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Current Dolphins philosophy is win NOW

Usually, when NFL teams hire a new head coach and staff there's a honeymoon period. There's a year or so when ownership and fans and the media accept that something is being built and this is going to take time and patience is the order of the day.

Joe Philbin apparently doesn't get that.

That's because in discussing the current Miami philosophy on quarterbacks, general manager Jeff Ireland made it very clear he's in win-now mode and that Philbin's responsibility is to both "win right now" and in the future.

That's how it is when the coach is new and the GM has been around four years before him and they're under different pressures and expectations.

In this case, the Ireland agenda wins out, as is understandable, because he is higher in the Dolphins hierarchy than Philbin. And since he's higher, his view of things is the club view.

And because the club believes it is in win-now mode, the kind of player it seeks, the kind of approach it uses it might be different than a team that is in full rebuilding mode. Suddenly, older players are OK. Suddenly, patching the ship at sea is viewed as just as useful as sailing into dock for repairs.

That is most evident in Miami's approach to the looming chase for a starting quarterback. While most teams in full rebuild mode are searching for a young QB that can grow and learn with the new staff and revamped roster, the Dolphins are going to be just fine with a bridge quarterback, thank you very much.

"I don't think it has to be a long-term solution," Ireland said today during his media availability in Indianapolis. "I think you can look at a short-term solution. Obviously, you like a long-term solution, but you can try to make sure that ... or you can try to get both. You can certaintly try to get both in that regard.

"You've got to try to help this football team win today. And you have to look to the future. That's my job, you know, build a team for today and the future. Joe's responsibility is to try to win right now with the mind on continuing for the future as well."

In saying this, Ireland is clearing the way for a chase of a veteran quarterback. Let me see ... what veteran quarterback might be available on the market in the next two or three weeks, by say, March 9th?


Obviously, Ireland is insulating against criticism that Peyton Manning is soon 36 years old and he's, at best, a solution for a year or two before his age diminishes his once amazing skills.

So the door for a Manning addition is officially open. And this had to happen if the team was going to chase Manning. It could not philosophically claim that it was building for the future and still chase a veteran of 14 NFL seasons. The two don't match.

So Miami is officially in win-now mode.

By the way, previously I told you that a chase of Manning would put Miami in win-now mode. And, if Manning is released by Indianapolis and signed by Miami, I warned you that win-now mode meant commiting resources to that win-now effort.

That means signing older players in free agency. That means diverting resources that one might use for other needs or wants to help Manning succeed immediately because his window of opportunity is small.

It is clearly not the long-range view of things. It is, by definition, a now effort.


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Exactly. Weeden is useless if we have Manning.
Tannehill becomes an easier risk to swallow with Manning as a mentor.
Cousins is fine either way, to me.
Osweiler, I'm sort of dropping out of realistic consideration .. but he can reclaim status with an awesome combine/work-out.
And I don't think landing Manning is luck. He's not exactly being swamped with offers at the moment, because until his nerve situation changes, and understand it is NOT expected to. It May or May not. Absolutley no one knows.
IF he does regaine full strength, then a number of things happen, and they have a lot to do with the Colts, not Manning as much. If they waive him, then we're begging manning himself. If not, then we have to beg the Colts. How much will he cost then?
Just not looking forward to this scenario.
If the Colts waive him, they have reason - red flag.
If the Colts sign and trade, he'll cost a wad - bad news for a rental.
Simply not thinking this as lucky.




KRIS...... YOU R RIGHT... I MEANT WE WHEN I SAID YOU ..............

If Manning wants a SB he'll go to the 49ers or the Jets.


Their "philosophy" doesn't jive with their actions thus far. I try not to comment too much on Ross or Ireland.....but more and more, I'm beginning to think that they're like two little boys who have been given a map and a compass.....but they don't know how to use either, so they wander aimlessly through the wilderness hoping to stumble upon something resembling civilization.

to be paralyzed /////


Ireland is as dumb a GM as you'll ever find.



Ireland is a waterboy posing as a GM.

Armando, we have been in a rebuilding mode since christ rode the mule.....I'm over it!!! Let's go ahead and WIN NOW dude!!! Hop on board and let's go!! No more of your BS..... Let them win now, without you criticizing everything they do, if it is not what YOU think they should do...


