotta go

sweaterweatehr is wrong. hypno is right.

Just taking a moment to talk about the Colts,I seriously doubt Luck will be a bust but hope he will so the Colts will take a turn for the worse. They deserve it for treating Manning the way they are and purposely being terrible(not that it was a stretch) in order to have the #1 pick. I wish nothing but ill will to that franchise for a long time.

Mandy: you have a crystal ball that tells you that if the Fins get Manning, we win a Super Bowl in 2013 but he retires after that season. We used our draft picks not on QBs. Do you take that deal?

OF COURSE YOU DO. BE HONEST. This team has not won a super bowl in 40 years.

And we MUST take Justin Blackmon for the QB to play with. Blackmon will help Manning as well as his replacement and be making the highlight clips for the next 15 years.

I love it.....ABSOULUTELY LOVE IT......

Win now is cool as long as it doesn't mean losing later.
I'm kinda into the youth movement.
I'd like to see us stay young across the board.
Yes there are needed sure-fire free agents out there and they will always have a place on the Dolphins roster.

Manning with four-plus neck surgeries just seems to be a scary proposition.
As it relates to Manning, I think the F.O. should be afraid, very afraid.
Seems like one good hit and he is toast.

March 13th can't come quickly enough!
The suspense is nerve-racking.

Hahaha, yeah Tim Couch 2008 ultimately worked out great for the Dolphins, didn't it?

It was awesome.

Except it was a mirage and we fell back to earth with a thud the next three years and the coach got fired, the GM should have been fired and we still don't have a QB even though the veteran one we had in 2008 played great. Unsophisiticated fans are so short-sighted. Terrible.

Ireland is completely breaking the Parcells mode....going after a GAME CHANGER @ the QB position.....

and not a QB who you can threaten...and keep on a leash....AKA...Henne....or some ROOK....

but a battle tested...savvy....run his own show kinda QB....PEYTON...FREAKING....MANNING....

Ireland is changing it up....and I look for good things out of the 2012 FINS....and you guys should too......

I just have no clue what you people are thinking when saying to pick Tannehill. STOP with all your fantasies as that kid is not going anywhere for many years if anything at all.

RGIII.. STOP with we need RG as he is NOT a fit for how this team is built. Spent millions and millions and not all of a sudden going to change up the O line for a kid that will be running for his life.

HOW many games has Vick won if i may ask"?? HOW MAY games has VICK won? Exactly my point. We DO NOT WANT OR NEED to experiment on another Vick style QB in RG.

Please stop with the reaching. We need a pocket passer and RG is not a fit.

enough said.

Manning doesn't manage game PENNINGTON....who i will forever be grateful for.....

Manning takes OVER games....scores 35 quick points.....and ALL OF A SUDDEN....your defense looks great too......

Manning definitely doesn't manage the game especially if he's on the injured reserve list AGAIN.

I am liking the more aggressive approach that the FINS are taking.....

Ireland takes his comments RIGHT UP TO THE LINE of tampering....and then tippy-toes one the line before backing off.....

Manning is in S. Florida....Ross, Ireland, Philbin in INDY.....

I can see it now.....

"NO Mr. commissioner.....we were in INDY when Manning was on vacation....these charges of colusion are baseless...and we will not stand for the accusations".....

I SMELL A RAT....and it smells DAM good......

Funny D-Dense....very funny....

signing manning is a huge risk. nerve damage ruined the career of the great dwight stephenson. if they do it, get the best wideout at 8/9, because i think murtha and jerry can do the job of protecting peyton's right side. if they are all in on this then make sure it is on an incentive type contract. my choice instead of peyton place would be take coples @ 8-9 and get b. weeden (with a 1 or 2).then draft as many beastly DE's OLB's as it takes to give Tom B. Nightmares

Like I have said in other posts. JUST SAY NO TO MANNING. The BANDAID approach does NOT WORK. Go all out and get RG3. You are then setting at 12 to 16 years of a QB.

When Manning gets you that "ticky-tacky" 15 yard roughing the passer call....that keeps a drive alive.....we will be glad Ross brought him into the fold....

Same with the PHANTOM pass interference call....when the receiver simply drops it do to tight coverage.....

Manning in Miami means so much more than the X's and O's......

he brings the intangibles....that which can not be accounted for.....

"I don't think it has to be a long-term solution," Ireland said today during his media availability in Indianapolis. "I think you can look at a short-term solution. Obviously, you like a long-term solution, but you can try to make sure that ... or you can try to get both. You can certaintly try to get both in that regard.

How can a reasonable person find fault with the above statement.......

Brett Farve would have been a great "bridge" QB for the VIKES....but he was so selfish that he felt it he should the Viking organization hostage every year while he made up his mind....even going as far as saying he wouldn't come back if the VIKES drafted a QB (reportedly).....

Other than Luck and MAYBE RG3, there are probably better QB's coming out next year.
This year, a great change of pace QB for Moore would be Russell "shorty" Wilson.

Craig - If we get Manning then we have to shore up the right side of the O Line. That is the best thing to do...giving Peyton a little more time on his feet. Our D is good enough to win it all if we have Manning at QB.

Hey, I got a great idea.

Let's imagine that Peyton doesn't have nerve regeneration problems and he is 100 percent healthy. Let's imagine that when we say Peyton Manning, its the Manning of 2 years ago.

Unfortunately, Armando, you may be right.
Ugh. Well, then lets get some super-genius doctors to go and find miracle methods for regenerating Peyton's arm strength. Without that we won't win now, or later.

The only good news about Manning coming here, is that it nearly guarentees that we HAVE to find a young QB stud in the draft to train under Manning.
At least THAT is something I'll agree with.