I agree with your post...but I think Manning is a horrible mentor.....as evidenced by the Colts showing no faith in his back up Painter....I don't think Manning believes it is in his job descpetion to mentor a QB....thats the QB coaches job.....

If the Colts waive him...I don't see it as a red flag.....I see it as the Colts doing what they have intended to do with Manning since last season....when they started throwing games last seaon.....

I don't think we can read anything one way or the other from the releasing of Manning....

That's not the way I interpreted it, Armando. Ireland said it clear enough, he might acquire whatever Players are there that contribute to short term winning, but he's also looking at long-term solutions. I believe that's the right approach.

Steve G....

LOVE the post.....

Thats what I'm saying....4 years later....and some want us to STILL BE in rebuilding mode....lol....


Give us some hypothetical specifics on guys we might bring in to win now, as opposed to guys we bring in to win later?

Who would we bring in to help Manning now, that we wouldn't bring in to help Flynn or Moore?

RIDICULOUS Mando. I get the feeling I'll be waiting a long time for an answer to this????

We face Tom Brady twice a year. We need to win now! We've been planning on the future for too long. Take some chances. Stop making the safe choices.




MENTOR= SABOTAGING ......................

Agree Armando......

I meant ALOCO......

Would never speak for Mando but if you've looked at the list of free agents, the ones that cost most are the ones that are 25-26 years old and about to hit their prime.

Those were the ones the Dolphins typically targetted in the past. Now that they're talking about win now they'll be looking at a lot of 33, 34, and yes even 35 year olds. Those guys aren't going to be aorund for four years. But if you can milk a year or two out of them, the Dolphins will be interested.

In the past they weren't typically interested in those kind of players.

I hope that helps you understand Odineyes.

Yeah, Ireland also mentioned it, that we need to defend better against those Offense-geared Teams in our Division. So, expect some D help either thru FA or the Draft.

It should be clear now that NE was defeated mostly by the G-men's D.

I'm wagering that Manning retires. Spends a year seaching for a way to regaine his arm strength. If he finds it, he comes back free and clear to the team of his choosing - with a chip on his shoulder to go out winner. Does whatever he does for 2 years, and calls it a career.
If he doesn't regain all his strength, he stays retired and leaves on a pretty good note. Most Qbs go out oo old, as a back-up, with a taste of humility and defeat. Peyton can leave with good reason, with only the taste of injury.

Congratulations losers, you've become so lame that you've forced this franchise into a win now situation like the JETS and 3 short years later they have one of the worst cap numbers in the league and a roster full of washouts with no SB ring to show for it. Manning is washed up so stop preaching for him and take down that stupid billboard it makes the franchise look bad and it's fans even worse. take your anger out on your POS state or complain like the rest of you worthless Republican b*tches.

So-o-o-o,what did you expect the coach and gm to say.."we're in a lose now and win later mode"?



R. G. THREE! Would this year's #1, next year's + 2 other picks be enough to get *cough cough* JEFF FISHER and his friends to let us have the #2 pick this year. Then we get RG III or barring some ridiculous twist of fate, Luck. Then we're pretty set with a QB who can win 8-10 games his first year (strong defense, Bush/Marshall making big plays) and then 10-12 his second, putting us in contention for the next 3-5 years.

Otherwise, this team is not set to "WIN NOW" unless we get a lot more playmakers. Sure, "have a winning record," but we're not the Giants. They had a lot of playmakers, but were just underperforming. A slowed Peyton, Matt Moore and a new system probably equals 8-8 or similar. That's "WIN SOME NOW" mode, which isn't what I think they had in mind.

The only caveat to all that is if we had the Peyton Manning from let's say 2007. And a good offseason for him to work with the offense. THEN we'd could realistically expect something like the Steelers or Ravens -- usually in the playoffs, likely to get to the second round, and then let's see what happens.

Anyway, Ireland and company, your really acceptable options to get us somewhere look pretty much like this:
- Peyton at 80% or better (but of course we have no idea now)
- Luck
- Barkley next year
- Somehow get Brees (finally!) ... which New Orleans will never allow
- Trade entire team for Aaron Rodgers (joking! Sort of ...)

Most of the rest of your options are not going to get you to a Super Bowl in the next 3-5 years. Tannehill maybe but then you might as well get Flynn.

Good luck, Jeff! Hope you figure out what a collective braintrust (?? -- ahem) of about 250,000 ardent fans and 1,000 sportswirters/media cannot -- how to get a legit quarterback in the door. We'll stop complaining then -- really. Well, for a little while at least ...

Jeff Fisher could win now. Philbin.....not so much. LOL

Some posters believe themselves to be so wise....

and then they begin clicking and clacking on a key board and show the world what a FOOL they really are....

The night shift has arrived....and the blog will be going down hill in 3....2.......

Later good JS....Odin...Joe.....and other poster who enjoy talking football.....maybe we will try again tommrow......

ESPN Update.
yet another article/report that Rams are shopping their pick to multiple suitors.
Dolphins are always on the list hat gets mentioned.
Yes, I know i's the media, and they have nothing to do with the reality, but the general accepted expectations are that miami will offer something.
And why the heck would they not, unless they really don't see Griffin as a star.
So expect us to make a bid. The question is how strong. My guess -again- is that our leverage is weak, so we'll lose out. But can't fault Ireland for that.
Fault is our moot-point warriors who got us to 6-10 instead of 3-13. Yippee.

Jets are in the fray:

Per PFT:

Rex Ryan said is that while he believes Sanchez will be a star, he also said the Jets “will look at any possibility that’s out there at quarterback.”

By rule Ryan can’t talk about Manning until the Colts cut him, but Ryan wouldn’t close the door on the Jets going after Manning once the Colts do cut him.

“We will do what’s in the best interest of our organization,” Ryan said. “That means we’ll . . . look at all the possibilities.”

So now we're going to act like most of the other succesful franchises, win now and in the future instead of always telling us they're building for the future. Sounds good to me, Jeff better have a great offseason, win now means his time is short if players don't produce.

Peyton Now, Tannehill for later. Tannehill will learn under Peyton for 3 years and be our starter. watch.

Some QB will be the FIRST to win a SB with two different teams.

Who knows, Fins could be team two.

Ireland is incapable of supplying the talent. He's also alieanated some players and coaches with the Dez Bryant debacle and the mistreatment of Sparano. So the losing will drag on until Ross realizes it.

I'm beginning to think that Miami is on every list for Free Agents, draft trades, etc. In the media because the fact is our Front Office is totally unpredictable and no one knows what we'll do....not even us!

...Manning could be the FIRST QB to win two SB with different teams.

That would be a nice record to have. I don't believe Fin fans would complain.

Manning and Weeden

Those were the ones the Dolphins typically targetted in the past. Now that they're talking about win now they'll be looking at a lot of 33, 34, and yes even 35 year olds. Those guys aren't going to be aorund for four years. But if you can milk a year or two out of them, the Dolphins will be interested.
In the past they weren't typically interested in those kind of players.
I hope that helps you understand Odineyes.

Posted by: d-dense | February 23, 2012 at 07:13 PM

Thanks for the effort and I appreciate it.

The thing is though, just saying they will now target "a lot of 33, 34, and yes even 35 year olds." is idle speculation with no basis in fact.

Armando is just throwing/twisting things to fit his anti Manning agenda.

In all actuality, what Ireland said is: "I don't think it has to be a long-term solution," Ireland said today during his media availability in Indianapolis. "I think you can look at a short-term solution. Obviously, you like a long-term solution, but you can try to make sure that ... or you can try to get both. You can certaintly try to get both in that regard.

What's more, Ireland made this comment in regard to the Quarterback position specifically. The Dolphins FO/Ireland have in no way even hinted that they will now sign aging vets at any other positions.

Armando is consructing this to fit his slanted view. Plain and simple.

Again, I ask, name any possible FA's that we might sign for Manning that we wouldn't sign for Flynn or Moore.

basically looks like we will draft a qb and nothing else. huge reports out of kc are these idiots are the favs for manning and he wants to come to kc, which is at least a good sign for us. we def dont want career over manning but flynn would of been nice

Who cares about the crap Dolphins?

Are all of you just pissed off at Matt Moore for Winning and not getting the #1 pick in the Draft. Isn't that what you want in a QB "WINNING". You guys make no sense. You would rather have a guy that has played 1 meaningless game and think he is going to be your savior. Instead of a QB that has been a winner in Pop Warner, High School, College and last year in the NFL.
He was thrown to the wolves and did a hell of a job for the Phins. Hopefully this new Coaching staff will see his potential and not listen to the Fans that have no CLUE what they have right in front of them.