Okay I understand the win now mode , but has anyone told the Gm, head coach and owner that Manning has a serious injury and may never play again why would you sign him when he is one hit away from being a retired player? Come on now I know these guys are supposed to be smarter then the rest of us, I just don't see the logic here Armando,LISTEN WE CAN STILL BE IN WIN NOW MODE WITHOUT MANNING, TRY TO UPGRADE THE QB POSITION IF YOU CAN AND IF YOU CAN'T ROLL WITH MOORE FOR NOW JUST GET SOME BETTER OLINE AND IT WOULD MAKE MOORE BETTER HE HAS SHOWN FLASHES OF BEING GOOD AND THAT WAS WITH A NOT SO GOOD AND SOMETIMES HORRIBLE OLINE REMEMBER THE EAGLES GAME 9 SACKS, LOOK WE DO NEED A FRANCHISE QB BUT WE HAVE TO KNOW WHEN ONE IS AVAILABLE EITHER IN THE DRAFT OR FREE AGENCY AND THAT FALLS TO IRELAND , I THINK MANNING WOULD BE A MISTAKE.

You guys do realize that Chris Wienke also had the same injury right,,,,

All after the injury was.....

win a National Championship....

Hesiman Trophy.....

and manage to stay in the NFL for eight years....

and he had the injury in 1998...its 2012 PEOPLE....

in 1998....most of you thought you would NEVER be able to afford a cell phone....let alone post on a football blog from one....





Manning is a pipe dream!!! This guy has showed little improvement. They might not know till May. I don't know how Jeffy is going to handle this.

You could sign Manning while he injured and hope for the best. We still have Moore signed.

All the better reason to get Weeden. Same age, similar story, no injury though.
Start Weeden, pass on Manning.
Manning will have 2 years if he's strong enough, 3 tops.


Weinke was 20 when he had the surgery, not 36! The body ain't the same anymore!!

If their so called win now mode means manning, I hate to bust their bubble but they are not going to win. They better get the best ol money can buy otherwise manning will be carted off on a stretcher!

JS...I agree...I don't know if it will be Weeden....but they definitely need to draft a QB....

If Manning is really in Miami throwing with Reggie Wayne, then you better believe Jeffy has spygate going full blast on those workouts!!!

Okay, at least Manning IS throwing the ball, according to sources. He's IN Miami! Has anyone spied him? Not at the club! Actually throwing the ball? And, he'd have another 6 months to heal up. It's a gamble anyway you look at it. Could pay off...may not. Ireland's job's on the line with that decision. If he picks wrong, at least we may get a new GM. If he picks right, we're either set at QB for the future, or making a run this year. Win-win if you ask me.

By the way, we may not even be his first pick! Reggie Hays of The News-Sentinel in Fort Wayne, IND lists the following as possible landing places for Peyton:
1) Cardinals
2) Dolphins
3) Seahawks
4) Redskins
5) Vikings
6) 49ers
7) Colts

So, according to him, we're not even #1 on the list. Of course, this is just some beat-writer's opinion. Which doesn't mean much. Uh...Oops...sorry Mando!


Its Peyton....Freaking....Manning....

I think he ONLY comes back if he can play @ a high level....

His legacy is on the line....

At the moment, all I hear is in order:

All 3 wrong moves in my opinion.
So I'll continue to hope for sensibility, and gladly take Weeden, or Cousins.
I'll complain less about Manning when I hear two things: One, Manning's arm nerves have miraculously regenerated (no doctor knows if they will or not). Two, we plan to draft a QB regardless if Manning comes or not.
Then I'll be fine.

I see Jeffy hiding behide a palm tree now!!




I'm with you on the 1st 2 options......

but your and I am not sure who to draft.....but if we are Lucky enough to land Manning...I think Weeden becomes less likely because of his age...he has to sit for a few years.....but we need to draft somebody....

Yes to Manning. If he doesn't get a big bonus, there is not much of a risk. You still have Moore and you can try a QB in a later round. Other than Manning the only other option is flynn, who is actually a bigger risk than manning. Flynn will demand a longer contract with a signing bonus OR get franchised....... Any hopes of RG3 would probably cost a lot of picks in return. Making him a bigger risk as well. AGAIN Manning doesn't cost us ANY draft picks and really if he doesn't work will not hurt our future salary cap either.


A LOCO......

That is his choice......and if he doesn't want to play....then he would retire.....

The choice is totally his.....

Now the Jets are in the fray:

From PFT:
Rex Ryan said is that while he believes Sanchez will be a star, he also said the Jets “will look at any possibility that’s out there at quarterback.”

By rule Ryan can’t talk about Manning until the Colts cut him, but Ryan wouldn’t close the door on the Jets going after Manning once the Colts do cut him.

“We will do what’s in the best interest of our organization,” Ryan said. “That means we’ll . . . look at all the possibilities.”

Peyton with his lil' bro Eli both in New York??

That means signing older players in free agency. That means diverting resources that one might use for other needs or wants to help Manning succeed immediately because his window of opportunity is small.

It is clearly not the long-range view of things. It is, by definition, a now effort.

-Armando Salguero-

Sorry Mando got to call you on this. The two are NOT mutually exclusive.

Instead of putting out some questionably SLANTED material and making yourself look silly, just say what you mean. Take a stand and go with it.

Williams is an older player. He will help us win NOW with Manning. He will help us win in the future.

Just because we sign players to help out Manning(if he even comes here), why would they necessarily mean they won't help us win for the 4 to 6 years?

Make your argument Mando, but make it without this weak, silly supposition.


A LOCO....

when you say YOU @ 6:35....i am sure you mean WE......



(( BUFFET OF KNOWLEDGE ))...........................

Loco you are a moron, learn to write proper. I kno you go by other names also, but man your a dingbat.

Can not win with Ireland. How long does it take Ross to learn that?

jimmy buffet of loserville

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