When Miami Hurricanes had their longest streak of championships and top 5 ranked seasons they were always grooming one or two QBs to take over when their first string QB would leave for the NFL.

Their #2 would come in and do mop up duty during the 4th quarter in blowout games to gain excperience (and to prevent injury to their #1).

There was a time (I saw an old UM yearbook) Jim Kelly, Kosar, Testaverde, Kyle Vanderwende, Mark Richt were all on the team.

Their losing ways started when they got away from this system.

The Fins could learn from the hometown Canes.

klc wake up, garbage moore is nothing more than a backup. swamy this isnt the ncaa

Earl Morral was considered nothing more than a back up when he led the Dolphins to a perfect season. Yes, I know he didn't start the season and he didn't play in the playoffs. When he was in there, all he did was win. Another note, any number of teams would have been happy to have him as their starter. "Back Up" is just a label.

Moore finished out on a 6-3 run on a very dysfunctional team. Long out, Colombo and Carey starting. No number two Receiver and a hot/cold defense that struggled to get off the field on third downs.

Label Moore any way you want. He did a helluva job under the circumstances. What's more, the guys very young and still has a lot of potential and upside.

Moore is my worst case scenario and I'd be fine with it!

Manning's motivations:
1. He's a very competitive guy. It doesn't well with him that his kid brother has more rings than he does.
2. He's running out of time to add to his legacy.
3. He wants to prove the naysayers are wrong.
4. He wants to stick to Irsay.

His motivation, plus Ross/Ireland's win-now mode and Philbin's desire to prove himself do lead to an interesting season.

moore is nothing more than a solid backup, wake up for once fellas. we havent had a qb since 1999!!!!!! and the result of that is one playoff win

Well Mando the oughta be talking win now. This organization..or what's left of it is in their 4th year i think.

I'm all winning now...or winning at all. Manning, Flynn, Moore whoever let's get back to the playoffs!

I'm guessing we'll sign one of those two free agent qb's and our first rd pick will be a passs rusher.

sign flynn, its simple really. only move to make here

BTW..Isn't news that Manning is working out with Reggie Wayne good news as far as his health is concerned??

yes rick, they said manning was really hitting those 5 yard outs today, tried going deep down field (8 yards) but couldnt do it yet


What makes you such a Flynn Fan?


What makes you such a Flynn Fan?

Posted by: odinseye | February 23, 2012 at 09:03 PM

odin, don't bother - he is all fluff and no substance.

You sign Manning and you can afford to trade down and use the bridge/fix to buy you enough time to fix the rest of the issues.

Right side of line.
FS/CB if you move Vonte to FS
Stretch Receiver.
And Maybe even a RB

But you have to fix the o-line and you have to fix the glaring whole in the middle of the D. We have to be able to cover TE's the people we play have good TE's and the middle of the field is how Brady kills us.

So trade down and expand this years list of rookies. Unless you can get Blackmon he makes to much sense opposite Marshall. But the oline still has issues.

not a huge flynn fan, think he has great upside and knows philbin and offense. we know moore is a backup, we know manning cant throw. so leaves flynn, if it was up to me id give st louis whatever they needed to move up to the number 2 pick and take griffin but we all know they will chase noodle arm manning

Manning or Tebow.....or an empty stadium....pick your poisen.

tebow,lol now that would be horrible. manning wont fill a stadium sitting on a bench

Odinseye, interesting that you mentioned Earl. He came from the Colts too. But, they were in Baltimore then. Don Shula had coached him there, I believe. They lost the Superbowl to Joe "Willie" Namath and the Jets. Shula came to Miami and thus started the Dolphins-Jets rivalry.
At least that's how I remember it.

Sign Manning and an O-lineman in Free Agency.

Worst case scenario, Matt Moore has a better line to operate behind and we haven't risked ANYTHING.

Then draft Coples or Kuechley in the 1st. Cousins in the 2nd and a Cornerback or Tight End in the 3nd.

All low risk/High reward propositions with nothing mortgaged. Win now, continue building for the future.

odinseye how does that help us, we cant win anything that matters if we are still stuck with moore at qb

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